tagLoving WivesGarden Party Ch. 3

Garden Party Ch. 3

byDr. Bull©

The summer had been progressing fairly interestingly with Karen, my wife of twenty years, putting on quite a show for the neighbor and I. Then giving Bill his little reward for taking care of the garden, I wondered just where this was going, and how far (see Garden Party & GP2). A few days after watching Karen give Bill, the neighbor, a blowjob out by the garden fence, she took the kids to her mothers house for an extended stay. Since the trip took a couple days I was left home alone to mind the fort and the garden.

Well I've said before and I'll say it again, "I AM NOT A GARDENER" but I do like the veggies, their taste is beyond belief. So my job when Karen leaves is to keep it watered and pick the produce when their ready, and of course eat them. And this I do with out fail, often times finding more produce than I will use myself, the extras go to neighbors or coworkers. That evening I picked quite a batch of squash and tomatoes, and I bagged up a bunch and took them over to Bill and Wanda's place. Since no one answered my knock at the back door I just hung them on the doorknob and wandered back home.

Now as I say the garden is not my place to play, my garage/shop is. I love working with wood and have built several pieces of furniture, the house we live in and many other things. Currently I've been getting into woodcarvings, horses, cowboys, hippies; I even built an angel. I was lining out my next project, a nude lady inspired by my busty wife, when the phone rang.

"I see the crops come in!" was the answer after my hello, Bill was a friendly guy who had retired a couple years ago and moved in next door. He seemed to have done well for himself, including a wife about 15 or 20 years his junior; Wanda could almost be Karen's older sister. She is about 45, with mid length blonde hair, built well, with I would guess a 38-inch bust, and she's a bit smaller than Karen is, but equally attractive. "Mamma says you got to come to dinner since you supplied most of it."

"OK old man, but I'm working in the shop just give me a holler, and I'll be right over. Or better yet come over and we'll grab a beer." I hung up the phone and went to the fridge; I kept it stocked with several brands of beer, some micro brews, domestic and a few imports. I grabbed a Bud and popped the top, and went back to cutting out the rough draft of my wooden lady. When I finished with the power saw and was sweating, it has been a long hot summer, and the garage was a bit cooler than outside but still. I sucked on my beer and grabbed a rasp and started peeling the wood down and rounding it off.

As I polished off my beer I heard "you ready for another one?" I turned to see Wanda standing at the fridge, with a beer in each hand, dressed in a denim bib overall dress, you know one of those with the straps. She appeared to be wearing little or nothing else, but then as I said it was hot outside. In order to hand me the cold sweating beer she leaned over farther than she had to showing ample cleavage, and leaving know doubt there was nothing extra covering her milky white breasts. Her tan lines were a vivid contrast from a smooth tan to dazzling white, the bikini she had worn for this tan was small, leaving a stripe over each shoulder, and the top of a white triangle just peeking out over the rough denim and her nipples were barely covered. In fact the straps on the dress looked as though the would bust open at any moment, she smiled as I took the beer, "Karen said you'd like em." I swallowed hard, and tried to sound cool as I stammered to her "T-they la look ga ga good from here" taking another hard drink from my beer.

"Here's a better look, you do like to look don't you?" she reached up unsnapping the buckles on both sides. Then shaking her bust just a bit the top folded over to her waist, and their in front of my grateful eyes were a perfect set of breasts, round and full, with no sage at all, incredible on a forty five year old woman.

" Their MAGNIFICENT!" I exclaimed as she casually wiped the cold sweat off her beer across her nipples bringing both to life. "They ought to be, Bill paid plenty for them!" The aureoles were dark red, and the nipples stuck out half an inch, she advanced towards me. "Feel them, your gonna love em" with each step she unsnapped a button on either side of her dress, four in all. Her fifth step found her dress on the floor, she hesitated just long enough for me to take in her full beauty and then she was pressed against my hairy chest. Her hand fumbled with my zipper releasing my stiffening cock as she pushed me back against the workbench with a passionate kiss.

As my pants hit the floor my cock was coming to attention, she went to her knees deep throating my pulsing member. Her mouth was so hot; her style was amazing it was as if her throat was closing around my cock like a python pulling me farther in. I came to full size and she released her hold and came up kissing me deeply rubbing her wet patch over the end of my aching member. I lifted her at the waist and buried my face into her magnificent breasts as I lowered her, sliding deep inside her. Her hips ground hard, thank god the workbench was solid because we put it through a work out clearing off the top with our bodies. I'm not sure how she faired, but I ended up with a sliver or two. She slammed up and down hard on me her breasts trading places in my mouth when she came hard, the fluids much more than Karen ever put out brought me to the peak and beyond. I pulled her down hard and came deep inside her.

Wanda slipped off my wilting dick, took it in her mouth sucking the last of the cum from it, and sending shivers down my spine, then kissing me again she looked at the clock. "Dinner is in ten minutes" she smiled and threw her dress over her shoulder picked up her beer and walked out the door buck-naked. She looked as magnificent going as she had coming.

I watched her as she walked back to her house and I knew why the old dog had married her, WOW, then it dawned on me… what she said when I first say her tits "Karen said you'd like em." Where was this summer going? Bill opened the door for her and patted her ass as she went in, I blinked twice then pulled on my pants and shirt grabbed a six pack and went to dinner. Yeah it was getting to be an interesting summer around here.

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