Gary Goes Gay On Nude Day


"See? I knew you were gay and I knew you'd love me giving you a blowjob," said Gary removing Eddie's cock from his mouth long enough to speak. Gary moved back the coffee table and fell between Eddie's open legs. "I love sucking your cock, Eddie."

"Gary, fuck, no, stop. Okay, this has gone far enough. This is wrong. This is so wrong. Gary, please. I'm not gay," said Eddie feebly resisting.

"You are gay, Eddie. You're cock is so hard that it's pulsating in my mouth," he said removing Eddie's cock from his mouth to speak again, while stroking him, before filling his mouth again with Eddie's stiff prick. "Cum in my mouth, Eddie. I want to taste you."

Gary wrapped his tongue around Eddie's cock, before flicking at the head of his big prick, while stroking him faster. He was really sucking his cock now. Moving his head up and down, he was making all those cock sucking sounds that guys love to hear, when they are getting a blowjob to prove to them that the person giving them a blowjob is just as excited as they are receiving a blowjob.

"I've had blowjobs before, but never like this, Gary, never like this. No one has every blown me like this. Your mouth and your tongue feels so good," she Eddie, suddenly humping and fucking his friend's mouth with his hips. "Don't stop. I'm going to cum," he said putting a hand behind Gary's head. "Oh, my God! Blow me Gary. Fuck Gary, fuck!"

Eddie shot gobs of cum in Gary's mouth and he swallowed every drop of his best friend. He stayed between Eddie's legs, while licking, kissing, and fondling Eddie's cock. Then, he sat on the couch next to his friend, while wiping off the cum that dripped on his lips and chin with a tissue. The two men sat on the couch without saying anything.

"I told you that you were gay," said Gary finally, while looking over at his friend and taking his cock in his hand, again.

"That's just proves I was horny, Gary," said Eddie shooting an embarrassed look at his friend. "Damn, that was one Hell of a blowjob, though. That's the blowjob that I always imagined Stephanie giving me, if I was ever with her."

"Fuck you, Eddie. Stephanie my ass. You're such an asshole," said Gary letting go of Eddie's cock. "Even after I sucked your cock, you're still hiding in the closet and you're still going on about Stephanie, a woman who you'll never ever have. She doesn't even know you exist."

Gary grabbed Eddie's hand by the wrist and put in on his cock. When Eddie immediately pulled his hand away, Gary grabbed his hand again and filled his friend's hand with his stiff prick, while leaving his hand on top of Eddie's hand to keep it there.

Eddie left it there, holding Gary's cock without moving and without talking. Then, he touched the tip of his cock with his fingertips. Toying with Gary's cock, while looking at his best friend, he slowly and intermittently stroked him, while looking down at Gary's stiff prick. Gary leaned over and kissed Eddie's lips and when he tried sticking his tongue in Eddie's mouth, Eddie pulled away. Gary grabbed Eddie's chin more forcefully and the two men kissed, French kissed, while Eddie stroked Gary's cock.

"I feel like I'm giving myself a hand job," said Eddie looking down at Gary's stiff prick in his hand, as he slowly stroked him. "It feels so weird."

"Blow me," whispered Gary in Eddie's ear, before filling Eddie's ear with his warm, wet tongue.

"No. Fuck you. I'm not going to blow you."

"Blow me, Eddie. I blew you."

"I'm not going to blow you, Gary, just because you blew me."

"Suck my cock, Eddie, just the one time to see if you're gay or not, just as an experiment. Okay?"

"Gary, I don't know. I never had a cock in my mouth before."

"I didn't either, until I had your cock in my mouth," said Gary. "C'mon, blow me. I want to feel what it's like to get a blowjob from you."

Eddie slouched down, but was reluctant to take Gary's cock in his mouth. He played with Gary's cock, while staring at it. Gary put a gentle hand to the back of Eddie's head and lightly pushed down on it.

"Don't do that. I'm not ready," he said looking up at his friend. "Now I know how a woman feels," he said laughing.

Then, he did it. He lowered his head down to his lap and took Gary's cock in his mouth and started blowing his friend. He was sucking Gary's cock, while stroking him. He was blowing his best friend.

It didn't take Gary long to explode his lust in Eddie's mouth and Eddie swallowed all that his friend gave. They stayed like that, naked, while kissing, hugging, and fondling one another. After all these years, it took Nude Day for Gary and Eddie to emerge from the closet and profess their love for one another.

With the money they saved having only the one apartment, instead of two, they bought the Mustang Shelby Cobra, when Eddie moved in with Gary. They lived happily ever after as not only best friends forever but also as lovers. Yet, it's Nude Day that they celebrate as not only their anniversary of stepping out of the closet but also as adding lovers to their best friend status.

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