Gaye Rennie


When Gaye Rennie sat for her graduation pictures the photographer paid special attention to her; after the portraits were taken he asked her to wait and he went in to an office and came out with his wife. She sat down with Gaye and held her hand. At first the young girl thought something was wrong but then the woman asked if Gaye knew about Playboy Magazine.

"We've recommended several girls with great success and we think you'd be perfect."

Gaye didn't know what to think; she knew about Playboy and knew that boys in her class read it but she never though much about it. "Why don't you give it some though. We'd like you to come back for some additional shots in a few weeks."

She waited outside in the California sun until her boyfriend's Thunderbird came to pick her up. All her girlfriends at school were jealous of this car and she really liked it a lot. It was champagne colored with black leather seats. But best of all it was a convertible and Gaye loved racing up into the mountains with the night air blowing in her blonde hair. Of course they would park for make-out sessions but the bucket seats were no good for that. Russell, her boyfriend, dedicated a lot of energy and determination trying to get her into the back seat.

As soon as she got in the car that afternoon Russell knew something was up. She didn't want to tell him but it came out anyway. Russell almost ran up onto the curb, he was so excited. "You have to do it!!!" Gaye said she wasn't sure but he kept bugging her. She finally got the subject changed after extracting a promise that Russell wouldn't tell anybody, especially his sister. Russell had graduated a couple of years ago but his sister Cynthia was a senior like Gaye.

Of course, the next day everybody at school was staring at Gaye and whispering and she spent the whole day blushing in embarrassment. Worse than that, a real change came over Russell. Up to now she had managed to limit his petting mostly to stroking the fabric of her sweater and once in awhile brushing his hand over her crotch. On one special occasion she let him put his hand under her sweater and feel her breasts through her bra. But now he seemed to think that just being asked to be in Playboy meant that she should be willing to do anything.

Graduation and summer went by pretty quickly. She did go back to the Figge Studio but blushed and almost cried when she realized that she'd have to be nude in Playboy. Now she understood all the whispering behind her back at school. She did let them take some head shots and even some swimsuit poses, but she told them she wasn't sure. They were so nice about the whole thing and gave her a card and asked her to keep it in mind.

After she graduated she got a job at a beauty salon in town; most nights she either stayed home or went out with Russell. She still loved the Thunderbird but the wrestling matches when they parked were getting tiresome. But lately he'd been behaving a lot nicer. He seemed to be making a special effort. Like tonight, it was her birthday, she was turning eighteen and it was too special an occasion to stay home even though The Flying Nun, Bewitched, That Girl, and Peyton Place were on TV back to back. Instead he took her to a nice dinner and then to the movies. They saw Bonnie and Clyde at the Alex Theater, a place Gaye loved because it was so old fashioned.

The whole evening Russell had been a real gentleman. At dinner he ordered all her favorite food in the fanciest restaurant in town; during the movie he held her hand and didn't mind when she squeezed it hard at the really violent parts. After the movie they rode in his car; the night was warm still and the moon was large and bright. Russell turned down Dunsmore Avenue towards the canyon and Gaye knew instantly that they were heading to the Le Mesnager Stone Barn. This was an old abandoned building that used to be used to store grapes from an ancient vineyard; it stood by a stream at the foot of the hills overlooking the city. It was a spot Gaye loved.

When Russell parked the car he told Gaye to wait. "I want to surprise you." He headed off into the barn carrying a basket. Gaye sat and stretched like a kitten. She was wearing a white sleeveless sweater which showed all the curves of her firm ripe breasts and she had tight black leather pants she had spent most of her summer wages on. Her hands pressed on her chest and ran down her whole body as she wriggled with pleasure. She looked at the bright stars and moon illuminating the stone barn and sighed in contentment.

Russell came back and opened the door and helped her out of the car. "I know how much you love this spot and I figure that you don't turn eighteen everyday, so..." He led her into the barn where he had arranged three candelabras around a blanket. There was also a bucket with Champagne cooling and two crystal glasses.

Gaye held her breath as she took it all in; the dozens of flickering candles made the barn look like a cathedral as they sent light and shadows dancing into the eaves. The moonlight streamed into the large room and the oak beams and old barrels glowed warmly in the golden light. The two glasses and the wine bottle sparkled and the glow flashed in her widening eyes. She felt so romantic and giddy but then a darker thought clouded her mood. She realized that he had more than romantic intentions.

"Russell, I don't think..."

He put a finger to her lip. "Don't worry, we're just here to enjoy the beauty of the place." He led her to the blanket and gently guided her down. The Champagne opened with a delightful pop and the wine looked like bubbling honey in the glasses. Gaye giggled as the bubbles burst over her lips and tickled her nose.

Her legs were stretched out on the blanket and she supported herself with one arm as she sipped wine with her other hand. To Russell's mind she already looked like a pose in Playboy, if only he could get that top off. Sure he set up this nice romantic scene but he had decided that tonight was the night; he'd been patient until now but he was going to get into her pants or else.

Gaye's thoughts were more dreamy. She looked seductively over the edge of her glass then tossed it down with a gulp and held her arm out for more. They were both quiet, just listening to the night sounds, the gurgle of the stream, the distant hooting of an owl, the autumn breeze gliding through the trees.

Gaye finished her second glass and purred, "Russell, do you remember that time we, I mean I, I let you put your hand, you know..." Suddenly her voice became a hush, "Under my shirt."

Russell's heart jumped and so did his cock. Could it be this easy? But he played it cool. He reached over and softly stroked her hair and brushed his fingers along her cheek. "Oh babe, that was nice; you're such a beautiful girl. I just want to be close to you."

Gaye's head dropped back as he caressed her face and her lips, moist with wine, parted slightly. Her warm mouth gleamed delicately in the candle light as the tip of her soft pink tongue licked back and forth at the back of her lips .

With his fingers pressing lightly under her chin he lifted her face and brushed his mouth over hers. She put down the glass and placed her hand on his neck. She pulled him into her and opened his mouth with her tongue. He let her explore his mouth as his hands slowly rest on her waist and he moved up her body.

She stiffened slightly as his hands came over her breasts but she didn't pull back. He loved the warm feel of the firm round breasts in his hands yet he resisted doing too much.

Gaye fell back and reclined on her elbows. She gazed at him with a serious look and then looked down at her own heaving chest. "Russell?" she said meekly as she nervously toyed with the bottom edge of her sweater; she had absentmindedly twisted the end of the sweater in a knot and laid bare her smooth flesh right above the edge of the tight pants. Slowly, with trembling fingers she took his hand and rested it on her belly. His fingers were trembling too at the contact with her bare skin fluttering under his touch.

He managed to lift his hands under her sweater, each inch up towards her breasts felt hotter and hotter. She jumped when his fingers reached the edge of her bra and ran along where the lingerie pressed into her skin. But she arched her back then lifted her head for another kiss. While he was kissing her he quietly rolled the sweater up. As it reached the bottom of her breasts her hand took a firm hold on his wrist to stop him. But at the same time her mouth was eager and hot.

When their kiss broke she looked down at her body with her clothes in disarray. The sweater was bunched up under her breasts and his fingers were lightly stroking her fluttering belly.

His hands were like an invading army darting up to the edge of the sweater then being pushed away. Suddenly he sat up and turned his back to her. "Gaye, I really want to be patient but I can't hold out much longer."

He heard a sigh and then a long silence. Then Gaye took a deep breath and he heard the rustling of her clothing.

"Russell?" she said timidly and he turned around. The sight of her bare shoulders and belly struck him like a lightening bolt. Her breasts were still covered in the bra but still plenty of the creamy skin was now glowing in the candle light. She looked at him shyly with her pinky hooked into her mouth.

Gaye sat up and demurely crossed her arms over her breasts. Her blushing cheeks burned in the candle light. "Russell, we can't."

"It's OK. let's just stay here, close to each other."

They were kneeling in front of each other and Russell ran his hands up and down her bare back. When he came to the hooks of the bra his fingers lingered there and without much effort he opened the closure. She had slid her hands under his shirt and she pulled him against her as he worked the straps down off her shoulders.

Her lovely breasts were mashed into his chest and there was a slight struggle as he tried to work the bra off her. She was kissing him but she was afraid too. Finally with a quick tug the lingerie fell away. She tried to hide herself by hugging him but he held her at arms length and drank her in.

Her breasts were two firm mounts, pointing almost straight out. Her pale skin looked warm and moist in the candlelight and moonlight and she was breathing rapidly; the little pink roses of her areolas were tipped by the excited flaming red nipples. Her blonde hair fell over one eye. Her mouth formed a small 'O' of anticipation and surprise. She looked at him shyly but she was also proud of the way her nipples stood up for him.

Under his gaze Gaye nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She held her belly flat and the black leather pants seemed to tighten around her wide, inviting hips. She crossed her arms, uncrossed them, dropped her hands, then lifted them to her blushing face.

Finally, her pinky was hooked in the side of her mouth and she looked down at the floor. "Please Russell..." Her soft, mild voice, broke the man's spell and his gaze changed from one of awe and amazement to one of wolfish lust. He hesitated for one more second as the young virgin fidgeted But he couldn't hold back. His mouth engulfed one nipple, then the other. He squeezed and kneaded as he sucked each mound down and beat her nipple with his tongue.

The shame and excitement crashed into Gaye and flooded her body with a thrill she never expected. She watched as he ravaged her chest; he had longed for this moment for so long that he couldn't contain his lust. He devoured her mercilessly as she trembled.

Her hands raced over his chest and back and then ran over his hair and face. She finally was able to pull his hungry mouth off her breasts and she kissed him again.

"I want to go all the way," he mumbled against her creamy skin.

"No, Russell," she sobbed but she felt his strong hand pressing into her crotch. Her hand rushed down and grasped his wrist but paused for a second, seeming to press his hand against her ripe sex before finally pulling it away.

But Russell was not to be denied. His other hand tried to twist under the tight leather, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her belly. She tried to pull his hand away but it was a feeble attempt. Now she was moaning as the heat of his mouth on her breasts sent hot ice rushing through her body.

She sank back, surrendering with a groan and let his hands begin to undo the lacing on her leather pants. He peeled them off slowly, watching her pale milky white flesh appear as the black leather was pulled away. She pushed away his hand though when he tried to pull off her panties.

Laying side by side they kissed and fondled each other; their breathing became deeper and deeper. Gaye was melting under his roaming hands and mouth.

Russell had had other girls before; he dated more experienced girls even when he was going out with Gaye. But he'd never felt anything so lush and warm or tasted a body so sweet. He knew he had to have her.

Gaye's excitement was growing; she had no thought of what she was doing and she was letting her body's erotic yearnings guide her. Without a word she let the panties glide smoothly down her legs as he pushed them down. Unconsciously she was pulling off his clothes until they were both nude.

Her hands were wandering over his body; her gentle touch was unknowingly fanning the flames of his lust. She squeezed his bottom tightly, tousled his hair and scratched at his back and chest. Her hands would flit over his cock like a hummingbird, never really touching it. Each time she sensed its heat and power she got more curious but she demurely avoided direct contact. His hands studied her body and every inch of her seemed designed to increase his desire. He kept reaching between her thighs and even felt the dew on her bush momentarily but she would close her legs or use her hands to protect her maidenhead.

At one point she rolled away from him with a giddy laugh and rested on her belly with her face in her hands. Her legs were up in the air and she smiled coquettishly. She looked so innocent and fresh and she didn't realize how seductive the pose was with all her moist flesh exposed and her firm round derriere displayed so invitingly.

He rolled next to her and on his back he pulled her face down for a kiss. Then he held her face in both his hands. "Gaye, we've got to go all the way. I can't wait any more."

"Oh, Russell..." Her soft voice trailed off, yet she held his gaze and didn't pull away. He nudged her onto her back and she yielded with a little humming sound from deep inside her.

He pushed his finger into her mouth and then pressed it between her legs. She tightened for a second then released her thighs and let his hand in. A short sob escaped her as his finger went into her pussy but the flood of her juiced soon overwhelmed her and she throbbed on his hand.

Russell moved his body until one of her legs hooked on to his shoulder, the other stretched along his side. He used his hand to press his cockhead against her virgin pussy lips and without warning thrust in. Gaye howled in protest but she was helpless underneath him.

He pushed himself in as she bucked and twisted with the pain of his shaft driving into her. Her juices gushed around him and her struggle was tightening the grip of her sheath on his swelling cock. He pumped in and out a few times but her impossible tightness forced his seed to burst out. The heat of his flow seared into Gaye and she screamed again.

He rested for a moment as she writhed into him, pulling his seed deeper into her. Slowly he got harder and harder and slowly he began to pump. Now she was lifting herself up into him. He rolled over and she yelped as she was lifted in the air and was on top of him.

Russell could look up and see her swaying and dancing on his cock. Her hands fondled her own body up and down as her first climax seeped into each of her nerves; her head fell back and she sank down, impaling herself.

She undulated over his shaft like a wave. Each time she dropped down on him and he thrust into her Gaye took another step towards unleashing her complete sexual power. Already her hungry pussy was devouring him, tightening and loosening over him and rippling up and down his cock. He couldn't control the way her voracious pussy sucked up his seed. Each load piled into Gaye's frail young body building up the massive orgasm she had no idea was coming.

Russell could see the changes overtaking her. She was always outrageously beautiful, but now her white skin and golden hair glowed with sexual power, her soft young face with perfect features looked serene as her eyes opened and closed slowly as she gazed at him in her blissful haze. Her body was trembling now with the energy about to explode. Like a hunter he shoved his spear in as deep as it could go. Gaye's head snapped back and her body went completely stiff. Suddenly, starting in her loins, she began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm flooded up and down her spine. In one final gasp she fell into his chest and into a dream.

They spent the night talking and caressing each other and she didn't get home until dawn was just beginning to appear. Russell picked her up again to give her a lift to the photo studio; she finally had decided she was ready.

She was wearing a mini-dress that displayed her figure nicely. The different blues and blacks in the crazy pattern on the dress complimented her green-blue eyes. Her short blonde hair still hung seductively over one eye.

Gaye almost sprang into the car and wrapped her arms around Russell and kissed him passionately. Then she leaned back against the door resting her head against one hand behind her head. She smiled slyly. "Maybe we could take a little drive into the mountains before we go into town." Russell needed no encouragement and soon the Thunderbird was roaring up the road overlooking the city. The whole time Gaye leaned over from her bucket seat and rested her head on his shoulder. Her tiny hand was in his lap and squeezing his thigh.

During the ride both were quiet. Gaye was thinking about a conversation she'd had earlier. Her girlfriends had listened to all the details of the night before and they were anxious with advice about what to do next. Russell was thinking about pulling that colorful dress off of her gorgeous body and balling her in the back seat of his car in broad daylight.

The car rolled along a little used road and the tires made a lot of noise crushing small stones and branches so, when it finally stopped, the quiet of the mountain air was eerie. Gaye looked at Russell with soulful eyes but her face immediately spread into an open delighted grin. She kissed him hungrily and wantonly and then leaned back with a sly, seductive smile.

"I'm glad about what we did last night," she said quietly.

"Me to." Russell mumbled.

"Do you want to get in the back seat?"

Gaye's broad grin returned and without a word she opened her door and pushed her seat forward and climbed in the back.

Suddenly Russell was a little nervous and he sat in back too. Gaye snuggled next to him and stroked his thigh. "My girlfriends tell me that there's something you really like, something boys like. Do you want me to....?"

Without finishing her thought Gaye tugged on his zipper until it was down. Her hand journeyed into his pants and tenderly took hold of his cock. She lovingly brought it out as it began to swell and grow. This was the first time Gaye actually looked at the spear that had pierced her so mercilessly last night. She seemed to study it pensively with pursed lips.

She bent down as if to study it closer but her soft warm lips caressed it gently. She looked with upturned eyes into his face; already his expression was one of bliss.

"Does this fell good, baby?" she asked sweetly.

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