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Gargouille Ch. 06


Hi readers!

Here is chapter 06. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for all the lovely feedbacks and emails. I am very grateful. Thanks to my wonderful editor Angelicsounds, who is ever so lovely and helpful.

I have reposted the story. There were some areas I had left out that links with chap 7

Chapter 06-


Now in the privacy of his study, Laird Eyon walked towards Aodh.

"What goes on here?"

He stared at his steward angrily. Aodh stroked the red goatee on his chin but didn't meet Eyon's eyes.

"Aodh, speak up or I swear ye'll die for this!" Eyon growled in Gaelic.

"I am sorry, Laird Eyon," Aodh answered quickly, head bowed, "The Alistairs were attacked." Aodh looked up at him, his face white and tense.

"Attacked?" Eyon said, incredulous, "What the fuck? I've just seen the Alistairs a few days ago. What kind of rumors are they spreading?" Eyon frowned, staring at the man across from him.

"No rumors, my Lord. Brae was injured during the attack. Pierce can explain to ye what happened. He was there, at the scene," Aodh stated.

Anger coursed through Eyon as he digested the information. He turned flashing eyes to the younger man. "What happened?" he demanded.

"Well...Brae has been seeing a wolf. I was told by the locals that they were seen together, earlier on."

"She has been seeing a shifter?"

"It's been going on for about a month now, Laird Eyon. I did warn her," Pierce said, shaking his head in sorrow, "I was heading towards Kiloran Bay Beach when I heard a soft moan. Sounded like someone was in pain."

The sickness and the fury that gripped Eyon suddenly held him momentarily paralyzed. That someone, another shifter, could actually come into their territory and attack those they swore to protect. His mind flew to Nicole. Thank the stars they had her with them, safe. He fought to control his anger as his jaw twitched.

"Go on."

"Yes, my Laird," Pierce continued, flushed, "I saw what looked like a female's body on the shores and a figure hovering over her. I shouted, but the person just took off." Pierce glanced hesitantly at Eyon and saw his scowl.

"Should I continue, my Laird?"

"Obviously, and be quick about it," Eyon answered dryly, the anger unmistakable in his tone.

"Y-Yes, my Laird," Pierce stuttered. "When I realized who the female was, I rushed over. I didn't actually see the attacker's face, the figure moved so fast. I gave chase, but the person suddenly stopped and then chanted something at me. I was unable to move after that."

"The attacker chanted words at ye," Eyon murmured. "Did ye recognize the language?"

"No, it sounded strange. I was sick after that, so very sick," Pierce answered.

Eyon felt as sick as the young gargoyle looked. His face was rigid as he fought to keep his wrath under control.

"When did this occur?" The sudden sound of Kieran's voice boomed from behind them.

The young gargoyle shivered and trembled, not knowing which was worse, Laird Kieran's potent rage or Laird Eyon's murderous looks, so evident in the dark demeanor of his face and the onyx color of his eyes. Aodh, who was more used to the men's barks, didn't flinch or move an inch.

"'Twas yesterday, my Liege."

"What? And why are we only just being informed?" Kieran barked.

Aodh shifted. "No one knew, Laird Kieran. Her parents just told us of the incident. 'Tis believed they were afraid to come to us, Laird Kieran. And Pierce was unable to speak or move."

Kieran's face softened. "No one is to be blamed. Where is Brae now?"

"Still at her parents' house."

"Take her to the healer and ensure she is being guarded," Eyon stated, "and take young Pierce with ye."

The lad's loud gasp of disbelief filled the air, but he was also pleased.

Aodh looked at Eyon in disbelief and shook his head in astonishment. "Have a care, Laird Eyon. Young Pierce will only slow me down."

"I'm not asking," Eyon brought him up with a sharp voice of warning. "Now, try telling me no."

With a sigh of resignation, Aodh backed away from the threat. "Yes, Laird Eyon, it will be as ye wish," he muttered.

Aodh bowed and took his leave, Pierce following closely on his heels.

"Shit!" Eyon swore. He turned to Kieran. "We have to find who did this."

"Aye, and quick," was Kieran's grim reply, "or soon there will be chaos and anarchy."

"What detained ye so long?" Eyon asked rather sharply.

"Need ye ask?" Kieran sighed.

Eyon's face softened and then suddenly he laughed, causing Kieran to laugh also. "She's a fiery little sweetness, isn't she?"

"Aye," Kieran grinned.

Sobering, Eyon turned away and walked over to the closed door, his back to Kieran. He stood rigidly as he contemplated what must be done. Firm hands on his shoulders saw some of the tension ease from his body. This was why they were chosen as leaders, their cunning and fast thinking, superior strength, control over their clan's men and the ability to get people to do as they command, which was a skill few possessed.

They would have to rely on those skills now.

* * * *

Nicole had awakened feeling sore and stiff, and yet, deliciously satisfied. Remembering the men, she began to smile. Beneath her conflicting emotions, she felt a sense of safety.

Admit it; she told herself, you're enjoying this.

Wanton, she accused herself.

She abhorred their caveman treatment of her, yes, but through all the 'do-as-I-say' treatment, she had remained fascinated by it all. Never in her life had she experienced such pleasure as they had given her.

She didn't hear the opening of the door, yet she sensed their presence. Their individual scents were intoxicating. She turned to stare at them as they approached the bed. Their countenances were impossible to read; yet she knew they bore no anger towards her. Their eyes were mysterious but the underlying fire of lust blazed within. She gasped instinctively and shivered.

She wasn't afraid, so why was she shivering?

The men watched her with sharp, hawkish eyes as they came closer, seeing a prize they had never thought attainable. Their eyes caressed her from head to toe, her body so firm, yet soft, and all theirs to do with as they wished. She was such a prize, so beautiful, so fiery.

"Are ye cold, Nicole?" asked Eyon as they came and sat down on either side of her.

"No," Nicole said, fighting to remain cool and aloof, rather than showing them how much their nearness affected her.

Eyon raised a brow and smiled, his tone mocking. "Well, dinna look at us like that, unless ye want a nice spanking."

To her surprise and annoyance, his smile turned dark and his eyes gleamed seductively. The sexy glint in Kieran's eyes told her just how appealing that thought was to him as well.

Nicole eyes widened. "Are you threatening me?" she questioned, "I'll have you know, I am not afraid of you. If I were a man you wouldn't make such threats." Nicole could have kicked herself as soon as she said it.

Kieran spoke then. He guessed she was spoiling for a fight so she could slap him again. He knew she was still angry with them and he wasn't in the mood for her defiance, yet he couldn't resist rattling her tempers.

"If ye were a man, ye wouldn't be in this plight now, would ye?"

Nicole's face heated considerably. Their arrogance was outrageous, but she wanted them, despite her protests to the contrary. Her cheeks heated when she thought of her own participation in their love making. There were so many parts of this mess that made her angry, she didn't know what to scream about first. But, she had to get her act together because she had to leave this place. Though, it didn't look like she would be leaving anytime soon.

So, best not be too hopeful, she reminded herself.

"Are ye still angry, Nicole?" Kieran spoke so low, it was as if he was talking to a child.

Nicole rolled her eyes at him. "Was I angry?"

Kieran's eyebrow lifted in amusement. "Ye weren't angry?"

"Hmm, now why would ye think that, my Laird?" she grumbled, mimicking his accent.

A strange expression crossed Kieran's face before his laughter rang out, loud and booming in the bedchambers. He sobered at her furious look and said something to Eyon in a language Nicole was unfamiliar with. Nicole pretended not to hear it. They did not look at her expectantly, as if she should have heard, not that she understood a word of it anyway. Instead, she let out an unladylike snort.

"Who was at the door?" she questioned.

Both men considered the question for a moment. Then Eyon cupped her jaw, brushing his thumb over the fullness of her bottom lip.

"It was Aodh," Eyon answered. At her wary look, he added, "'Tis nothing for ye to worry about."

"What? Is something wrong?"

She received no reply, which only made her more leery.

Eyon didn't want her to be suspicious. He smiled down at her, his fingers still caressing her cheek. "Kieran and I will sort the matter."

He didn't want to give her any additional information and she didn't need to know anymore than that, in his mind.

Although she was still in a state of confusion and indecision, Nicole knew he was holding something back. His face remained an icy mask, though he gave her a soft, reassuring smile that only made her flinch.

"Liar!" She pouted like a child and pulled away from him. Men, they're all the same, thinking with their dicks half the time. No wonder the brains were only passed down to women, she thought ruefully.

She glared at Kieran, then Eyon. It was a form of controlling her, that's what it was. She wanted to talk to them more, but they were only keeping secrets. That meant they didn't want her to know something. It made her angry.

"Nicole, I am not in the habit of repeating myself. But once again, I will remind ye that we will not take impertinence from ye!"

Eyon's voice was full of warning. The sound of her name in such a domineering tone, deep and gravely, made her core swell and pulse. She wanted to ask him to repeat it, over and over. Instead, she hissed.

"Animals. "

They were more affected by her words than they cared to admit, but displayed none of their feelings outwardly. Both men were aware of her vexation and it saddened them, but matters could not be helped. They could tell she really didn't understand, reading the conflicting mix of emotions on her face. They wanted to share this with her, but not at the expense of hurting her.

"Nicole," Kieran pleaded his voice husky and pained. Never in their lives had they ever had to beg. Nicole was their weakness, if she only knew the power she had over them.

Nicole shot him a dirty look. "What?"

Kieran sighed and conjured up all his gargoyle strength, all his self-discipline. He had taken down powerful warlords with just the sound of his voice, but this was different, this was their mate, and he was weak where she was concerned. Taking a deep breath, he struggled to maintain control. Reaching out he captured a small hand in his larger one, studying the delicate curve of her long slender fingers, so soft and gentle, yet strong. He swallowed the bile building up in his throat.

"We have to go way for a few days."

Nicole looked at him with a frown of confusion. "Away?"

"We know it's abrupt, but there are some matters we have to take care of, Nicole. There's no need to feel alone. Eyon and I want ye to be comfortable. This is now yer home, become a part of it. Make any changes ye want."

Needing to touch her as well, Eyon lifted his hand and rested it on her shoulder, watching her closely for any reaction to what Kieran had just said. He waited, his eyes narrowing as he watched her, again observing the conflicting play of emotions on her lovely face.

As she digested Kieran's statement, Nicole turned her head, looking over his shoulder. Their intense stares made her feel so awkward. Where did she fit in all this? They had planned everything about her life, where she lived, whom she slept with. Confusion, rage and bitterness rose within her and, like clockwork, she quickly replaced it with an icy detachment.

"Well, have a good trip," she said nonchalantly.

The men stiffened.

"Nicole..." Eyon sighed and dropped his hand, "Are ye going to be difficult? Because..."

"Difficult?" she cut him off, a mutinous gleam sparkled in her dark eyes.

"Nicole," Kieran said, hesitantly, "Ye'll be okay."

She snorted. "Do I sound like I care? What you choose to do is none of my concern." Nicole knew she sounded silly; even to her own ears the sound of pretense was obvious.

Eyon looked away from the scene with another sigh, rubbing tiredly at his eyes, seeking to relieve the ache that had begun to form in his skull.

"'Tis hard for us to leave ye like this, sweets," he said, his voice laced with barely restrained anguish. "We can sense that ye are confused as to why we have to leave ye now..." he paused, not really wanting to reveal too much, but he had to soothe her.

"I want to go home! NOW!" she growled before looking away with a stubborn pout. Her body was trembling.

They stared at her for a moment. "This is not what ye were saying an hour ago when ye were screaming our names," Kieran retorted.

She sucked her teeth at his statement. "I want to go home."

"Home?" Eyon looked blankly at her.

"Yes. My home," she elaborated.

"We will ne'er give ye what ye wish, so ye might as well make the best of it," Eyon said sternly.

"These are civilized times. You can't just hold someone and keep them as your property."

"Well, we're not exactly civilized people," he replied.

Nicole could feel the determination of both men, coupled with their desire and possessiveness, like a living force all around her. Nicole was no fool, she knew she had power over the pair, but she wasn't sure how to wield it as yet. She would keep quiet for now, despite her mind telling her to scream and rage. She would go about this cautiously and be careful not to lose herself to them.

Eyon shot Kieran a quick glance and saw that he was just as angry. His first instinct was to take Nicole in his arms, but he knew she would resist.

"Nicole," Eyon managed through his anger.

She turned and he saw the tears, Kieran must have sensed them too. As they both reached out to hold her, she jumped away from them with a speed that had her head spinning. Nicole stumbled as she stood up and they hurried to catch her before she hit the floor.

Nicole moaned, she was so sore. The men noted her discomfort. They should have felt guilty for working her over so much, but they didn't.

"Don't touch me," she hissed, as they reached out to assist her.

They ignored her outburst and, very gently, Kieran lifted her into his arms and took her over to the bed, laying her onto her side. They watched as she pulled the blanket up to her neck, closed her eyes and curled up into a ball.

Their first instincts were to lay with her, but reason returned. This was a dilemma indeed. Without trust, she would resist them. They really wanted her to be happy, but did not have the time to feel guilty. Kieran sighed and looked over at Eyon with a silent nod.

"Stay in bed and rest." Kieran bent down and kissed her forehead, followed by Eyon. "We'll have Moira send food up to ye."

Eyon closed his eyes briefly. Assailed with images of their mate being harmed, he groaned as the recollection of his mother's death re-surfaced and it was chilling. He lifted his hands to caress her, but Kieran stopped him. In Gaelic, Kieran said, "If we give in, we'll never be able to leave."

The truth behind those words stopped him and his arms fell to his side. He turned and they both left the room without a further word to her.

On hearing the soft click of the door closing, Nicole wanted to laugh. She wanted to scream. She wanted to rush to the men and throw herself into their arms. And while Kieran held her close, she would eagerly examine their faces whilst wrestling with the conflicting urges that surged through her body. She wanted to touch them, but she couldn't.

Instead, when they returned, she would stare them down boldly, summoning every ounce of courage that she'd painstakingly cultivated over the years to deal with her mother's domineering behavior. They made her feel things she had no business feeling, at least not for men who had done the things that they had done. They were keeping her hostage, with their prehistoric caveman 'I-am-your-master, do-as-I-say' attitudes.

She might have been raised to abhor violence, but she wasn't worried about causing wounds. And who could blame her? After all, her mental state was quite fragile at the moment.

Nicole cried herself to sleep shortly thereafter.

* * * *

Later, Laird Eyon and Laird Kieran gathered their clansmen in the library. An enormous fireplace extended across one wall, providing warmth for the huge room. The men sat in silence. The silence, however, had only lasted a few moments before Eyon was on his feet and a cry like that of a lion in a slaughterhouse escaped his throat.

"In the name of God!" he shouted, "How did they manage to get to her? Haven't we killed enough of these blasted infidels to satisfy our bleeding consciences?"

He brought his hard fist crashing down upon the table, cracking it as the contents went flying. His enthusiasm had fired up all his brethren.

"I dinna know, she was wearing her pendant," Aodh said nervously, glancing from Laird Eyon to Laird Kieran.

"Do ye think they are using the sleeping powers of the Olden Ones?"

Kieran sighed, turning to look at a visibly angry Eyon. He understood, because he felt the same. Eyon didn't speak aloud, but he didn't need to. Their bond with Nicole was strong and it connected them emotionally, and physically. Their mate's safety was now their main priority.

Eyon took a minute to digest this before he answered. "I think tis possible. It is part of the gargoyle magic. We all have the ability."

Kieran then turned to Aodh. "Has Brae been able to identify her attacker as of yet?"

Aodh shook his head. "She's still unconscious. The healer said by the looks of her wounds, it's definitely the work of a shifter."

Eyon walked over towards the hearth and added more wood to the fire. He turned to face them, his arms folded across his massive chest. The stance was casual, the look in his piercing green eyes anything but. The frown he wore made the fire in the grate behind him seemed cold in comparison. Then he said, ''we have to protect her family at all cost." There was no mistaking the meaning.

The Alistairs were great allies to the clan. It was their duty to protect them. His thoughts drifted to their mate sleeping soundlessly in their rooms, knowing that they would kill any one who tried to harm her. Damn them! He would see them all dead. He groaned and the sound came out as a soft rumble.

The flames flickered around the room. Like Eyon, the other equally angry gargoyles knew their first responsibility lay in protecting their people, as well some humans.

"Who is capable of committing such an atrocity?" Eyon's father snarled.

Bhaltair came to Eyon's mind. He clenched his hands into tight fists as he thought on the gargoyle. Even though he had never liked or fully trusted the man, he couldn't believe he would dare attack a human. Not when they were mending years of distrust.

"Unfortunately, there are other shifters that dinna respect human life the way we do. As Guardians we have to stamp out those few," stated Jonas Mackintosh, a new and eager recruit.

Eyon looked up as the young gargoyle spoke. His scowled deepened as he listened to the young lad. Why was he even here anyway? Eyon looked at the tawny haired young boy. His eyes darkened as he stared at him thoughtfully. "How old are ye?"

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