tagMatureGary's Fantasy

Gary's Fantasy


Old timer Gary was sitting on his porch, drinking his morning coffee when his neighbor's nineteen year old daughter bounded out of the house. Kori was a looker, she was short which made her cute and her body was curvy. She had breasts that were noticeable, but still had bounce. She had long silky blonde hair that fell almost to her waist. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle and her skin was so soft and elegant. She'd lived next door with her parents since she was ten. He'd had the pleasure of seeing her sunbathe and skinny dip in her backyard when she thought no one was around. He'd seen her breasts were round and the nipples large. He'd seen her ass was also round, perfect for bouncing on a hard dick during doggystyle. Her pussy, he could see a tiny strip of hair, the rest bare from the window in his bedroom.

During the summer months, he'd spent many afternoons and late nights watching her in the backyard. At night, he could see her bed and she'd leave the lights off, but light candles and mastrubate in the glowing light. He'd take a few photos and he'd taken a video once. She was a hot little number and even at sixty, he still could manage a nice sexual encounter. He liked to watch her and jack off, imagining sex with the little neighbor girl.

This particular morning, Kori wore a pair of tight booty shorts, as he'd heard her boyfriend call them, her round ass snug in them. A white tee, tight and tied in the front, showing off her midrift. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, bouncing as she walked. She met the other girl on the lane, Kelsey and they took off in a jog down the street. Watching her hair swing and her hips sway, Gary found himself growing hard with excitement. He was old, not dead!

He went back inside and spent the rest of the sunrise jacking off to some photos of Kori and Kelsey sunbathing last summer. Kelsey took her top off, but not her bottoms. He suspected she didn't shave her pussy like Kori did.

Going back to his day, Gary thought about Kori and how much he wished he was younger. He had no idea his fantasy was about to become a reality.

That evening after the eleven o'clock news, he settled down to his dirty pictures and began to think of Kori. Suddenly, a loud banging at his front door startled him. He grabbed a robe and threw it on over his shorts and went to the door. At the door stood Kori, drunk and dripping wet. He ushered her in and shrugged out of his robe, offering it to her. She took it, quickly stripping off her wet belongings before slipping into his robe. He felt naked right then, his half erect penis giving away his arousal by her.

"Sorry for interupting your night Mr. Foster, but my parents must have went to bed and locked up and I lost my phone. They hate when I go out drinking."

"Oh Kori, you've known me long enough to call me Gary. I wasn't doing anything important yet, you can use my phone to call them if you'd like," he backed away from where she was, looking for the cordless phone.

He returned with the phone, not speaking as he handed it to her. She smiled and punched the number. After trying a few times, she couldn't get through. Sighing, she sat back on the couch.

"You can sleep here on the couch if you need to Kori," he surprised himself by saying.

She smiled up at him again. He forgot he wasn't wearing the robe and his cock grew. The robe was opening slightly, you could see down in and her firm breasts, nipples hard. He couldn't stop thinking of her naked body in his robe.

She flushed, seeing that his member was growing.

He coughed nervously, "Sorry Kori, I'm embarrassed! For an old man, I shouldn't be getting horny over such a young girl. I'm so sorry."

Without another word, he grabbed her a pillow and blanket and lay them on the chair before exiting the room.

He went to his room, ashamed that he'd basically oggled the neighbor's young daughter in her state of need.

Suddenly, a soft knock on his door before it opened up. Standing there was Kori, still wearing his robe and smiling.

"Mr. Foster, I mean Gary, don't feel back. Atleast you looked at me with want and need, not the lust that the guys I usually see have. You looked like you'd be a really caring lover."

He was shocked! Was this really happening to him? Was his fantasy about to come true?

She moved from the doorway, closing the door behind her. She sauntered across the floor to the middle of the room and dropped the robe. Her pure, naked body for him to admire up close. She rubbed over her tits, making her nipples hard and his cock harder than it had been in a while.

She casually made her way to the bed post and pressed her back against the hard pole. She rocked her hips back and forth, slowly dropping down, exposing her pussy to him. The tiny patch of hair he'd seen from the window turned out to be a tiny star shape. He was practically drooling over it.

He backed away a little before deciding he'd never get an opportunity like this again. He moved over to Kori, she was crouched down, steadying herself on the bed post. He allowed her to tug his boxers down and gawk at the site of his cock. It wasn't huge, but it was thick. About six or seven inches but about two inches thick. She was drooling just seeing his pleasure rod.

He was the first to speak, "So Kori, you like what you see?"

She didn't even speak, she slurped his meaty cock into her throat. She licked and sucked, taking as much of him as she could fit. She chocked, but she didn't give up. She jerked on his cock, finding his balls and caressing them. He couldn't believe it, his fantasy was happening. She cradled his balls and used a finger to play with his asshole. Her mouth wetting his cock, keeping it slick and easily sliding down her throat. She was very good at blow jobs. He couldn't believe his luck!

Before he exploded in her mouth, he pulled away. He helped her to her feet, helping her to sit on the wooden trunk at the bottom of the bed, he knelt between her legs. She lay back and propped her feet up, her knees pulled up and her legs spread wide. He hadn't eaten a pussy with no hair in years, hell, he hadn't even seen a pussy this close in years. He used his pudgy fingers to spread her pussy lips. Dipping his tongue in for a taste, he flicked it from her ass to her clit, swirling at the pulsing nub. She gasped.

"Stop teasing and eat my pussy old man!"

He was so hard, he lowered his face and flicked at her tongue. Pressing one finger, then two inside her. He fingered her sopping wet cunt as his tongue licked her dry again and again. She was dripping, his chin was covered in her juices. She moaned and grabbed at his hair and ears. She kept him tight against her cunt as she came.

As he came up for air, she slipped off the trunk and into his lap. His cock entered her, filling her tight cunt. She groaned, rocking her hips. He took the moment to suckle each of her nipples as she rode him. He ran his hands over her body, stopping to cup first one breast, then the other. His tongue explored them, teasing the nipples. His mouth tasted every bit of her. She came again while riding him.

Her strength was wearing off, so he stood, carrying her to the bed with him. As he lay her there, he climbed between her legs and entered her again. He pushed deep inside of her, keeping himself upright as he did. Her body begged him to wrap his arms around her, begged him to find her mouth with his. He wasn't ready yet, he wanted this to be pleasure for both, alot of pleasure.

He pulled out of her and gently flipped her onto her stomach. He tucked a pillow under her abdomen and entered her again. She felt so good. Her pussy felt so tight and wrapped his cock in slick, wetness. Their juices created an aroma that made him want to lick her cunt again. He pumped in and out a few times, wrapping one hand around and teasing her clit while he filled her over and over. She came again on his fingers, crying out his name as she did.

"Oh, Gary! Fuck me Gary!"

He was ready, he had to fill her with his cum right away! He was going to explode. He didn't want their experience to end in doggystyle. He wanted to be different, that caring lover she wanted.

He rolled her back over and entered her. As he did, he leaned over, finding her lips. Their passionate kisses and the stroking he was doing, the smile on her face and the ache in his cock, the tingling of their skin and the sound of her voice. They made mad passionate love, his dream come true. As the final strokes came, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest. His face in her hair, he breathed in her sweet scent as he filled her with his cum.

In the after glow, she curled up next to him, her head on his chest. She rubbed his chest, her bare skin against his.

Smiling up at him, she whispered, "I hope you're up for doing that again sometime."

He chuckled, "This old man? He's always up for passionate sex with a sexy woman."

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