Gary Goes Gay On Nude Day


They had a history and a bond that even brothers don't always have. Sometimes they didn't even have to speak their thoughts to understand what the other was thinking. The closest thing to twin brothers without even being related, neither one had a brother but both knew they could always rely on one another, whenever they needed a friend.

Gary couldn't help but wonder if Eddie suspected that he had sexual feelings for him. He wondered if he suspected that he was gay. How could he not know he was gay? He knows everything else about him. Yet, he didn't know if Eddie was gay. How could he not know that about him? He suspected he was. He hoped he was. Yet, he really didn't know if he was or not.

Then, he wondered, can he be gay if he's never experienced another man sexually? Maybe he wasn't gay, after all. Maybe he was straight and just hasn't found the one woman that makes him feel what a man should feel when with a woman. Maybe he was bi-sexual or bi-curious. Maybe he just loved his friend.

What is that called, when you just love one person, one guy, uni-gay, monogamously homosexual or just in love? As much as he couldn't imagine being with a woman, he couldn't imagine being with a man, other than Eddie. He didn't want anyone else, if he couldn't have Eddie.

Yet, only a gay man would feel the way he felt about Eddie. He'd do anything for his friend. He spent his days with thoughts of kissing him, touching him, and making love with him, so much that it hurt. Yeah, definitely, without doubt, there was no more hiding the fact that he was gay, especially when it came to thinking about Eddie.

There was no more hiding the fact that he wanted more from Eddie than just being his best friend. He wanted romance. He wanted fireworks. He wanted love.

They were both the same height, 5'9", coincidentally, the same height as Diane Sawyer, tall for a woman but short for a man. Eddie was thinner, where Gary was huskier. Eddie had the hair and the hair color, Robert Redford streaky, lush blonde, that Gary wished he had. His hair color was another reason why he reminded him of Diane Sawyer. Gary's hair was just chestnut brown and he had a receding hairline. He knew he'd be bald one day, just like his grandfather. Someone like Eddie would never be bald. He'd always have thick, lush, beautiful hair.

Gary had invited Eddie to his apartment on the pretense of hanging out, while thinking what to do later. There was nothing special about inviting Eddie to his apartment. He had been there a million times before, as Gary had been in Eddie's apartment a million times before. Only, this time, he was hoping that they could celebrate National Nude Day, as a gay couple, instead of as just best, straight friends. It was then that he wondered why they never suggested living together. Maybe Eddie knew Gary was gay, which is why he never suggested moving in together.

"What can I get you? I have coffee, beer, soda, or water," said Gary looking at his friend longer than he would have dared look at him before.

Every time he looked at him, he felt a softness in the pit of his stomach and a hunger that made him want to run to him and touch him, hold him, hug him, and kiss him.

"Actually, I could use a cup of coffee. I can't wake up today for some reason," said Eddie stretching, while yawning.

Gary took the opportunity to stare at the bulge in Eddie's pants, while Eddie had his eyes closed in a loud yawn. He's seen his cock before, of course, at the gym and when they've had too much to drink and had no place else to pee but behind a tree. Yet, now that he's allowed his true feelings to emerge from deep inside of him, he couldn't wait to see his cock again.

It would be different seeing his cock, this time. It would be sexual now. And when he did finally see it, if he did see it, after all he was about to confess to his friend, it would be exciting this time.

"Yeah, maybe I'll have a cup, too. I could use some caffeine, right about now," said Gary, yawning, too, from watching Eddie yawn. "I have cookies. They may be a bit stale, but you can dunk them."

"Cookies are good," said Eddie picking up a recent Sports Illustrated magazine with Tiger on the cover. "I can't imagine the women this guy has had. Those dozen or so women, who came forward, are only the tip of the iceberg, no doubt. If he's best friends with those two horn balls, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, know you by your friends, then he's been doing this for years."

Know you by your friend. Gary couldn't help but wonder, hope really, if Eddie was gay, too. Wow, wouldn't that be perfect? What if, as he had been, Eddie was just too afraid to step out of the closet? What if he was just too afraid to admit it for fear of all the ramifications he'd have to put up with from friends and family? That would explain why he was still pining over Stephanie, using her as an excuse, a decoy and a cover, for not dating other women, in the way that Ashton Kutcher, no doubt, uses Demi Moore to hide the fact that he's gay, no doubt.

Immediately, Gary took it a step further. What if, once he confessed his feelings for him, they lived happily ever after? He wouldn't mind living in San Francisco, if that's what it took to get away from their judgmental friends and family, who couldn't possibly understand how they felt about one another. They'd be accepted there for who they were, two men who loved one another. Only, he was getting way ahead of himself.

In hindsight, deep down, he knew Eddie wasn't gay. Eddie never looked at him in the way that he looked at Eddie now. He was always touching Eddie, touching his shoulder, his back, his arm, and his leg, not conspicuously, but enough for him to get a feel of his hard body. Now that he thought of it, Eddie never moved away from his touch and in the way that guys do, and he never called him gay for touching him. He wondered if he liked being touched by him, as much as he loved touching him.

Conversely, Eddie was a typical straight guy. Other than to slap someone on the butt, when playing touch football, he never touched another guy in an inappropriate way. He seldom touched Gary. Only, Eddie did hug him, when Gary's Mom died and whenever he saw him after that, he always threw an arm around his shoulder, as would a big brother do to his little brother. Gary loved it when Eddie showed him that kind of special affection and attention, something that he never showed anyone else.

Gary made the coffee and arranged the cookies on a doily on a plate. Definitely doilies were gay and the fact that he had an entire collection of doilies in different colors and styles for each of the holidays, made him gay. Suddenly, he felt like Felix in the Odd Couple or, more appropriately, Will in Will and Grace. Then, he grabbed the tray from the pantry and put the two cups of coffee and cookies on that. Most guys would make two trips or allow their friend to serve himself. Yet, there he was acting too much like the hostess and housewife that he wanted to be to Eddie.

It occurred to him, that just the fact that he had doilies and a tray, a Japanese tray, at that, that he bought as a souvenir, along with a kimono, when he was in Japan, was more than a bit gay. He told himself he bought the kimono because it was his favorite color, green, and because it was beautiful. He figured he could display it on a wall, as a wall hanging, as he would a tapestry. Pretending he was a Geisha, he never told anyone that he enjoyed wearing the kimono around his apartment, when there was no one there to see.

The reason why he had invited Eddie here was to tell him who he was, a gay man, and to confess how he felt about him; he loved him. Suddenly, it was now or never. What the Hell it was Nude Day and on that pretense, in a bizarre and risky move, Gary removed all his clothes in the kitchen. Naked and a bit cold, he took a breath.

He couldn't believe he was finally doing this. It took all the self-control he had not to get dressed again. This was it. This was the moment that he'd remember or regret for the rest of his life. He walked in the living room naked, while carrying the tray of coffees and cookies. Call it a sign, a signal, or the elephant in the room and the obvious proof of his sexual orientation, but it was more than telling that he had an erection.

Eddie looked at Gary's cock before looking at him. With Eddie seated on the couch, Gary's cock was at eye level and Eddie looked down at Gary's cock again, before looking back up at his friend. So nervous and so excited that he was unable to breathe, Gary put down the tray on the coffee table in front of his friend, while waiting for Eddie to say something to lighten the moment.

"Gary? What the Hell are you doing? Are you nuts? Why are you naked? What are you gay?"

Eddie let out a nervous laugh. He looked at Gary's cock again, before looking up and making eye contact with his friend.

Not expecting this reaction, an angry reaction, he figured Eddie would be angry being pulled out of the closet, a place he felt comfortable and was more than reluctant to leave. It was ironic that Eddie asked him, rhetorically, if he was gay. If only he knew he was gay, thought Gary, gay Gary.

They always called one another gay, whenever they did something feminine. Definitely, coming out in the living room naked was a gay thing to do. No straight guy would ever do that. Definitely serving coffee on a tray he bought in Japan, along with doilies was gay. He'd save the kimono for later.

"It's Nude Day and I wanted to celebrate," said Gary raising his arms, arching his back, and twirling around like a prima ballerina to show all of his naked body to his friend. It was stupid, but he hoped that the sight of his naked body would not only excite him and entice him but also force Eddie out of the closet.

"Nude Day? Shit, I forgot. He looked at his watch. Fuck! We missed it."

"Missed what?"

"Every Nude Day the students at the college do a nude run around the quad, before running around the track. There's always a hot chick or two bouncing her big tits."

Gary noted that Edward looked twice more at his cock. He didn't stare; he just looked, before looking away. Did he like his cock or was he shocked or disgusted by Gary's nudity? Was he aroused by seeing him naked? Getting naked was the precipice of him taking the first step out of the closet and who better to confess that he was gay, other than to his best friend. The tricky part would be telling him that he was in love with him.

Yet, when he thought about it, Eddie must know he's gay. How could he not know? He was able to hide it from friends and family, but he suspected they all knew and he suspected they all talked about him behind his back.

He didn't have a steady woman. Other than his mother and his sisters, he never had a special woman in his life. He always had a funny feeling that he wasn't fooling anyone, not even fooling himself, certainly he wasn't fooling his best friend, especially his best friend.

Gary grabbed a small towel and put it on the couch before sitting down.

"There's something that I need to tell you, Eddie," said Gary folding his hands in his lap, while sitting bolt upright, as if sitting on a pew in church and about to challenge the faith of someone by telling them that God doesn't exist.

"What?" Eddie mindlessly dunked his cookie. "You're right about these cookies, they are stale, but they're good after dunking them."

I'm gay."


Eddie choked and spit out some coffee that he quickly wiped up with his napkin.

"Gay. I'm gay. I'm a gay man, Edward."

"You are not. And since when do you call me Edward? Don't call me that. I hate that name," said Eddie looking over at his friend sitting there so stiff and proper. "Actually, you're gay that you're sitting there naked. That's gay," said Eddie with a laugh and looking at his friend and stealing another peek at his cock, "but you're not really gay. You just think you are. You're just horny is all. You need to get laid. We both need to get laid. Although, now that I think of it, you may be gay, after serving me cookies on these gay looking doilies. Even my mother doesn't have doilies."

"No, I am. I'm gay," said Gary, suddenly feeling more confidently and comfortably determined, now that he's already admitted his sexual preference and now that he was sitting there totally exposed, figuratively and literally. "And that's not all."

"Gees, you mean there's more? You didn't buy that Mustang Cobra we saw, did you? I'll kill you if you did. I really wanted that car and I'm still thinking about how I could get it."

Gary thought, if they were together, if they were a couple, they could afford to buy the car together. Yet, forgetting about the car, there was more pressing issues to discuss.

"I'm in love with you."

"I love you, too, Gary," said Eddie looking over at his friend and patting his naked knee, "but not in sexual way," he said with a nervous laugh.

"I don't believe you," said Gary sitting even more upright and, with his chin raised as much as his determination to know the truth about Eddie's sexual orientation. He remained steadfast to find out if Eddie was straight or gay and, more importantly, if Eddie loved him, too.

"What do you mean, you don't believe me? You don't believe that I love you or that I'm not gay?"

"I believe you love me, but I think you may be gay, too," said Gary.

"Trust me, Gary, I'd know if I was gay," said Eddie talking with his mouth full of cookie, while pointing a stiff and unyielding finger at his friend.

"Show me, then."

"Show you what?" Eddie laughed at his friend, before looking away to take a sip of his coffee. "How can I show you that I'm not gay? Tell you what, get Stephanie to come over here and I'll show you how gay I'm not. I love that woman. I'd bang her right now, if I could."

"See? That's what I mean. You've been pining over Stephanie for ten years and because of the excuse of her, you haven't dated anyone else. Other than models you can't have and celebrities you'll never meet, you never talk about women, real women, and available women. I think you use Stephanie as a mask and as a way to show everyone that you like women, when you prefer men, namely me."

"I dated plenty of women and I talk about a lot of women that aren't models and celebrities all the time," he said looking at his friend and studying him, before continuing. "Just because I don't tell you everything, Gary--"

"Get naked," said Gary staring down at the bulge in Eddie's jeans.

"What? Get naked? You're crazy. I'm not going to take my clothes off in front of you, Gary. Now, that's gay," said Eddie laughing but looking at Gary's cock again. "Just because you're acting gay sitting there naked, just because you have gay doilies," said Eddie picking up a doily and waving it in Gary's face, "doesn't mean that I have to act gay, too, by getting naked. Besides how will me getting naked prove that I'm gay or not gay?"

"We'll let your cock be the lie detector as proof, if you have feelings for me or not."

"No. I'm not getting naked, Gary, so just get that off your mind. That would be just too weird."

"Why not?"

"Because it would be really gay for two straight guys to be sitting in your living room naked."

"I just told you I'm not straight. I'm gay," said Gary looking at his friend and punching him softly in the shoulder. "C'mon, Eddie, it's Nude Day, National Nude Day. I'm naked. Celebrate the nude holiday with me."

"You're not gay, Gary, you're just weird," said Eddie looking down at Gary's cock, again.

"Not weird, just gay. See, I already have an erection thinking about you getting naked," said Gary looking down at his cock, while holding his stiff cock out for his friend to see."

Eddie looked at it, stared at it, actually, before looking away. He looked up at and made eye contact with his friend, before staring back down at Gary's cock.

"I never knew you were circumcised."

"You didn't?" Gary held out his cock, again. "Aren't you?"

"No," said Eddie.

"Let me see."

"No, I'm not going to show you my cock, Gary. That's perverted."

"It's not perverted, if you're gay, Eddie."

"I told you that I'm not gay, Gary."

"Prove it, then."

"Okay," said Eddie standing, but if you tell anyone that I took my clothes off and that we were in the same room naked that wasn't a gym and didn't have a shower stall, I'll never speak to you again."

"Deal," said Gary, watching Eddie's striptease show, while humming the music to the stripper's song.

Sure enough, when Eddie removed his underwear, he had an erection, a major boner, and a real stiffy.

"Fuck," said Eddie looking down at his cock.

"See? I told you that you were gay."

"I'm not fucking gay, Gary. Okay? Knock it off with the gay shit. Having an erection doesn't prove I'm gay. If anyone is gay in this room, it's you and not me," he said looking down at his cock and slapping it in his feigned effort to eradicate his erection. "I'm just horny is all. It's been a while since I had sex."

"How long?"

"I don't know. It's been a while. Okay?"

"Then, why do you have an erection," said Gary. "You wouldn't have an erection, if you were just horny. You'd definitely have an erection, if you were gay."

"Yes, I would have an erection, just from being horny," said Eddie, suddenly on the defense. "I get erections all the time, especially if I see a naked broad."

"Or a naked man?"

"Fuck you, Gary. My having an erection has nothing whatsoever in seeing you naked and doesn't prove that I'm gay."

"I'll prove it to you," said Gary reaching his hand over and grabbing hold of Eddie's cock.

"Hey, let go of my cock. Now, that's really gay, Gary, you grabbing my cock like that. What the Hell has gotten into you?"

"I told you. I'm gay."

Gary took Eddie's hand and tried putting it on his cock, but Eddie pulled his hand away, before he could.

"Gees, Gary, don't do that," said Eddie stepping away from his friend. "You're freaking me out. That's just too gross."

"The fact that I gave you an erection is conclusive proof that you're a gay man, Eddie."

"All it proves is that I'm horny," said Eddie taking a towel from the laundry basket that was always in the dining room, much like a knickknack.

Gary was always doing laundry and cleaning up after himself. Except for the ever present laundry basket, the apartment was spotless. Eddie arranged the towel on the couch, before sitting next to his friend.

Gary looked at his friend surprised that he didn't get dressed. Why didn't he get dressed, he wondered? Why did he choose to stay naked? Maybe he was just as turned on as was Gary.

"Horny or gay," said Gary. "I can prove you are one or the other."

"How are you going to prove if I'm horny or gay, Gary, when I--" said Eddie, while watching his friend reaching over and taking hold of his cock, again. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to prove, conclusively, for once and for all, that you are as gay as I am," said Gary embolden by his friend not getting dressed, staying naked, and not swatting his hand away. "I'm going to prove that you've been hiding in the closet, just like me, all this time. I'm going to prove that you love me and want me, as much as I love and want you."

"Gary, I love you as a friend," said Eddie, while watching Gary finger the head of his cock, before slowly stroke him. "Fuck, that feels good, really good, Gary. I'm so horny, but should we be doing this? This is so wrong," said Eddie staring down at his cock, while watching his friend stroking him.

"Chalk it up to our personal and private Nude Day celebration. No one needs to know what we do behind closed doors," said Gary, before leaning over Eddie's lap to take his friend's cock in his mouth.

"Jesus Christ, Gary. What the fuck? I can't believe you're fucking blowing me. Oh, my God," said Eddie looking down at his friend. "That feels so fucking good." He reached a hand around and ran his fingers through Gary's hair. "Suck it, Gary. Suck my cock."

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