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Gateway To Pleasure


It was a set-up, risky and potentially dangerous. They both knew it. But at least it was progressing smoothly and according to plan. A small sigh of relief escaped Jade's lips as the receptionist bristling with efficiency completed the final admission documents. She handed them their keys.

"Mr. and Mrs. Chambers, we trust you will have a very enjoyable stay with us at The Retreat." She flashed them a dazzling white smile. "Here is your appointment schedule and itinerary."

"Thank God, that's over with," Jade said apprehensively, as they stepped inside their well appointed suite.

Warren laughed, "Jadie, it's only starting." He drew back the curtains and looked at the breath-taking view of the manicured gardens from the window.

Jade glanced at him. He was tall and lean with thick dark brown hair. Not strikingly handsome but with a steady intense gaze that caused her heart to flutter whenever he fixed his blue green eyes on her. She marveled at how good his ass looked in his chinos. Warren always dressed exceptionally well. Of course, his profession as a top lawyer demanded it, but he was not flashy or obnoxious. He carried himself with a quiet sense of personal power and style. She liked that. In fact, Jade admitted to herself, she liked him a lot. Aside from his successful handling of several matters for the publication she worked for, they had developed a strong friendship and an understanding of each other. She knew that beneath that very sharp legal mind of his, lurked a private and often complex man. He was an enigma with a dry sense of humor and a taste for fast sports cars. She sensed he had an intensely sexual libido. They had exchanged sexual banter and innuendo. Their flirting occasionally reaching dangerous levels but they had never acted on it. Warren was married, and he had a very determined resolve. He was also the only person who had ever called her "Jadie" something she thought she might find annoying, but surprisingly didn't. Hearing it from his lips made it somehow quite intimate, something they shared privately.

"Yes," she replied trying to shake off the familiar warmth she felt when she allowed herself to acknowledge the sexual attraction she felt for him. "But this assignment is so different from all the others I have been on. It's kind of sinister."

"Well, that's why you have me with you." Warren dropped onto the bed, and bounced up and down on it. "And the bed feels great; maybe the time here won't be so bad after all."

"Yeah, yeah Counselor and its just as well there are two rooms with two beds in this suite." Jade gave a wry smile. Dammit, she thought, she had to stop entertaining decadent thoughts about him. Anyway mixing pleasure with business was never a good thing and she knew Warren, he would definitely stick to the job at hand. She turned her attention to the appointment schedule.

"Hmm looks like a busy time while we are here," she remarked. "Seems they believe in value for their money. No one can complain about that."

Warren watched her facial expressions closely as she read. Jade was an aspirant investigative reporter, intelligent and committed to her work. 'Passionate,' he thought, now there was the word to describe her. Passionate not only in her writing and her insatiable curiosity about life, but he suspected that she burned with raw sexual passion as well. God, he could only imagine what it was like to see that body of hers naked and writhing with passion. She tossed back her dark lustrous hair and fixed her deep green eyes on him.

"Damn, we have to go for the dreaded annual tests. A pap smear for me, a prostate examination for you. Isn't that just thrilling?" she moaned, a look of displeasure crossed her face.

"Well its part of the program, Jadie and if we hope to discover anything irregular, we have to go with the flow. On the face of it we have to behave like any other married couple here and that way we see exactly what's going on."

"Yes, you're right of course," she sighed, agreeing with his sensibility and logic. This was an important assignment. How her editor had managed to swing it, she didn't know, but he had pulled plenty of strings and called in favors to get them into the Retreat. It was expensive and exclusive. Very exclusive, with admission being strictly by referral from couples who had benefited from the stay at the Retreat.

Curiously the reason they were here undercover, was because one such couple had recently been found dead. It was a double suicide and they had left a cryptic note, "It's not been the same since our visit to that Retreat. It's a sin; they shouldn't be allowed to do this to us…" Added to this was the mysterious anonymous letter sent to Jade's editor from someone alleging to work at the Retreat, but proclaiming that "unheard of practices were happening, that needed to be set right." A small shiver of excitement shot through her. This had the potential to be a major story if they cracked it, resulting in a number of highly publicized lawsuits. It was going to be an interesting few days!

The Retreat was secluded. It was miles from the nearest town, set far back behind imposing gates and surrounded by lush sprawling gardens and a private golf course. After a guided tour of the facilities and a cursory check –up by a general medical practitioner, they stepped into Dr. Kevin Mann's office.

Warren, Jade good to meet you, come on in."

He extended his hand and Jade was immediately struck by the size of it. It was large and smooth to the touch, his strength evident from the firmness of his handshake. Her eyes swept over him as he spoke. He was in his late forties, in good physical shape with sharp features and blue eyes. His dark hair was graying giving him a distinguished look and he emitted a warm friendliness.

I'm Kevin Mann, Founder and Director of the Retreat."

Warren's keen eye took in the gallery of qualifications and certificates displayed on the wall; Gynecology, Urology, Sexology and Psychology. Fuck, he thought, taking an instant dislike to him. The good doctor was into every hole that opened and closed. He was surprised that he hadn't added Oral hygiene and Dentistry to his portfolio. People who had to flaunt their education so flagrantly rarely impressed Warren. Aside from that, the way his eyes were appraising Jade, moving slowly over her body was far from professional.

"Well Doctor," Jade said, automatically slipping into reporter questioning-mode, "What do you have planned for us?"

"No need for formalities here Jade, please call me Kevin," he smiled. "I like guests to feel totally relaxed during their stay. It enhances their wellness and their pleasure, the main objectives of the Retreat." Jade nodded slowly as he continued. "We find that each couple is unique, and we tailor the program around your specific needs, although basically most seek out the same things."

"And those are…?" Warren inquired, clearing his throat and speaking for the first time since entering the room.

"Well, Dr. Mann replied, "That's part of the discovery we will make through assessment and discussion. Today we deal with the physical side. Tomorrow we look at the mental and relationship aspects and by the time you leave we hope that you will have opened that gateway to pleasure." He smiled mysteriously and reached for a file.

"The gateway to pleasure?" Jade asked raising her eyebrow quizzically.

"A figure of speech," he laughed, "but unofficially, the Retreat is known by many of our guests as The Gateway to Pleasure."

A small ripple of fear tinged with excitement shot through Jade. She exchanged a quick look with Warren and wondered what they had let themselves in for.

"Jade please step into the adjoining room and undress," Dr. Mann's voice rang out. "We'll start with your examination and then take a look at Warren."

Well, here goes, Jade thought, as she slipped the short silky robe over her nude body and climbed onto the examination bed. The room was not like the usual small cold and clinical cubicles she had been in before. It was spacious and nicely decorated with soft hues and pastel furnishings. A comfortable wing back chair was positioned in the corner of the room facing the bottom of the bed. Dr. Mann walked over to the hand basin and washed his hands.

"So Jade, any gynecological problems I should be aware of?" He dried off and let his eyes travel over her. All his years of medical training had not diminished his appreciation for a fine female form.

"No," she replied, shaking her head and trying to relax. God, she hated these examinations. She always felt so vulnerable, so exposed during them, but if anything strange was going to happen, it might happen now. She had heard stories of unethical gynecologists; perhaps this would be a clue to the mysterious notes.

"I never do an internal examination without having someone present. It's usually my nurse," Dr. Mann said with an air of professionalism, as if reading her mind. "But since you are here with your husband, I'll just have him come in."

Jade's heart hammered and her stomach churned at his words. A small voice in her head screamed hysterically. Fuck, she couldn't have Warren watching her being probed and examined!

"Noo..." she blurted out. Dr. Mann looked at her curiously, a small frown creasing his brow.

"No problem," Jade stammered quickly trying to regain her composure.

Warren heard the exchange and braced himself as he stepped into the examination room to see Jade stretched out. She tried to smile but he noticed the tension in the well-toned muscles of her long legs and the way her hands were balled into fists. He moved towards the chair, but Dr. Mann called out to him.

"Come over here Warren I'm going to do a quick breast examination and it's good for you to learn how to feel for lumps yourself. Early detection of breast swellings is always important." Dr. Mann explained, tugging at the belt of the robe and letting it fall open to expose Jade's nakedness to them both.

Warren inhaled sharply as he saw her nude form. Her breasts were firm and round with small pinkish-brown nipples but it was her smooth hairless pussy that caught his attention. Shit, what a mindfuck, he thought, as he exhaled slowly and dragged his eyes upwards. He had never tongued or fucked a shaved cunt, and despite the weirdness of the situation, he felt his scrotum tingle and his cock stir.

"Raise your arms behind your head Jade." Dr. Mann pressed gently then more firmly from her right armpit over the soft curve of her breast to the nipple. He gestured for Warren to do the same to her left breast while he explained the technique. Jade looked away as she felt Warren's long fingers and palm caress over her breast. Her nipples immediately stiffened at his touch and she felt a familiar rush of excitement surge through her pussy as he palpated her firm flesh. She stared fixedly at a tiny spot on the wall, willing her mind and her body to switch off. Dammit, she thought, so what, he's touching your tit it's no big deal!

"… And it's very easy to detect even during caressing and lovemaking. Now for the pap smear…" The Doctor's voice drifted back to Jade as Warren gently released her breast and settled himself into the chair.

His view of her was partially obscured by the Doctor's frame, but as hard as he tried, he couldn't tear his eyes from the vivid scene before him. Jade had been instructed to pull her bent knees upwards and then let them drop outwards, parting her vaginal lips for Dr. Mann's inspection. Warren glimpsed her fleshy labia; the inner lips were flushed and swollen. A tell tale sign of her arousal, but he had felt her nipple harden like a pebble under his touch. He shifted slightly in the chair to ease the pressure of his growing cock.

The examination continued with Dr. Mann slipping on a pair of gloves and easing a thick lubricated finger deep into her vagina to feel for abnormalities. He manipulated his digit skillfully, feeling along her tight walls as he probed her inner depths. Despite her attempts to block out what was happening, Jade was acutely aware of Warren watching her, exposed and vulnerable as she was. Her body still tingled from his touch, and she realized with horror that she was responding to the intimate ministrations that she was being forced to endure. Moisture pooled inside her pussy and her nipples remained erect. Dr. Mann worked steadily, a thickening of his own cock driving him to complete this task as quickly as possible. He gently inserted the speculum between the pouty lips of one of the hottest vulvas he had ever seen and took a small scraping from her cervix. It was unusual for him to let his professional guard down, but he couldn't deny the effect her arousal was having on him. Her clitoris nestling at the top of her moist folds stood out stiff and proud and his attraction to her was heightened by the faint musky scent she emitted.

"That's it Jade, all done," he said patting her thigh lightly and locking eyes with her. For a brief moment she detected a current of sexual electricity that passed between them, but she drew the robe closed, thankful that the examination was finished.

"While I have you in this position," Dr. Mann continued, "let's talk about your orgasms." Warren's ears pricked up. Now where the hell was this going, he wondered.

"What about them?" Warren snapped authoritatively, "Jade doesn't have problems orgasming."

Jade stifled a smile. He sounded like a possessive lover. Warren was playing this role to the hilt.

"Oh I'm sure she doesn't," Dr. Mann soothed, a knowing look crossing his face. "But have you mastered the technique to enjoy a G Spot orgasm?" They listened intently as he continued.

"The G Spot is the Holy Grail of sexual intercourse. It has a heavenly reputation," Kevin Mann said dramatically, a small smile forming around his lips. "Men roam the dark corners of the earth trying to find it, and both sexes have guilty suspicions that perhaps it doesn't exist." His eyes flickered between them and his voice dropped. "But it does exist, it's just a little tricky to locate. Regrettably many women, many couples never find it, never enjoy this ecstatic facet to lovemaking. Have you Jade?"

She trembled slightly at his insistent seductive tone and remained silent. Her answer was clear.

"It's easier if stimulated by your partner, either with a finger or during intercourse." He reached for the lube and squeezed a generous amount onto the first and second fingers of Warren's right hand. Kevin Mann slid his own fingers inside Jade again. "It's located in the front wall of the vagina, usually two or three inches inside, just behind the pubic bone. Ahh yes, there it is..." he said, locating the spongy tissue and withdrawing his hand.

Jade tensed. She knew what was about to happen, but she couldn't stop the small gasp that escaped her lips as Dr. Mann directed Warren's fingers inside her in a come hither gesture, his palm facing up.

"Ohh!" she squealed. Her eyes flew open as two long, beautifully-shaped fingers that she had often secretly admired, glided deeply inside her wet tightness. He kept a consistent firm pressure against her pussy walls and pushed his fingertips upward towards her belly rotating them in even circles to hit her G Spot directly.

"God," she groaned softly, squeezing her eyes shut. Warren had done this before, she was sure of that. His insistent repetitive touch and tapping was creating exquisite new sensations in her pussy, and she rocked forwards and back rubbing her engorged clit against his hand. Warren's cock raged in his pants with lust as he gazed down to watch his fingers buried intimately inside her smooth steamy depths. He moved his thumb subtly to stimulate her clit as he worked her cunt. He was so engrossed in the tactile pleasure of experiencing Jade like this that her pleasured wail startled him.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to pee!"

"No Jade, you're going to cum," Dr. Mann replied, enjoying her unbridled responsiveness.

She arched her body, gripped Warren's hand firmly and thrust herself hard against it as a euphoric wet warmth exploded deep inside her cunt and radiated out like a warm wave throughout her body.

"Yesss, oh God yess," she sobbed in an anguished cry of pleasure, as her uterus and pussy walls convulsed repeatedly. Warren felt her shudder and contract as slick fluid squirted over his fingers.

"Jadie, you ejaculated," he said softly, a look of wonder crossing his face. He resisted the urge to kiss her full mouth tenderly and let his tongue dance with hers.

"Yes, you did," Dr. Mann agreed, "And the tongue tip test will prove that it's not urine."

Warren had to suppress an overwhelming desire to suck his fingers and taste her. Instead, he wiped them clean on a tissue and hoarsely said, "Let's get mine over and done with."

Jade dressed slowly while trying to understand her emotions. She was less embarrassed than she thought she would have been, yet her body and face were flushed and warm. Her legs were shaky and the extreme wetness and ebbing throbs she still felt tormented her. Her mind spun with turmoil. Why had she not objected? Why had she allowed herself to succumb like that?

Warren and Dr. Mann went through to the other examination room and Warren soon found his erection subsiding as he gave perfunctory replies to the usual obligatory medical questions. He bent over the bed and submitted to the prostate examination. It was not painful, but he always found it damn awkward having his rectum probed by a man.

"Jade, please come through when you are dressed," Dr. Mann summonsed.

Oh fuck talk about sweet justice, Warren thought, as Jade entered the room. He saw the anguish in her eyes, replaced with a wild fevered look as she stared at him. His cock twitched responsively and slowly began to fill with blood. Shit, he thought, the idea of being exposed to her was actually turning him on!

Dr. Mann smiled, "Jade I believe in fair play, and since Warren discovered your special spot, you should become familiar with his sensitive internal tissue."

"Yes, I know all about the prostate gland." Jade felt her breath catching in her chest, as she gazed at Warren's smooth muscled ass. It was taut and hard, just as she imagined it would be. Her eyes strayed to his long, thick cock crowned by a gorgeous smooth mushroom head. As if in a trance she pulled on the glove offered to her by Dr. Mann, who had Warren change position so he was lying on his side with his upper leg, flexed forward. Her hand trembled slightly as she reached towards the rubbery ridge of his already well-lubricated hole. It was so enticing, glistening and puckered but almost winking wickedly at her. She wanted to drag the tip of her tongue over it, but she guided her middle finger into the entrance of his anal canal and let her other hand slide over the smoothness of his ass cheeks.

The Doctor's voice droned on in the background. Jade's finger worked as if it had a will and a mind of its own. It massaged and fondled and stroked the inner walls of Warren's rectum until she felt the hard walnut-sized gland. Warren groaned deeply, as the muscles in his back and glutes seized up with the exquisite stimulation he was experiencing. An intense sense of pleasure and warmth flooded his pelvis and his cock throbbed violently. A thin dribble of precum leaked from the swollen tip. He wanted to protest, to tell her to stop, but the pleasure was too intense.

"Touch me please Jadie," he croaked.

She knew what he wanted. Her hand barely able to close around his rigid thickness began working the skin of his shaft up and down, while she kept up the slow teasing manipulation of his prostate. Warren felt his orgasm build from deep inside as if in slow motion. His sphincter began clenching pushing her finger more firmly against his hardened prostate. She gave a few light, quick tugs on his cock to accentuate his sensations and it erupted, shooting a thick rope of creamy cum in a steady steam. Warren let out a deep guttural cry of pleasure. His orgasm was blinding, long and intense. It was incredible, involving erogenous zones other than his cock and balls. His thighs and toes tingled and he fell back gasping, completely drained.

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