Gardening Lessons

byDr G Spot©

Susan took David's penis in her slippery hand and began to run it back and forth on the shaft that protruded from between her legs. As she stimulated him she lifted the shaft, pushing the thick rod up between the lips of her vagina, parting the lips with his hardness, feeling him press against the inner folds that guarded her tight entrance. Susan ran her hand further along the shaft until her palm gently covered the swollen head, she teased the hole with the tip of her finger, feeling the shaft jump in response.

David's manipulation of her breasts was becoming less and less hesitant and him movements more assertive and Susan knew it was time to quicken the pace before this young man shot his load all over the shower wall.

David felt Susan move her hips forward and in so doing move her vagina along the length of his penis until the head of the shaft was firmly against her clitoris. David could feel her clit clearly as it rubbed against the top of his phallus. Susan sighed and pushed her hips back again, David's shaft was firmly between the outer lips of her vagina and with her moving her hips back and forth his shaft was being coated in her vaginal juices. As the penis moved so it pushed further up between her lips until her inner lips were also parted and the thick shaft rubbed at the soft hole in between. Susan started moving faster on David's penis, with each thrust that brought her clitoris in contact with the head of his penis her need to orgasm grew stronger.

David seemed to sense what was happening and increased the pressure of his hands on her breasts. Susan cried out and trust her hips forward, driving her open vagina over the head of David's penis until the head came to rest at the tip of her well lubricated clitoris. There she stopped thrusting, gripped by an orgasm of mammoth proportions, her inner vaginal muscles convulsing over and over. Susan was climaxing in a way that was strange to her, she had never had such a deep clitoral orgasm before. It was a while before she came to her senses, David was holding her, his erection still firmly up between her thighs.

Susan turned towards David and knelt in front of him, face to face with his incredible penis. She took the shaft in her hand, gently stroking the length, her fingers could scarcely fit around the shaft and definitely could not fit around the head. Susan took David into her mouth, with her other hand she gently stroked the soft skin of his balls. To David the feeling was beyond description, his penis burned, the warm wetness over him was teasing him as Susan slowly took his head in and out of her mouth. She vibrated her tongue over the hole in the tip and felt the first warnings that David was about to cum. Susan took her mouth off of David's penis and started stroking her hand up and down the thick shaft and over the head. David trust his hips forward as his orgasm rippled through him. Susan saw a stream of clear fluid run out of the end of David's penis and over her hand, warm and sticky. The stream continued as David's shaft throbbed in Susan's hand.

"I don't believe he can cum this much," she thought, as the fluid continued pouring out of the end of his penis. Then David's face distorted and Susan felt his penis expand as a jet of white semen shot from the tip, against the shower wall. All the while Susan continued stroking the shaft and the semen shot out of David spasm after spasm. "I wish that was inside me," thought Susan. David's penis stopped shooting loads of semen and he slumped against the shower wall, breathing hard.

Susan dried David off, inspecting every inch of his body, just touching him turned her on and she felt her vagina reacting to his firm body under her fingers. He then took the towel and dried Susan off, paying special attention to her breasts and the area between her thighs. "Time for your next lesson young man" thought Susan and as he was drying her off she walked backwards into the bedroom, leading him.

Susan fell back onto the bed and guided David to continue using the towel to explore her body. She parted her legs as he approached her thighs, enabling him a clear view of her outer lips and clitoris. He dropped the towel and cautiously moved closer to her vagina with his hands, gently caressing her inner thighs with his finger tips. Susan parted her thighs further, lifting them slightly, knowing that David could now see her outer lips parting slightly and the soft inner lips tucked away inside. Susan gasped as David's fingers touched her for the first time. She was so soft and warm and he felt his penis twitch. He gently caressed the outer lips, slowly parting them further. Her clitoris was now fully erect again and he rubbed gently over the sensitive bud, causing Susan to jump, lifting her hips towards his fingers. Nature told him to lower his head between Susan's thighs and gently kiss her soft lips, her clit, her inner thighs and back to her clit.

Instinctively he opened his mouth over Susan's clitoris and gently sucked it into his mouth. Susan thrust her vagina against his warm mouth, wanting more than this soft intrusion, she wanted him to use his tongue on her clit and hole, penetrate her until she came, instead he continued gently sucking. Susan parted her thighs and lifted her knees, exposing her open vagina to David's hungry mouth. He was now getting the idea and stopped for a moment to look at Susan's exposed womanhood, the outer lips had parted, in turn parting the inner lips-opening the wet entrance to Susan's vulva. David then lowered his head again and inserted his tongue deep inside Susan's vulva, Susan cried out and held David's head between her legs, jerking as he alternated between the tip of her inflamed clitoris and the tight wet heat of her inner vagina. Eventually Susan could take no more and guided David out from between her legs. She noticed that his penis was again fully erect and that he was highly aroused.

Susan laid back on the bed, lifting her knees and opening herself to David as she guided him to lie between her legs. She felt the head of his penis touch her entrance and she reached down and took his head in her hand once again. Susan positioned herself under David and with her hand she placed the tip of his penis at the entrance to her vagina. Gently she rubbed the tip around her hole, lubricating it, preparing it to be inserted past her tight vulva and up into the depths of her waiting vagina.

Susan started inserting the head of David's penis into herself, David could feel what she was trying to do and pushed downwards with his shaft, slowly, trying not to hurt her. Susan felt her vulva stretch open as David began to enter her, she was not sure if she would be able to take him fully. Susan let go of the head and moved her hand back to hold the shaft, she could feel her outer lips being parted as David pushed the first half of his head up inside her. There was some pain as David penetrated further and Susan pulled back on the shaft, removing it slightly from inside her and in so doing lubricating the head further.

She then allowed David to continue entering her, easier this time as his head was now slippery. David felt his penis head penetrate Susan's vulva and she smiled as she felt it too, he was scared to enter her too fast in case he hurt her. Her inner muscles were firmly clamped around the head of his shaft and he felt a burning heat as her wetness made it easier for him to penetrate deeper up inside her. Even though he had hardly entered Susan David could feel that he we very close to ejaculating again. His shaft slid slowly into Susan's vagina, stretching her vaginal walls in a way that she felt every inch of his shaft as it entered her tight opening. Susan felt the flexing of David's penis halfway inside her as it warned of the orgasm which was about to explode from him. She tightened her vagina around his shaft and told him to cum.

Susan felt the eruption of semen deep inside her, she felt the semen travelling down his shaft as it came to the restriction which was her vulva closed tightly around David's penis and she felt it shoot hot against the inner walls of her vagina, and he came and came and came. His face relaxed into a smile and she felt his erection still hard inside her and she knew that he was ready for round two.

David retracted his penis slightly, feeling her inner vagina react by contracting around him, he then proceeded to insert back up into Susan, the path now made easier by her juices and his ejaculation. Susan felt her vagina being filled, she felt the tip of David's penis touch the base of her uterus, stretching further, gaining entry and sliding all the way up inside her until she felt the base of his penis against her open outer lips.

David began thrusting in and out of her, each thrust bringing a gush of semen from inside her vagina where space was now very limited. Susan closed her eyes, lifted her arms above her head and gave herself completely to this giant, feeling him fill her completely and still she wanted more. She lifted her knees as high as possible, allowing him a clear path into which he could drive his now engorged penis without any hindrance. Susan felt her inner muscles begin to spasm as she reached climax and she cried out that she was cumming. David stopped thrusting and pushed his penis up into Susan as far as he could and ejaculated.

Susan did not feel his ejaculation quite as vividly this time, partly due to the fact that she was in the middle of an explosive orgasm herself and partly because her juices , combined with his semen, had made the area between her legs very slippery. She did however feel his penis expand and explode deep up inside her vagina, with each spurt of his semen a gush of love fluids escaped from the tight seal that her vulva made around his penis, flooding her thighs and the bed. David slowly removed his shaft from inside Susan, careful not to hurt her, all the time feeling her vagina holding his shaft. He sat back on his knees between Susan's wide spread thighs and watched as the head of his penis pulled out from inside her followed by a final gush of fluids and her tight opening return to it's normal size.

"Enjoy the lesson, stud?" Susan asked.

David just smiled.

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