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Gay College Roommates



I was waiting for my afternoon appointment on Saturday afternoon to look at the room I had for rent. Three years ago after graduating from college I purchased a three bedroom house near the campus of the university where I had graduated. I decided to buy the house near campus for two reasons. The first was I was still close to my favorite hangouts and the coeds. The second reason was that I could rent out one of the bedrooms to a college student which was a nice way of supplementing my income.

The first year I rented the room to a college senior who was very serious about his studies and I hardly ever knew he was around. The second year I also rented the room to a senior who was gay and as it turned out he was very noticeable around the house. His name was Fred and he was about 5' 10" and 150 pounds. He had light brown hair and seemed very fit. Myself I weighed in at 200 lbs and I stood 6'3" tall. I too had light brown hair and I kept myself in excellent shape. I was an avid tennis player and I worked out six days a week in the gym. My name is Hank.

As I was waiting for my appointment, I thought back to the day that I discovered Fred was gay. I happened to come home from work a little early one day and Fred was in the family room watching TV. He was actually watching a movie on the TV and I was to learn that it was gay porn. Fred was pretty cool about me catching him watching gay porn and he invited me to join him.

"Hank, have you ever watched porn?" Fred inquired.

"Sure but not in awhile but never gay porn," I replied.

"Why don't you grab a beer and join me. You may find that you like it," Fred offered.

I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat down in my favorite easy chair and watched the movie with Fred. The first scene was at a private boy's school. Two boys were naked in a 69 position when a third boy dressed in the school uniform entered the room. He acted upset with the other two boys who immediately jumped up and stood with their erect cocks standing straight out. Then the two naked boys jumped the third boy and began stripping off his clothes. The boy acted as if he was resisting and protesting but before long he was as naked as the other two.

Then the three of them began to suck and fuck one another. The one boy acted as if it was his first time and that he was surprised by everything that happened. Soon he was on all fours with a cock in his ass and another one in his mouth. Then they fucked and sucked while rotating positions. Finally the reluctant boy was on his back getting fucked missionary style while he had his head turned to one side sucking on the other boy's cock. The one fucking him jerked him off and soon the three of them were cumming.

As in any porn movie they show cum shots. The boy getting fucked came first and sprayed cum all over his chest and abs. Then the one fucking him pulled out of his ass and sprayed his load on the boy's chest and abs. The third boy pulled out of his mouth and shot streams of cum on the boy's chest and abs. The boy lying on his back was cum drenched. The other two boys then rubbed the semen into the third boy's body and then they all collapsed next to each other.

I looked over at Fred and he had his pants open and he was stroking his erect cock. I could feel my own cock stir under in my pants. The next scene then appeared on the screen. This one was in a hotel room and two bell boys in uniform had just brought up this guys luggage. The guy apologized for not having smaller bills to tip the bellboys. Well the next thing the guy was on his knees sucking off the two bellboys.

The scene then flashed ahead and they were all naked. The two bellboys were fucking the other guy on all fours. One bellboy was being sucked off while the other one was fucking the hotel guest who was jerking off his cock. They all shot their wads with the guest shooting a massive load on the carpet while his face, back and ass were covered in cum.

I heard Fred breathing hard and I looked at him. His 6" cock was very hard and he was slowly stroking it, obviously he did not want to cum quickly. He looked over at me and smiled. Then he returned his attention to the movie. My cock was also rock-hard but I elected not to jerk off. Then Fred spoke breaking the ice.

"Hank, have you ever had sex with a guy," he asked.

I was obviously surprised by the question but I decided to be honest, "Yeah, a couple of times when I was in Europe. I got a couple of blow jobs but I am not interested in cock."

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked.

I knew where this was going and at that moment I decided that if he wanted to suck my cock I would let him. Why not? No one else would know and I could get my rocks off.

"Yes I did. This young Italian guy gave great head," I admitted.

"Would you like me to suck your cock? I would like to. Will you let me suck you?" Fred asked almost begging.

"I guess so if you want," I answered and stood up to take my cock out of my pants.

"No wait please, let's go to my room," he offered.

So I followed Fred into his bedroom. As I walked behind him I noticed his shapely bubble butt and I wondered if he liked it in the ass as well. I hadn't told Fred that I fucked a couple of young Italian boys as well so it wouldn't be a first for me.

"Do you mind if I take off my clothes too?" he asked.

"No not at all," I replied and we both undressed.

Fred sat on the edge of the bed and drew me in toward him. He caressed the back of my legs and cheeks of my ass as his warm, wet, wonderful mouth began sucking on my cock. He ran his hands over my abs and scraped them lightly with his fingernails. I was so horny I almost shot right then and there. Fred was massaging the head of my cock against the roof of his mouth. He circled my cock with his tongue and scraped it lightly with his teeth. I felt the light scraping of his teeth. My cock felt harder and longer than it ever had been in my life and I felt I was going to shoot.

Fred took my cock out of his mouth and looked up at me as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged my bloated balls. At that time I felt longer than my 7+" and bigger around then 5." He put it back in his mouth and then took it out again then he gently blew on it as his fingers continually massaged my balls. He tickled my cock head with his tongue and teased my pee slit. He was bringing me up and down and I was close to cumming few times. Fred seemed to know when I was getting close, and he would do things making me last longer, torturing me in the process.

Fred then took my cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. No one had ever deep throated me until now. He swirled his tongue around the length of my shaft, nibbled on my cock head and sucked me hard. Fred reached under my balls and rubbed the hardness between my balls and anus. I could feel my cock thickening and I knew I was going to cum. There was no stopping me this time. Fred grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands as I exploded in his mouth. I fired round after round of cum into his mouth and Fred sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. The force of shooting my load was so intense that it almost hurt. I lost track of time for awhile and just held onto Fred's head as he milked my cock for every drop.

My legs were weak and I had to sit down. I sat on the edge of the bed and Fred knelt down between my knees keeping my cock in his mouth. He massaged my balls as he continued to suck my cock clean until it shrank and left his mouth. Fred continued to lick and kiss my cock sending chills and shivers through my body.

I said, "That was incredible, thank you."

"So you liked it," he replied with a grin.

"Of course, you were great," I replied and I meant it as it had been one of the best blow jobs that I ever had.

Fred was very pleased with my cock and he immediately dropped to his knees and took it back in his mouth. Fred sucked my cock until I was rock hard and then begged me to fuck him in the ass. He got up on the bed on all fours, handed me a tube of lube and asked me to prepare his ass for my cock. I got the lube out and poured an ample amount in his asshole. I took my time fingering Fred's asshole until he pleaded with me to stop teasing him and fuck him.

I knelt behind Fred and lined my cock up with his asshole and pressed forward pushing my cock head past his sphincter. Fred groaned as my large cock opened up his back door. He reached back and placed a hand on my thigh in an effort to control the penetration. I took my time and worked my cock in slowly inch by inch until it was buried in Fred's asshole. As I fucked Fred from behind, he really looked feminine with my cock in his ass. I thought that Fred could pass for a girl if he had longer hair.

Fred stiffened as he came and shot his wad on the bed sheet. I felt Fred's asshole contract around my cock as he shot his spunk and I picked up the pace and pounded his ass. I felt my own orgasm build up in my balls and then I felt my semen travel through my scrotum. I pressed into Fred's ass and emptied my balls deep in his rectum. The semen shot into Fred's rectum and gathered around my cock buried deep in his ass.

"Oh I feel it, cum in me, I feel you cumming in me!" Fred screamed and then added, "I love it, shoot it in me."

Fred clenched my cock with his anal muscles and then released it several times as he milked every drop of cum from my cock. I stayed hard and continued to fuck Fred's ass as my semen backed out of his asshole and trickled down over his perineum. I continued to fuck Fred's ass until I came a second time and filled his rectum with another load. I pushed forward and Fred collapsed on the bed under my weight. I lay prone on top of him as my cock softened, deflated and slipped from his ass. Fred was pressed into his own semen on the bed under him until I lifted myself off of his sensuous body. Fred rolled over on his back and looked at me and smiled as I too rolled over on my back. He descended along my body with his lips and covered my cock with his mouth. He sucked my cock until it was clean of all cum. After that first time Fred and I had sex many times before he graduated from college. I had the better of two worlds. I was still going to the hangouts and chasing pussy. However when I didn't get lucky I had Fred's mouth and ass waiting for me at the house.


My thought about the previous year were interrupted when the doorbell rang. I realized that my appointment had arrived and I answered the door. Two very handsome boys stood at the doorway when I opened the door. In fact upon closer inspection, I would have to say they were not handsome but pretty.

"Hi we're here to see the room," one boy announced.

"Sure, come on in," I offered and showed them into the family room.

I couldn't help but check them out as I let them walk by me. They were not only pretty but they had effeminate bodies and mannerisms. I couldn't help but look at the round asses in their tight khaki pants.

"Have a seat, can I get you something to drink?" I asked trying to make them feel comfortable.

"No thanks, we just finished lunch. I'm Alec and he is Barry," Alec said by way of introductions.

"I'm Hank. Which one of you is interested in the room?" I asked.

"We both are," Barry replied.

"Maybe you misunderstood. I only have one bedroom for rent. The other bedroom I use as an office," I explained.

"Oh we know. We hoped that we could both stay in the room. Barry and I are lovers and we prefer to sleep in the same bed," Alec said catching me totally off guard.

I had never thought of renting one room to two people. "I guess I was unprepared for that request," I admitted.

"Is that okay, we won't be any bother," Barry offered.

"I'll have to think about it but for now let's check out the room," I suggested.

I led the way down the hall to the bedroom for rent. It had a queen size bed in it so there was plenty of room for two people. Barry and Rick walked past me and as they did I checked out their bubble butts again.

"This is perfect. It is just how Fred described it," Alec said in a bubbly tone.

"Fred, you know Fred. How do you know Fred," I asked.

"We met Fred several times at different gay functions. He highly recommended your house to us," Alec replied as he smiled and looked at Barry.

"I bet he did," I thought to myself and then I decided that it might be fun to fuck these two cuties. "Well it's a bit unusual but if you want the room it's yours," I offered.

"Oh that's great, that's wonderful," Alec said and then he and Barry hugged in celebration. "When can we move in?" Barry asked excitedly.

"Anytime, the room is ready so you can move in anytime," I replied.

"Today, can we move in today?

"Sure, go get your stuff and we'll get you settled today."

Alec and Barry had all their stuff in their car outside so I helped them bring everything in. They spent most of the afternoon unpacking and organizing their things in the room. I showed them where they could store their luggage and boxes in the garage. After they were done working the two boys took a shower and I could not resist checking them out when they were naked. I opened the bathroom door as they were drying off and I caught them drying and caressing each other's body; they both had erections from the brief foreplay.

"I was wondering if you guys would be up for a pizza tonight since you don't have any food here yet. I'm on my way out to get one and I might as well make it two, my treat," I offered.

Both boys had blushed from being caught with hard cocks but I had been cool about it. "Sure a pizza would be great," Barry accepted.

I left the two boys and drove down to the pizza parlor to pick up a couple of pies. As I drove, I thought of the two boys in my house. They were indeed pretty boys with killer asses. They were both blonde with patches of blonde fuzzy pubic hair above their average six inch cocks. I guessed them both to be about 5'6" or 5'7" and weigh close to 160 pounds. Then I wondered how long it would be before I was fucking both of them.

I returned home with the pizza and the three of us sat around the kitchen table eating, drinking and getting to know one another better. I was curious as to how much Fred had told them about the year he stayed here. Alec admitted that Fred had told them about having sex with me. After finishing the pizza we took our beers into the family room and continued the conversation. Alec and Barry sat on the sofa and I sat in my favorite chair across from them.

"Fred said that you had a beautiful cock and that you were a very good lover," Alec admitted.

"Really, did he tell you that I am not into cock? That I only like getting blowjobs and fucking hot tight asses," I replied.

"Oh yes, Fred was very clear about that. He said that you dated girls and that you were definitely bisexual," Barry added.

"Are you guys okay with that?" I asked.

"Well we are but we have to admit something. Barry and I have never made it with anyone else and we have never had a threesome before," Alec blushed as he spoke.

"Hey if there is no sex between us, I'm cool with that. I just wanted to know where things stand," I assured them.

Alec and Barry looked at each other and then Alec spoke again, "Actually we were looking forward to the possibility of a threesome after what Fred told us."

"I'm game anytime you guys are ready," I told them.

"We need to ease into it. We want you to watch Alec and I make love first and then join in," Barry explained.

"Go for it," I said encouraging them.

Alec smiled and stood up from the sofa and I watched as Barry went about stripping Alec naked. Barry took his time and savored every moment of uncovering Alec's effeminate body. Barry took Alec's shoes and socks off first and then he took off Alec's shirt. He rubbed his hands all over Alec's chest and abs for several minutes and then he dropped to his knees in front of Alec. Barry unbuckled Alec's belt unzipped his fly and unbuttoned his pants. Then he slid Alec's pants all the way down to his ankles. He lifted Alec's feet one at a time to pull the pants free from his legs. Alec had a raging hard on and it was very obvious in his underwear. Barry smiled at Alec when he saw his erection and then he hooked his fingers in the waistband of Alec's underwear and slowly tugged them down Alec's legs. I noticed that Alec and Barry were both breathing hard. My cock had hardened in my pants just from watching them.

Barry finally pulled Alec's underwear down past his cock allowing the elastic waistband to catch on Alec's erect cock. Barry pulled the underwear slowly over Alec's cock and purposely let in snag in the elastic. Barry continued the downward movement and Alec's cock sprang free. Alec's cock bobbed in front of Barry's face but Barry was patient and he finished removing Alec's underwear. Barry then reached up and caressed Alec's ass and thighs causing Alec to groan loudly. Alec looked as if he was in desperate need of relief. Barry then covered Alec's cock with his mouth and sucked him gently. Alec was so turned on that it only took a few sucks on his cock that he was ready to cum. Barry sensed this and stopped sucking Alec. Alec looked confused but Barry spoke

"Let's take this into our bedroom. I want to be naked too," Barry said softly.

Barry walked into the bedroom and Alec and I followed him. I watched Alec's ass as I walked behind him and I found myself wanting to fuck him. Barry took off all his clothes and told Alec to get in bed. Alec got in bed and lay on his back waiting for Barry's next move. Barry took some lube from his duffle bag and then knelt between Alec's legs.

"You're look so beautiful that I just have to fuck you first," Barry announced.

Alec nodded in agreement and spread his legs. Barry fingered Alec's asshole with one finger and then two fingers taking his time as he enjoyed playing with his ass. Barry had Alec's asshole well lubed and then he added the lube to his own cock and moved into position. He lifted Alec's legs up so that Alec's ass came off the bed and then he eased his cock into Alec's asshole. Barry's cock slid in easily and I watched for the first time as two men fucked missionary style. Barry's arms were on the bed and the back of Alec's knees rested against them as Barry drilled Alec's ass. Alec's hard cock slapped against his abdomen as Barry fucked him. I then decided to take my own clothes off and join in when I felt it was appropriate.

"Oh my Alec, you are so hot. I can feel your warmth surrounding my cock. This is going to be a quick one," Barry gasped.

"Stay in me, cum in my ass," Alec called out.

I watched as Barry hastened his thrusts into Alec's ass and then his entire body went taut. Barry groaned as he unloaded in Alec's ass. Alec moaned as he felt the warm cum fill his asshole and then the two of them embraced on the bed. They stayed in their embrace until Barry's cock softened and slipped from Alec's ass. They were speechless for almost a minute while I stood there with a rock hard boner. Then Barry spoke to Alec.

"That was wonderful, now it is your turn, would you like to fuck me or should I suck your pretty cock?" Barry offered.

"I'd like to fuck you first," Alec replied.

Barry lay on his back but Alec told him to get on all fours. Then Alec picked up the lube and worked it in to Barry's ass. Alec then lubed his cock and knelt behind Barry to fuck him. I took this as my cue to get in on the action so I knelt on the bed in front of Barry so he could suck my cock. Alec eased his dick into Barry's ass and once he was all the way in, Barry took my cock in his mouth.

"Oh good, I get to see you suck Hank's cock while I fuck you," Alec said.

Alec was so hot that he came within minutes and flooded Barry's ass. He stayed hard in Barry's ass however and kept right on fucking him. Barry was giving me a skillful blow jobs and I knew that I couldn't last much longer either. I felt my ball sac tighten and I knew it was only seconds before I would cum. Barry sensed my pending ejaculation and he reached down and caressed my balls and tickled my perineum which sent me over the edge. My body stiffened and my cock pulsated as cum streamed into Barry's mouth. Barry swallowed as quickly as he could and he kept right on sucking my cock. Soon the sensations got so extreme I had to push his head away from me. I was drained as I sat back to watch Alec as he continued to fuck Barry.

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