tagLoving WivesGardening Bliss Ch. 2

Gardening Bliss Ch. 2


Chapter 2: The New Me

Over the next few days I had tried to come to some understanding about my time with Albert and Roger. I had a hard time believing it had happened to me. In my entire life I had never been all that interested in other men. I had been very happy with my marriage. Why was I so disarmed? How could I have gone so far? Where had all this passion come from? What had I felt about these new men? So many questions crowded my mind with doubts and new longings.

Four days later I got a call from Albert. "Why are you avoiding me? You know you didn't finish your job. I refuse to do any planting without your blessing."

"Could you come back out to the house and give me your final blessing on our plans?" I was silent on the line. What could I say to him? Things were too complicated. What if I was just a quick lay? What if he is calling because he wants me again? Betray Allan again. I couldn't deny wanting these guys. Finally I broke the silence, "You know your landscaping plans are perfect. Why are you calling me?"

Albert conceded, "I miss you. I was worried that you would think we took advantage of you. I know the drinks were pretty strong. Please see me again; I value your friendship very much."

"Sorry Albert I just can't go further with this. You know I was charmed by both you guys. You two are all I have been thinking about. You have made me crazy. I am afraid of what may happen if we see each other again. My marriage is most important to me and the way I behaved I am very lucky to still be married."

"We don't have to have sex, just coffee. Lets talk about this, there must be a good way forward."

I crumbled, "All right, I will come over".

When I arrived Albert was sitting next to the drive waiting for me. He sprang up and opened my door. Reaching inside he clasped my hand. "Hi, Carol you look ravishing. Come on in, I have just put a pot of coffee on." I worked hard to look ravishing that morning. I dressed in a simple patterned sundress. The color accentuated my tan and made me feel fresh and vibrant. Its spaghetti straps supported a very low neckline and virtually no back. My tanned shoulders and cleavage was displayed with maximum advantage. There was no good way to accommodate a bra so I had not bothered with one. The mid-thigh hemline revealed a significant amount of leg as I walked from the parking lot.

Albert led me into the living room. Classical music faintly floated about the room adding to the atmosphere of elegant comfort. There was the lounge that we had christening just a few days earlier. I felt a twinge in my loins as Albert grabbed my elbow and led me to a love seat where we sat down. He had prepared a wonderful coffee tray with fresh cakes and fruit which he served as we settled into some difficult conversation.

"Carol, are things o.k. for you at home? " Albert seemed genuinely concerned.

"It has never been better! There was no hiding the fact that something had happened so I just took Allan to bed and told him every detail! It was amazing; he just kept making love to me, telling me everything was fine. He was turned on by every detail."

Albert touched my cheek and said, "That is such a relief. It happened so fast. When you left us in the parking lot I started to think about what you may be going home to. I wanted to rescue you but realized I would just fan the flames if you were in trouble. "

He drew me into a long embrace, looked into my eyes and kissed me. He really cared for me. The affection was unmistakable, undeniable. How come I was feeling the same things? I closed my eyes as our tongues mingled. In an instant his hands were moving all over my body. We slid down and I lay back on the love seat. Albert's lips never left mine. His hand gently squeezed my breast. It was hopeless. All composure was lost as I wrapped my arms around him. I was freely giving myself to him. I didn't understand why. I just could not control my raging desire. I needed him inside me.

"Carol I'm sorry I can't control my feelings for you. I want to drink you in, to touch every part of you, to feel your heart beating against me. I need you!"

A moan escaped my lips as his kisses traveled down my neck, to my shoulders. Albert slid the straps down my arms and exposed my breasts. My pink nipples are normally pretty large. My aroused state had my areola stretched and sensitive. His lips worked their way down to kiss my white globes. He stroked my hips and down to my butt cheeks again and again. I could tell he loved my curves. Gently pulling my legs apart he slid my skirt up and homed in on my pussy stroking my mound. My thong was very small and his fingers were running over fabric, bush and wet flesh.

Panting in Albert's ear I ran my fingers through his beautiful blonde curls, then down around his strong neck. His lips found my nipple and I nearly exploded. Instead I hung on and ground his head into my crushed breast. Just as I thought I couldn't hold on any more his lips moved down as he slid to the floor at my side. He reached around and slowly slipped my zipper down. I quickly thrust my pelvis up as my skirt was slipped away. My panties were gone about a second later and Albert buried is face in my mound. I had trimmed around my pussy to leave a blonde thatch just above my lips. Below it I was totally open and sensitive. It didn't take much for my pussy lips to swell to enormous size. Albert slowly slid his tongue down the outside of my lips, touched my butt opening then move back up the other side. Again and again he circled my pussy lips. My juices were flowing down my crack and pooling on his loveseat. I suggested we move to someplace more comfortable.

Albert swept me into his arms and effortlessly carried me to his canopy bed. I felt so delicate in his arms. I pulled aside the covers as Albert gently lowered me down unto the bed. I reached up to pull him in with me. The short delay while he disrobed was more than I could bear. He was moving to return to his attention to my pussy when I grabbed his penis. He lay down beside me in a 69 position and I hungrily licked the sweetness off his shaft and slipped my mouth over his head. Albert was stroking my butt and vigorously licking my petals. Spreading them open, his tongue moved deeply into my hot moist depths. This was driving me crazy and I started to match his rhythm taking more and more of his shaft in until there was no more to take. We lasted about a minute before I felt his erection pulsing then shooting load after load into me. I never thought this would turn me on, but it did. My orgasm continued to build and build as Albert rested his finger in my pussy feeling wave after wave of contractions take control of me. "Oh, I needed you Albert, thank you!"

Albert slid up beside me and we kissed, our fluids mingling. We held each other and dozed for a few minutes. In short order our hands were roaming. We kissed. Albert climbed on top of me and thrust hard and deep inside me. I gasped, "We don't need protection?"

"You know we don't", Albert sighed. I locked my legs around him.

We started to thrust quickly and forcefully. Albert sucked on my neck and I was whimpering for more. He was very different from my husband. Allan and I are so comfortable together. We are so close to being one when we enjoy each other. Albert was like riding a wild stallion. His lust seemed to be boundless. It was contagious. I was beginning to understand when people talk about fucking their brains out.

As we tired Albert spun me around on my knees and entered me from behind. He grabbed my hipbones and pumped like a steam engine. I could feel his raw power coursing into me. He grabbed my swaying breasts breathlessly announcing, "I am coming Carol!" The erratic change of rhythm and forceful thrusts as he gushed his seed was more than I could manage. A long moan left my mouth and I ground my hand into my pussy as I exploded yet again. We collapsed back into each other's arms. Albert drew me tightly into his strong arms and said, "You make me feel so whole again, thank you for not running away from me."

Satisfied, my lust spent I started to feel some terrible misgivings. "What am I going to say to Allan, Albert I am so confused".

Albert took a minute of deep reflection before he replied, "You can't tell him a thing. We need to remain a secret. I respect what you have and don't want you to have to make any choices. Let's be happy with our time together. Can we just keep it simple and enjoy each other?"

It was my turn to think deeply. I loved my husband. I also loved being with my hansom new friends. I was more alive with them. There was no other option. I was having an affair. It was a quiet, torrid affair with a twist. Two boyfriends and a husband bent on making me happy was an exciting thought.

I told Albert, "You will be sharing me with Allan and Roger if he is interested. It is the best way I can think of to continue my relationship with you and avoid getting so serious with you that I would leave my marriage. Besides, being serviced by both you is more than I have ever been able to invent with a wet dream."

"I understand what you are saying Carol. Although I would love to have you to myself I want what is right for you." Albert smiled, "I can share".

As if on cue Roger walked in. He asked, "What have you two been up to? Were you two lunching in the nude again?"

I replied, "If I had known you were coming I would have waited. Albert and I have been coming to terms and making love." The growing lump in Roger's pants was a good indicator that he wanted to catch up.

"Why don't you two kids get re-acquainted? I need to run to the office for a few hours." Albert dressed and left Roger and I gazing at each other in his bedroom. I stood up and headed for the washroom. Roger intercepted me and wrapped his arms around my naked frame. His asked, "Can I join you."?

"I don't see why not", I winked. By the time we got to the shower Roger was as naked as I. His thick penis stood out very erect, his tip glistening in the sunlight that cascaded through the skylight. As the shower warmed up we embraced. I trailed kisses down his hairy chest. I kept moving down stopping on my knees at Roger's feet. I combed his pubic hair with my fingertips, and then slid my arms around him to grip his tight ass and pull his shaft into my open mouth. It was quite a stretch to get much of him in. Roger began to slowly thrust his meat in and out of my mouth. With each thrust his penis penetrated deeper. I ran my tongue along the bottom of his shaft, rotated my head and vigorously stroked what length I couldn't take into my mouth. I felt like I had always sucked cock. I loved it.

His ass muscles were flexing with each thrust. My hands were delighted. I was pushing him deeper and deeper until all 8" of thick shaft was buried deep down my throat. I was so fixated on the rhythm of the act I hadn't noticed Roger had come to the point of explosion. With no warning his load was unleashed, squirting again and again and again. I kept swallowing and swallowing. I did the deed!

Roger pulled me up and lifted me into the shower. The warm water did little to cool me. I was so hot. Roger rotated me around and kissed my butt, all over. His fingers began to probe between my legs. I moved my legs apart and braced against a hand hold on the shower wall. "I am going to eat you now", he promised. "Just relax, close your eyes and enjoy." One finger, two, and then three fingers easily slid into my sopping wet pussy. I was moaning with every stroke. Roger withdrew his hand. I looked around and implored him to keep going. His tongue began to explore my pussy. He gently nibbled on my swollen clit and tasted my sex. I guess it was a combination of Albert's cum mixed with my juices. I rocked back against his face and I could feel his nose rubbing next to my anus and mouth sucking hard on my clit. I ground against him for a few minutes until Roger stood up and instantly buried his beast into me. "Oh, you are massive! Please pump me hard. Harder, I won't break Roger!" Roger responded with hard, fast movement. We must have screwed under the shower for another 10 minutes before we reached the brink. Roger quickly pulled out and replaced his massive tool with his tongue. My orgasm hit me, my legs buckled and I wondered if it would ever stop. When I finally subsided Roger stood up, turned me around and shot his load on my breasts.

We took turns sponging each other and eventually were forced out of the shower when the warm water had run out.

Roger asked me how many times I had come that day. I thought back, "Once with Allan, twice with Albert and now twice with you. And you know I think I would be satisfied if you could make me come just one more time."

"It would be my pleasure lady."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As we dried each other his member was already responding, growing to its immense dimensions. Roger grabbed me by my waist and lifted me until his erection slipped between my legs. I wrapped arms and legs around him and felt him penetrate me once more. His strong hands grabbed my butt and slowly slid me back and forth on his shaft. He walked me over to the bathroom counter. His penis never left me. I was so stretched. With me propped on the edge Roger was free to explore my breasts while he thrust against my mound. It took me a while to climax but Roger didn't mind. He kept driving harder and harder, faster and faster until I exploded. I arched backward, then forward into his chest. Two more thrusts and the big man had collapsed against me.

Roger softened and redrew from my very satisfied pussy. My pussy wasn't sore; it was totally alive. I was never so aware of my sex. It had been my focus all day long. I had learned a good deal more about my body. It felt so good. I was totally fulfilled.

We climbed back into the shower and quickly cleaned up. The water temperature was still tepid.

I quickly dressed. Roger insisted on helping by tenderly fastening, zipping and buttoning. By the time I was dressed we had to resist reversing the process. I had been away all day and had to leave soon to get home before Allan and the kids. Roger gave me a quick inspection, thumbs up and I was on my way home.

That night I didn't have much of a problem masking the immensity of my day from Allan. It's funny how much easier it was to do when I realized he could not understand or accept what I had done. He made gentle love to me and I quickly slipped into a deep satisfied sleep.

For a couple weeks I used all my willpower to stay away from the boys. I tried hard to direct my time and thoughts toward Allan and the kids. As hard as I tried I found myself drifting back to thinking about my two new lovers. I would be talking to my Mum on the phone and be thinking about Albert madly thrusting into me. One night Allan was doing a wonderful job eating my pussy and I held his head and imagined Roger was buried between my legs.

I know Allan was wondering about me. I had never wanted to come more than once in a night and never, ever initiated sex. He was hard pressed to give me all that I needed. Since my coupling with Roger, Allan and I had made love every day. Often I would look for seconds. I think Allan was relieved to see my period come. Even then I managed to suck his long rod a few evenings.

About the time I had resolved to see Roger and Albert again I bumped into them at the garden center. With not much more than a hello they led me to a lonely spot in the back tree gardens. Roger pulled me down beside him on a cement bench. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me for what seemed like minutes. Albert managed to remove my panties and began eating me with tremendous enthusiasm. Breathless I managed to break free of Roger, "Guys, someone will come along and catch us. This is way too dangerous!"

Roger volunteered, "You just lay back and let Albert make you happy, I will head down the path and watch for company".

Albert hadn't missed a beat. Feeling more at ease I let my feelings take hold and savored the wonderful treatment. I grabbed Albert's hair and held him tightly against my juicy opening. He had learned this was a clear sign I was about to explode and stood up, slipped his shorts down and penetrated me. I hung on tight as I was taken for a very fast ride. We both shuddered to a tremendous climax.

We dressed and quickly joined Roger who had not missed a thing from his vantage point down the path. I new I would have to help him with his huge woody that was threatening to poke out the bottom of his shorts.

I grabbed his hand and said, "Your turn, would you like to make love?" He took my hand and we walked back to the bench. With no preamble Roger had dropped his shorts and sat on the bench. "Come join me." I crawled onto his lap, placed my hands around his neck and allowed him to guide his meat into my hot pussy. I started to ride him up and down. Each time I would come down a little deeper until my butt slapped against his loins. Roger grabbed my breasts and began to thrust and meet me on the way down. It might have taken us five minutes to come to a sweaty climax. I sat on his lap another minute or two catching my breath and marveling at the feeling of Roger's still stiff penis throbbing inside me.

When I finally pulled out our juiced started to run down my leg. Albert came back with my panties and tried to clean me up as best he could.

We sat back on the bench, all with big smiles and flushed complexions. Albert said, "We were hoping you would b here this morning. We have planned a big celebration at the house on Wednesday. You, me and Roger in our now complete garden!"

"I can't wait guys, this will be just great!" We talked over a few details for the day, exchanged kisses and went or separate ways.

I pulled into the driveway just as Allan drove up behind me. "Hi honey, I was hoping you would be home. I thought I would surprise you with some lunch and afternoon delight. I took the rest of the day off". He gave me a big hug and kiss, put his arm around me, and we headed for the kitchen with his deli food.

When we got inside I broke free and told him I needed to freshen up and would be back in a minute. Without looking back I quickly headed for our bedroom. I was sure he had to have smelled the sex on me. Or perhaps he caught a whiff of Albert's cologne? Did he notice the dried cum trailing down my leg?

I quickly jumped in the shower, panties and all, without waiting for it to warm up. The guys had pumped a good deal into me and I hoped I could get clean enough for Allan's close inspection. I just as quickly jumped out and raced to my closet to get rid of my soiled clothes, dress and get back to Allan before he came looking.

I rejoined my husband in the kitchen wearing a very revealing top and terribly short skirt. We embraced and were soon hot at it on the kitchen counter. Allan was coming close to matching my relentless sex drive. He must have been too horny to stay at work, or even wait for us to finish lunch. After a few minutes of pumping me on the counter he picked me up and carried me to bed. We ended up in a frenzied sixty-nine. Since Allan started getting regular head he had become a lot wilder in the sack. He attacked my pussy with lips, tongue, teeth and hot breath. I came again in no time, as did Allan.

Wednesday finally arrived. We went through the morning rituals and I let everyone know that I may be late coming home that evening. I planned to meet a friend for dinner and a movie. With everyone out of the house I rushed up to my closet to choose my outfit for the day. My final choice was a simple tan linen dress that fit just perfectly. Slipping on a pair of bright yellow thong panties I wondered how the guys would like them. My reflection looked pretty good, my very white breasts contrasted dramatically with my tanned body. An equally striking tan line framed the yellow panties. My favorite perfume was dabbed in a few special spots. The zip on my dress was hard to reach so I zipped it in advance and slipped the dress down with little effort. Another look in the mirror made me confident the guys would approve. My nipples were already very swollen with just the anticipation of the day.

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