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The last five minutes before I can punch my time card seems endless. Each second seems like and hour and each minutes feels like a day. It was Friday and I just got paid and I had one thing on my mind. Once A month I go to my favorite Strip Joint. It's not a glamorous strip joint by any means. But it's ours. When I say that, I mean that this strip joint was strictly for the brothers (Owned by black and run by blacks). No white boys and no white bitches. This spot was what I called Black Man Heaven.

The place was dark and it was hot. It was in a neighborhood in Brooklyn where white people didn't dare step into. That's what I loved about this place. Mr. G's was a place where a black man could get away from the white world for a while. I work all day long around a bunch a white people that I can't stand. I know they couldn't stand my black ass especially since I'm a manager and have to tell them what to do. They smile and say nice things to my face. But I know I soon as I turn around they call me the " N- word" You know what I mean. I don't actually give a fuck. That shit just comes with the territory, especially when you are an educated black man with some skills.

I think I was in my car by 5:02. I hit the gas and I was gone. I worked in New Jersey and I lived In Westchester. My plan was go home shower, chill for a while, change and then get something to eat. Then I was going jump back in my ride and head off to Brooklyn. No offense white people, but sometimes A brotha' needs a break. Just like you get tired of us, we get tired of you. Weather you believe it or not, we enjoy the comfort of being around our own kind just like you do.

Traffic was insane that Friday night I didn't get home until 6:30. After I check my email and relaxed for a few minutes I jumped in the shower. When I got out of the shower my phone rang. It was this girl Kiesha, which I had been seeing for a few weeks. She was Okay and all that shit, but the bitch was a pain in the ass. I fucked her a few times and the pussy was good and shit, But the Bitch was boring as hell. She had no conversation for a brotha'. And the bitch wouldn't suck my dick. I guess that's why fucking her was so fucking boring. I love pussy and all that shit but I also love getting my cocked sucked. I mean what did she expect. If she thought sticking my cock in her in her cunt would satisfy me completely she was crazy. I got spoiled in college. When I went to college I found out that white bitches sucked dick and swallowed cum like vacuums, I nearly lost my mind. I had a different white bitch suck my cock every month. What fascinated me about white girls was that white bitches may not give you the pussy right away. But they will suck you off in a minute if they liked you.

I told Kiesha that I was going out with my boyz. Then she asked me what I was doing the next day and I made another excuse. The bottom line was I didn't want to be bothered with her bullshit. Let her go bore some other mothe-fucka to death. All I wanted to do was have a few drinks and watch some fine black bitches get bucked naked and shake their ass around. It was just that simple. I wanted to be entertained and with a pocket full of money anything is possible.

Around 9:00 I got dressed. I was ready to bounce when my phone rang again. My first thought was to let it ring and let the answering machine pick it up. I walk over to the phone and looked at the caller ID. It was my sister cell phone number. At first I wasn't gonna answer it. You see my sister is a sweet girl. But she can be a royal pain in the ass sometimes. She's 24 years old (two years younger then me) and is always caught up in some bullshit especially with men. When it comes to men she makes bad decisions. She choices the types of guyz that I can't stand. Now she was living with this fool who was a total asshole. I met that fool once and told my sister that she was playing herself by mess'in with this joker. She didn't like what I had to say about him. So, I didn't hear from her for like a few weeks. I guess I hurt her feelings

I answered the phone and right away regretted it. I wished I had let the machine pick it up.

"Hey bro….What's up…"

We chit chatted for a few minutes. But I could tell that something was up with her. Then she said,

"Dee….I need a favor" My name is Dwayne and When she calls me Dee…I knew what ever it was she was going to ask me, was gonna cost me money. I told myself that I wasn't gonna give her any dough. But deep down I knew if she asked me for some money that I would most likely give it to her.

"What up Staci…What do you need girl?"

"Dee…..Umm…Do you think Umm….I could stay at your place tonight…Mike and I got into a big fight and I just don't want to stay here tonight."

I was shocked; this was the first time that my sister asked me for something that wouldn't cost me anything. I asked her what happened. It took her a while to finally tell me that she came home early from work and saw some bitch walking out of their place. She knew the girl was one of his Ex-girlfriends. By the time she parked her car and rushed into the house the girl was gone. When she went into the house she found her boyfriend in the bedroom in his boxers. He told her that nothing went on but she could smell it. I know the smell she was talking about. It's that fucking smell. It lingers in a room for a while after sex. She told me that he denied everything. She stormed out of the house and has been driving around for the past three hours.

I felt for her but what could I do. I knew that mother-fucka was no good. But sometimes when it comes to family members its best to stay out of their bussines. I love my sister and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her. But when it comes to her relationships she must learn for herself. I'll only give her my opinion if she asks me and that's that. My sister needed a place to stay; I couldn't deny such a small request. I told her that I was going out. I told her I'd leave key to the door under the mat. She asked me where I was going and I started laughing. I told her I was going to a gentleman's club In Brooklyn. She started laughing cause she knew where I was going there were no gentlemen. I had told her about G's a long time ago. Then She started giggling and said,

"Can I come with you?"

"Ha…ha…Are you crazy girl…Hell No." I quickly replied.

I thought she was only teasing but I'm not going to deny it. The thought was sexy. It's rare but once in awhile a brotha brings a girl with them into the club. I've always thought that shit was kind of kool. I always find myself staring at the female spectators in a strip joint wondering what's going on in their heads. I wonder if she's there just for her man. Or is she actually enjoying scene. Most of them seem to be comfortable and relaxed. The really kool ones are not threatened by the bitches on stage. And what I really find sexy is when I see them handing the girls on stage dollar bills just like the fella's. Women are not allowed in the club unless a man escorts them. Which means all female spectators belong to someone.

"Have you ever been to a strip joint girl?" I asked.

"No….Come on now Dee… you know I've never been to one of those places….But I've always wanted to….Come on Dee…Take me with you…I promise I'll behave….I just want to go somewhere…anywhere…its doesn't matter…I haven't been out in a long time…Please…Please can I go with you.?"

I could here the excitement in her voice. I don't know what possessed me but I said,

"Okay…you can come with me, but I want you on your best behavior…This my night and my spot…If you don't like it to bad…I don't want to hear, I want to go home crap or take me home shit…Okay."

She agreed and started thanking me. I told her that I was ready to go. She laughed and told me that she's been sitting in her car outside my apartment the whole time. I told her to come upstairs and hurry up. Two minutes later she was ringing the bell. When she came to the door she had a huge smile on her face. My sister a beautiful girl. She's about 5'7 and she is stacked. She's about 140 pounds. And all of her weight rests in her plump tits and her thick ass. Many times I've had to look away. Even though she was my sister I must admit that I've checked her out a few times when she wasn't looking. She had on a low-cut blouse that revealed plenty of cleavage. But what really caught my eyes was her skirt and that fat ass that seemed to be trapped inside it.

"Am I dresses Okay…. Can I go like this?" she said excitedly.

"Yeah…Yeah…yeah…you look fine lets go." I said quickly trying my best not to stare at her."

We jumped in the car headed south towards the BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway).On the way down we talked about all kinds of shit. I haven't talked to her in a while so we kind of caught up with all the usually crap. We talked about everything except her current boyfriend. She even brought up her friend Denise who I fuck once way back in the days. Her friend Denise was fine too. But she was another bitch that didn't want to suck my cock.

"You must have put something on that girl, To this day she still asks me about you." She said laughingly.

I did put something on Denise. I tore that pussy up. I fucked her twice that night and eat her pussy. When I ask the bitch for a little head she made a face and said,

"That's Nasty….I don't do that."

It wasn't so nasty when I had my face buried between her thighs sucking on her pussy. I remember that night. Because After she said that shit I got up got dressed and walked out. I didn't even say good-bye. I played it off like I was going to the bathroom and went home. I know she told my sister about that shit but I'm sure she didn't give my sister all the details. Bitches usually forget what they did to fuck up a good night. I'm sure she told my sister that I fucked her and left without saying anything. I'll bet money she didn't mention the dick-sucking thang. I'm sure she told the story and me out to be the villain. I just laughed it off and changed the subject.

A few more twist and turns and we were there. When we got there my sister was shocked.

"Damn this is where the place is… This is a fucked up neighborhood.."

I started laughing at her comment. " What's the Matter…you scared?"

She tried to deny it but I could tell she was uneasy. I told her, that's what I liked about this place. I told her not to worry. I pointed out the two guys that were standing on the corners and at the beginning and end of the street. The worked f or the strip joint. They watched the cars. This spot was for High Rollers, Ballah's, Pimps and straight up Thugz with loot. There were no Honda's, Buicks, or bullshit family vehicles on this block. Chrome ruled the night. Benz's, BMW's, Jaguar's, and Lexus's and trumped up Cadillac's owned these streets. I parked on the corner. Before I got out of my car I gave my sister a little pep talk.

"Look Staci…I know a lot of people in this spot…If anyone asks... you are my date Okay…I've never heard of a guy bringing his sister to a stop like this…So tonight you are not my sister…You are my sexy little date."

"You think I'm sexy Dee?" She asked with a smile on her face.

I thought I said it in a very brotherly way or did I? I mean she did look great and any man would love to have her on her arm.

"You're Okay girl….Come on lets go…I've been waiting all night."

For some reason I was little embarrassed and I think my sister sensed it. But I tried to pay it no mind. We got out of the car and I said what's up to the brotha's on the corner. My sisters got out and meet me on the other side of the car. As we started walking arcos the street she wrapped her arm around my right arm and held on to me. I started laughing at her.

"What's the matter girl…you scared…don't worry…I got your back…relax."

"No……. I'm not scared silly…I'm your Date, Remember."

It felt weird at first. We walked across the street like a couple. I don't ever remember walking like that with my sister. Right then and there I knew tonight was going to be a night full of weird and uncomfortable experiences. After I paid the guy at the front door we went in inside. But before we entered the bar. We hand to go thru the Metal detectors and a physical pat down. I went thru first. I turned around and watched the bouncer frisk my sister. It was funny at first. The guy at the door whom I knew, had a big smile on his face. He gave me a wink and I winked back at him. He gave my sister a thorough search. He knew she didn't have any weapons. So basically he was feeling her up. My sister didn't expect this. And the look on her face was priceless when the bounces started patting her down. I tried to hold back my laughter but I couldn't help it. When my sister saw me laughing she seemed to relax and let the guy do his job. After he was done he said.

"Welcome To Mr. G's…. all females are required to stay with there escorts…enjoy yourself."

A soon as my sister came up to me she smacked me on the arm.

"Did you see that…he wasn't searching me for weapons, that guy was feeling up."

"I know he was…. Ronnie loves doing that shit…he's a funny mother-fucka" I quickly replied.

We got there just in time before the placed started getting packed. The music was pumping and the center stage had three delicious looking black girls shaking their assets. I took a long deep breath…a sigh of relief. Luckily there were two seats left at the bar. I grabbed my sister's hand and headed for the two remaining stools. I turned and looked at my sister and saw the funniest shit I've ever scene. Actually she had that overwhelmed look on her face. She was smiling from ear to ear as she drank in the environment. That last time I saw that look on her face was when our parents took us to Disney Land when we were kids. Mr. G's was an amusement park all right. Inside this park they had two rides. They were nature's rides…. Tits and Asses all controlled by your fantasies.

We sat down at the bar and I ordered us some drinks and got 80 dollars in single. I placed the stack of cash in front of me. My sister seemed to be a little confused as to what to do. I leaned over and told her to relax and enjoy the show. Then I placed half of the cash in front of her. Weather she knew it or not she was going to handing out dollar bills to these bitches.

Everything was going real smooth. I could see the other Playa's at the bar staring at my sister just like I have done when other Fella's brought a girl in. I knew what they were thinking because I have been there. The girls in the club were extra fine with a capital fucking F. I forgot about my sister for a moment and focused on the big booty bitch that was twisting her ass around in front of me. I folded up five singles and reached out my hand. She got off the stage came to me. I told her that she was beautiful and handed her the money. She thanked me then turned around bent over and started gyrating her ass in front of me.

I could feel my sister's eyes on me, watching me as I was easily and momentarily hypnotized by this little shorty in front of me. After she got on stage I looked at my sister and she was smiling. She seemed like she was trying to hold back from laughing.

I took a sip of my drink and asked my sister if she was all right. She told me that she was kool and then she stared smiling. She was looking everywhere checking out the girl, they guys in the bar. She was all over the place. I was having a good time. Every once in a while I would turn my attention away from the stage and look at me sister. As time passed on she seemed to get more and more comfortable.

The main dance stage had three bitches on it at all time. After two songs the DJ would announce a new girl. One girls would move down, one would exit and another one would enter the set. All of a sudden I felt my sister tap me on my leg. And to my amazement she rolled her eyes toward the girl who was about to get on stage. I leaned into her and she whispered in my ear.

"That girl over…She's real pretty."

Which was the understatement of the year. The bitch was super fine. She was a light skinned honey with a big fat juicy succulent booty. I was like, " DAMN!!"

"Yeah…She is fine as hell…I can't wait til she swing down this way…

Its very rare you here another woman compliment another woman. Just hearing that from my sister gave me strange thoughts, which I quickly exited from my mind. We both watched the young lady dance. When I looked at my sister again I found out that I wasn't the only one the was hypnotized by this girl. My sister was staring at this young girl just like me. The girl was graceful; her movements were soft and delicate but yet very arousing . I couldn't see that my sister was getting into the whole scene. I told her to give the girl some money. She looked at me as though I was crazy.

"Don't be scared girl…. you said she was pretty… show her some love…. That's why I put that money in front of you girl…Get five single fold it in half the long way like I did and stick your hand out…she'll come get the money"

My sister did as I told her. I don't know what was more exciting watching the girl dance or watching my sister fold up the money and stick her hand out. Usually I can contain my self but at that moment I could feel my cock swelling in my pants. They girl got off the stage and walked past two other guys holding out money stepped up right in front of my sister. My sister was blushing big times as she stuck her handout and gave the girl the loot. The girl didn't just take the money from sister hand. She reached out with both hands and wrapped then around my sisters hands almost to her wrist. It was the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed. She held my sister hands and the money and in a soft southern voice she thanked my sister. Her smile was precious and so alluring that I thought I going to explode.

Inside I wanted to explode but I had to keep my composure. I knew all eyes where upon my sister. As the girl turned and walked away she winked at me. I looked at my sister and she was smiling. I just nodded my head and tried to play it off as though it wasn't a big deal. But that shit was huge. It was so fucking erotic. It wasn't gay nor did it have anything to do with lesbianism. It was one pretty girl acknowledging another pretty girl with out any jealousy or drama. The shit was simply fly as hell.

As the night went on and the liquor flowed my sister got really relaxed. We talked about the females on the stage. We talked about their Asses and tits and shit. It was weird taking to my sister like that. I held nothing back. I talked to her as if I was taking to one of my boyz. I'm not a big drinker and I'm not down with driving drunk. So I usually cut my self off after three drinks. My sister on they other hand was gunning them down. I didn't see any harm in letter drink what she wanted. She was with me and I was going to take her home with me. So she was in good hands so I didn't stop her. I just let her enjoy herself. After a while she was swaying to the sound of the load music and handed out dollar bills to all the girls. I really did expect this from her. She was really having a good time.

She asked me which one I liked the best. I told her that I liked the first girl that she handed money to. We both agreed that she was the finest. We both noticed the southern accent and then we started having a debate about where she was from. I said Georgia, and she said North Carolina. They girls walk around after they get off stage and approach the costumers for lap dances and stuff like that. I made a bet with my sister.

"I'll bet you a lap dance I'm right."

"What's a lap dance?" She asked.

A part of me found it amusing that she didn't know. I told her not to worry about it. I told her that its fun and if she looses the bet it will only cost her twenty dollars. She agreed to the blind bet just in a nick of time as the girl walked past us smiling with new outfit on. She had on a itty-bitty bikini. It was more like Three patches of material connected by string no thicker then my shoe laces.

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