Gay Like Girls


I won't bother you with the specifics of what happened. Hell, I'm not even exactly sure of how everything had happened! It all started one day when I was at my friend Randolph's house, and me and him were just casually watching the ball game on his big-screen TV that he'd just purchased at the local Wal-Mart chugging a beer and having a gay old time (if you'll pardon the pun!). Anyhoo, it was during the boring-as-hell halftime show that Randolph started to get up off his loveseat we were sitting on (again, if you'll pardon the pun!). I thought he was going into his kitchen to get himself another beer. How wrong I was!

"Wait here a minute," he said to me, a somewhat serious look on his face. "I have somethin' I wanna show ya."

"Okay," I said as I shrugged and took another swig of beer.

With that, he got up and went down the hall towards the back. It was probably at least a good 10-15 minutes before he came back in the room and stood almost in arm's reach away from me. I swear I nearly spit out my mouthful of beer when I saw Randolph. To say that he looked entirely different would be the understatement of the century!

My best bud who I'd known since grade school was a danged crossdresser!

Randolph was wearing this form-fitting dress with red and black stripes, a pair of sheer nylon pantyhose and black high heels, or come-fuck-me-pumps as I look to call them. On his head he had on a blond curly wig with a red scarf tied around his forehead. I guess the scarf was to keep his wig from falling off. He face was made up better than what my own wife usually does! He stood there smiling down at me with his hands on his hips like this wasn't the only "secret" he was wanting to share with me.

"Randolph!" I shouted as I put my can of beer on the coffee table in front of me. I glared back at him and shouted again, "What the hell! Is this some kind of joke or somethin'?"

"Hey there, big boy," Randolph said in this voice that was a few higher pitches than normal. "My name is Randi." He winked at me. I was starting to feel ill. "What's your name?"

"Randolph," I said, starting to look my patience with him, "you know danged good and well what my name is! Now stop this and let's go back to watching the danged game, okay?"

Randolph just ignored me as he slinked down on the loveseat next to me and actually started acting like he was coming on to me!

"Come on, big boy," he said as he put his hand on my leg and started sliding his fingers slowly down the inside of my thigh. "Let's see what you got hiding down there!"

I swear I thought about hitting my best bud across his chops for the first time since I'd known him.

"Get your hand off me, Randolph! What the hell's the matter with you? You goin' queer on me or somethin'?"

"I told you my name is Randi," he/she said to me, still not removing he/she's hand from my thigh. "Randolph's not here at the moment." He/she leaned in closer to me, still grinning like a possum in heat. "You'll just have to deal with me." I got a whiff of he/she's intoxicating perfume. The combination of he/she's feminine scent and the feeling of he/she's hand creeping slowly up my inner thigh made me sprout an involuntary hard-on (or, in hindsight, maybe it wasn't so involuntary!).

Now I wondered what the hell was happening to me!

I made what I realized was a half-assed attempt to stop Randolph--excuse me, Randi--from what "she" was doing by grabbing "her" wrist and half-assedly trying to pull it back as her fingers crept closer and closer to my groin. But, to my surprise, I still kept letting "Randi" run her hand up my leg until the tips of her fingers were touching the bottom of my ballsack. With my hand still around her wrist, she moved her fingers up over my balls and laid her palm right on my cock, which was by now hard enough to cut diamonds!

"Mmmm," she purred like a sex-starved kitten. "I think somebody likes me!"

I could only sit there and grin at Randi like some danged virgin teenager. She leaned in even closer to me until her pouty lips were nearly touching my sweaty face. She planted a kiss right on my cheek and whispered in my ear like a phone-sex operator, "What do you wanna do now, big boy?"

Again, to my surprise, I let go of Randi's hand and she wrapped her fingers around my cock through the crotch of my jeans, which had tightened up quite considerably, as you can probably imagine! Randi planted kisses all the way down my cheek and neck and then slid off the loveseat where she started unzipping my tightening jeans.

"Let's see what you have for me, big boy!"

She pulled down my pants and briefs just enough to uncover the top half of my dick. Randi's eyes got wide as saucers and her grin got bigger as she looked down at my cock like she was really impressed with what she saw.

"Ooh!" She gazed back up at me and wrapped her hand around the uncovered part of my prick. "You really are a big boy, aren't you?"

Again, I giggled like some horny virgin teenager as she brought her face down towards my cock until her lips were nearly touching the flushed head. I leaned my head back on the loveseat and groaned as I felt her hot sweet breath hitting the sensitive skin of my shaft. She glanced back up at me and said in a seductive voice, "What do you want me to do now, big boy?"

I gazed back down at her and was practically begging her at this point, "I want you to suck it!"

She grinned again and said, torturing me, "You want me to suck it, what?"

Right off I knew what she wanted me to say (just like I did with Randolph) as I told her, "I want you to suck it . . . Randi."

She gave my cock a hearty stroke and said, "That's better!"

Before I knew it, my cock was in Randi's mouth. I swear she gave me the best blowjob I'd ever gotten in my life! Hell, I couldn't even remember the last time my wife sucked my dick or even gave me a danged handjob. And, the rare times that she did, she would only do it half-assedly at best! But now here was my best bud dressed in drag--hot drag, but drag just the same!--bobbing his head up and down on my cock like a "real" woman! Hell, I can't even remember a time ever seeing each other naked, not even in gym class back at school!

Randi's mouth was all warm and wet and soft even on my dick as her hand gently fondled my aching balls. She was able to take my cock all the way down to its base where she shaft connected to the ballsack. An added pleasure was when she would swirl her tongue around my cock while it was in her mouth. That alone made me nearly blow my waiting load in her mouth right then and there, but I was able to hold back since I didn't want what she was doing to me to end anytime soon. I could tell by the expert way she was handling me that this wasn't Randi's first time, and it made me wonder just what other "secrets" Randolph had been keeping from me all of these years.

But something told me I was about to find out!

Randi took her mouth off my cock and sucked my balls into her mouth. I leaned my head back farther into the loveseat and groaned out as her tongue swirled around my sensitive nuts before she sucked them back into her hungry mouth. I groaned out even louder as she gently bit her teeth into my sensitive sack.

"You like what I'm doing to you, big boy?"

"Oh, hell yeah," I groaned at her. "Don't stop. Please don't stop!"

But she did stop as she gave my bloated nuts a quick kiss and stood back up. I looked up at her wondering what in the world she had in store for me next.

"Now it's my turn, big boy!" she said to me with her big naughty grin as stood up on the loveseat right in front of me and practically shoved her crotch right into my face. With me staring right between her legs, she raised up her dress and pulled down the top of her pantyhose. She wasn't wearing any panties as the tip of her hard-as-nails cock sprang out and almost poked me in my face. To be honest, I was kind of surprised at how big Randi's cock was. It might've been about an inch or two bigger than mine, and, unlike mine, it was uncircumcised. Again, before I knew it, I was grabbing Randi's cock with one hand and leaned my face closer to give Randi the same kind of pleasure she had given me. But then I stopped just right before my lips touched the top of her cockhead.

Randi glared down at me and asked, "What's the matter?" Her voice started sounding more like Randolph's as she asked, "Is something wrong?"

I said and did nothing for another moment or so wondering what I should do next. I mean I could've stopped everything right then and there and just walked out of there and never speak about this ever again. But there was just something about the sight of Randi's big hard cock just throbbing in my hand that made me decide to finish what we both had started as I leaned my face all the way into Randi's crotch and planted a big wet one right on top of the tip of her cock.

Needless to say, this was my first time tasting a cock, so I didn't really know what exactly to expect. But, deciding that it didn't taste so bad (as a matter of fact, it didn't taste bad at all!), I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took my best bud's schlong as far as I could down my waiting hungry throat. I thought maybe I'd gag when I felt her cock start to push against the roof of my mouth, but thankfully I didn't. Randi started slowly pushing her cock back and forth between my lips as I held her dick at its base and stroked it a little as she started pumping it faster and faster into my mouth and throat. I let go of her cock as she quickly picked up speed as her balls started slapping against my chin. Her cock slipped out of my mouth at one point, and I grabbed it again and started swirling my tongue around the flushed tip sort of like what she did with mine. She groaned like I did as I twirled my tongue around inside her thick vieny foreskin, lapping up the precum that had just begun to form at her peehole. I dipped the tip of my tongue down inside her hole and licked up some of that precum and eagerly swallowed it. I must say, like with her cock, it tasted great!

Randi popped her cock back into my mouth and started face-fucking me again more frantically than before. I knew by the way she was moaning and groaning that she was about to blow a big-ass load right into my mouth, and I let her. She threw her head back and let out a huge moan as I felt my mouth fill up with her white hot jism. I tried to swallow as much of her tasty come as I could, but there was just too much of it and some of it--well, a lot of it!--spilled out of my mouth and flowed down my chin and neck, staining the collar of my shirt. Randi grabbed both sides of my head and pumped her prick into my mouth a few more times--causing me to choke a little, by the way!--until she was finally totally spent. That's when she took her cock out of my mouth and, with her breathing hard and heavy, she fell down onto my lap, my own cock that was still hard-as-nails resting on her bare sexy ass.

When she started catching her breath, Randi said to me matter-of-factly, "You're going to fuck my ass now." She leaned her face closer to mine once more and said with her huge grin, "Don't you want to fuck my ass, big boy?"

"Oh yeah," I said, shaking my head with much enthusiasm and grinning my own grin.


With that, she spit on her hand a few times and reached behind her where she rubbed her lubed-up fingers across her asshole to get it all nice and wait for my waiting aching cock. She then grabbed my cock with the same hand she used to lubed herself up with and aimed the tip of my prick right at her asshole. Randi started slowly pushing herself down on my dick. Her asshole was amazingly tight, way tighter than any pussy I'd ever been in, I can tell you that! She kept going until I was all the way inside of her. Randi groaned out loudly as she started thrusting her "pussy" up and down on my cock. She did it slowly at first just like she did when she was fucking my mouth, then she picked up speed until she was fucking me so fast with her nice tight ass her ass cheeks were slapping hard against my scrotum. I grabbed both her hairy ass cheeks and she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and put her head on my shoulder and breathed hot and heavy in my ear. I swear I tried to hold out for as long as I could, but the feeling of her breath against my neck and the smell of her exotic perfume coupled with the tightness of her ass around my cock combined with my need to come like gangbusters finally pushed me over the edge.

"Oh shit, Randi!" I groaned at the top of my lungs. "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

"Then fuckin' come inside me, big boy!"

The sound of her sexy feminine voice begging me to come inside of her made me come and come and come and come right inside her tight ass. I swear I'd never come like that before, especially not with my frigid-as-hell wife! I came so much inside Randi's ass that some of my come--okay, a lot of my come!--spilled out of her asshole and rolled down my balls, which were by now so far up inside me that I could taste them at the back of my throat! I kept my cock inside of Randi even after I had stopped coming, which seemed to take forever! Randi didn't seem to mind. As a matter of fact, she seemed disappointed when I finally did slip my cock out of her asshole. She reluctantly climbed off of me, but then she surprised me--yet again!--when she kneeled down next to me and popped my tainted cock back into her mouth and lapped up what was left of my come along with her own ass juices. How's that for kinky!

Randolph and I remained friends after that, though I will admit it was a little awkward at first. It might surprise you that we never did talk about what had happened that day after that. Not while he was Randolph anyway as Randi had made many more return appearances, if you know what I mean! Hell, I've even taken Randi's cock up my own ass a few times, though I usually reserve that pleasure more for Randi than for myself.

I mean, after all, that's what best buds are for!

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