Gateway To Pleasure


Now that he had climaxed, Warren blushed, suddenly realizing how he had allowed himself to be so intimately exposed. Not only to Jade but to Dr. Mann, standing there calmly gazing down. This was no mere prostate exam he had endured at the Doctor's urging and Jade's probing. No, this was sex, this was intimate pleasure. Pure and simple and now, somehow that recognition made him deeply content.

Later, back in their suite they spoke of the experience. The initial awkwardness they both felt after leaving Dr. Mann's office had diminished.

"So do we have him on ethics?" Jade inquired, trying to appear businesslike.

"Not really," Warren contemplated, "His examinations were professional, and he used gloves. He didn't linger unnecessarily and seemed to know what he was doing. Of course his sex tutorials were a little unconventional to say the least. But he is a Sexologist, and we are a 'married couple'. All he did was enlighten 'a married couple' on how to enhance each other's pleasure."

Jade felt a warm flush creep over her cheeks. She hadn't had that level of pleasure in a long time. Whether it was Warren or her G Spot or a heady combination of both she wasn't sure, but it had been fucking awesome. She smiled coyly at him.

"That wasn't the first time you've worked 'the magic button' was it?" Her eyes sparkled as she recalled his expert touches.

"Now that would be telling Jadie," he answered cryptically flashing her a slow sensual grin. "But you, my girl are the first to have ever reamed me to heaven like that."

"Damn, the things we do in the line of duty," Jade replied, blushing and looking away trying to make light of it. She glanced at the schedule. " Well tomorrow is discussion about mental and relationship aspects, so at least we keep our clothes on."

"Oh shit," Warren joked, "My relationship skills really improve when I'm naked."

Jade threw a pillow at him, and walked through to the adjoining room.

"Sleep tight Counselor. See you in the morning; we have a busy day ahead of us."

Neither of them slept tight. It was a long restless night. Each acutely aware of the other in the adjoining room and of the intimacy they had shared earlier.

The following day began with an exercise session. Warren and Jade deliberately opted for different activities in the hope of meeting other guests and eliciting views and opinions from them. A shower and a long massage followed Jade's aerobic class. Wonderfully deep and relaxing but given by a silent masseuse who flatly refused to be drawn into conversation.

Warren relaxed in the warm bubbly water of the Jacuzzi. His morning had not been fruitful. Aside from winning a grueling game of squash, all he had managed to establish was that people were having a good time. No one volunteered any information on their 'program' but all appeared totally satisfied. Warren laughed wryly at the thought. He couldn't deny that he too had been well 'satisfied'. The door opened and Jade walked in, wearing a tiny cobalt blue bikini. Her hair was pinned up to expose the soft skin of her neck. Her skin glowed and glistened with a thin silky sheen from the oils that had been used during the massage. She flashed him a dazzling smile and stepped into the hot tub.

"That's a great outfit you're almost wearing," Warren commented, feeling the familiar pull in his groin as his eyes raked over her body.

"Glad you like it, but it didn't get me anywhere this morning," Jade lamented. "I had a silent massage."

"Poor boy is probably gay," Warren laughed. "But I can't say my morning was more informative, everyone I talked to seems happy and very satisfied."

"Mmm so where are the problems then?" Jade asked lazily, noting his emphasis on the word 'satisfied'. She closed her eyes and luxuriated in the warm bubbly water.

Warren watched her. Her steady breathing caused her chest to move rhythmically allowing him a glimpse of her luscious cleavage. He saw the small throb of her pulse in the hollow of her throat. She shifted slightly letting out a sexy sigh which made him long to touch her. Jade was languidly enjoying the sensations of the pulsing jets against her body. She had moved to allow one jet to vibrate against the covered mound of her pussy. It was tantalizingly teasing. Her clit was responding to the pressure, but the fabric of her bikini bottom was preventing the water from hitting her swelling clit directly at the tempo that she needed to get off.

"This water is so good," she groaned, her arousal evident by her hardening nipples.

Overwhelmed with the need to have physical contact with her, Warren reached out and brushed Jade's knee lightly, letting his hand glide down to her ankle. A rush of air escaped her lungs as she felt his touch. He grasped her foot and slowly began stroking and kneading it from the ball over the instep and down to the heel. It was excruciatingly pleasurable. Jade was a hedonist, a lover of all sensual touch and her feet were exceptionally responsive to firm touch. She moaned deeply, sharp stabs of pleasure shooting up her leg to her already throbbing cunt. She had to stop this; she knew it, before it was too late. She wriggled her foot away from Warren's grasp and stood up quickly.

"Time to get ready for our afternoon session with Dr. Mann."

A small grin crossed Warren's face. He was just as aroused as she was, but it would be a little more difficult for him to get out the Jacuzzi with a raging hard on. "You go ahead, I'll be right along," he said.

Dr. Kevin Mann ushered them into the Flamingo Room. It was a well appointed lounge decorated in plush soft leather and rich fabrics. A large flat screen television and a mirrored wall dominated the room. Warren dropped onto a salmon colored couch, while Jade sat on a large chair opposite him. Although she had changed clothes and had time to regain some composure the sexual stirrings she felt were undeniable. She decided to play it safe from a neutral position and had not sat next to Warren. This distance did not go unnoticed by Dr. Kevin Mann who was casually dressed for the session.

"Is everything going well?" he inquired.

"Yes, fine," Jade replied. Warren nodded in agreement.

"It's just that I notice a little tension between you. Are there problems we need to discuss?" Dr. Mann insisted.

Warren didn't like Dr. Mann's inquisitorial tone. Fuck, after all he was the lawyer in the room.

"Tension?" The hair prickled at the back of his neck.

"Well, yes," Dr. Mann replied, "I watch body language closely and you seem distanced from each other. In addition, Housekeeping told me that both beds in your suite were unmade. Does that mean you slept apart last night?"

"Housekeeping!" Warren spat, "Who the hell are they? The secret police?"

Jade's eyes widened. She had never seen Warren like this. He was incensed. Seething anger blazed from his eyes. He stared directly at Dr. Mann.

"Since when do I have to ask housekeeping permission to fuck my own wife in two different beds?"

Jade moved swiftly, sitting on the couch next to Warren and touching him on the thigh lightly, but with an intimacy shared by lovers. Her reporter instincts tingled, maybe this would lead somewhere. She needed them to get beyond this. Perhaps they were finally onto something. "Its okay baby," she reassured. The endearment slipped out before she could stop it.

"I'm sorry if I upset you," Dr. Mann soothed, "But you must understand that many couples come here to overcome marital difficulties."

"Yeah well we don't have any," Warren retorted, his voice still hard and cold. "And you can tell that to housekeeping as well!"

Fuck, he was even sexier when he was angry, Jade mused. She could almost imagine him tying her up and coldly having his way with her, using her like his personal fuck slut. A delicious thrill swept through her body as she willed her mind to get back to the conversation.

A tight smile crossed Dr. Mann's face. "You are indeed a passionate man, Warren and since you brought up the subject of 'fucking' perhaps we should move straight to it."

"Are you going to want a personal account of how we fucked last night?" Jade asked enticingly. She hoped that Dr. Mann's ethical facade might crack.

"Not at all," Dr. Mann said mildly "But I am going to ask if you are uninhibited and comfortable enough with each other to share your fantasies together."

"Fantasies, ohh I have a few of those," Jade giggled.

"And have you shared them with Warren?"

"Well, some." She was deliberately evasive as she gave Warren a knowing look. A sultry smile crossed her lips as she remembered a conversation with him where they had touched on the topic of fantasies. It was one of those times when things almost got out of hand.

Warren locked eyes with her and relaxed slowly. He recalled his revelation to her about a voyeuristic fantasy of watching a sexy woman flash her naked pussy at him in a very public place. "But you know more about my fantasies, than I do about yours..." he drawled. His heart beat a little faster.

Jade stretched languorously a warm glow of excitement flooding her body. She actually did want to share some fantasies with Warren. Dammit he occupied enough of them but...

"Well Jade?" Dr. Mann's voice jarred into her thoughts. Warren sat perfectly still, watching her closely.

Jade fixed her eyes on Warren. "I guess the one that I think about most now is fucking you." She exhaled deeply. Jesus she had said it directly to him. His eyes bore into her, but she saw the excited dilation of his pupils and the tension in his jaw. He wanted to hear more. Her words tumbled out. "I fantasize about fucking you in every imaginable position while someone watches us and then joins in."

"A threesome" Dr. Mann commented nonchalantly, reaching for a remote control and flicking on the large screen. A selection menu appeared, showing a panorama of people engaged in various sexual acts. "There are so many possible mixes when it comes to threesomes and group sex. But here are a few," he said pressing a button and zooming in on one of the images.

"Porn movies!" Jade stammered, as the screen filled with a close-up shot of a tongue lapping away at a hairy pussy, while a thick cock penetrated it. "You're going to make us watch porn?"

"Not acted porn, but explicit, adult scenes engaged in by real people living out their fantasies Jade," Dr. Mann smiled. "And I am not going to make you do anything. You have free choice and the opportunity to explore if you wish."

Warren swallowed hard. His lust for Jade, at this moment was great. It threatened to overwhelm him. Her words about wanting to fuck him hammered into his brain and the scene he was watching did nothing to dampen the raging flow of blood to his cock. Christ, he groaned inwardly, this was a job. He had to keep it together, he couldn't let his professionalism slip. Dr. Mann handed him the remote control.

"I'll be back in a while after you have had some time together to watch."

"Holy shit," Jade gasped as he left the room. Her eyes were fixed on a scene showing a sluttish blonde getting fucked in her pussy and her ass by huge cocks. Another massive dick was shoved into her mouth. It was the look of pure unadulterated ecstasy on the woman's face that caught Jade's attention. This was definitely not acted. Her pleasured grunts and groans were real.

Jade clenched her thighs together. Her pussy was throbbing madly, the juice flowing freely. She was certain there would be a wet spot on the leather where she was sitting. The scene changed to a sexy strip tease. An attractive big-breasted woman rubbed oil over her body as she stripped before a chanting crowd of men. She slipped her greasy fingers sensuously over her body down to her shaved pussy and then plunged them deep inside, finger fucking herself wildly as another naked woman knelt before her and sucked her clit. A man came up behind her. His cock was hard and glistening with oil. He bent the standing woman over and spread her ass cheeks wide, aimed the angry head of his cock at the ridge of her ass and rammed it deep inside her.

"Fuck, Jadie, we have to stop this," Warren groaned. "I can't take it any longer."

His hand moved openly across the thick bulge in his pants. Jade wanted to free his raging cock and suck it. She wanted to take him deep in her mouth and let his hot cream spill into her throat. An anguished sound erupted from her as she imagined what it would be like to feel the heat from his burning cock against her soft cheek, taste the nectar from its angry slit. The scene on the screen changed again. Jade watched mesmerized. Her breath became ragged as her eyes took it in. Her cunt was oozing, the crotch of her panties sopping wet. Warren reached for the remote to switch it off.

"No... don't!" Jade rasped, "Not yet, I want to see it please." Warren looked at her. He didn't know this side of her, but he had long suspected that it might exist buried deep beneath the sweet, good-girl image she showed the world. Her lips were parted and hot air rushed from her flared nostrils. Her green eyes blazed with unbridled animalistic lust. God, she was stunning. Her blatant unabashed arousal made him dizzy with desire.

Dr. Kevin Mann observed them from his office. The one-way mirror gave him an uninterrupted view. They were both clearly aroused. He could see it in their postures, their stances. But they were not touching. It was remarkable. He had never encountered a couple like them before. Their attraction for each other was patently evident, yet in public they continued to keep a distance from each other. He walked back into the Flamingo Room. The screen was blank, the silence deafening and a faint scent of arousal hung in the air. He smiled at them.

"See anything you liked?" he asked softly.

Jade felt her control slipping away. It was surreal, insane, the way she was responding to this bizarre seduction but she could not shrug off her burning desire. Her heart was thudding in her chest. Her cunt was throbbing and congested. It ached for release.

"Yes," she said in a hushed tone. "I want to try double penetration." She looked at both of them.

"Now!" she hissed.

Dr. Mann nodded and opened a drawer filled with a collection of vibrators and dildos in various sizes and colors. "There are some toys here that you can choose from."

"No! I don't want a toy; I want two real live hot cocks!"

"Jadie..." Warren said warningly.

"Don't you find me attractive Kevin?" It was the first time she had used the Doctor's name. "Wouldn't you like to fuck me?" She stripped off her dress and stroked her damp mound. She walked towards him and boldly ran her hand over his groin. A small smile crossed her face as she felt his hardness tenting the front of his pants.

"Jade, of course, I find you attractive, but I'm a doctor." He reluctantly moved her hand away from his engorged cock.

"But your cock tells me that you are a man who wants to fuck me," she purred seductively as she shrugged off her bra, letting her breasts spring free.

Warren's cock throbbed painfully in the tight confines of his jeans as he watched Jade undress and seduce Dr. Mann. Her body was firm and smooth and he longed to run his tongue over her contours and discover all her soft hidden spots. He needed to breathe in her musky aroma while he buried his face in her magnificent cunt. But years of doing the right thing, sound judgment and a last shred of professionalism won over.

"Jade, stop it!" He snapped. "It's not necessary! You don't have to do this. We can walk away and leave right now!"

His tone of voice, thick with arousal but gruff with reprimand caused Jade to turn her head towards him. Through the fog of carnal lust that had assaulted her senses, she realized that Warren believed her performance to be part of a plan to 'test' Dr. Kevin Mann's ethics. Perhaps, to lure him into unscrupulous behavior. Shit, she thought, Warren couldn't be farther from the truth. She hadn't given a single consideration to their assignment from the time she had allowed her fantasies to be unleashed and had abandoned her self-control. She felt as though a demon had been allowed to run riot. She craved this! Every fiber in her body screamed for it! Warren saw it before she spoke. He saw the depth of her need in her wild excited look. Her eyes blazed with passion and wanton lust. My God, he thought a sense of horror and arousal washing over him, she really wants this!

"Please Warren," she uttered, her voice a dry croak, "I need this, please."

He vaguely heard Dr. Mann's voice in the background protesting saying something about both people needing to feel comfortable, but the pounding in his ears blocked out the rest of the Doctor's words. Warren was filled with overpowering feelings of desire tinged with conflict. The rational part of his brain said no, but his lust screamed yes! His head spun in tormented debate. He wanted Jade badly. She evoked all his tactile desires but if they did this, there was no turning back. Their relationship would not, could not, ever be the same again. Jade waited, his brief moment of indecision tearing at her. She slipped two fingers inside her drenched pussy and scooped some juice onto them.

"Taste me," she whispered, sliding her glistening digits along his upper lip. Her musky scent filled his nostrils and his mouth opened to savor the tempting treat she offered him. His weakening resolve crumbled and he unzipped his jeans, exposing his big stiff cock gleaming with secretions to her.

"Oh God, yes," she whimpered as she dropped to the ground her mouth seeking his hardness. She dragged her tongue over the head and let the drooling saliva from her mouth mix with his salty precum. Her lips latched onto him and sucked lovingly, his thick shaft stretching her mouth. Warren threw back his head and groaned in pleasure as he let himself merge with her touch. His hands moved through Jade's hair as his hips moved of their own accord, driving his aching cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

Dr. Kevin Mann gazed at them. God they were so hot together, he thought. And Jade was such an alluring fucking temptress. He had watched with interest as she had enticed Warren into participating in her fantasy. Dr. Mann undressed and stroked his throbbing cock. He wanted some of her talented tongue as well. Jade beckoned him with her hand, her mouth stuffed full with Warren's cock. Reaching for Dr. Mann she reluctantly let Warren's cock slip from her mouth and fastened her lips onto his cock. It was rock hard and hot to her touch. Not as thick as Warren's but about the same length. Her mouth and tongue worked greedily, sliding around his glans and probing his oozing tip. Warren stripped the rest of his clothes off and moved his cock back to her mouth hungry for her lips to encase him again. Jade continued her frenzied cock sucking, moving her mouth between the two meaty cocks until her cunt felt like it might explode with her own burning need.

She led Warren to a leather chaise lounge and pushed him back onto it while she tore her saturated panties off. He watched while she positioned herself above him and slid down onto his stiff shaft in a single fluid movement.

"Oh yeah baby," he groaned as he felt her tight velvet cunt engulf him. He grabbed her ass and held her there deeply impaled on his throbbing cock. She felt so fucking good, hot wet and tight.

"Warren I want to... fuck you so much," Jade moaned as she moved her hips and began riding his swollen meat. She lifted herself up, letting her cunt slide teasingly up to the tip of his gleaming shaft almost letting him slip out of her and then she pushed herself down hard on him. She screamed with the intensity of the penetration totally immersed in the exquisite sensation of having him inside her. Dr. Mann grabbed a tube of KY Gel and liberally coated his cock with it. He moved a greasy finger to her tiny crinkled asshole and reamed it inside her anus. Her tight sphincter gripped his digit as he placed the head of his cock between the cheeks of her ass.

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