Gates Of Incest


"Excuse Me…My lady and I have a bet…we were both wondering what part of the south you are from."

"Well…what are you guys betting?"

"Well Um…the loser pays for a lap dance."

The whole time she was staring at my sister. It was like she was giving my sister a once over. I told her that I said that she was probably from Georgia…and then I told her that my sister thinks she's from the Carolinas. Then with her polite southern accent she said,

"Well I guess I'm not going to make any money with you guys…the both of you are wrong…. I'm from Alabama."

She smiled and started to walk away. Before she took a step my sister said, " Don't Go."

I was like " Oh shit."

My sister asked her name, and she said her name was Trina. I reached out my hand and told her how nice it was to meet her. My sister shocked me again.

"I know we both lost the bet…but that doesn't mean you should lose to. I know he wants a lap dance with you."

Then she reached in her purse pulled out a twenty and looked at me.

"Go ahead Dee…. have fun?"

No one has ever bought me a lap dance… Not even my boyz…now here was my sister buying me a lap dance with the finest bitch in the building. My sister had a wicked little smile on her face. She bought me something she had no idea of. Lap dances are done in private booths in the back of the club. From the bar you can't see any of that shit. Trina reached and grabbed my hand.

"Looks like you won Playa…come on Dawg lets have some Fun." Then she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear.

"Bring your lady to."

When I got up I told the bartender to save my spot. I took one step towards the back and reached out and grabbed my sister's hand. She looked confused and tried to pull her hand back. I gave her an look and said,

"Come On."

She got up and we all walked towards the lap-dancing booth. I've been to the lap-dancing booth plenty of times but never like this. Never with two females and never with one of them being my sister. My heart was pounding as walked toward the back. I could feel the temperature rising as we enter the booth. My sister was nervously squeezing my hand. I know she was nervous but she kept her game face. When we sat down in the booth Trina pulled the black drape behind her. My sister and I booth sat down numb…I was afraid to look at her and she was afraid to look at me. But we both stayed focused on Trina. The club was dark but inside the booth was just a little darker.

Trina smiled at my sister then she smiled at me.

"Sit back playa.," she instructed.

I did as I was told with my sister just a few inches to my left. Trina turned around with her back to me and started dancing real slow between my legs. It was amazing. I could see every inch of her perfect body. Her back was toned and her flesh looked soft and tender. Her hips were glorious and her ass was magnificent. Every curve on her body screamed, "Fuck me, Take me." I was intoxicated by her perfume. Then she placed her hands on my kneecaps and bent forward giving me a picture perfect view of her thick ass. And again I wasn't the only one mesmerized by this girl. I felt my sister lean towards me trying to get a better look at this girl ass. I was going hot and my cock grew by the second.

Trina was in complete control of this situation. She would slowly act like she was going to sit back on my cock and then she would jump up turn around and smile. She was a delicious tease. And she knew what she was doing. The one thing she didn't know was the woman next to me was my younger sister and to me that shit was equally exciting.

Then next song the DJ played was a slow song. Trina didn't miss a beat, as her body seemed too able to flow to any melody. I took a quick peek at my sister. And she was still smiling. She smiled as she moved closer to me. Then Trina perched her ass up in the air and as the beat dropped so did she. My sister and I watched together. We watched that thick ass slowly descend into my lap.

"Mmmmm…Shit." I moaned slowly almost desperately as Trina planted that thick luscious honey brown ass on my lap.

My cock was rock hard and I knew Trina could feel that mother-fucka. She held her ass there for a few seconds and adjusted herself. She started rocking back and forth on my cock, which was painfully pleasurable. She pressed against my body grinding that ass on my lap. Everything was flowing just right. The mood was perfect. I raised my hands and gently placed them on Trina's waist. Her waist was so tiny that I think if I pressed my hands together I could touch my own fingertips. Her skin was smooth like silk. I closed my eyes while I fantasized about fucking this fine ass woman. I had this fine as woman on my lap but I wasnt sure was more exciting. The thoughts of Trina on my lap or the fact that my own sister was curled up next to me. When I opened my eyes my sister had this strange look on her face. When I looked down to my left I saw that Trina had placed her hand on my sister's thigh just above her knee and slightly below the hem of her skirt.

Trina looked back at the both of us and again she smiled. Then she leaned toward my sister and told her to pull the sting on her back. My sister was also under her spell weather it was the alcohol or just the environment or the situation, she looked like she was in some kind of daze. She raised her hand and pulled the string. Trina politely thanked her with her sweet southern voice. Then she pulled her top off and flung it to the floor. The way she did it was incredibly sexy.

Trina then placed her hand on my right hand that was on her waist and slowly guided it towards her right breast. As my hand traveled up her body my mind started to melt. She held my hand an inch away from her breast as she began to tease me once again by grazing my palm over her nipple.

I couldn't do anything lust and desire had weakened me. I was consumed with fantasies of fucking this pretty young seductive girl. I closed my eyes as I felt Trina press my hand into her full and heavy breast. I wanted more, I was thirsty and Trina was my giant glass of water. With my eyes closed I stared gliding my left hand up her waist to tackle the other breast. Slowly I worked my hand up her body, just like she had guided my right hand. When I got close to her left breast I felt something strange and something blocking my access. When I opened my eyes and looked to my left my jaw hit the ground. My sisters left hand was just like my right hand. It was firmly planted on Trina's breast.

The scene was intense. My sister and I looked at such other with blank faces. Trina leaned back rested her entire back against me chest then resting the back of her head on to my right shoulder. The view was spectacular. My sister eyes went back and forth. She would look at me and then she would look a Trina's breast. Trina let go of both of our hands; She brought her hands up and wrapped them around the back of my head. I couldn't get my sister out of my head nor did I want to. She held Trina's breast in her hand as though she had done this a thousand times. She mimicked my moves. If I placed a fingertip on her nipple my sister did the same. If I cupped and rubbed Trina's plump tit, my sister did the same.

The third song came and my heart sank. When you get a lap dance you basically get three songs for your twenty dollars. I tried to burn this entire episode into my memory banks. Trina was a pro and she was definitely worth every penny. When the song ended Trina sat up and looked at the both of us. I knew the party was over but my sister didn't. I quickly reached in my pocket and grabbed a fistful of money. I gave Trina another Twenty and she smiled but before she sat back down on my cock I looked at my sister and said,

"Its her turn baby."

Before my sister could say a word Trina sat down on my sisters lap and leaned back into her chest. Trina was a little smaller and a lot shorter then my sister. I smiled wickedly back at my sister like she had done to me earlier. Now she was the one leaning back getting a lap dance. I'm like all other men on this planet. We all have lesbian fantasies. And we all have that desire to see two women together. I've run that scenario in my head a thousand times. But never has my own sister come in that fantasy. Never until this point. Trina like I said was a pro. She could sense things and she could sense that my sister wouldn't do anything unless she made her do it.

I looked down and I could see that my sister's dress had ridden way up. And each Trina twisted her ass into my sister's lap her skirt moved up revealing her thick thighs. The contrast of the different shades of black skin on top of each other was amazing. Trina's light honey color against my sister's darker brown color was beautiful. I did like my sister had done earlier. I moved in closer. Trina reached for my hand; I was expecting her to place it on her breast. But this time she placed my hand on the top of her thigh close to her hip next to the string on her bikini bottom. She let go of my hand and grabbed both of my sister's hands and placed them on firmly on her breast. Like a hawk I gazed into my sisters eyes while her hands trembled up Trina's body and engulfed her breast. My sister looked like she had gone off into another place.

I slowly started rubbing Trina midsection while she rocked back and forth on my sister's lap. Then Trina lifted her hand off on my sister hands that were massaging her breast. She placed her right hand on my leg and squeezed my thigh. My cock jumped on contact. Then she slowly inched her hand up my to my crotch. When her hands touched the massive bulge in my crotch she stopped and moaned.

"Damn playa…that dick is hard as a rock." She moaned and then she gave my rock cock a soft little squeeze.

I didn't say a thing. All I could do was moan as I felt a soft delightful hand stroking and massaging my cock. When I opened my eyes I looked over at my sister. She wasn't looking at me she was looking down at my crotch. My cock was rock hard and bent up and to my right. Her magic fingers teased the underside of my shaft-sending wave of pleasure throughout my entire being. My ball felt like they where about to explode. Then suddenly the music stop and so did Trina. The third song had ended and I didn't even realize it.

I reached in my pocket and this time I wasn't going to be limited to three songs. I pulled out a hundred dollar bill. I made sure Trina saw that is was a hundred dollar bill. She smiled when I folded it up. She slowly sat up while still moving her ass back and forth on my sister's lap. I held the hundred up and folder it. I was just going to hand it to her when she looked down between her crotch. She placed her hand in her bikini bottom and pulled the thin fabric away from her crotch exposing her smooth bald pussy. It was dark and I could barely see it but it still looked incredible. I slipped the money into her crotch and gave her pussy a playful pat.

My sister had her eyes closed and never saw any of this. Trina got up turned around and climbed up on my sister straddling her. When she did this my sister skirt had ridden up even higher. Now my sister was face to face with Trina's Tits. They looked so fucking good up close. I wanted to taste them so fucking bad. But didn't know if Trina would allow me to do that. I don't know if the girl could read minds but she definitely could feel my vibe. I leaned over just to get a closer look at them. As I leaned over I could see that my sister had spread her legs. I paused for a second and looked down and just below Trina's ass I could see the crotch area of my sister white panties. Before I could get a closer look Trina grabbed me by the back of the head and pull my face into her breast. I didn't hesitate. I took this as an invitation to suck on that tit and that's exactly what I did. I paced my lips on that motha-fucka and started sucking. I inhaled her nipple in to my mouth like a crack head sucking on a crack pipe. I Let go of that nipple for a moment to take a breath and to get a nice look at her nipple covered with my saliva.

My sister was watching my every move. Trina looked at me then she looked at my sister. Then she said to me softly,

"Is it good playa…. Does it taste good baby?"

All I could do was nod my head. Her southern accent was alluring in its own right. Then she bent over towards my sister and gently kissed her on her forehead. Then she lightly kissed my sister on the tip of her nose. I could see my sister eyes growing wider and wider. Then it happened. Trina stuck out her tongue and licked my up my sisters chin before she planted a deep kiss on her lips. This kiss was short and sweet it happened only a few inches away from my own face. A part of me was jealous and another part of me wanted to see more. Trina pulled away turned to me and smiled. Then she went back to my sister.

"What's your name girl." she asked my sister.

"Staci…My name is Staci."

"What's your Mans your name Staci,"

"He's not my Man…. He's my……."

My eyes nearly flew out of my head. "I know she wasn't about to tell Trina the truth," I said to myself

"Please God…Don't let her say it." I screamed out in my mind.

Then Staci looked at me and smiled and then turned her head back to Trina.

"He's my friend and this is our first date."

I took a long deep breath as my sister spoke those words. Talk about relief. Trina smiled looked at me and said,

"Wow…A first date…. That's some fly shit Dawg…You took a girl to a strip joint on your first date….Mmm…I'm scared of you playa." She said as she teased.

"Well Staci, let me tell you a little secret honey…. That motha-fucka there… got a big fucking dick."

I thought I was tripping when she said that shit. My sister just smiled into her as Trina told her about my cock. Then Trina reached down and placed her hand on my crotch and squeezed my cock real hard.

"Mmmmm…." Trina moaned as she started to rub my raging cock again.

"Check it out Staci…. Look at that shit…Its hard as a rock girl…You wanna see it…Wanna see what he's gonna stick inside your sweet pussy later on tonight."

Before I could take in what was happening Trina placed her hand on my zipper and started pulling it down.

"Don't be shy playa…Pull that shit out…Let her get a good look at that thick fucking Dick…You wanna see it right Staci…. tell him you wanna see it gurlfriend."

My sister never looked at me. She stared into my crotch and said,

"I want to see…..let me see it Dee."

I was in state of serious confusion my mind was disconnected from my body. Trina and Staci stared at me one with a smile and one with lustful gaze. Deep down I knew it was wrong but if felt so fucking right. I reached down in my short and freed my entrapped cock. I watched their eyes as I proudly hauled out all eight- inches of my thick black cock.

Trina smiled and my sister gasped when my cock came into full view. Trina to my surprised leaned toward me reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock.

"That's a serious peace of meat right there gurl." She whispered to my sister just load enough so I could her it.

Trina's hand felt incredible on my cock, instantly soothing the pain of being trapped inside of my pants for so long. Slowly she started stroking my cock as my sister looked on. Then Trina let go of my cock and took my sisters hand, which was still on her left breast.

"Damn…his cock is fucking thump' in gurl…check it out."

She grabbed my sister's hand and started pulling her hand toward my cock. My sister must have gotten scared cause I could she that she tried to pull her hand back. Trina was in control and she let my sister know it.

"Its Ok gurl…. Don't be scared…it aint gonna bite you baby."

My cock was begging for attention but from whom, Trina or my sister. Trina was going to make my sister touch my cock weather she wanted to or not. My mind was exploding as I watched a pair of hands approach my cock. When Trina placed my sisters trembling hand on my cock I thought I had died and went to Black Man Heaven. Trina placed my sister hand around my shaft and squeezed my cock. Then she slowly started working my sisters hand up and down my throbbing shaft. All I could do was moaned out my pleasures. Trina moved her hand only after she set a slow and gentle pace. I stared into my sister as while she tenderly and loving stroked my cock.

Trina let go of my cock and my sister took over right where she left off. Her warm soft hand felt ten times better then Trina's. The fact that she was my sister intensified everything. Trina placed her hands on my sister cheeks leaned in and kissed her deeply. My sister parted her lips and slipped her tongue into Trina's open mouth. I watched them kiss passionately for almost two minutes. Then all of as sudden Staci squeezed my cock. My sister broke off the kiss and her head fell back as she moaned deeply. I looked down and was blown away. Trina had her hand up under my sister's skirt. She was moving her hand back and forth fingering my sister's cunt.

"Ohhhhh My God" She moaned just before Trina planted her lips on top of hers.

Staci hard a firm grips on my cock was right on time because I swear I thought I was going to bust my nut right there and then. Her hand shook and I felt her body shudder under Trina's as I'm sure she was cumming. Trina wasn't fucking around with my sister. She let her have. My sister mouth was wide open as she gasped for air. Trina arm was moving quickly back and forth under then hem of my sisters skirt. Then her head kicked back again and I knew what was happening. She was cumming again and this time she was cumming hard.

"Cumm….Cum For me….Cummm For him..Let it go gurl" Trina whispered into my sister's ear as she ravished my sister's cunt with her fingers.

"Aghh…agghhhh...aghhhhh…I…I…I'm cummimg," moaned my sister. She let go of my cock and held on to Trina as her body bucked wildly.

I was frozen. I was a non-moving spectator now. I watched my beautiful young black sister cum in the arms of another beautiful black woman. It was the most incredible thing I have ever scene in my life.

When they settled down all I could do was breath deeply. I wanted to say something but what could I say? There were no words to describe what was going in my mind. I knew the turmoil I was going through. But what really freaked me out was, "what was must be going on in my sister's head?" Getting finger fucked in a strip joint behind a curtain next to her own flesh and blood was not part of the plan.

Trina sat up and looked me in the eye. I stared at both my sister and Trina in totally disbelief. It was like when the World Trade Center went down. We all watched it on television, we all saw the footage over and over again and yet we still couldn't believe our eyes. And deep down we told ourselves that, " This isn't happening."

I could see my sister coming back to reality. Her breathing had calmed down. And she looked at me strangely. How I wished I could read her mind. How I wished I could read her thoughts. Trina was not done with us yet. She sat up, kissed my sister and then pulled her hand from under her skirt. She raised her arm and with out even looking at me she put her left hand in front of my face. Her fingers were cover with my sister's juices. The light coming down into our area was like a spot light on Trina's fingertips. I was acting on instinct. I took a deep long breath and fill my nostrils with the sent of my little sister cunt. The smell transported me into another realm.

"Check that out Playa….Look at what she got for you baby…her pussy is mad tight…Here Dawg…taste it…..tell me how she taste.

Trina never looked at me as she spoke. She never even turned her head. She just stared into my sister's eyes as she moved her hand toward my lips. I didn't think nor did I hesitate. I reached up grabbed her wrist and rammed her fingers into my mouth. My sister's pussy juice was delicious. I closed my eyes as I licked, sucked and devoured Trina's little hand. They scent and the taste collided in my brain. I just didn't give a fuck. My sister sauce was sweetest I've ever tasted and I've had plenty. Only the sound of Trina voice woke me up from my trance.

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