tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGeek Sex Ch. 07

Geek Sex Ch. 07


"Damn that was hot." I told Nick when we were out on the street again.

"We have a couple hours before we go get Renee. Should we go somewhere else?"

"Sure, what did you have in mind?"

"Well we could go to another strip club, or we could go to a private club where the shows are a little more...um... intense."

I raised my eyebrow, "Intense? What goes on there?"

He smiled, "Trust me, you'll like it."

He took my hand and led me down the block and across Rue St. Catherine. He led me to a set of stairs with a rather small sign (compared to the huge marquees of most of the clubs). It said, "Pussy Brigade." We went up a rather narrow, creaky staircase to a heavy metal door with a buzzer. Nick rang it and said, "Stand here so they can see you."

The door opened and inside was a small club, obviously expensively decorated. There was a bar and two small stages. Only four other customers were in the club, three men and an attractive woman in her forties wearing business attire. We were greeted by a well dressed man in his early thirties.

"Nick you have returned," he said with a cultured French accent.

"Yes, Jean, I couldn't stay away. Jean this is Jan."

"A pleasure," he said, "I should tell you the rules here. This is a private club, it is not a brothel, you cannot have sex with the girls, but they can do things that they cannot in the strip clubs."

Nick handed him some cash, "Just take everything out of that, and keep the rest."

Jean raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Yes sir, so where is Renee?"

"She was delayed, I'm sure she'll be here tomorrow."

"I'll call in extra girls," he said with a laugh, "So what is your pleasure this evening?"

"Who's here tonight?"

"I'll bring them out."

Jean walked away and we got some drinks. There was an Asian woman on the stage completely nude, dancing while the customers watched. Jean returned in a few minutes with three women behind him. All looked to be in their early twenties, and quite attractive. Two of them wore sheer, almost transparent, miniskirts, one was a blond and the other had dyed purple hair. The third was a brunette with thick wavy hair and big brown eyes, wearing the "naughty school girl" look: black patent leather platform heals, white knee-highs, a plaid, pleated mini-skirt, and a white collar and small blue tie. She wore just the collar and tie, no shirt. Her breasts were small, not much bigger than mine, but she had larger, puffy nipples, we had similar builds also, skinny and a little boyish, but with nice hips. "Kim," Nick said, and she smiled warmly.

"Hello Nick," the naughty school girl said. Nick motioned with his finger and Kim came over to us. The other girls went to other customers.

Kim kissed Nick on each cheek, "I'm so happy to see you back, and who is your friend?" She had a thicker accent than Jean, and more definitely Canadian.

"Kim, this is Jan,"

"Hello," she kissed both my cheeks lightly. "Nick, where is Renee?" Everyone seemed to know Renee.

"She'll be here tomorrow."

"I look forward to it." She looked at me, "So what kind of show would you like tonight?"

"I've never been here before, what happens here?" I asked.

"Let's go to a room and talk in private," she said. We went to a small room off of the main club. There were three chairs and a large, low bed. The room was decorated with Japanese designs. She closed the door and there was a sign on the back of the door:

Vibratuer Vaginal $10 Vibratuer Anal $20 Contact $30

"These are the three options, you can have just one, or all three if you want, Jean said to give you a very good show, will you be together or separate?" she looked at Nick, Nick looked at me.

"Together I guess," and I winked at Nick.

"Good, if you get Vibratuer Vaginal I masturbate with a vibrator, if you get Vibratuer Anal, I use the vibrator in my ass, you can expose and touch yourself if you want. If you get Contact I can touch you and you can touch me, everywhere except the uhh genitals. And you can kiss me... just not the nipples."

This was incredible to me, this was one step short of prostitution. "So we can watch while you put a vibrator in...uh"

"Yes," she said with a glint in her eye, "I fuck myself in the ass." She reached into her handbag and got out a smooth eight inch vibrator, not very thick, but perfect for anal play, "I use this."

"Nick?" I said, "Which option do you want?"

He put his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear, "What do you want her to do?" Nick knew what I wanted, but he wanted to hear me say it, "Tell me."

I put my mouth so close to his ear my lips brushed against it, "I want to watch her fuck her asshole."

He kissed me tenderly, then turned to Kim, "We want all three."

Kim took control, "You sit there, and you sit there." She indicated the two chairs a couple feet apart in front of the bed.

She began a slow dance and took off her shoes. She turned her back to Nick and bent over, bracing herself on my shoulder and breathing in my ear. Then she turned around and bent over so that I could see her ass, she put her ankle on my knee and reached behind her. She spread her cheeks, showing me her thong. She stood in front of us and slowly pushed the plaid mini-skirt and the thong over her hips until they dropped and she was nude except for her white knee high socks. Her pussy was shaved completely bald. She was evenly tan all over, not even a hint of tan lines.

She winked at me then went to Nick and whispered in his ear just loud enough that I could hear, "Take it out, show it to me." Nick never took his eyes off her face. He unzipped his pants and reached in, withdrawing his erection. This is the first time I had seen Nick's dick of course. I liked it. It was large and circumcised, but not scary huge, seven inches or so. He was already hard, and he stroked it slowly. Kim was sitting spread legged across his thighs, rubbing his chest with her hands, she looked down at his penis as Nick watched her face. With his other hand Nick stroked her ass and tits. She kissed his cheeks and forehead, then got up and turned to me. She got the vibrator and a bottle of lube out of her handbag, and tossed the lube onto the bed.

By this time I was spread legged with my skirt over my hips. She knelt over me, her knees beside me on the chair, and ran the vibrator from my chin, across my neck, down between my tits. I rubbed her nipples with my fingertips, then across her stomach and sides to her ass. I felt like I could cum if she had merely breathed on my cunt. She placed the vibrator on her clit and turned it on, then put the tip just inside her, just enough to get her juices on it. She took it out and held it under my nose, "Smell me," she said, and I inhaled the scent of her cunt mixed with perfume.

I looked at Nick. He was smiling and pumping his cock. I needed to get off too, I reached for my handbag beside the chair and retrieved Amy's pocket rocket. "Can I use this?" I asked.

Kim bit her lip, "Oui, But of course." She got off the chair and knelt before me. I stood up and pulled off my damp panties, then sat back down with my legs spread and positioned the chair so that Nick could see my crotch. I turned on the little vibrator and touched the hood of my clit, my legs jerked and I gasped in response. I did it again and held it there longer this time. "Don't cum too fast," Kim said, "You either," and winked at Nick.

She stepped up on the mattress and sat down with her back against the wall and her legs spread. "Both of you, take off your shoes and sit here close to me." We both did as she said. We lay on our sides at either end of the bed, heads touching, so we both had a view of Kim's pussy. She took the vibrator and eased it in and out of her. Then she took it out and rubbed her clit with it. "Nick, what do you want me to do now?"

"I want to see you fuck your ass."

"And you, Jan?"

"Yes, Kim, me too, fuck your ass."

She took the lube and put some on her finger and turned over. She arched her back and put the lubed finger at the top of her crack, moving it slowly down to her anus. She circled it several times before inserting it. She fucked her ass with her finger tip, then circled it again. Then she went deeper. Soon her second knuckle was in her ass. I was holding myself on the verge of cumming. I positioned my hand so I could flick my lips back and forth with one finger while I held the pocket rocket on my clit. With my other hand I reached behind and fingered my ass. Nick was breathing heavy and squirming, I could tell he could cum at any time.

Kim took the vibrator and coated it in lube. "You two lie on your backs, get closer." We scooted closer so that we were lying ear to ear. I twisted my hips a little so that my finger could stay in my butt. Kim positioned her ass directly over us and held the tip of the vibrator against her asshole. She put it in a little at a time, holding it in position until she was ready for more. After the first two inches were in she started fucking herself. With long strokes she pushed it in and out. I could see every crinkle of her hole sliding across the tool. Even with lube the vibrator pulled slightly on the muscle as it moved.

I couldn't hold out any longer. "Kim," I said, "I need to cum...I'm going to cum."

She looked over her shoulder at me and saw that both my hands were busy. "Jan, put your finger all the way in your ass when you cum, Nick, you cum exactly when she does." Nick twisted his head a little to see me fucking my ass.

That was it, my whole body quaked and shivered with orgasm, it was sensory overload: my finger in my ass, the vibrator on my clit, the smoky smell of the room mixed with Kim's over sweet perfume, Nick's cologne and sex, the sounds of Nick next to me grunting in orgasm, his erection in his hand, and the sight of Kim's ass above me with the vibrator protruding lewdly. My orgasm receded slowly like a tide, lingering for minutes afterward in smaller and smaller aftershocks.

When I was lucid again, Nick was still beside me, breathing hard. I turned my head to look at him. Our eyes locked and we both laughed a little. I looked at his dick becoming soft in his semen covered fingers. Kim was already standing over us, still nude. She threw both of us towels, "So you can clean up...and there is hand cleaner and baby wipes on the table." Without the slightest inhibition, see used a wipe to clean off the excess lube from her ass, cleaned her hands and the vibrator, and got dressed. Nick and I cleaned the cum off our hands and got ourselves dressed.

"Oh damn what time is it...almost midnight. We've got to go pick up Renee," Nick said.

"Oh, so soon Nick, I would have given you another show in a little while," Kim said.

"Thank you so much Kim," I said, giving her a hug. We kissed on both cheeks, then I looked into her eyes. We kissed briefly, but tenderly. Nick said goodbye to Kim, and we left, Nick and I, arm in arm.

When we got back out on the street Nick said, "Jan, you continue to surprise me. I didn't expect you to have so much fun with the strippers, and I didn't think you would want to watch Kim, much less cum like you did."

"You and Amy and Renee have really expanded my horizons this past month, and a lot of that is just because I feel so safe around you that I know you'll let me enjoy myself."

When we got to the airport we found out the plane was still delayed. It was after two when we picked up Renee. By that point I could barely keep my eyes open. When we got back to the hotel we tumbled into the bed together and fell asleep before we could take our clothes off.

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