tagNonHumanGargouille Ch. 08

Gargouille Ch. 08


Hiya, my lovely readers. Ever so sorry for the long wait. I lost my editor and was in limbo for a while. Thanks to a lovely fairy called Arielu who introduced me to the wonderful Max. You're both stars. Thank you Max for the wonderful editing.

I hope you all enjoy. Please do remember to leave me a feedback. Cheers!

.. MW..

Nicole paced around the bedroom. Isolation was, for most part, tedious. She paced, cursed, read a book, and packed some of her clothing even though they hadn't seen it fit to inform her beforehand of this trip. But protesting was useless; her wits would be her best weapon.

She inhaled slowly, calming herself down before letting it out in a quick gust, a cross between a scuff and a sigh. All those two beasts cared about was controlling and dominating her. If she did as they saw fit, they were satisfied. She had challenged them. As reward, she was locked away, forgotten. Her tormentors had sent Alana with food for her, but they had not come to see her.

Sighing, she turned to the door, wondering how things would have been different if she'd managed her escape. No way to know now, the locked door made sure she wasn't going anywhere. Nicole gritted her teeth. Her rights, taken and defiled by gargoyles, and she could do nothing. She remained locked away, waiting for the so called masters to free her!

Nicole hated this helplessness. If only she were a man. She would not have to endure the humiliation of being a prisoner; still, she wouldn't have found herself in this position would she? God, sometimes being a woman sucked! Men were free to do as they pleased.


The familiar resentment welled up inside her. Why had God forsaken her? She cried.

Angrily she grabbed her chemise that was hanging off her dressing chair and put it on, before making her way into her bathroom. She pushed her hair off her forehead, before splashing some water on her face. Once she was finished, Nicole made her way back out to her bedroom. She got into bed. As she laid her head on the pillow she murmured to herself, "bloody gargoyles."

Kieran sat in his study feeling even surlier than usual, which was saying a lot, considering his mood had been brooding at the best part of the day. The capture and imprisoning of Neal had taken longer than they'd expected. Their earlier intention of going to see Nicole and working things out had fallen by the wayside in the press of dozens of problems and decisions that had required their attention almost from the moment they'd left her side.

His patience wore thin tonight as Kieran tried to imagine the way forward. Going to his mate and soothing her hurt feelings might provide a short respite, but when it came to Nicole, he usually was weak and became irrationally possessive. Eyon was no better. Nicole needed to be patient, but how could they endure a life if she didn't trust them?

Kieran's lips tightened as he thought of the earlier conversation with Eyon. He had suggested they go to their mate and tell her the truth.

"What!" Eyon growled at him. "Are ye fucking mad?"

Kieran gave him a look of disgust. "If I were, I'd go tell her right now. No questions."

"Ye have such a way with words, then ye go break her heart." Eyon started to walk off but stopped and sat heavily on a chair.

"Damn it, Eyon! She needs to know." Kieran argued. "And if I know Moira, Nicole will know a whole lot more. We'll be worrying more of losing her than ever. She has a right..."

"Nay!" Eyon cut him off. "Christ blood, Kieran! I dinna want to deal with this. Now is not the time."

The two locked eyes, but Eyon stood his ground. "We're not telling her. We're not repeating history here. Not today and not any other day if I have my say. And believe me; I'm going to have a few words with Moira about keeping her mouth in check."

After a moment of silence, Kieran moved closer to his cousin. "We've avoided the subject for far too long. What we're becoming is like the Elders, our fathers, controlling and righteous. But dinna ye see? We're nothing like them."

"Shut up, Kieran. Ye were too young to know everything." Eyon abruptly got up and stalked back and forth.

Kieran sighed, "I am but two years yer junior."

Eyon snorted. "For starters, we've been open about our feelings for Nicole from the beginning. I think she's made her feelings obvious too. Christ blood Kieran, ye saw how upset she was about Aryan! Imagine how she'll react on hearing about what happened to the women and also Neal's wife. This doesn't have to end badly for anyone."

Sitting down, Kieran expelled his breath in a rush of frustrated alarms. It killed him to admit it. He knew Eyon made sense.

"Dinna say I did not warn ye," Eyon threw out before he exited the study. "Ye'll make a dire mistake."

Kieran tightened his lips, feeling irked that Eyon managed to thaw his decision. Seconds later, he wondered if maybe Eyon was right. The relationship had started on the wrong foot. He had taken her, leaving her little choice in the matter. Kieran remembered how hurt Nicole had been not being told about Aryan. Secrets had a way of coming out when one least expected it.

"Damnation!" he yelled, slamming his fist into his thigh like a child. He hated the ruse, hated his father, the Elders, and Eyon for putting him in the position to have to lie, and he hated himself for going along with it. He knew that it was a necessary evil, but that was cold comfort. Going to their villa in Italy and spending quality time with Nicole may be a way forward to find some happiness - but what kind of happiness? One in a bed of lies and secrets.

Kieran got up and on his way towards the door stopped and stared at his reflection in the lull length mirror near the door. He started at his reflection with contempt. "What kind of man have I become?" he asked his reflection. Blue eyes stared back at him seemingly have lost their glow. They looked cold and empty to Kieran.

"Ye dinna deserve her," he whispered vehemently to himself. With a sigh, he walked out and headed towards the stairs.

Kieran put his hand to the large brass handle on their bedroom door. Opening the door to their room, he could see Nicole sleeping on their large bed. She looked so lovely lying so peacefully on her back, her head turned to the side, unruly dark hair framing her soft features. One hand was laid under her gently rising full breasts, the nipples visible through the skimpy material of the nightdress she wore, and the other was thrown level with her head, palm side up. Kieran looked down on her, as a desire for his mate strongly rose within him. He resisted the overwhelming temptation to walk over, stroke her cheek and run his fingers through the unruly hair surrounding her face. He closed his eyes momentarily, seeing her wonderful body, knowing how much he wanted her at that point. Cursing his lustful thoughts way, he moved back out of the room.

No matter how hard his desire was right now, waking her up would be a very bad idea. The way he could feel himself reacting to her sleeping form, lord only knew what would happen if she were to look at him with those wonderful brown eyes of hers. He wanted Nicole to love them as they loved her.

What a dilemma.


Nicole awoke feeling tired. Her stomach growled in protest of the supper it missed. She now wished she had eaten the meal Alana had brought her yesterday. Sighing, she ran a shaky hand over her stomach and got up from the bed, disgusted with herself for wallowing in self-pity like a silly school girl. She would do everything in her power to avoid putting herself through a nightmare like that again.

Dizziness overtook her as she walked toward the bathroom. She used the large bedpost for support, waiting for the light-headedness to pass. The dizzy feeling and nausea was getting more frequent. There was no denying it. She was pregnant. Her mother was a midwife, so Nicole thought that she'd know the symptoms of a pregnancy. Only after numerous dizzy spells and a few bouts of momentary nausea did Nicole finally figure out that she was about two months pregnant.

She quietly scoffed at herself for not seeing the signs earlier. Her body had already undergone some subtle changes courtesy of the child growing within her. Changes that seemed so obvious to Nicole that she couldn't believe the men hadn't noticed. But beyond an approving observation concerning her breasts being fuller in size and her increased appetite, they appeared oblivious.

The dizzy spell passed and Nicole made her way unsteadily into the bathroom and started to freshen up. Once dressed, she made her way back into the bed room. A knock at the door sounded. "Come in," she called, staring at the entrance.

The large oak door opened. Standing hesitantly and anxiously gripping the brass door handle, Pierce stared at his mistress.

"Good morn, my Lady. The Lairds bade me to collect yer bags for the trip." He smiled as he approached her.

Nicole blinked in surprised...The door wasn't locked? She thought. Nicole barely suppressed a groan of irritation at her stupidity. But when she thought it over afterwards; it occurred to her that she ought to have tried it first, before making assumptions.

Nicole tried not to curse, though her discomfort was high. "Good morning, Pierce," she replied quietly. His pleasant attitude did not sit well her due to her dark and unsettled mood.

"Are ye okay, my lady?" Pierce asked in a hushed tone.

Nicole summoned a faint smile. Despite her sadness, she recognized that she had mistaken him. He too seemed distressed and sad, and she gave him a wider smile. "I am okay, thank you Pierce."

He nodded and picked her bags off the floor without further questions, but now Nicole could not mistake the concerned expression now on his normally smiling face. She knew the entire household was aware of the heated argument between herself and the men. If they had only told her about Aryan, this could have been prevented. The argument changed nothing. The fact that she was angry at the whole situation would not undo what had transpired. Still, she could not help but feel utterly betrayed.

Nicole sighed deeply.

Pierce shifted uneasily as he stared at his mistress. She looked so sad. He took a hesitant step towards her. "Can I get ye anything, my ...?" He trailed off.

"No. You are very helpful and kind. Thank you," Nicole said with a fond smile on her face.

The young man seemed almost relieved at her response and went on retrieving her bags. "Ye have a lovely time, my lady."

Once Pierce had left, Nicole flopped down with a heavy sigh, already more on edge. The next knock had her fuming. "Come in." She snapped.

Alana entered, hesitantly. "Good morning, my lady. You are ready?" she asked needlessly. Her face was sad for her mistress, but happy the Lairds were taking her away to sort out their differences.

"Morning," Nicole murmured, looking none too happy.

"Aodh is in the hall waiting for you, my Lady. The Lairds left not too long. They will be..."

"I do not care Alana. You've no need to tell me." Nicole was not able to keep the annoyed sound from her voice.

"I am sorry my lady," Alana stuttered.

A long, uncomfortable silence passed between the two women. Alana bowed her head, making Nicole feel guilty about the curt answer. It wasn't Alana's fault that she'd been ordered to stay in her room. Neither was it her fault the men neglected to tell her about Aryan. More gently, she said, "I am sorry, Alana."

Alana looked up and smiled at Nicole. "It's okay my lady. I understand."

Nicole smiled. Her mind probed cautiously at memories of the scene in the bedroom yesterday, finding pain and confusion, but acceptance, too. She knew now she would find it hard to deny the men her body—the thought sickened her, as if it were a submission.

Mayhap it was.


Sometime later, Nicole walked towards their private jet. Sighing her last nerves away, she walked up the flight of steps. The stewardess, a petite older woman named Amy, greeted her as she boarded the jet. She informed Nicole as she ushered her inside that the men were already on board. At that announcement, Nicole went rigid with tension, as she had not seen nor spoken to either Eyon or Kieran since the argument yesterday. Nicole tried to control her conflicting emotions as the woman smilingly assisted her to her seat.

Minutes later, now in the air, Nicole unsnapped her seat belt and took a deep breath waiting for the men to join her.

Amy offered her refreshment and Nicole asked for a cup of tea. She hoped the tea would soothe her queasy stomach. Nausea had become a constant companion since morning; Nicole prayed it didn't join her with the men around. If they knew she was carrying their child, they would become even more domineering and her plan would never work.

Not now, she prayed.

As her tea was served, Nicole smiled and thanked Amy. Several minutes later, Nicole felt relaxed, not even the nearest sign of nausea was present in her stomach which usually happened when she was nervous or on edge. She slowly sipped the sweet smelling brew, wondering when the men would show up.

Kieran and Eyon stood at the rear of the plane, watching their mate. She was on edge. They could tell by her furrowed brow and the way she gripped the handle of the delicate tea cup. They could also tell she was thinking of them. Every so often she would thrust her chin up and they knew that telltale sign of defiance. They smiled and slowly walk along the aisle of the plane. They were happy to see her and this was evident by the tension leaving their bodies and pleasing smiles they now wore and this they attributed to the beautiful woman they were now walking towards.

"Afternoon, sweets," the two booming voices chorused above her.

Nicole looked up at the two objects of her thoughts. Her throat constricted as her tummy executed a somersault. Her tea cup rattled it's betrayal on the saucer as her hands shook. So as not to spill the hot liquid on her hands, she slowly and carefully placed it on the table. Nicole sighed inwardly and folded her trembling hands in her lap and looked up at them. Instead of a smile, small or otherwise, they got a snort.

A grim smile touched Eyon's lips and he almost laughed at his own fantasy. How could he believe that Nicole would receive them with welcome arms? Gone was the soft, willing woman who had lain beneath them so eager just yesterday. But could he blame her?

Her looks were daggers to him, but instead of acquiescing to her challenge, Eyon stared at his mate. Her honey brown skin and thick black hair was glowing. She looked so lovely, despite the frown she wore. She looked like sinful innocence, if such a thing was possible. Her soft body was clad in a red top with navy trousers. Her full breasts strained the top's low rounded neck line, pressing enticingly against each other, making him incapable of shifting his gaze.

But he did.

It was her eyes that captured him as they looked at him with resignation and dismissal. Without uttering a single word, she'd questioned his love for her, unmanned him, demanded he share his hurt, pain and secrets with her. Otherwise they'd never be happy.

Eyon could sense her anger and pain...mixed with something else. Something he couldn't explain but he could feel, like the air around him. Something was different about her, giving her an aura, radiance, despite her obvious anger. What was it? His mate hid her inner thoughts well but she would slipped, just enough for him to see what she was hiding from them.

Nicole looked up at Eyon. His nostrils flared slightly, causing her heart to thud. What if he suspected her condition? Though annoyance kept his body rigid, there was something in his eyes that caused her breath to hitch in her throat. Her composure was starting to crumble. Did he know? How could he?

Nicole wanted to confide in them. The secret she held was tearing her up inside. But what was she to do? And what about them? Were they any better?

Dare she confess to her lovers? Their behavior yesterday told her should they discover her secret, she would never be free. Damn, she was in this alone.

A soft gasp escaped her when his large hands reached out and pulled her from her seat towards him. He pulled her close and kissed her lips; briefly she wondered if she should pull away. But she didn't. He began trailing kisses along the column of her neck. The touch of his lips on hers caused her whole being to explode into a thousand pieces of light. Her breath caught in her throat as he pulled away and looked down at her. He leaned his forehead against hers. "Ye drive me insane." Then he kissed her. Tenderly. Lovingly. Sensually.

Eyon moved away after one last kiss before handing her over to Kieran as he appeared to be having trouble controlling his need to touch her as well. Eyon then sat on the seat opposite to hers and watched his cousin's relieved expression as Nicole willingly came into his arms as well.

She sighed and leaned further into his embrace. He kissed the top of her head as it came to rest against his chest. He began rubbing her back, massaging and kneading the muscles. Low moan of pleasure worked its way from her throat.

"Ye well?" Kieran asked.

Nicole sighed. Now he asked. Wasn't he also part of her pain? Now he was here acting like nothing happened yesterday. What did he expect? That she would fall into their arms and forget? Nicole pushed his hand away and sat back in her seat.

She felt their stares, but keeping her gaze focused outside the window didn't provide the distraction she needed. The two men sitting across from her consumed her every thought. When did her life became so complicated? Truth was, her life was already complicated. Her mother Hyacinth saw to that, with her constant meddling and need to run her life. Now these two were doing the same.

She pouted. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Kieran looked down as Nicole averted her eyes in an attempt to ignore them. He continued staring at her, enjoying the sight of her full lips as she worried them with her teeth. He silently urged her to look at him. God knew she needed to see how saddened he was. He suspected she might be with child. She wouldn't admit it, but he had heard her quiet trips to the bathroom, heard her asking Alana for tea to stop heartburn. Wasn't heartburn a symptom of pregnancy? He wasn't sure, since he had never been around a pregnant female. He had read it off the internet. She had yet to confess his suspicion and he needed to hear it from her lips to himself and Eyon. He suspected his cousin was clueless.

With so many secrets between them, he knew his mate would not reveal hers.

A ragged sigh of frustration broke from his chest. Kieran looked over, his gaze meeting that of his cousin's. He and Eyon had always been close, closer to each other than any of their kind, which were few. It had been destined that one day he and Eyon would fall in love with the same woman.

Now that they've found her, they'd made a complete and bloody mess of things.When his cousin looked at him, Kieran's eyes hardened. He wanted to lash out at him, but the expression in his cousin's eyes told him Eyon fought a different battle.

Kieran took comfort in the fact that Nicole couldn't see it. She couldn't read the sexual longing Eyon held for her in his eyes because she wasn't looking at them. If she couldn't see it, it couldn't heighten her anger more.

Feeling a burning stare, Eyon turned to look at his cousin. One glance at Kieran's upturned face told him they shared the same grinding need to fuck their mate. Kieran hid it well, but it was there. Nicole was angry with them now. What of it? He'd make amends when they reached Italy.

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