tagIncest/TabooGary's Adventures Ch. 05

Gary's Adventures Ch. 05


So, anyway, I had indoctrinated Clara into the family dynamic. Now it was Sofia's turn. She turned eighteen and I installed her beautiful mirror in her wall. She loved it, and I loved the fact that it was two-way and I could see her from the false hallway between Clara's and Sofia's rooms. The hallway which had an entry from the main hallway into a fake supply closest.

I had been observing Clara since she was eighteen and at nineteen I had deflowered her and taught her all about sex. I had fucked her pussy. I had fucked her mouth. And she had enjoyed it all. In fact she kept coming back to her Daddy for more sex. So I had fucked her pussy, and her ass. And her mouth too many times to count.

Now it might be Sofia's turn. I stated watching her through the mirror and she was just as beautiful as her sister, with conical titties, pink tipped, with ginger pussy hair. It was all curly and begging for fucking.

Only this time, I was the one caught by surprise. I had to take time away from the mirrors to service my daughter Clara who needed lots of fucking to stay happy. One night I was busy fucking her ass- hole when Sofia, not knowing what was going on, just walked into her sister's room.

This was a crucial moment. What would she think. She turned and ran away, crying.

I sent Clara in to talk to her sister. I wasn't present, but soon Clara called out, "Daddy come to Sofia's room."

It was apparent when I walked into the room that things were going well. Clara, naked as she was, had her arms around Sofia, and Sofia was giggling, apparently from what Clara had just told her.

I, of course, after fucking Clara in her ass-hole, was still naked. But I had shrunk down. My prick was its normal, flaccid four inches. Clara looked at it and giggled, too.

"See, it isn't very intimidating, is it. Just a little prick, no?" That's what Clara said.

Sofia grinned and said, "Not much to it, hunh, sis?"

"Let me show you what it's all about, little sister," said Clara.

She began kissing her sister on the lips. And Sofia seemed to enjoy that. They were, in fact, making out, and I was sort of standing there with my dick in my hand.

Clara and Sofia were expressing the love they had always shared but didn't know how to express. From her lessons from me, Clara now knew how to make love to her little sister. And it was lovely. I started jerking off watching them make out.

Then Clara kissed Sofia and said, "I'm going to make love to you, baby sister."

And Sofia didn't decline. She seemed to be in a stupor. Clara moved down and began licking and sucking on those little Scottish titties. Conical, with pink nipples. They got hard and stuck out, and Clara made love to them.

After awhile Clara licked her tongue down Sofia's belly to her pussy. She licked it with her strong tongue and Sofia moaned in pleasure. I just kept on jerking off.

Clara licked Sofia's labia, sucking up the fluids that had appeared when Sofia's tits were sucked, and licking up any new juices. Clara always loved pussy juice. She would become a true bisexual in the future. Right now she just loved sex.

I kept jerking off, waiting for my chance to join the party. Now Clara began to lick Sofia's ass-hole, and she stuck her middle finger up Sofia's ass. Sofia squealed but did not object. Clara's finger began to fuck her sister's ass-hole, and both girls were grinning and moaning at the same time.

It was fucking time. I brought Clara up and kissed her, to taste Sofia's pussy and to show that I loved her. Then I told her, "It's my turn to fuck her."

I took Sofia, and rolled her over, telling her this was going to be great. Then I rammed my cock into her pussy. And Clara, ever the help-mate began kissing her sister to assuage the pain as her hymen broke. Sofia squealed with joy. She had been making love to her sister, now her Daddy. She was more than happy. I fucked her for half an hour, because I had not come that night yet, and because I loved her so much.

She kept coming, and coming. She came a dozen times before I shot a load up her cunt.

I pulled out quickly because I loved to see a cream pie, which she was good enough to give to me, and her sister. All my come came running out of her little pussy. Clara was sweet enough to lick it all up. She always was such a good little fucking cunt.

Sofia had been taken by surprise this evening. She was still a virgin before I fucked her little cunt. Now she was Daddy's little whore, just like her sister. And she still had a lot to learn.

She still needed to learn to suck cock. I gave my cock to Clara to suck, to teach Sofia. Sofia watched closely as Clara licked my dick, then sucked my balls, then move back up and began sucking seriously, making sucking and moaning sounds.

Sofia just watched, fascinated by the newness of it all. She had never seen a cock, let alone sucked it. Then Clara grinned over to her sister, and said, "Want to try it baby sister?'

And Sofia did want to try it. She wanted to prove she was as good, if not better, than her sister. A little rivalry in the family. Sofia grabbed my cock with both hands and began licking it like a lollipop. Then she nibbled on the tip, and even bit it a little, which I liked. Sucking seemed to come naturally to her.

She sucked long and hard, until I could not hold it anymore, and shot a huge wad into her mouth. She of course gagged, not expecting it, but she managed to swallow it all and seemed to beg for more.

I thought it was Clara's turn since she had been such a good little pimp for Daddy. So, after coming in Sofia's mouth, I tried to recuperate. We all got together to cuddle and love each other.

After about ten minutes of hugging and cuddling, my cock started growing again. This one was for Clara. I told Sofia to lick Clara's pussy. She was more than glad to do so.

Then I started jerking off. It took about five minutes. I had Sofia licking Clara's pussy and Clara was sitting wiih her legs spread apart being sucked by her sister.

I began to shoot my wad on Clara's face and her titties, giving her a pearl necklace. She came as she was licked, and I shot come on her face and little scottish breasts. She was so happy she came just for joy's sake.

That was the evening that Sofia became a woman. But it wasn't the last time I watched my little girls who were eighteen and nineteen years old.

I continued to watch from behind the mirrors. And I found that my girls enjoyed lesbian sex as much as they loved Daddy's sex.

In the next few days I saw, from my vantage point, Clara sneaking into Sofia's room. And they each had a sixty-nine session. This I did not teach them. They learned it on their own.

Clara loved to be on top sucking her sister's pussy, eating the pussy juice and licking the clit, as I taught her. And Sofia loved to be on the bottom, where she licked her sister's come as it dripped out, and licked and sucked Clara's pussy and ass-hole.

Sofia seemed to have a fascination for Clara's ass. She rubbed it and squeezed and licked the little brown hole.

One day Sofia must have gone to an adult website or store, because she somehow had obtained a strap-on dildo. And she surprised Clara with it. Clara was a little hesitatant, but I had fucked her ass enough for her to know what to expect. Sofia put it on and fucked her sister for almost an hour. Both of them were coming forever it seemed.

Then, Clara wanted to try it, and so she strapped it on, and the ass fucking began again. Clara fucked Sofia until she cried out for her to stop. She had come enough.

All this time, neither of my daughters knew that I was watching them. It was my biggest secret. So, I decided to have a little fun with the false hallway and mirrors. I would tell each girl about the deception, but imply the other didn't know.

First, I went to my eldest, Clara. I told her I wanted to show her something. Then I took her into the false hallway. and we spied on her sister Sofia, This happened to be when Sofia had just come out of the shower. We watched her together, as I hugged Clara to me and played with her tits and pussy. And Sofia played with herself, as she had learned to do in the past few weeks. Then Clara knelt down and gave me the best blow-job ever. She was really turned on by the voyeurism.

That was so much fun I decided to try it with Sofia. I told her that Daddy had a secret that no one knew, and would she like to she it. She would.

We then went into the secret hallway, while Clara was doing her homework. From previous observation, I knew that would not last long. Both of my girls were now sexual machines. After fifteen minutes, as I fondled Sofia's tittties and hugged her close, Clara couldn't resist having a little sexual interlude. She was wearing a skirt, and she pulled it up and pushed her panties aside and began to dddle her little pussy.

Sofia was so turned on. She wondered if there was room to be fucked in the hallway. I was happy to find out. It turned out, with her leaning against the mirror to her sister's room, there was just room enough for me to ram my cock up her pussy from behind. I must have fucked her for twenty minutes, the time it took for Clara to make herself come.

Then I shot a huge wad of spunk up Sofia's pussy, and it dripped out on the hallway floor. That floor had absorbed so much come.

Finally, as a birthday present to my girls, Sofia reaching nineteen and Clara reaching twenty, I revealed to them both the secret I had been keeping for so long.

I told them both about the hallway and mirrors together. This was

while we were all three celebrating by fucking each other and sucking each other and doing every sexual thing we had learned to do over the years.

They both laughed, and they told me they had always known about the mirrors. They were bright young girls and had figured out long ago what I was doing. They had never cared because they loved their Daddy so much.

To celebrate, I let each one suck me until I came on her face, first Clara the eldest, then Sofia the youngest. I had them lick the come from each other's face. Then I had them make out with me, one after the other. I loved kissing and hugging my proud young girls.

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