tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGee Whiz! It's My G!

Gee Whiz! It's My G!


In an exclusive enclave in the south of France, Ukrainian-born beauty Milla Jovovich surfaced in her sumptuous bed, and stretched her wickedly sexy body. She pressed a button and the electronically controlled drapes parted confronting her by the sight of a beautiful, crisp morning. The flowers in her garden were in full bloom and the swimming pool reflected the azure sky. She felt elated.

Stepping out to the garden, her short silky white robe rubbed on her stubby nipples and they quickly made an impression on the fabric. She padded her way to the flowers and sat on her heels to touch each one, sniffing, and remembering the time when she was a young child adoring the flowers in the park. Now she had them all and she's very delighted. Seeing her own flower right up between her thighs, she felt she had to leak. So she let forth a stream on the bald spot of the grass. After the deed was done she wriggled her hips and stood feeling satisfied.

"I've done this before on other peoples' garden, why not on my own?" she said with a mischievous dirty laugh.

"Luisa! Luisa! " she called her maid. "Oh where is she?" Then she remembered when she rubbed her forehead. Luisa had not reported since yesterday. What happened to her? So she had to fix her breakfast herself.

She went back inside the house, strode to the kitchen, and got a box of Cheerios from the fridge and fresh milk. She poured the cereals in the bowl then added the milk. She avoided coffee otherwise she would be smoking too early in the day. She'd been trying to cut down her smoking.

It was 9:00 am and she ambled about the poolside carrying her sun protective lotion. She was already naked when she lay herself on the sun bed except for the blue aviator sunglasses. She applied the lotion, and stretched out basking in the sunlight. She was all alone by herself and being naked was perfect.

Later she dove into the pool and gave her body a thirty-minute swimming work-out. When she climbed out of the pool she felt no idle bones in her body. Her body was jumping with energy. She grabbed her toweling robe, walked back into her room, and stepped into the shower to wash the chlorine off her body. She shampooed her shoulder length spiky blonde hair with almond milk shampoo and lathered herself with the shower gel. When she stepped out of the shower she felt so fresh and looked well-scrubbed that she wanted to give herself a head if she could only do it. She sat at the dresser table and looked at herself in the mirror. Her platinum blonde hair had a stunning effect on perfectly tanned body. Then she took this little bottle of Design Visage by PAYOT, a cosmetic product made in Paris that she found so effective in reducing the visible signs of aging on her face. Not that she was getting wrinkly. Since she had started using it, her face had become more smooth and radiant.

"What am I gonna do today? It's been almost four weeks since I had a fuck. That guy I went to bed with didn't bother even to see me again or even call me back. Bastard! I liked him and I might even fall in love with him. What's the matter with my type of men? If I like 'em they vanish out of sight. But I'm glad I'm single again. I like the freedom. I can also choose whom to fuck. She smiled at her thought.

This is the reason why she had stayed longer in her villa here in the south of France. It's because of the guy named Pierce that she was waiting to show up. So far nada. She had a sizzling romance with him and then ticked off without a trace. By next week she had to be back in LA to start filming her next film project. Will I ever see him again?

She took the clicker and pressed a button on the clicker then a soft funky tune with a sensual female voice that seemed to come out from a telephone came forth from her CD player. She went to her closet and selected something to wear. She liked white and so she picked a simple slip dress she bought in LA and lay it on the bed. She walked up to the bureau and opened the second drawer to pick a pair of white panties but on second thought decided not to wear one. She liked the reflection of herself in the mirror. She pinched her rather large pair of nipples and missed Pierce who drooled on them and chewed them on so eagerly. Closing her eyes and thinking about Pierce doing it on her nipples caused uproar in her pussy. Gosh! Pierce why do I long for you? Ahh, men!

Then she slipped on the dress. The dress is short that when she sat on a swivel chair facing the mirror and crossed and uncrossed her legs like Sharon Stone in her flick Basic Instinct. She herself was a born voyeur. She teasingly spread her legs and remembered the time she does this to flirt on men. They turned to wolves. She laughed at the thought. She slipped on the white Napa leather sandals and walked about her new house and checked if there's something else that she'd add for its décor.

Suddenly her doorbell rang. "Who is this? I am not expecting anyone!" so she hurried to the door and put an eye onto the peephole before opening the door. She saw a guy with his back turned to her. She opened a crack without disengaging the chain lock.

"Err...Good morning Miss Lovovich. I am Luisa's brother."


"Luisa. Your girl. She works for you."

"Oh, Luisa."

She disengaged the chain lock. Suddenly she was face to face with the best looking male she had ever seen. He was Latin, younger than her by two years perhaps, long black curly hair, green eyes, athletic body and lips she wanted to touch. He wore blue jeans and white pocket T shirt. Pierce was nothing compared to this guy.

For a moment there was silence as they checked each other out. Then she let him in.

"Why? What happened to Luisa? Is she sick?"

"Ugly skin rashes all over body. Doctor told her she's allergic to oysters."

"That's awful."

"What's your name?"


She didn't know she has a brother.

"I thought Luisa was the only child."

"She's the only girl and she's my stepsister. She asked me to run errands for you while she's absent."

"I drive limos in Sao Paolo and I came here to visit Luisa."

"You can drive for me?"

"If you say so. I could also cook for you. I can cook pasta."

"Oh really! You could be handy."

"How long will you be staying here in France?"

"I give myself one week. I wanted to see the Gypsy Kings in person. I am a fan of them. Then back to Sao Paolo. I am pursuing a career there as a musician. I play the guitar in a club there."

Milla went to the bar. She poured herself a glass of orange juice. "Want a cold drink or a beer?

"Thank you, a beer will be fine."

"Your English-speaking is good."

"I went to an English school."

"Here you are, French beer ok?"

He nodded.

Then Milla settled on the bar stool. Milla's short dress showed more of her killer legs. She wanted Prieto to ogle. Suddenly she noticed a bulge grew in the crotch of his jeans. It worked. Prieto pulled the ring on the can clumsily, and before he could prevent it, the beer frothed over the top. She reached for the nearby Kleenex and handed it to Prieto. When he took it, he felt the burn as their hands touched.

The bulge, the beer froth, made Milla's pussy twitched. The air was charged with electricity.

Prieto's face was flushed. Milla's beautiful face plus her naked pussy can make a man go insane.

"Your sister will never know. Come closer to me," she said in her sexy best voice. Prieto took a long gulp from his beer until his face was flushed red and then he came closer to her placing the can on the bar counter.

Milla spread her legs wider. She had gained two or three pounds since her vacation and her legs had become fleshy all the more looking sexier. Slowly Prieto's hand touched her supple thighs and crept up with caressing fingers. The touch sizzled. In turn Milla touched his bulge and rubbed in a rotating motion. He began to breathe hard at the sensation of being rubbed and feeling her pubic hair that shrouded her soft sensitive part. His cock beneath his jeans was like a bull raging at the gate.

Before he could wander his hands elsewhere on her body, it was all over. There was a wild, familiar throb in his pants, and to his eternal humiliation; Prieto dela Brocha came in his pants. "Susmaryosef!" he exclaimed in his Catholic expression. "I don't believe it!"

Milla knew what happened and smiled.

"It's a shame, I'm totally embarrassed?" Prieto said.

"No, no don't feel bad, it's just normal, just an accidental firing, believe me, you could do it properly," Milla said comfortingly as if this was just an ordinary mishap.

"Can I take a shower, Miss Lovovich?"

"Yes, go ahead and stop calling me Miss Jovovich. Call me Milla."

"Thanks, Milla?"

Prieto took the guest's bathroom. He stripped off his clothes and stepped under the shower. He took the bar of lemon soap and scrubbed his body to lather. Man I couldn't believe such luck and I couldn't believe I mess it up! Jesus! She's so goddamned beautiful and she's too much to absorb! These thoughts were running in his head. "Oh, Jesus!" He suddenly exclaimed. Milla Jovovich! Wasn't she the actress who appeared with Bruce Willis in the movie "The Fifth Element? Oh, my Lord, I masturbated probably 10 times thinking of her and here I am in her house, face to face with her, this is incredible! I..." He was thinking aloud.

Out of her mini dress, Milla got into the shower behind him, carrying her half filled glass of orange juice with ice. She nuzzled the cold glass behind his back. "Don't move! Don't turn around," she commanded, then gulped off the remaining orange juice from the glass. "Just relax," she said and put down the glass on the floor tile.

Sure. What was he here for anyway? Wasn't it that he'll just follow her every command, run errands for her just like his big sister told him to do?

He thought about what to say, but it was too late for words. With great confidence, she was reaching for his balls, cupping them delicately, and applying just the right amount of tingling pressure before falling to her knees.

"Now!" she said urgently. "Turn around now!"

"Biiig!" she exclaimed and the more bigger it looked.

Her hypnotic opalescent eyes gazed up at him while her pouting lips opened up elegantly to take his pulsating member inside her mouth. The exquisite lips moved and Prieto closed his eyes surrendering to the sensation of her jabbing and stroking tongue.

"How's that?" she said when she surfaced.

"Marvelous," Prieto croaked.

"I'm glad your hardness is back." She said and stood.

Running his hands through her hair, he softly murmured her name. "Milla, I didn't realize you're the actress I raved about. You're so beautiful, I can't believe this is happening to me."

"Ah, Prieto, your handsome," she whispered back, feeling the soft, fine curls at the base of his neck. They stood up against each other, exploring, tasting, and indulging, in long lingering soul kisses.

"Come, let's do it in my room."

She had a black and white furry rug on the shiny wooden floor of her bedroom. Together they sank on the rug. Prieto's body was a bit wet. He gazed upon her naked body. Slowly, at last he started caressing her breasts, gently at first, his fingertips barely brushing her nipples, until his touch finally grew stronger, and soon he replaced his fingers with his mouth.

His mouth traveled down, at a snail pace savoring every inch of her smooth body. Finally it got stuck in her dark blonde bush. Sighing with pleasure, she reached toward his hardness, stroking it and squeezing it. "Prieto," she purred. "I want to be on top," she said.

"You're pussy is like sweet carioca," he said wanting to eat her longer.

"I want a blended orgasm. Have you explored a woman's G-spot."

"What's that?"

"It's inside the cunt. Give me your index and middle fingers," she commanded. She licked them both slicking with lots of her saliva. "Now put them right up inside me, the pulps of your finger facing you, alright?" He did until they got inside right up to his knuckles.

"Oooh that's good. Now imagine looking at a clock and the time is 11:00 o' clock and 11: 05 and then move your fingers somewhere in between that time frame, pan them from left to right till you hit the spot. The pulp of your fingers must pressed the upper walls of my vagina, try to feel inside and locate a dime size thing there. OH yeah, I can feel something . . . yeah great sensation . . . I think you found it . . . Oooh God! . . . Its sooo good! . . . Put a little pressure ... that's fine ... now start licking my clitoris...oh...ohh...Oh God, I'm feeling it . . . Yes! Milla's excitement was infectious.

Prieto fingered her cunt the way she liked it and while his two other fingers were stretching and shaking her plump cunt lips, his tongue was waving like crazy around her clit area. Milla was groaning almost non-stop at the mind-boggling sensation. At last Milla's cunt ejaculated a skim milky substance that soaked his fingers.

"Was that because of the G-spot?" he said in amazed tone.

"Licking my clit and arousing the G-spot at the same time will give the most satisfying orgasm a woman could ever get!" she replied. "A woman will not ejaculate if she reached only a clitoral orgasm.

Milla gave him lascivious blow job for a minute or two before straddling him, her back towards him. Slowly, she grounded his hips, using his cock to locate again that ever lusty spot inside her. Her hands were behind her back clasping with his hands as she went up and down. If she pauses to use muscle control around his dick, he will bend his knees, feet both on the floor and push his pelvis and bonk her upwards. It was a give and take fuck and both were joyful.

Then Milla revolved to face him. She was amazed that Prieto was still at it, going the distance. His straight cock with a slightly tilted up head was right for this position. So much better If she leaned towards him. At last she found the best position that was hitting right through her G and she could even kiss him and he could fondle her breasts. At last she came, breathing and gasping and was all shook up. She never thought she would have another powerful orgasm. The G spot, would give her total orgasm and more was coming like it was endless.

When she pulled out from him she gazed over his throbbing cock. "Gosh, it's much bigger!"

"I've got an idea. Lie on your back and I'm going on top," Prieto suggested. Milla obliged and felt she was geared for another orgasm. Prieto seized her ankles with his hands, spread her legs apart and plunged his 8-inch cock into her sopping cunt. Then he draped her legs over his shoulder. Then he pumped away slowly and then faster. Milla wailed.

"Ahhh, this is good. Omigod, think I'm coming again. Prieto varied his position from the squat to push ups then back to squat. Milla was delirious. Finally he was in a kneeling position, clasping the top of her thighs as her legs were still on her shoulder, her hips way off the floor, and pumping her like a maniac. Once in while he would pummel her breasts, tweak her nipples and play her clit. She came again and screamed like she never had before.

"I'm coming Milla. Can't hold back anymore!" When Prieto pulled out his cock, he straddled Milla's body, moving forward and kneeling on one leg, he jerked off his long dick until it spurted out long loops of his load splattering on Milla's chest and tummy. Milla watched with all excitement. Then she took his cock, swallowed it into her mouth and his climax seemed to go on longer than any climax he'd ever had before. His cock flooded her mouth with his warm cum as the muscles of his massive thighs tightened like a bowstring.

"Your cock was amazing!" she said breathlessly as she licked him off to the last drop.

After resting for an hour, the couple went to the kitchen. Prieto decided to cook some pasta. He said he would do a Putanesca. So he tied an apron to his naked body and began to work in the kitchen. Milla wore just a loose white shirt, with Sports Illustrated written above the left breast pocket and nothing underneath. As she looked at the handsome Prieto, she was feeling wickedly lustful. She was imagining herself cuddling behind his back and snaking her hands under that apron and playing with that long, thick cock of his again. She did it. Who would think of food when they had each other together.

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