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Gary the Obscure



Gary Gunn's parents had their unhappy marriage annulled when he was fourteen and that pushed Gary further into the social mire because neither parent really wanted him and he kept losing friends because he kept changing his schools as his parents shifted about, both looking for their new life and seeking to remarry wisely.

Garry's position in life improved when his mom, with whom he was living at the time, abandoned him to go south with a guy who promised her riches when his ailing and wealthy mother died. Marion had left Gary with a thousand bucks as living expenses and to pay the rent for the tiny apartment and told him when the money was about run out to call his father for parental support.

Phil visited his son after the SOS call and was appalled to find how thin and abandoned-looking16-year old Gary had become, cutting back on spending on food and clothing to eke out his money for as long as possible.

"God look what your mother and I have done to you," his dad said, almost weeping.

But Phil had found a great job as his boss was taken a keen interest in him, believing Phil's claim he'd never married and so Phil faced a crisis and was unsure about what to do with the kid. He called his sister 600 miles away and lied that he was down on his luck and wondered if she could look after her nephew Gary for a few weeks to ease the load on Phil.

"I haven't seen Gary for at least seven years," she said, stalling. "What's he like?"

"He's great kid, friendly with a pleasant outgoing manner and gets great grades at school. If you asked me to describe him in one word Annie I'd say 'Loveable'. You and Andrew would regard him as a joy to have around you."

Gary arrived on the bus at Silverstream and was met by Aunt Annie who was shocked at the state of the malnourished and disheveled kid but at least she found he was clean and smelt okay.

Without thinking she said, "Why are your parents not looking after you better?"

"Because I'm not living with them."

"Why not?"

"Because they don't want me."

"Oh god," Annie said and hugged the abandoned teenager and wept. To her astonishment, Gary attempted to calm her.

Annie who worked as a receptionist at a medical center took Gary to the center on the way home and had him examined.

Dr Judith Wells smiled and told Annie, "You have worried needlessly. He's fine but has been eating poorly, mainly tinned food and packets of biscuits. Feed him what you eat Annie and when you see the energy beginning to flow from him put him on a bike or get him running around the park and you'll soon witness a minor miracle."

Annie and Hogan had been unable to have children and Hogan, an architect, arrived home that evening and listened to his wife relate Gary's story and he shared her dismay and said some people didn't deserve children.

"Would you like to adopt him? I only had a few minutes with him be seems a likeable kid although far too skinny to be called healthy."

Annie said, "Well he needs love and proper care and if we can't provide it he would be better off in an institution for homeless children.

"Annie for god's sake, we can care for him and love him."

"Well I was treading carefully because I'm aware of your views on adoption."

"Yes that this is different, Gary is your kin."

"You deserve a big fat kiss," Annie said, going to her husband.

Annie and Hogan took Gary to Hogan's old high school where they were warmly welcomed by the school principal who was called by the office clerk when seeing Mr Smart arriving with his wife and a boy. Hogan was a supporter of the school and had designed the school's new gymnasium and then the new school library and media center that had become the envy of other schools.

The school contacted the last school Gary had been attending and he was placed in the 10th grade.

At lunch on the first day a group of boys from Gary's class talked to find about his history and was thwarted by his renitence to reveal many details and one of the guys called him 'Bones' and that name stuck for the remainder of his time at that high school.

With improved nutrition, and being quite tall and light in body weight, Gary was soon identifying as one of the fastest sprinters at the school and the track coach grabbed him and placed Gary into an accelerated training program. Gary also quickly became a class standout in math and grammar and some classmates began calling him at home to consult about homework problems and much to Annie's delight some of those kids began arriving to see Gary.

One evening Gary took coffee into Hogan's study and watched his foster dad sketching.

"Do you know what I'm doing right now?"

"Adding shadow to that structure to visually define the object, thus creating the illusion of a third dimension. It also indicates the origination and direction of the dominant light."

Hogan was hugely surprised.

"Do you know about drawing?"

"Not much but I sketch a bit and have done a lot of reading about it because art interests me."

"Can you show me something of your work?"

"I've nothing here but have something finished at school."

"Then bring it home and show me. I'd like to see something you've drawn."

Gary scratched his head.

"Is there a problem with me asking you to do that?"

"Well it's locked in one of the display cases in the main entrance lobby."

Hogan turned back to his work and said casually he'd drop in sometime and take a look at it. He avoided working for a moment or two until his hands steadied. He didn't know what to think, the kid must be some kind of genius. Only the crème-de-la-crème of art went in those glass cabinets and exhibits were almost always the work of senior students.

The Smarts had given Gary a bike and after he left for school next morning, Hogan said to Annie, "Let's leave ten minutes early and you follow me to the school. There's something I wish to show you?"

"Well providing it won't make me late. What is it?"

"I have no idea, but something good."

"Hogie please don't run me around..."

"Please darling, just humor me. Just be prepared to be blown away."

Annie looked at him and could see his excitement.

"All right then. I'll be ready in ten minutes."

They parked in the visitor's parking spaces and if it hadn't been for the flood of students entering the building Annie was quite sure Hogan would have run her up the steps.

Hogan looked at three of the display cases and then stopped and looked shocked when he came to a sketch of the grand entrance to the school library and media center.

Annie peered at the credit notice and said, sounding bewildered, "It's been done by Gary. Are you suggesting he's playing a hoax but submitting one of your old sketches?"

"Annie," Hogan said painfully. "You are looking at real talent. I could never sketch that well."

"But who's taught him? He can't come out of obscurity enduring the mess his life has been in and having attending seventeen different schools, and yet being carefully tutored long enough to have gained the skills to impress you of all people?"

"That it, that's exactly it. Gary is emerging from obscurity endowed with a great gift. He draws what his eyes see and his mind converts that into how he should reproduce that as an artist's impression, an impression dear Annie, not a replication as most kids produce."

"Then he's a genius."

"Probably not. I'd settle for someone who's damn good with the gift he possesses. You know this explains some of the things I've wondered about, why he looks at rain on the windows, how he stops and stares at the setting sun shining on to the wall of our living room, how he watches a bird in flight, a kid learning to ride a bicycle and looking ungainly and wobbling on it. He's recording those things and I bet with that kid I saw him looking at struggling with her bicycle his mind will be giving him the image of how she'd look riding tomorrow, in two weeks and in a couple of months."

Impressed, Annie said, "You know all that for sure?"

"No, it's just speculation based on logic and it's probably no use asking him because he probably wasn't aware he was watching a bird in flight or a kid riding a bicycle."

"Is Gary the youngest student to have a work of art placed in this entrance?"

"No, Archie Bannerman years before I passed through this school had a painting placed here when he was eleven years old."

"But Archie Bannerman was practically a child progeny and is an internationally renowned illustrator of scientific publications."

"Yes dear and that makes Gary significant, being 16½ and having his work featured here don't you think."

"You must talk to Gary darling."

"I know Annie, but I must not rush it. He's just a kid who doesn't know much about himself yet. I suspect he's long being good at drawing but the experience he had, feeling abandoned, before coming to us and experiencing sanctuary might have shaken him deeply, stimulating him enormously and is producing unexpected results. You'll remember at dinner the other night he said he'd been appointed to the senior short distance track team. And do you remember what you said?"

"Yes I congratulated him and said we were proud of him."

"Yes but after that you asked had he been doing well in running before he came here?"

"Omigod and he said he'd just run with the pack. That probably means he never really tried until coming here."

"Exactly. Um don't forget you are due at work soon."

"Oh yes. Quickly, give me a kiss Hogan and thanks for bringing me here. This has been such a revelation. We must proceed with the legal adoption to give Gary the stability he may need. I'll call Phil tonight to get the ball rolling."

* * *

Annie's radar had been working and when she asked Gary was Madison Anderson a bit special to him, he said he didn't think so.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because I answer the phone and believe Madison has called you more times than anyone else at your school."

"Oh really, a lot more times?"

"Not a lot more, but more, and she has called around here more times than any other female."

"I suppose that's interesting."

Annie sighed and asked why did she call or call around so often?"

"Because she needs to talk about stuff I suppose. She's certainly not dumb like some of them. I'll tell her not to call if that's bothering you."

Annie said, "Please Gary just ask her for a date. Can't you see?"

"See what?"

"Christ Gary... oh sorry about my language. She'd hanging around hoping to get a date with you and she doesn't think she should ask."

"Okay I'll date her if that will make you happy."

Annie snorted and ruffled his hair.

St Joseph's college visited Silverstream College for their annual inter-school sports competition next day.

Coach Barnes said to Gary, "This is it son, the day you come out of the shadow on the track in facing real competition. St Joseph's will get three of its line-up into the 100 meters final and two of them will later run in the 200. In the 83 years our colleges have competed in both events, we have never won them. My feeling is you are reaching your peak now that I've got your strength and fitness level up and I believe you can win both events. That's all I need to say, just think about what I've said and good luck."

Two of the biggest seniors in the Silverstream track and field team carried Gary shoulder high to receive his medals for winning both the 100 and 200 meters event and two Silverstream sports medallions for setting new Silverstream records in both distances.

Hogan and Annie were so proud when Gary placed a medallion over each of their heads.

When Madison came off the rostrum with her medal for winner the females 100 meters hurdles and her parents had finished with her, Gary went over to Madison.

"Hi, congratulations. May I kiss you?"

"No Gary," she giggled. "God that could get us into severe trouble."

"Your parents are smiling at us."

"Well they would. I've told them about you. But I was talking about school staff."

Gary nodded and said, "May I take you to the Graduation Ball?"

"But that's eighteen months away."

"Yeah well my thinking is we'll still be going steady by then."

Madison said she'd have to think about that and thirty seconds later smiled and said yes.

"Thanks. And would you like to come to a 5:30 movie this Saturday?"

Madison gave a joyful cry and said yes.

Two days later Hogan and Annie were asked to make an appointment to talk to Karen Smith at the school's visual arts department.

Karen greeted them warmly and said, "Has Gary told you about his desire to change direction in art?"

Annie and Hogan looked at each other and Annie said no.

"He wants to change to computer art because he thinks he'll study computer art at college."

"Well that's fine," Hogan said. "He's free to choose."

"But is it fine?" Karen said, producing a folder. "This is a collection of Gary's latest work. This sketch is of me."

"Omigod," Annie said.

"Yes and it's the finest sketch ever done of me and a great number of students have tried have tried with mixed results. He used a cell phone photo for the basic model and then sat in here during classes and used me as his live model."

"This is..."

"Omigod, his girlfriend Madison Anderson and it's unmistakably Madison."

"Yes and absolutely professional-standard work. Now be prepared to be stunned.

The next one left Annie speechless and Hogan remained mute. They looked at a sketch of them looking at each other, a highly emotional image with them caught in a deeply romantic pose.

"He obviously likes us if he sees us looking like that," Hogan said, breaking his silence. "I guess what you are attempting to tell us Miss Smith is to discourage Gary from switching to computer graphics."

"Yes, exactly."

"Well I won't be doing that..."

"And neither will I," Annie said. "We both understand Gary has a far better concept on where he needs to place himself for his future than we do. You see he came to us as a physical wreck, possessing nothing, and since then he has been rebuilt and encouraged by us to use the gifts of his freedom, support and talents wisely."

Karen said that sounded a little radically and looked quite confused when Hogan said, "In a nutshell, isn't that what most parents use as philosophy on preparing their children for adulthood, spreading that groundwork over perhaps fifteen years? We have had to accelerate the groundwork with Gary because we've only had him for a year."

During dinner that night when Annie was wondering when to discuss their visit with Miss Smith, Gary said, "Miss Smith said you guys met her this afternoon and that you told her exactly what I said you would, that you wouldn't try to influence me about my future career direction."

"Yes pal, that's correct," Hogan said. "I think that woman is biased against computer art."

Gary grinned and said well spotted.

"Did you like the sketch I did of you two?"

"Oh yes," Hogan said and Annie said it was unbelievably appealing.

"But it's not exaggerated, it's how I see you," Gary said. "After my work is marked for the year's final assessments I'll give you that drawing and I'll give Madison's hers but will tell Karen Smith she can reproduce my drawing of her but I shall keep the original as part of my private portfolio to trace my career development. She'll understand that."

The next highlight in Gary's life came when he was legally adopted. He decided to stay with his original surname when given that choice. In the lead-up to that decision Annie had giggled almost hysterically when Gary suggested a compromise of a hyphenation, Smart-Gunn. They went out to celebrate and Gary took Madison as his partner.

During school breaks Gary began working doing sketches for client visualization at the architectural office when Hogan was a partner. He liked the work and enjoyed the adult company where, because of his unquestionable talents, he was treated as an equal. Each break brought the end of school attendance closer.

* * *

Gary and Madison both turned eighteen within days of each other and only a few weeks before graduation.

They'd been petting for some time and now came the possibility of full sexual intercourse.

"When should be do it?"

Gary scratched his neck and looked at Madison for inspiration.

"What say we do it on graduation ball night if we can or the next suitable night?"

"Yeah okay. That sounds not unlike an appointment for tooth extraction."

Madison was not amused and said, "Well if that's..."

"No I don't regard having sex with you will be a big joke."

"Well if I thought you did..."

"I've been saving myself for you," Gary said, quoting from something he'd once read.

"Oh god Gary, what a romantic thing to say to me," Madison said, looking misty eyed.

"Only the best for you baby," he said, patting the crotch of his pants and Madison blushed and looked as if she were ready to wring his neck.

At graduation, Madison and Gary received awards.

Madison's top award was the W.A. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship for the top science student and Madison, a graduate with highest honors who intended going on to study medicine and become a pediatrician, was very excited about winning that scholarship because two other students had appeared to be neck and neck with her as contenders.

Gary was a high honors graduate and was awarded the Sports Leadership and Achievement Award for leading by example as captain of the senior male 4 x 100 relay team to victory at an intercollegiate meet and setting a new record in that event. He regarded his top award was the Pamela Bishop $1000 Award for Advanced Drawing.

Then it was time for the last big hurrah at high school, the Grad Ball.

Madison was leaving with her Russian mother to visit her grandparents and tour Russia extensively all summer, leaving tomorrow, so it was the last hurrah for Madison and Gary as a couple.

Hogan had told Gary to take his SUV and when Gary said he was used to driving his mom's car, Hogan winked and said, "You may be pleased you took the larger vehicle.

Gary grinned and was slapped on the shoulder and he thought his dad was okay.

They parked behind outside the city limits because everywhere they tried initially seemed to be occupied by people in parked vehicles with windows misting up.

Gary fumbled with the bra and Madison said thickly, her hands also shaking, she would do it. Gary was used to pushing it up to get a hand on one of them.

He played around and until Madison pushed one into his mouth and he sucked and she groaned, louder than she'd ever groaned before.

She struggled and got him unzipped and said she wouldn't bother sucking it, that he should get it into her while she was so hot.

Gary believed he was the guy for the job and had the right equipment.

They stripped off completely both agreeing it would have been less of a struggle had they been in bed.

He felt her pussy and said in surprise, "You've lost all your hair?"

"Yes it's the modern thing to do and I wanted you to see it unmasked."

Gary couldn't see it because they were in darkness, but it sure felt good and was leaking a bit.

"Do you want go out to pee?"

"No," she said in surprise. "Just push it in, that's what I want."

The two eighteen-year-olds were aware they were at the brink of having real sex.

"Are you sure?" Gary said quietly, as if hoping she wouldn't hear. She heard and sighed and so he got on with it.

He didn't look forward to coping with the downside to having sex with a virgin.

"Mom told me there won't be blood because I've been a hurdler since I was fourteen."


He'd stopped still and Madison said, "It means I will be well-stretched down there. You will slide in without problems."

The thought of blood and no blood and her mom knowing her daughter would be fucked tonight and his own parents probably knew he would go all the way tonight began to weaken his erection. But Madison, perhaps instinctively, came to the rescue and cupped his balls in her hot hand and said, "Come on."

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