Gay for Pay


"This was supposed to be a one time only thing." John said.

"Oh come on...the guy worships your cock John. You're his absolute dream guy...he's wanted to fuck you and only you since he first became interested in men...would you really deny him the chance to suck you and fuck you as much as he can before he moves away and never sees you again?" Kelly asked.

"Yes Kelly...yes I would. This little change in our agreement is gonna cost you two more women from each group." John said.

"Well...okay...I guess if that's what it takes then it's okay with me." Kelly said.

John and Kelly went over to Eric's house the next two nights and John fucked Eric and Eric sucked John's cock as they'd agreed.

Saturday morning John and Kelly pulled up as the moving truck was leaving.

"Wow, this place is really empty." Kelly said.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I got everything on the truck, but I've been going through the house to be sure we didn't leave something we'll want later in a cabinet or something." Eric said.

"Are you ready to get this last time started?" John asked.

"Hell yes I am...though I wish this wasn't going to be the last time." Eric said.

"Well it is so you'd better enjoy it while you can." Kelly said.

They moved to the bedroom. There was no bed, but the room was at the back of the house and it still had its blinds so that nobody would see in. Eric quickly took off his clothes and John took off his.

Eric moved to his knees in front of John and took John's cock in his mouth. Eric wanted the experience to last as long as possible so he took his time sucking and stroking John's cock. He licked John's balls several times.

"Okay...I'm gonna cum." John said.

Eric jerked John off into his mouth swallowing every drop.

"Okay...on your hands and knees...let's get started on fucking you in the ass." John said.

Eric bent over onto his hands and knees on the bedroom carpet. Kelly handed John the bottle of lube and after lubing his cock John pushed it into Eric's ass.

"Oh god that feels so good. I'm gonna miss that so much. Thank you John for doing this." Eric said.

John didn't respond he just started fucking Eric in the ass.

"Yes...yes...that's so good. Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes." Eric said.

When John came in Eric's ass he saw Kelly encouraging him to keep going. John rolled his eyes, but kept fucking Eric's ass.

"Jerk yourself off while he fucks you Eric. This is the last time you'll ever get to fuck John so you have to really make it the best ever." Kelly said.

Eric's cock was already leaking cum from the pressure John's cock was putting on his prostate, but he reached under his body with one hand and started stroking his cock. Every stroke seemed to bring more cum out of Eric's cock. He finally stroked himself to an orgasm that made his whole body shudder.

John continued to fuck Eric in the ass for half an hour after cumming in his ass the first time and John came in his ass a second time. John pulled his cock out of Eric's ass.

"Now lick up that puddle you made while I wash up then you can suck me off one last time before you leave." John said.

Eric moved to hungrily lick and slurp up the puddle of cum that he'd left on the carpet. John washed his cock and then stood in front of Eric as he sucked John's cock.

"Make it last Eric...this is the last time you're ever gonna see my cock...let alone suck it." John said.

Eric slowed down. He sucked John's cock for over 40 minutes.

"Eric, I'm about to cum again. When I do I want you to hold it in your mouth. Don't swallow it. Get dressed and get in your car and drive away with it still in your mouth. Keep it there as long as you can before you swallow it. Do you understand?" John asked.

Eric pulled off of John's cock.

"Yes...I understand. Thank you for letting me do this." Eric said.

He went back to sucking John's cock. When John came in Eric's mouth they both started getting dressed. Eric held John's cum in his mouth as he'd been told.

"Eric, call us when you get there to let us know that you made it okay...that is assuming you've swallowed John's cum by then...if you haven't...send a text message." Kelly said.

Eric smiled. They walked out of the house together and Eric locked it up. He got in his car and drove away. John and Kelly walked towards their car.

"So...have you found me a girl for a threesome or to have on my own yet?" John asked.

"Yes, my sister Julie is coming over for dinner tonight." Kelly said.

"Your sister huh? Good choice. I guess I know what I'm having for dessert tonight." John said.

"Just's only going to be twice." Kelly said.

"I remember." John said.

They got in their car and drove home.

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