tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGardening at Mrs Chesters Ch. 09

Gardening at Mrs Chesters Ch. 09


It was ten days after his accident. Jonathan was back at college and back on his fitness regime. With his arm still healing, there was no question of him cycling so he was back into gently running. Although his mother wasn't keen, Jon was determined to keep in shape, something he would have had support in, from Dorothy, Linda and Veronica.

An hour or so after returning, on the bus, from college, he was changed and out of the house pounding the streets. This was the second day and he was cross. When he had fallen he had dislodged a couple of old fillings and they needed attention, His bumps bruises and other injuries had come first, but now it was time to get to the dentist and have them replaced. His mother had arranged for him to attend the surgery on the last session of the day and it cut right across his run. His normal dentist was booked solid for a month or more, but fortunately, Linda from the club, and a friend of Dorothy had heard about the problem. She was the receptionist at another nearby private practice. It would mean paying, but Linda was re-assuring.

"Yes Mrs. Shelton, I think it's important for your son's confidence that he gets his smile back as soon as possible.

"He's at a very tender age" she added smiling, while thinking of the youth.

"I'm sure I can fit Jonathan in somewhere, it'll be no bother at all and we can come to some arrangement on price."

So here he was combining his running with a visit to the dentists. It meant simply, that he had to run to and from the practice. He wasn't happy and nor was his mother but it was the only way to fit it all in.

It was 5pm when a breathless Jonathan rang the buzzer at the surgery door. It was Linda who was there very promptly when it opened. Although she had been expecting 'young Mr Shelton' he wasn't expecting her. It never occurred to him to think about what this woman, who was a friend of the family and was sometimes at the clubhouse, did for a living. He was surprised.

"Good afternoon Jonathan." She said beaming and opening the door wide for him to come in. The surgery waiting room was empty. He was the last customer for the day.

"How are you? I heard about the accident. How is your arm?"

He mumbled a non-committal teenage reply.

Linda was a little younger than Dorothy, but a little shorter and a little chubby. She was also a little cheekier and more forward though not as much as Veronica. Unlike Dorothy's refined, manicured self with her neatly bobbed shiny black hair, Linda wore her dark hair longer and messier and today she was dressed in a dental nurse's dark blue and white outfit. Dark blue slacks and a short sleeved navy blue blouse top.

"Just wait here a moment please Jonathan, Mr Jackson is just getting ready."

The door to the treatment room opened and a pretty young slim woman in the same attire as Linda came through. Jonathan looked up and glanced at her, She was very attractive he thought. The woman looked and nodded briefly in his direction.

"Goodnight Amber." Said Linda, "Have a nice evening, I hope you aren't late."

"Bye Linda, thanks for covering for me." She called over her shoulder as she left in a hurry through the main entrance door.

As Jonathan looked at and admired Amber, so Linda looked at and admired Jonathan, safe in the knowledge that his attention was focused on her colleague.

Despite his fall Jonathan looked gorgeous she thought. Although his right arm was still strapped up, the rest of him was healing fast. The scratches and bruises on his legs were going and his youthful look, returning. Linda knew so, because she was looking right at them. Jonathan wore a baggy long sleeved top, an old yellow cotton rugby shirt, to hide his arm injury and a pair of oversized running shorts. His legs looked absolutely fine to her, long smooth, toned and ready to run, What it was to be young she thought as her eyes wandered up his body. Although they rested on his shorts there was really nothing to be seen, they were so loose fitting. She did so miss his tight cycling shorts.

He was soon up and sat in the dentists chair, more a flat couch these days. He lay back nervously. Standing up by his left shoulder Linda again had opportunity to study his lithe form. Reaching forward to his left thigh she lightly rubbed her left palm reassuringly up and down his leg through his shorts.

Gosh he feels warm and firm, she thought. Her hand rubbed up and down slowly gradually moving down his thigh until it reached the edge of his shorts and touched his bare skin.

"Nothing to worry about Jonathan," she said comfortingly about either what the dentist or she, or both of them were doing, or were perhaps about to do to him.

His skin was 'delicious' she thought, so smooth soft and warm.

She glanced down his form again and she began to imagine what she would do to the boy.

Hello hello. Was that a slight rise? she queried in her head as she imagined her hand in its renewed oscillation entirely on his skin at the front of his thigh, and now coming back up just a little under the baggy cloth of the left leg of his shorts. And as she did so she worked her palm so very gradually forward into the inside of his thigh.

Oh, yes, a definite swelling, she thought as she saw the thumb and forefinger of her left palm slipped under the cloth on a further upstroke. She could see a definite line forming in the cloth towards his left thigh as he slowly hardened. She extended her thumb outwards so that it slid further inside his shorts. It was now only about two inches away from the definite rise on the upstroke. She knew that her boss would be asking her to get some tools for him in a few moments, so she didn't have long. He was busy with some notes on the computer before he injected his gum for a filling leaving Linda to her own devices, hence her gradual rise in movements up the boy's thigh.

There was no mistaking in her mind's eye, the bulge in his shorts now familiar once more to her. And then she was rewarded with a firm twitch, it happened the moment her index finger first brushed his tightening scrotum inside the loose leg of the shorts.

Naturally she was looking away and pretending not to notice, but even out of the corner of her eye there was no mistaking the movement from within.

Oops, I didn't trim my nails, she thought as her finger caught on his skin again and she was rewarded with a further twitch and a stiffening and lengthening line in his shorts.

Its always amazing how little it takes, she thought. These lads are so sensitive down there.

She left off her mental stroking and turned to reach for a cloth to lay over him, partly to lay some tools out on him as a 'workbench' for the dentist but also to hide his state, with the lower reaches of the cloth.

The dentist was just finishing off his notes. It had only taken may be a minute for her ministrations to take effect on him. She doubted he had even worked out what she was doing or the effect it had had on him before she stopped, but the evidence in all of its young glory, lay before her she dreamed.

"Getting there I think" she said out loud absent mindedly, staring in admiration the boy's shorts.

"Sorry?" said Jonathan.

"Er... Mr Jackson is just getting there", she stumbled.

Such potential, she thought smiling dreamily.

End of chapter 9

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by Anonymous

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by bawdi106/24/18

Naughty Linda!

So love these ladies teasing their young stud, would love to read about their private musings when they are home alone, how they release the tension they are also building up within!

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