tagIncest/TabooGary Comes Home Pt. 01

Gary Comes Home Pt. 01


Gary drove up the driveway in his pickup. In the bed of the truck were his earthly belongings. In his briefcase was his hard earned MBA. He was moving home.

Home is nice home in the burbs. Long paid for and much lived-in. The deal was set many years ago. He'd come home when the degree was earned. Mom would step down as CEO of the family business and he'd take the mantle.

He unloaded his truck, mom helped him some, and he mentally prepared himself for all the changes awaiting him.

One of which was telling his mom he preferred a simple nudist lifestyle. Not of the overt kind, but of the kind that simply enjoyed not wearing clothes.

The conversation went better than he expected. Their house was big. Mom's bedroom had always been downstairs. He promised to keep his unclothed living upstairs. Mom was fine with that.

And she went a step further. She wasn't opposed nudity, anyones nudity, really. She saw the pleasure in it and the simplicity of it. If he chose to come downstairs she'd be okay with that.

When he asked why, she said he had only really known her one-dimensionally. There was more to her than he knew. Nothing earth-shaking, but she was more than just his mom and the woman who had run the family business. He might be surprised to get to know her better now that he was back home.

Gary appreciated his mom's warmth and acceptance. A bit surprised. And a bit skeptical. And a bit cautious to cross the threshold and come down the stairs.

For weeks Gary kept his nude body upstairs. And mom let him have his space. She didn't say much or react much or anything.

In his mind, mom was mom, which mom was proper. And in his mind it'd be a leap to be in her presence nude. He had never had mom-fantasies.

But after some weeks mom broached the subject. She re-issued the invitation for him to come downstairs. And he re-issued his hesitancy.

Mom shrugged and let the issue drop. Some weeks later Gary was home alone and like other times when he was home alone, he went downstairs nude. He richly enjoyed the sensation of nudity. That is, the sensation of walking freely wherever he wanted to go nude.

Without warning mom came through the back door with a sack of groceries. Gary cringed deeply and turned white and so dearly wanted to bolt out of the kitchen. Instead he did his best to casually walk out.

But his mom seized the moment. She said "Stop." in the best firm and motherly tone she could muster. He did. He turned and covered his parts with his hands.

"Gary," she said, "I want you to stop and face the fact that I want you to feel free to be nude. I want that. I am asking for that. No more keeping it away. No more living an upstairs life and a downstairs life. Please Gary."

Gary looked at his mom. He felt silly. Awkward. Ashamed. Vulnerable.

"Mom, I don't know how. I don't know how to be exposed in front of you."

"Gary, try it. Try it for fifteen minutes. Just try it."

"Mom, how? I don't know how!"

"Gary, I like it. You've never known it, but I find the human body beautiful. Male or female. All bodies are beautiful. I would feel privileged if you would be nude around me. Honest."

Gary stood there looking at his mom. "Really? Doesn't it make you feel awkward?

"Gosh, no! Not at all. It makes me feel sophisticated and welcoming and accepting and happy. Truly happy. Honest, Gary, I like it. I really do. Please drop your hands and go about your business. Please be nude around me."

It was those five last words that did the trick.

He dropped his hands. He felt better. Those five words ringing sweetly in his ears. In fact, he felt emboldened.

Everything changed. Everything. Gary stopped wearing clothes in the house. Mom complimented him. Praised him. Smiled upon him. Adored him.

Some weeks later he walked into the dining room and his mom was washing windows. He walked up beside her and complimented how clear they were.

Mom asked him about his boldness and comfort zones of standing nude in front of the window. He hadn't realized it. He had grown so comfortable around the house, he had forgotten to be safe.

He stepped back some, but his mom encouraged him to come back. Unless a nosey neighbor was peering at them, he was safe. She liked his boldness. She liked his body being bold.

She asked about some of his background in nudity, when and how and why he started, and if it had always been kept indoors.

Then she mentioned that he was welcome to explore his comfort zones around windows whenever he wanted. She was saying, more or less, that she liked and enjoyed and supported any expansions in his expanding nudists interests.

Some days later she asked about erections. He was shy and hesitant again. But she assured him her interest was physical. Such things in a man made the man. Men had erections. And they were natural.

He was surprised, but was quickly coming to enjoy his mom's attention to his body, his nudity, and his inhibitions. Without much further-ado he obliged his mom and brought himself to an erection.

Mom praised him and it. Beautiful she said. Amazing she uttered. Wonderful she exclaimed.

She showed no interest besides the visual, but the visual she clearly liked and encouraged. And so he did it again. And again. Quite often.

Things took a turn not long after that. Because as we all know, with erections come that little drop of sperm at the tip of a penis.

Mom said little. But looked much. And Gary liked her looking there.

While standing in kitchen one day she asked him, "Where do you usually masturbate?"

End of part 1

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