tagGay MaleGay Students at Private School Ch. 03

Gay Students at Private School Ch. 03



During the week as they often did the two fem-guy wives got together for coffee in the morning or wine and cheese in the afternoon. This day after relaxing with a glass of wine they were making plans for the weekend. Fred and Dirk would be gone that weekend, so the wives wanted to enjoy more than just themselves.

"I was thinking Jamie that maybe we could have that cutie Cody visit us this weekend."

"Humm! I like that idea. He is a doll with a great ass."

"We could have a lot of fun with him."

"That we could, ask Fred to invite him here for Saturday."

"Will do and now I'm ready for some fun of our own."

Samantha and Jamie undressed and got in the king-sized bed. Samantha was already hard just from the anticipation of having Cody there on the weekend. Jamie sucked Samantha's cock to take the edge off her lover. Jamie was ready too and she loved to have Samantha fuck her. Jamie knelt on the bed and raised her ass in the air. Samantha looked at her in that position and admired her great looking bubble butt. Jamie reached back and lubed her anus and then Samantha took the lube and applied a generous amount to her own cock. Samantha got on the bed behind Jamie and stared at the lovely ass that she was about to fuck.

Samantha was gentle with her as she always was allowing Jamie to adjust to her cock. Soon she was buried to the hilt in Jamie's ass and she fucked her royally. Samantha held on to the pretty twin cheeks of her lover's ass as she fucked her thoroughly. Jamie felt Samantha tense and then fill her ass with cum. Samantha continued to fuck the receptive ass as the semen backed out and ran down over Jamie's ball sac. Jamie fell forward onto the bed and Samantha followed her with her cock still buried in the lovely ass. Samantha was still turned and remained hard and she began to fuck Jamie again.

Samantha was buried balls deep in Jamie's scrumptious ass. Jamie was flattened on the bed face down as Samantha drove her cock deep into the bowels of her lover. Samantha's buttocks clenched and unclenched as she pummeled Jamie's ass. The cock drove into Jamie and then retreated until only the head remained in the rectum. Jamie felt the shaft drive in and out of her anal passage like a piston causing her to cry out.

"Oh my God your cock is so hot in my ass. Oh, fuck yeah, fill me. Cum in me, I want you shooting in my ass again."

Samantha continued to fuck the shapely firm ass of her lover driving her cock into the warm recess. Samantha sensed another orgasm building in her balls and she knew that within minutes she would cum in Jamie's hot ass. Samantha felt the pressure increase in her scrotum just before she unleashed a torrent of cum into the shapely firm ass. She felt the sphincter tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce out of it.

"Oh, I feel it. I love it when you cum in my ass. That's what I love about you Samantha, you can cum forever! My turn now Samantha, I'm so hot that I need to get my cock in your ass."

Jamie grabbed the lube and quickly covered her cock with it. Then she pushed her rock-hard cock into Samantha's ass and fucked her hard and fast. Samantha grunted under the assault of her ass but she pushed back to try to get all of Jamie's cock in her. Jamie pounded her lover's ass as she raced toward an orgasm. Jamie came and filled the ass with semen. Samantha squealed when she felt the warm liquid shoot into her ass. Jamie continued to fuck Samantha until her cock softened and slipped from the shapely ass. They rested briefly and then Samantha spoke.

"Come on, let's shower and douche our asses before our husbands get home."


It was the end of the school day and as the boys walked through the main building they ran into the Principal. Fred stared at the very pretty Dougie with a most desirable ass.

"Good day boys! Oh, Cody, I'm glad I ran into you. I need to speak with you. Can you come to my room?"

"Certainly, do you want Jeremy to come too?"

"No that's not necessary, not today."

Dougie and Jeremy went to the dorm room while Cody had a turn with the Principal. Once in his office, Fred smiled at the pretty boy and spoke softly.

"There is no one around today so let's both get our clothes off."

Cody and the Principal disrobed and hung up their clothes neatly. Fred admired the ass that he loved so much. He had Cody lean over the desk and he fondled the curvy bottom. Fred broke out the lube he kept in his desk and prepared the sweet ass for another reaming. As anxious as he was to fuck the lovely gay, he took his time being sure not to injure Cody in any way.

Once he was satisfied that Cody was ready, he eased his long thick cock into the receptive ass. Cody maneuvered so that the large cock would go in without too much resistance. Fred fed it a little at a time and as Cody loosened up, the fucking became quicker. He held onto the shapely gay as he drove his cock in and out. He loved watching it slide in and out between the flawless curvy buttocks. It didn't take Fred long to cum, it never did when he was fucking Cody. He flooded the snug rectum and left his cock buried to the hilt until it began to soften in the warm chute.

Fred kept the paper towels handy and he placed them on Cody's anus as his cock slipped out. Cody reached back and held the towels in place as semen trickled out of his well-fucked bottom. He expelled what he could and wiped his anus clean. They both got dressed and Cody smiled at the Principal.

"Was there anything else?"

"Yes, tell me about the other boy that you were with earlier."

"Oh, you mean Dougie, he hangs out with us now and so does Ronnie."

"Are they gay too? Are all of you having sex?"

"Yes, the four of us get together with Jeremy in our dorm room often."

"I see. That Dougie seems to have a very nice ass."

"Oh, he does, it's beautiful and he loves to get fucked."

"Tell me, can he be trusted to be discreet?"

"I think so. I don't think that Ronnie can but Dougie might."

"Okay, here is what I want you to do for me. I want you to have sex with Dougie and let me catch you both. That way I can have something on him so he will be forced to keep his mouth shut."

"I'll do it. Where do you want to catch us?"

"I'll let you know. Now let's get dressed and get out of here."

Cody dressed and left the office. He returned to his dorm room and flopped down on the bed. Jeremy was there and teased him.

"Well did you ass get a good enough workout today?"

"Unbelievable, it feels like a still have a dick in it."

"Well, I don't need to fuck you. I fucked Dougie twice."

"Okay but can I fuck you, I haven't cum yet."

"Certainly, I was hoping you would."


Cody wasn't surprised to receive and invitation to the Principal's home that following Saturday. However, he was surprised to learn that it would be just him with Samantha and Jamie. He arrived at the home after lunchtime on Saturday and was made to feel welcome. He liked it that he was allowed to have a beer and he liked being with the wives.

Samantha and Jamie had Cody sit between them on the family room sofa. They teased him kissing the side of his face and tonguing his ears. It did not take him long to get hard and then they undressed him. They played with his cock as they continued to kiss his face. Next, they took turns sucking his cock until he announced that he was going to shoot. The wives alternated sucking his cock and taking his release in their mouths.

Cody watched as they kissed and swapped his cum between them. Then they kissed him so he could taste himself. It was very erotic and Cody remained hard. He stroked his cock as the two wives stood up and undressed. The stiff dicks were revealed and Cody went about sucking them. He alternated between the two cocks on either side of his head.

Samantha sat back down on the sofa and Cody sucked her cock. He was placed on his knees and felt Jamie lubricate his ass. Next, he felt her cock enter his ass as he continued to suck Samantha. It was still a bit strange for him to be with the wives with great tits and cocks. Both wives liked the effeminate student and they would spend all day with him. Cody felt Jamie caress his buns as she fucked him. Samantha stroked his long wavy hair as he sucked her cock.

Jamie was the first to cum and she released a large load that filled Cody's rectum. She continued to stroke his lovely ass keeping her cock in him. Samantha came next and she flooded Cody's mouth but he handled it easily as he was used to taking big discharges in his mouth. He swallowed her seed and sucked the cock dry. His cock was hard and throbbing. Jamie reached around and grasped the stiff dick as she whispered.

"Well it feels like you're ready. Do you want me to suck you or would you like to fuck me?"

"Oh, let me fuck you. I love fucking you."

"Switch places with me."

Jamie knelt in front of Samantha and took her lover's cock in her mouth. Cody quickly lubed his cock and her ass before entering the lovely wife. Jamie liked the feel of the smaller cock. She went about sucking Samantha until Samantha was ready to fuck. Samantha got off the sofa and moved behind Cody. She slipped her dick into the student and let him do the work as he fucked Jamie. Cody loved having a cock in his ass as he was fucking the one in front of him.

Cody came quickly but remained hard and continued to fuck Jamie. Samantha then ejaculated into Cody's ass and that triggered him cumming a second time in Jamie's ass. It was a marathon of sex that day as Cody got to fuck both wives twice. In turn both wives fucked him twice and his rectum was filled with semen. Later the wives took him into the Jacuzzi and they all douched their bottoms. Once again Cody had to return for the head count but he was invited back to spend Sunday with the wives.


Early Sunday morning, Cody went to the library to study and get his homework done. He knew he would not get anything done later that day. Jeremy would have been annoyed again not being invited to the principal's home if it were not for Dougie. After the breakfast the two of them returned to the dorm room for more sex. Ronnie had intended to join the but he was accosted by four senior boys.

Ronnie was definitely bisexual as he liked sucking cocks and he desrly loved fucking the sweet asses. He was not a huge fan of getting fucked and he didn't allow a big cock his ass. He was okay with Dougie's 3" pecker as it felt more like a finger and he kind of liked the feel of semen shooting into him. Still he would not let Jeremy or Cody fuck him.

After breakfast that morning, Ronnie decided to go to the natatorium and take a morning swim. He would hook up with Jeremy and Dougie later. When he got to the natatorium, he spotted four of the seniors there but it didn't bother him as he kept to himself. After his swim he took a shower and it was there that he was accosted by the others. They all suspected that Ronnie and his friends were gay but they had never approached any of them. That morning the guys were a bit horny and agreed to get Ronnie to suck their cocks.

Ronnie froze when the four guys entered the shower room all sporting erections. They smiled at him as they stroked their cocks and walked toward him. He turned off the shower and attempted to leave but they stopped him He had a sense of what was on their minds. One of them named Brock stopped him and spoke.

"Hey Ronnie, not so fast. We want to talk to you. We were hoping that your three other buddies would be here with you."

"They're in the dorm room, waiting for me."

"Well they can wait a little longer. We were hoping to get blowjobs from the four of you but since you're alone, it will have to be just you."

"I don't do that."

The others all laughed. Brock walked closer to Ronnie and pushed him to his knees. Ronnie knelt down and looked at the impressive hard cock in his face. He knew there was no way out of the situation unless he sucked all four cocks. Reaching for the 7+" dick, he guided it into his mouth. The other three continued to stroke their dicks as they watched their classmate get his cock sucked. Brock spoke again.

"Guys, he is really good. He sucks better than my girlfriend."

"I'm next," said Carl.

Ronnie was now into sucking cock and he wanted Brock to cum quickly. He wanted to make them all cum quickly so he could get out of there. He had no idea about the ordeal he would experience that morning. The sex began as non-consensual but quickly became consensual. It would be even more non-consensual after the first round of blow jobs.

"Oh boy, I'm going to cum Ronnie. I'm really close. Keep my cock in your mouth."

Brock's body stiffened and he fired a massive load into Ronnie's mouth. The initial blast rocketed off the back of his throat. He used his tongue to block the subsequent jets and let the cum run out of his mouth. Once the cock stopped firing, Ronnie sucked it clean and Brock stepped away. Carl was next and wasted no tome shoving his cock into the now receptive mouth.

It was a repeat performance with Carl and then it was Troy and Vern to get their cocks sucked. In each instance Ronnie used the same technique to keep from having to swallow so much cum. He was covered in semen from his chin down to his chest as all four loads were massive. He started to stand up but Brock pushed on his shoulders.

"We're not done yet." I'm hard again."

Reluctantly Ronnie took the cock back in his mouth. Then he felt someone playing with his ass and panicked. He could not let them fuck him. They were too big. Actually, they were no bigger than 7+" but still he never had anything that big in his ass. He pleaded.

"Don't please, I don't do that. I'll suck you all again but don't fuck me."

Brock replied, "You mean you didn't do that until today. Don't worry, we'll be gentle. Troy will fuck you first, he has the slimmest cock. Make sure you lube him good Troy, we don't want to hurt him."

Once again, Ronnie knew his fate was sealed and he could only let them have their way with him. He felt the finger in his rectum greasing it for what was to come. Brock was now fucking his face and he was temporarily distracted. Then he felt the cockhead at his anus, a steady push and the soft spongy head entered his ass. Troy stopped briefly and then continued the arduous journey filling Ronnie's ass with the slender cock. He turned his attention back to Brock's cock and resumed sucking it as his passage was stretched and soon accommodated the stiff member.

"Shit, he is tight. This is fucking great."

Brock did not cum in Ronnie's mouth a second time as he wanted to save it for it for the butt fucking. Troy's face contorted slightly and then he pulled Ronnie by the hips. Ronnie felt the seed shoot deep into his rectum and remarkably it seemed soothing. Troy was replaced by Carl who also didn't last long and ejaculated into the taut rectum. Vern followed Carl and then it was Brock who had the thickest cock of all of them. By the then Ronnie was able to handle Brock as he had been gradually broken in and stretched out.

Ronnie remained on the shower floor with four loads of semen oozing from his anus. The other four showered and then left to get dressed. In a mocking like tone they thanked Ronnie for a great time and promised to get together again sometime. Ronnie managed to get to his feet and rinsed his body free of male seed. He was exhausted and sore. After the shower he say in the jacuzzi by the pool and relaxed. A million thoughts ran through his mind as now he had been royally fucked and would never be the same. He wondered if they would ever be back for more. He knew that they weren't gay but they sure liked fucking him and getting their cocks sucked. Would group sex with then and his gay classmates ever happen?

Back in the dorm room, Jeremy and Dougie were having their own fun. They decided to play a game and see how many times they could cum in each other's ass without removing their cocks. Jeremy was fucking Dougie in the spoon position now as he had already cum twice in the doggy position. It took a while but Jeremy managed a third ejaculation. Then it was Dougie's turn and he came very quickly with the first one and surprising fast with the second.

Dougie was going for his third cum in the spoon position with Jeremy when Ronnie arrived at the dorm room. Ronnie took off his clothes and fed Jeremy his cock. He was so ready that he came within a few minutes. He flooded Jeremy's mouth and then he got in bed behind Dougie to fuck him. The presence of Ronnie's cock in his ass accelerated Dougie's third ejaculation into Jeremy. Minutes later, Ronnie was shooting into Dougie's bottom. The three of them rested in bed and then Ronnie told them about his ordeal that morning.


Just as Cody and Jeremy had found themselves in the Principal's office after being caught having sex, it was now Cody and Dougie. Although Cody arranged to be caught, Dougie had no idea that he had been set up. Cody played the innocent role perfectly and a frightened Dougie also tried to act innocent. Fred spoke to them sternly.

"Well boys, that was quite a display this afternoon. I assume that this was not your first time together."

Both boys looked sheepishly at the Principal as he reprimanded them for their behavior. Dougie could not believe it when the Principal told them to get undressed. He hesitated and was surprised when Cody stripped quickly. With Cody urging him on, Dougie removed his clothes. Fred admired the lovely ass seeing it bare for the first time.

"You have a lovely ass Dougie and I bet everyone wants to fuck it. Cody go ahead and fuck Dougie now and break him in for my cock."

Dougie knelt on all fours and Cody entered him from behind. Dougie's ass was still lubed from earlier when the principal caught them. Fred removed his clothes and then presented his big dick to Dougie. The student was shocked with the size of the principal's cock and he was apprehensive taking something that big in his ass.

"Come on Dougie, take it in your mouth. Get me hard and wet for your ass."

Dougie knew his fate was sealed and he only hoped that the Principal would not hurt him. Cody was moving rapidly now and very close to ejaculating. His body stiffened. He grabbed Dougie's hips and thrust his cock into the receptive ass. Cody exploded in the sweet bottom and filled the rectum with his seed. He kept his pubes pressed against the curvy buttocks as the sphincter drained his cock. When he backed away a steady stream of semen ran out from Dougie's anus.

Fred moved quickly removing his cock from the student's mouth and kneeling behind him. He added more lube to his cock and then pushed it into the lovely shapely ass. Dougie gasped when the cock head entered him. Fred had done this man times, so he let the young man adjust to the thickness before he went further. Little by little, the Principal gradually fed his cock to the shapely ass. Each time, he stopped and let Dougie get used to the penetration.

Cody had moved to his back and slid under his classmate to suck the little dick. Dougie was glad that Cody sucked his cock as it helped with the big dick in his ass. Fred did not go any further than half way in as he felt that was enough for Dougie's first time. He rocked back and forth as he worked himself to his release. Cody was busy underneath and his classmate was close to cumming. Dougie was trying to hold off until the Principal ejaculated in his ass.

Finally, Fred, called out that he was cumming and he fired a substantial load into the sweet bottom. Dougie responded by cumming in Cody's mouth and it was a massive discharge. Cody swallowed the load and each time Dougie's cock pulsed, his sphincter gripped the big dick in his ass. Fred loved the milking sensation and he caressed the curvy buttocks. The three of them slowly separated and the Principal handed them some paper towels to clean up.

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