tagMind ControlGasm Pt.02

Gasm Pt.02


This is part two of my mutant series. I am not sure if I will write another, but this one is pretty much for fun. It is also the end of the two part series.

Warning, some non-consent is present.

Just to be clear, there are no real mutants, or evolved, or gifted or whatever. This story is made up out of whole cloth. All the participants are over eighteen in the fake world I created. And none of them are real people, nor modelled after real people. This is a story, I made it up.

One thing I ask is that people vote. I really want to get better as a writer and so I post my stories. If you decide to vote and don't give me a five, I'd like to know why. If you think it is a five, I really want to know why. While "you suck" and "you rock" are comments, they don't tell me how to get better or what was good, so a quick comment, a sentence or two, would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


The plan worked perfectly. Like most men, Majestic was highly susceptible to the pleasure I gave him. I locked him down, using some of the strongest steel available. Then I waited for him to awaken. It wasn't long as I suspected and I was ready. He came and came then there was a pussy in his face and one on his cock and I made him cum more, more, more. He was delirious in the end and drained when he passed out the second time.

I looked up to see Princess testing her bonds. They were strong enough to hold her for now and I moved to her. "Welcome back, baby. I have to say, you are way better looking when touchable." I said and took her breasts in my hands. I pushed some extra pleasure as I kneaded her breasts and pinched her titties. "I should also say, I was pretty sure you and the big guy were fucking each other and now I have to rethink that part of my plan. I think he could fall for Crow Woman if I worked it just right. Or maybe I could help him find his inner pinkness and turn him to men." I refocused on her, "but right now, you are my concern. See, you are the prize tonight," I twisted her nipples and pushed an orgasm. She cried out in pleasure.

"What are you doing to me?" she said.

"Well, it is my opinion that the world revolves around sex. Or at least, the enjoyment of sex," I said with a leer as I licked her neck. "Somehow you can go without a mask and never get recognized. This tells me you don't have another life going on. But I ran facial recognition and got a hit from ten years ago. A boulder hit your car, killing your baby and crushing your husband's legs. You divorced, well, he divorced you, when he found out about your powers and the fact that you did nothing. Now your hot little body is involved in driving back the criminal element. And that makes Majestic your little brother." I left her tits alone then and ran my hands down her sides. "How am I doing so far Laurie?" Her gasp told me everything.

"Who's Laurie?" she asked.

I smiled and moved to Majestic, "Since he is not your brother, Mitch, I have no reason to keep him alive." then I dosed him with gasoline and had Crow pile the mattresses around him. I pulled out a lighter and was about to light it.

"Wait!" she shouted, "Don't do it, yes, he's my baby brother." She was sobbing now as I moved to her. I ripped open the covering of her tits and drove her to three orgasms through them until she hung loose on the X.

"I should do it anyway, just because you are so stubborn," I said angrily. Then I uncovered her, ripping off the uniform until just a few tatters remain. I moved to Mary and said, "Well, what do you think of the mighty heroine?"

"She's like the rest of us," she said to me, "we need a man to satisfy our urges. She ignored some and used her brother for the others. Just kill her and fuck me again. Stop her from taking you from me."

"Oh baby, I'd like that, but you failed the test. Now you are our abject lesson for the day," I told her. "But you can die in orgasm or just short, which is it?"

"Gasm me, gasm me to death, baby," she said, "I'll take that any day!"

So, I gave her massive orgasm after orgasm until she was a limp thing on the X, alive, but unconscious.

"You left her alive," said Princess. "Why?"

"She will still serve as a lesson, however I use her moving forward," I said and she nodded.

"The question now is, where do I deposit my sperm," I said, "I haven't cum for several long hours and the pressure is getting intense. Do I cum in my lover, Crow or my soon to be lover Princess or my soon to be gay lover, Majestic?" I turned to Crow and grinned. "I need the bench, baby."

The bench was a little invention of a man whose name I forget and whose death by orgasm I remember. He was a little man, except his cock. He had a love of buggery, he loved to bugger, loved to be buggered and loved to watch others get buggered. He made the bench for his own pleasure. Basically, it was a regular bench, but it had a built in seven inch wooden cock in it. Behind the cock seat there was a sissy bar like, nearly vertical piece. Finally, both up top and at the bottom, there were places to grab hold or set your feet for proper motion.

I pulled an egg out of my little bag, then a plug. I pushed the egg and the plug into Majestic's ass and watched as his cock rose without any other stimulation. "Oh ho, look at that. He likes it." I turned on the egg at 25% then flipped on the plug and pushed just enough energy for him to wake. "How does that feel, Majestic? Too much? Does it hurt? Do you need a push to enjoy it?" I kissed him lightly and in his half conscious state, he kissed back. I stroked his cock a bit and his pre-cum flowed.

I moved to Princess and stroked her thighs, "You are still very desirable, Laurie." I said to her, "You could have found another man, and I'll show you that later, when I have Majestic take you. Or maybe we'll both take you. You know about pleasure, I can see it on your body."

I trailed my hands over her bare torso, ripping the last of her uniform away, except the belt. Her eyes widened as I approached it and she spoke, "What do want, why are you so evil?"

"Oh, baby, I'm not evil. I'm entitled. We have these powers because we are the next step," I said, "we are the evolution of the species," I moved to Mary, "These are the cattle. But they have brainwashed us, well, some of us, like you. I want to free you. I want you to remember that you are special, more. I want you to have me, your master. I want you to understand that the strong are in charge and the weak, they are fodder. We are superior, and I, I am the one, destined to lead us to a new era of prosperity for the evolved. Crow is my mate, my partner, but one such as I, I cannot have a single partner. I waited for the cavalry. I know the others, they are waiting for you to emerge victorious."

"It won't work, they are waiting to see if we can bring you to heel," she said, "If not, they have vowed to destroy you."

The bench was set down heavily and Crow strode forward, "No, they will not harm him, he is mine! Soon, you will understand. He is the future. You can be a part of that. But you must tell him, tell us, how do we gain mastery. Give yourself, it is inevitable. And it is finally a belonging."

I placed my hand on Crow's lower back, "You, baby, you receive my cum. Show her, submit yourself to the bench."

She turned and smiled, then kissed me, "Thank you, my lover, my master, my man." At some point she had removed the Dove mask and put on the Crow mask. Though she was still wearing the Dove uniform. She grabbed it and ripped it from her body. "I changed my mind, lover, I don't want you to fuck me with the symbol of my subservience on my body." She pulled off the boots and went to her Crow uniform and donned it slowly, and sexily.

I stood next to Princess and we watch, Princess found herself unable to look away. I ran my hand up her thigh and pushed excitement. "She's sexy," I said and Princess shook her head, "She's sexy, say it," I said and pushed more pleasure.

"Mmm, sexy," said Princess with a little pause.

"You want her," I said and waited. Then, "Say it."

"I never wanted," she started and I pushed her close then repeated myself. "Yes," she whispered, "want her, please." Her eyes flicked to Majestic as he came. I reached over and reinforced his erection, then whispered in his ear.

"Soon, my little bitch, soon it will be my cock in your ass, fucking your pretty body," I said, "Then I will pull out and let you take my cum in your little mouth."

I turned back and Crow Woman was standing before us, proud, strong, sexy. I removed the belt from Princess and the glamour she had dropped and Laurie's face was seen plainly. It was not the face of Princess, though the shape was the same. Laurie was revealed.

"Now, isn't that better?" I asked and she shook her head, "I like it. You are beautiful," I pushed pleasure through her belly button, "I want you nearly as much as you want Crow." then we watched as Crow Woman straddled the bench and relaxed down on the built in dildo. She was leaning forward a bit and used her pussy for a few strokes before pulling up, revealing the soaked, fake member then sliding it into her ass with a smile and a sigh. Princess moved to the edge of orgasm and I pushed her into hold mode. She would cycle higher, but not drop over the edge until I wanted her to do so.

"Oh please, don't stop me, I'm so close," she whined.

"I'll come back, but my darling Crow, she deserves my cum," I said, "I will let you cum when I cum inside you, when you are ready to start becoming my little slut. But don't worry, I will help your excitement." I touched her, ran my hands up to her tits and triggered pleasure through both of them. She screeched with pleasure and denial of her orgasm.

"Meow," came the sound behind me and I turned to see Pussy riding Majestic. I pulled her off and she struggled, until I pushed an orgasm. Then she went limp after and I moved her to the final restraints.

"Bad kitty," I said and and pushed another orgasm, and another. Her voice cycled up and she wailed as I drove her higher with pleasure. Her body was shaking now, quivering and pleasure and anticipation. "It is time for you to use up a life, little Pussy."

"Yes, take it, Gasm me baby," she said and I pushed, and pushed, and pushed. Soon she was hanging ragged from the restraints and I pushed hard. She slumped at the end and simply stopped breathing.

"Poor weak Pussy," I said and turned to Crow. Crow was orgasming and I went to her. "Think about me, inside you soon, having you, pushing a gasm, then another."

"Yes, master, take me," she said, "take my pussy, your pussy, your body, everything I am, yours."

I took her, I took her hard with no thought of making it good. I just pushed pleasure and it was good. I pushed an orgasm and she came, and came and I felt her spasming around my cock. I spurted inside her, my glory hole, she was mine completely.

I left her wrung out, half conscious and moved to Majestic. He was mostly conscious and near the edge, until I put him on sustain. "It hurts, doesn't it lover," I asked and he nodded. "All you must do is embrace your new nature. Ask me to fuck you, to relieve your pressure. I can relieve it with a touch. Will you love me? Will you give yourself to me?"

"Please, whatever you want," he said, "I love you. Make me yours. Fuck my ass, my mouth, wherever," He was pleading with me now and I turned up the egg to full and he rose higher, his balls up against his groin now, swollen. I could burst them, I knew I could. It would kill him.

"I can take away the pain forever, darling," I told him, "but I'd like to feel you suck my cock. If you bite you and your sister will die. Do you understand?"

"Never bite! I would never!" he said and I positioned myself and pushed into his mouth. He was not the best cock sucker ever, choking when I pushed in deep, but licking and trying his best. I came and pushed a huge orgasm on him after pulling from his mouth.

"I think, I think we'll call you Black Queen," I said and kissed him again, "would you like to be my gay slut, my bitch, my toy?"

"Yes... yes..." he replied.

"Good boy," I said, "Now I must see to my other new lover, your beautiful sister. Would you fuck her if I asked?"

"You will be there, lover?" he asked.

"I would be," I said, "Is that important?"

"They do not excite me any more," he said, "You are the strong one, the leader we need, the lover I desire. I am yours. If you want me to fuck some bitch for your pleasure, I would gladly do that. Will you take my ass soon?" I smiled and took his cock in my hand. I rubbed it and he groaned. I pushed four quick orgasms and he drooped. He was strong.

I moved to Princess, "Hello baby, did you miss me?" I asked and kissed her. She struggled for a moment then seemed to give in. I pulled back just before she made her move. I stretched her legs wider then knelt and began to eat her pussy. I didn't use my power though, bringing her to orgasm just with my tongue and fingers. "You did miss me. I just made you cum without using my powers at all."

"No!" she exclaimed, "That's not possible!"

"Feel your body, so connected, stimulated," I said, "You want to cum more than anything." I used straps to lock her down to the X. Then I manually stimulated her, feeling the reserves of my power, diminished, but enough. I went back to her pussy and made her cum twice more, my fingers stroking her G as I licked her clit and lapped up her juices. She hung now, limp, relaxed. I stood and pushed into her pussy. She was still very wet and tight.

"Oh!" she exclaimed at the sudden intrusion and her pussy clenched.

"Yes, oh you like that, don't you, baby?" I asked and she shook her head no while her body tried to push against me. "We will wear out your energy a bit more. I noticed you got some of your speed reserves back. They use the same reserves as your orgasms, did you know that?"

"No, please," she said.

"Please what, my toy?" I said. "Please make you cum? Please cum in you? This will be unpowered so you understand. I love you, my little one. I love Crow, I love you. I will learn to love Mitch as well, as you will learn to love us. We will be unstopable. Well, once I have Gizmos in my hands. She is a little hot one too. Mmm, you are already hot for her."

"Please, please, fuck me harder!" she said and I pumped into her. I increased my speed and strength. Her body was sweet and she was vibrating her pussy. She was groaning now, her excitement high and she was near the edge. I slapped her ass and she jerked, so I did it again.

"You are my bitch now, even that little core you are trying to save," I said, "all fucking mine." I broke her down, just a little more, as she came. "See, baby, you want me even when I am not pushing my power in you." Then I pulled out, shoved hard into her ass and pushed pleasure then made her orgasm four times until she hung panting on the rack.

"Oh goddess above," she said, "That was incredible."

"Of course it was," I said, "I am the best!" Then I zipped up and asked, "who was your backup and what period for delay did you give them?"

"Rooster, Snowball and Figurehead," she said. "It was to be two hours if we had not contacted them." I gasmed her unconscious then moved to Majestic.

"Hey baby, do you want to help master?" I asked him and he grinned.

"Yes, my lover, anything for you," he said.

"Of the three, Snowball or Rooster would be transport, right?" I asked and he nodded with a grin. I surely didn't need Rooster but Snowball was a sexy little thing. "can you just have one come, maybe just Snowball?"

"No, they are all going to come, baby," he said.

"Thank you, my queen," I said, then moved to Mary who was awake.

"I thought you were going to kill me my master!" she said.

"You came so pretty, I just had to keep you," I said and she smiled. "We're going to have some more company, you are going to be bait. Do you know Rooster, Snowball or Figurehead?"

"I know of them," she said, "I love all the powered. I followed them all, even you. I always wanted you to take me."

"Tell me what you know," I said and she did. She spent a few minutes detailing their powers. She also had some rumors about weaknesses, especially for Figurehead, who I'd never really heard of before.

I reset the basement and had Crow fly Princess to our home and keep her there until she felt my call. Majestic was still an unknown. I moved to him. "What do I need to know that you haven't told me?" I asked him.

"We have tracking mechanisms," he said. "You took off Laurie's belt and that was hers. Mine is in my cape. Please, remove those toys and take my ass. I don't have a pussy, but my ass should work for you, please lover."

I took his cape and the headband with the new Gizmo in it. I donned the headband, then laid the cape and belt in the "trap" center. I gasmed him unconscious, then reset the trap around his head and Mary's. I released Pussy's body and moved it aside, then pushed the last restraints into place, empty. They arrived soon after. Since they had no travel powers, they arrived in a van. I almost laughed. The one they thought was invincible, they sent in first, Figurehead. His powers were simple. He could withstand any damage, was immune to all mental commands and basically, couldn't be hurt. He strode in and found the trap.

"Hello, uptight and fancy," I said as the air chilled. Snowball was at work. "As you can see, they have told me everything. If you step off the section of my trap, you will kill the movie star and Majestic." I told him and he held.

"I am not alone, Gasm, and you cannot harm me," he said. No one could harm him, and he could not feel pleasure, could not eat, could not do much that made a person human.

"Well, you stay right there. I will go have a talk with Snowball and Rooster," I said, then turned to Mary and Majestic, "don't lose their heads!" I said and laughed.

I moved around to the front door and circled the building. I came up behind Rooster and called to to him with my come hither power. Men are so easy. He turned and walked to me from my hiding place. I didn't even fuck around with him. I gasmed him until he died. Then I walked around the corner to look at Snowball. She was wearing her normal outfit, a tiny shorty skirt, tiny ankle socks and deck shoes, a cropped, sleeveless top, her hair in pig tails and her blue protective skin. I called to her excitement.

"I'm not down there, pretty one," I said and she turned and started to reach for her powers. "Wait, of course there is a trap. Figurehead is in it now. Without me, he will kill others. You know him, what will that do to him?"

"You are a fiend!" she said in her little girl voice, but she held herself back. I pushed excitement again. It was trying at range, but she felt it. "What are you doing to me?" I moved forward.

"I am helping you," I said, "you need to achieve balance. Look at yourself. You keep yourself from the world, thinking no one can love you, you are untouchable. I can touch you, I can love you. I want to bring you the love you feel you cannot have."

I reached her side and she looked at me, "What do you mean?"

I took her hand and pushed heavy excitement. Her hand was cold for fifteen seconds until her blue skin relaxed and became more pink. I pushed again and she was warm. "You want this," I said and she was ready. I took her in my arms and she was pliable. I kissed her and she moaned. "It is a crime that no one has loved you, darling. But I am here now, rescuing you." and I made her cum, then five more times until she was on her knees on the ground. "You are to be mine. Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yours?" she replied, confused, and I pulled off her blouse and pushed it in my bag.

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