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Gemma's Garage


Lying in Robbie's arms after a marathon sex session Gemma wondered whether to ask her lover if he would help do the gardening she needed. Though it was her garage under assault, the plant actually was here next door here on Mr Matthews property and she wanted it sorted. Creepers had already invaded inside, so this morning she'd taken a saw and 'pruned' the stuff back to the walls.

Once out of the shower and downstairs Gemma asked her question, pleased the response was yes. Having to hide her slight dismay on finding out she'd be doing it by herself as he was going away fishing for the weekend and she'd forgotten this. "OK, not a problem, but can I at least show you?" she replied, trying not to sulk at the fact she'd be alone and they headed off down the path. Rob took her hand and they had a smooch before she opened the bottom gate into the wilder bit beyond the fence. His garden was divided unlike hers, with the unkempt bit beyond the fence allowed to remain wild for the birds. A couple of feeders the only sign human life came past the gate.

"Gonna have to fight my way to the wall anyway," she chuckled stepping through the long grass and weeds. He grinned and nodded as Gemma showed what she'd be doing. "Yeah, not a problem. If you don't get finished in one day we'll do it together when I return, yes?" Miss Cain agreed, wondering whether to wait anyway and make him do as much, but said she needed something to keep her active and away from the biscuit tin!

"Perhaps you need binding again," he chuckled, seeing Gemma go red. Having discovered by accident she was a bit of a bondage lover. Their early dates had been pure vanilla but now, over six months into the relationship she was allowing him to occassionally tie her up. She loved being wrapped in sheets and tickled to orgasm, so Robbie was willing to comply. What followed was great and soon he wondered whether she wanted to maybe move next door permanently.

With that gardening plan agreed they parted after a kiss and Gemma went home while Rob packed. Arriving next morning laden with tools she let herself in with a spare key, coming through the house and down the path.

She quickly cut a path to the wall and within two hours was into her stride. Hacking away and dragging creepers off the garage. It was easier than thought as another long strand was pulled away. The stuff seemed to be about four feet of loose branch before little anchoring needles or hooks appeared to start attaching the thing to the wall, or another older bit and winding itself around that. The sight of this made Gemma shudder as she liked being wrapped and was starting to teach Rob what to do to her.

Lunch followed and after a loo break Gemma returned to the fray, by now she'd done one complete side and was partway through the back of the garage. The other side was more overgrown so she decided just to finish the back then get Robbie to help her do the last bit next weekend.

Humming away she tugged and snipped to her hearts content, tossing bits over her shoulder onto an impressive pile of debris, dropping larger feelers intact to saw off later and the girl looked across at what was left. Another couple of hours work and that'd be enough today. But Gemma paused on feeling one of the longer bits dropped earlier now touching her leg. Ignoring it for a moment she grumbled as a wasp buzzed past her ears. Then the blonde girl froze on feeling movement below...something was...crawling...

Gemma Cain was amazed seeing the creeper was growing around her left leg! It was already passed her knee and if she waited a few minutes it'd probably go under her dress and naturally that was unwelcome. An amazing sight seeing a plant actually growing that fast and it made her think of cartoons she'd watched as a child.

She reached for the loose end and tugged it away, wincing as the tiny hooks near her feet grazed the skin but soon Gemma was free, dropping the end onto the path. She stepped away and headed for the chair by the gate and a refreshing drink. Staring nervously back at the motionless creeper, wondering if she'd just imagined that thing growing after all.

That juice was imbibed and Gemma returned to the wall, keeping clear of the creeper still lying on the ground. She snipped and clipped away on the mass of greenery, making slow but sure progress and after an hour wanted a refill of water. Turning around she stepped forward and managed to crash to the ground because unbeknown to her the plant was intent on stopping her assault and had carefully looped over her shoes this time and was around BOTH ankles!

Stunned by the blow to her head Gemma lay there dazed, but soon became aware the creeper had secured her legs together and was again heading 'north'. A groan came from her mouth and the girl did her best to sit up while the pain surged through her head, then things went dark and she keeled over.

Coming round Gemma moved more cautiously but the pain was still there. So too was the damn creeper, by now it was wrapped many times around her legs and well over her knees. The end, or more than one it seemed, and looking down were brushing her thighs as they slowly advanced up under the hem of her skimpy tennis dress. So it wasn't her imagination, it really WAS growing...and frighteningly fast.

Miss Cain knew this was wrong, but her love of strict bondage also found her shuddering at the idea of being bound by a plant. With the garden so well hidden and Robbie away til tomorrow anyway Gemma was able to peel off the outfit and toss it to one side, being this humid she'd gone commando underneath anyway! So now she wondered just how far this would go, could it completely tie her up?

Looking at her legs Gemma waited as the ends slowly advanced on her midriff, it seemed unsure of what to do then the girl smiled as one just brushed her clit. "Ohhhh...." she gasped as it penetrated into her, just an inch or so before withdrawing again. Those little bits rubbing against her sensitive nubbin and she nearly came on the spot.

So Gemma decided to test it, awkwardly getting to her feet and hopping closer to the garage wall over the rough ground, turning the corner as the creeper seemed to have grown quickly enough for her to get a few feet further in, almost halfway to the other end. Now she was safely out of view even from Robbie's house, the 8ft high hedge onto the fields behind shielding the now naked girl from anyone daft enough to risk their lives tramping through a herd of cattle. Miss Cain paused, bent down and removed her sneakers before placing both arms behind her back, wrists across each other...and waited...and began praying?

It took a while then Gemma felt more feelers touching her body, first one on the left shoulder, another on a wrist and she hoped they'd... But it seemed to wait so she moved, placing her hands palm-to-palm instead and once that was done she felt the creeper moving again. Sliding round her limbs and binding them together, more loops than she thought as she felt them going around her forearms and Miss Cain's heart surged on tugging, only to find them immobile as needles started to apply themselves to her wrists. These weren't painful as long as she didn't tug too hard, in fact it was slightly erotic as the myriad of tiny pinpricks occurred. Gemma balled her hands into fists and soon leaves wrapped themselves round, more feelers securing the greenery over those till she couldn't twitch her fingers either.

"Oh my goodness...." she said as the lower creepers seemed to accelerate, more ends starting to appear and before long her legs were covered from ankles upwards as leaves expanded from the branches, then even her feet vanished as smaller creepers went underneath. Lifting the girl clean off the ground, jacking her ankles as if wearing high-heels, but keeping her upright. Thankfully it didn't needle the soles of her feet, that would be too painful but soon she felt familiar prickling sweeping up her legs as the plant continued to bind her.

She wasn't surprised, this thing was obviously getting its' own back, but strangely Gemma was not frightened. Curious perhaps and so waited to see how far it'd go. If, once it released her, she promised to stop cutting it back and let the thing become a secret bondage device instead! Robbie wouldn't mind a rival, he was away a lot these days anyway with work having got promotion.

That however was in the future and by now only her upper body was still free. The creepers, or tendrils, whatever they were called, on her limbs too were now advancing, tugging her elbows closer and Gemma groaned so quietly. She'd once allowed Robbie to place an armbinder on her, but this thing was tighter than that and soon was just under the shoulders. Those wonderful pert breasts now jutting straight out, both nipples proud in the frigid air as it was out of the sunlight round here.

Any ideas about leaning forward away from the wall were halted when a feeler came from nowhere and slid round Gemma's neck a couple of times. Tugging her back a few inches and she had to hop till her bound arms banged into the rest of the plant against the garage. Almost immediately many more tendrils began enveloping her torso, each pinning the girl much tighter to the stuff on the wall than she thought possible. Looking down, most of her body had vanished under the greenery, then her breasts too were encircled, the pair bulging out as a creeper gripped each at the base. Gemma grinned as more leaves covered them, the nipples getting a tendril around each then a tiny leaf over the engorged end and stroking them! That drove her nuts as they tickled and tormented her for a while. She gasped out loud as tiny needles came out of those tendrils and dug in like clamps!

Looking around, as her head and shoulders were the only things still free Gemma saw a large creeper sliding up the tree branch that overhung the entrance to the gap between the garage and the hedge. Within seconds tendrils began to drop from this and a slightly worried Miss Cain began to realise what was happening to her. This thing had NO intention of letting her go at all, in fact it was going to swallow her in a mass of vegetation!

She tried struggling but the plant gripped so firmly, needles digging in more harshly until she stopped moving. The girl soon resigned to her situation as the green curtain to her left began to be filled by leaves, plus branches, these too thick for her to break, assuming the helplessly bound blonde was ever freed anyway. Even the other side of her was starting to grow as various creepers advanced across the gap to the hedge.

So she waited for the plant to complete its' work. Sighing slightly, feeling a tendril rubbing her clit, trying to clench buttocks as another went up her ass. She was still a virgin up the back but thankfully the plant didn't push too hard.

Out the front however was a different matter and Gemma quietly groaned as a thicker one penetrated her. Easing sensously into the girl, pulsing too and despite her predicament Miss Cain soon wanted it to continue!

The plant seemed to realise this and for a few moments as she watched the wall to her left be completed it carried on, feeling Miss Cain getting wetter as the stimulation increased. Sweating profusely as the sensations stirred her, those millions of needles all over her body seemingly drawing more out of the girl. Gemma was a little thirsty and wished she'd had that last glass of water. The space between the hedge, the curtain to her left and the rest to her right was rapidly filling as the creepers, leaves and branches swelled into a mass that even a chainsaw would be hard-pressed to get through. "Guess this might be it..." she murmured as the green wall was fast approaching her face.

Somehow the plant seemed to realise what she wanted was a drink, Miss Cain no longer scared as she leaned her head back against the cushion behind. Sighing as a feeler advanced over her right ear and across the forehead, coming round, then another going the other way and holding firmly. More enveloping her shoulders too and now Gemma accepted her fate knowing the final part was coming and hoped it wouldn't be too painful. She still hoped that once it'd held her for a while the plant would listen to her repeated promises that she would leave it alone. At one point Gemma felt the pressure slacken...or was she just being silly.

Obviously yes as large leaves slowly dropped over her eyebrows and touched her cheeks, turning Gemma's world green as feelers slid across the bottom to hold them in place, effectively blindfolding the girl so she closed both eyes. "Goodbye daylight," she whispered as more tendrils came over the leaves and pressed firmly into her sockets so things went black. So with that done Miss Cain relaxed in her bonds as ever more arrived over her face from under the jawbone, thankfully the needles didn't grip here until only her mouth and nose were uncovered.

One touched her lips but Gemma at first held tight not wanting to be gagged, only opening slightly as two feelers quickly blocked her nasel passages! Surrendering to the inevitable as a thicker feeler invaded her mouth, the nose ones withdrawing at the same time. This one expanded and Miss Cain shuddered as it pinned her tongue to the floor and she was silenced as it swelled, but didn't touch the back of her throat. It tasted a bit like cabbage and least she'd liked the stuff at school so didn't mind. A brief spray of something made Gemma cough and for a nasty moment she thought it was trying to choke her. But the liquid was sweet, rather nice actually and the lass managed to swallow til it stopped oozing out.

Only her ears were left and it was not a surprise when feelers invaded both and blocked Gemma's hearing. Now all she had was the blood pounding in her head as the plant began pulsing in and out of her fanny. Driving Miss Cain ever closer to orgasm, but annoyingly stopping just as she was about to climax. Her juices were flowing a lot more now but the plug seemed to be absorbing it so there was no leak, she was stuffed full anyway.

Another long drink followed then it began again, this time allowing a shuddering Miss Cain to erupt into one of her better orgasms, again the plant draining her juices afterwards. It let Gemma settle and she hoped it would soon free her from these delightful but somewhat tight...before she gasped when it began again.

She lost count of the numbers but was pleased seemingly hours later when after another long drink of juice the feelers began to retract, thankfully the needles didn't hurt too much as the creepers released a very tired and wobbly Gemma from its grip. Her head bindings were soon going and Miss Cain blinked, only to find it was now pitch dark even after rubbing her eyes to try and get her vision back. A few lights twinkled through the hedge from the town over the other side of the field and nearby river.

Yawning and stretching; so relieved to be free but also grinning at what she'd 'endured' a now steady Gemma Cain stepped to her left. However she soon stopped as she blundered straight into that wall of branches that hadn't shrunk like the rest of the passageway was doing, faint rustling from all around her as the plant seemingly shrank in on itself. "Oh, damn, ouch bugger this," she cursed quietly as old twigs snapped under her bare feet and Miss Cain knew she was still trapped.

Picking forlornly at a few branches she tried her best but this wall was holding firm. By now she could faintly see in the moonlight that packed mass in front of her and Gemma wondered whether to try climbing over the top or just wait till morning. That seemed a good idea so now the floor space was clearer Miss Cain lay down and minutes later was fast asleep.

Birdsong woke a chilly but leaf covered Gemma next morning as dawn broke and she shuddered, seeing the wall was just as thick as last night. Looking around Miss Cain couldn't find her sneakers anywhere and that was a problem, seeing these branches were unlike the rest of the plant, whose feelers were lying on the deck. These others had now developed tiny thorns that were not there last night so no way could she clamber over those. A check of the far end yielded no escape, her own hedge way too thick and the other option, breaking through the big hedge was no good because she was naked!

The girl managed not to sob at this, she dare not try clambering over the roof, being corregated iron she knew that was a bit fragile and again the nakedness problem would stop that. Gemma sat on the floor and eventually wept for a while. It was going to be a long day till Robbie returned, then he'd have to come and find her. The lass would have to try and explain just how on earth she'd got round here like that. Miss Cain hated lying to him but no way could she think of any other way...or was there... and she sat seemingly for hours as the sun warmed her body.

Gemma looked down at her ankles...the closest of the motionless feelers a few inches away and she smiled wearily, getting to her feet then coming to stand EXACTLY where she'd been last night, feeling daft as a gentle breeze blew over her body and closed her eyes. The girl placing her wrists together behind her back and...

Looking down for a moment because the wind suddenly gusted Gemma saw her sneakers appearing from under a pile of leaves as they were blown away. The girl stared then stepped away from the garage and bent down. Putting them on before advancing to the wall. Amazed to see the thorns had gone, and wasn't it thinning out? Yes as gaps began to appear and surely within minutes Miss Cain could...

"Stop, no...please don't," Gemma heard herself squeal... "Wait, I'll be back, I promise," she gasped as the gap grew big enough to get through. A couple of branches rubbed her hard but it didn't hurt. Miss Cain grabbed her dress from the floor and applied it, running for Robbie's house in tears.

Quickly she went upstairs and cheekily used his shower. Once that was done Gemma washed and conditioned her hair using scent free stuff then managed to hide the towels in the airing cupboard. Combing and styling took an hour before she was satisfied, then the girl passed the kitchen, pinched a few jammy biscuits and ate them. Returning to the garden after locking the door, tidying the cutting tools and placing them neatly on the table next to her empty water glasses and a bottle of sunscreen.

Gemma smiled and went back through the gap. Kicking off the sneakers and removing the dress and rolling it up then stuffing it inside one of them along with the key. This time using a trowel to dig a hole and bury her shoes under the mud and leaves, not understanding why she was doing this as the job was done. She returned to the table and laid the trowel with the rest then came through the wall to sit next to the garage. Taking a deep breath Gemma committed herself as she held a couple of the creeper ends up to her mouth and kissing them. Whispering words and feeling rather daft talking to a plant, but hoping it might realise what she wanted now...

"Please honey..." she began, knowing...yeah go for it...

"Bind my body VERY tightly this time, but KEEP me...until I say otherwise, understand?"

She laid it gently down and positioned herself. Gemma stood there for a long time but her heart leapt as she finally heard rustling, the first touch of a feeler making the girl smile as once more the plant began it's work. Easing many loops around her legs, sliding up, this time slower but no thankfully needles anywhere. Miss Cain looked down as it felt different, the plant was winding round each leg first then crossing to the other in a figure of eight, with another larger feeler then wrapping around the outside of both bound limbs. This felt much tighter, which of course was what she'd asked for. Only she wished it'd hurry up! But she did like the way the leaves at the leading edge of each feeler were stroking her, as if it was trying to reassure Gemma that it meant no harm.

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