tagIncest/TabooGemma's Holiday

Gemma's Holiday


"Hurry up, Sophie," Gemma called to her friend, "We have to get to the airport, shortly." Gemma was trembling with excitement, almost giddy at the thought of a week in Spain with her best friend. Gemma's dad was attending a medical conference on the Canary Islands for a week and had decided to take his daughter and her friend with him for a holiday before starting school next month at the university. Jake loved seeing his daughter so happy. Now 18, Gemma had been raised by just her father over the past 5 years. In the last two years, Gem had blossomed into a beautiful and sensual young woman, which was probably the reason his hair was finally beginning to show a little gray on the sides. Sophie, also 18, had been Gem's best friend since 6th grade, sharing all the joys and pains of growing up in a single household. Jake smiled as he watched the two young woman act like little school girls, whispering and giggling as they loaded the car with their suitcases.

Sophie approached Jake, smiling. She hugged the taller man, her head resting on his strong chest. "Thank you for inviting me, Dr. Jones," she said sincerely, "You are so nice to do that." Jake hugged the young girl back. Sophie had always been one of his favorites of Gem's friends and he was glad that Gemma had invited her to take.

Since his wife had died, Jake had put all his energy into his work and his daughter, only recently beginning to date some other women. With Gemma going off to school in a month, he had decided that now was time for him to be getting out more and he hoped that this conference might be a start. Not that he was planning on finding a girlfriend or anything, but at least here, he could start his slow trek back into the public. Jake was tall, slender and athletic, keeping in shape with plenty of exercise at home or with his daughter. Gemma knew that plenty of women would love to date her dad, let alone be his wife. Even many of her friends told her how cute and handsome he was. She did enjoy him being there for her all the time, but she knew it was time for him to get out more and date.

Jake also knew that this trip was going to be a test for him, too. For the first time, he was going to try not to be overly protective of his daughter. She was going to be away at school next fall and he had to accept that she would be away from his protective shield. Gemma was always allowed plenty of trust and freedom, but her dad was always just a phone call away. She never got into any real trouble, but it was nice knowing that he was there, just in case.

Jake watched as the two girls came out of the house for the last time. They were both wearing short skirts, Gemma's black while Sophie's was a light tan. Gem had on a tight tank top, that showed off her firm, ample breasts. Jake could tell that she was oblivious to the effect she had on men, of all ages. Sophie was wearing a stretchy t-shirt. She wasn't quite as large as her friend up top, but she, still, was larger than most of her friends. Sophie was going to have her share of men, as well, with her sly smile and shapely body. Jake felt a sense of loss, a lost innocence as the two friends made their way to the car. Jake saw them as young women, about to enter the real world, rather than his little girl and her best friend.

Jake sat in first class for the short flight from Heathrow to Tenerife. He had planned on going by himself but decided to bring Gemma and Sophie at the last, as a graduation present. He could hear them giggling and talking, excited about their trip. Jake smiled to himself, hoping that this would be trip holiday that they would always remember and cherish. At the airport and on the drive to the hotel, Jake sat back, watching the two young women. He was proud of their beauty and character, knowing that they were both good girls at heart, but he was worried about them. He watched as the men around them looked at them, eyeing them. He saw heads turning as Gemma walked past a group of 20 year old guys, elbowing each other as they ogled his little girl. He knew that she would be off at the uni on her own in just a month, but it still bothered him how boys and men looked at his daughter.

"Go look outside at the pool and beach, I'll get the luggage up to the room," Jake talk the girls. They hurried off to explore the large and beautiful resort. Jake turned back to the desk clerk, "What do you mean we have just one bedroom in the suite?" he said angrily. The clerk typed a few keys then looked up.

"Dr. Jones, you made a reservation last month for a single suite, correct?" he asked. Jake nodded his head. "Well, sir, that's what we have for you."

Jake took a deep breath, "Then I called last week and changed it to a two bedroom suite, I brought my daughter and her friend." Jake's tapping of his credit card showed his anger with the hotel.

"I am very sorry, sir, but we don't have a record of that call," the clerk replied. "We were down for a few hours last week, you may have called then and the message was never placed. I do apologize for any inconvenience. Let me get the manager." The clerk made a quick call and the hotel manager came through the side door behind to Jake's back.

Jake turned and watched as a tall, slender woman strolled to the desk, typing very quickly then looking up at Dr. Jones. "You're here for the conference, correct?" she asked, her face studying the flat screen before her. Jake said yes, and added that his daughter and friend were here too, for a holiday. Even though her jacket and suit matched the others at the hotel, it was obvious that hers was tailored and well made. The jacket hid her body most of the time but every so often, Jake could catch a glimpse of her well toned figure. "I'm very sorry, Dr. Jones," she said, her eyes still on the screen, It looks like we fully booked except for one other room." She looked up, her eyes locking with her guest, "If you want it, you and your guests can have it." She smiled , her eyes quickly glancing over Jake.

Jake nodded his head, waiting for the rest of her talk. "Yes, Beth?" he asked, reading the name tag on her well fitted jacket.

"Its the Honeymoon Suite," she said, almost laughing. "It is very nice, more spacious, but is is also just one bedroom. There would be more room for the young girls to have for their own. Jake smiled for the first time, knowing Gem and Sophie would love to stay there.

"Thank you, Beth, that's very kind of you to make that offer. I think the girls would be tickled to stay there." Beth waved her hand and the bellboy took the bags up to the top floor.

"We will also give you breakfast and the girls breakfast and lunch as a way of making it up to you, if you don't mind," Beth said, noting it in the computer. Jake thanked the young woman, smiling as he looked into her dark brown eyes. "If there is anything else you need during your stay, please, feel free to contact me directly, here's my number," she said, sliding him her personal business card. Beth's eyes quickly glanced up and down the older man, his dark complextion contrasting with his white casual shirt. Jake smiled again, thanking her and the clerk.

Jake was surprised to see his daughter and friend standing just behind him, smiling broadly. Gemma hooked her arm in his, walking towards the elevator. "I think she likes you, Daddy," she said giggling. Gemma had wanted her dad to go out more with other women. He had dated occasionally, but spent most of his time at home or going to watch her at her activities.

"No, baby, she was just doing her job," he said. He had been out of the dating game for a long time and was not use to the new, more aggressive women that were out there.

"DADDY," Gem cooed, "you are soooo naive. You really don't think she was hitting on you?" She turned to Sophie, smiling, "Men are SO clueless!" Gemma turned her head back, looking at Beth watching them walk away. She leaned to Jake, whispering, "She's watching you." Jake just shook his head.

"She's probably just wondering why these two beautiful young girls are with this old man," he said laughing. Sophie took his other arm in hers.

"Let's really make her wonder what kind of real man you are," Sophie said, holding his arm tightly in hers. She pressed her firm breast against his arm as they stopped at the elevator. Sophie loved standing next to her friend's dad. His 6'2 frame towered over her, making her feel consumed by his presense. Jake glanced over, seeing the beautiful young manager still looking at them.

That night, Jake was attending the pre-conference party. Gemma helped him get ready, making sure he looked his best. She laid out his clothes, made sure they were pressed and trimmed any excess hair from his curly hair. She slid her hand over his body, smoothing his jacket and trousers, smiling as she looked up at her handsome father.

"You look hot, Dr. Jones," Sophie said, adjusting the back of his jacket. "If you weren't Gem's dad, I just might have to have a go at you." Jake blushed slightly. He had always had a little crush on Sophie, watching her grow from a skinny little kid into a beautiful young woman.

"You always knew how to make me feel good, Sophie," Jake answered, not intending any double entente. The girls giggled softly, shooing him out the door.

"We'll be around the hotel, Daddy, don't worry about us. I think we'll be in early, too, its been a long day and we want to be up early tomorrow," Gemma said, kissing her father softly. "Now you go out and have a good time, stay out as late as you want...maybe even see that hot manager if you can." Jake frowned at Gemma, then laughed. He kissed her goodbye and left for the large conference party.

Once the door closed, Sophie looked over at Gemma, smiling, "Your dad really did look hot tonight, Gem. He is very good looking." Gemma smiled knowingly. She loved her dad very much, even fantasizing about him on a few occasions. Sophie wasn't the first classmate to tell her that. Gemma had noticed how a lot of her friends looked at her father. "Why doesn't he have a girlfriend or something?"

Gemma shook her head, "He's just hasn't been ready to start dating yet. He's gone out some, but I think he's been waiting til I go off to school. I'm hoping he'll meet someone this week. That woman was really eyeing him, don't you think?" Both Gemma and Sophie felt a little tinge of protection towards the older man. They looked at each other, smiled, knowing that they would have to help Jake along, but also make sure he wasn't hurt too soon.

"Can you believe this room?" Sophie said, spinning around. "Its so, uummmm, what, tacky?" she said, laughing.

Gemma walked over to her friend, "I don't know, its kind of romantic. Two people in love.....sharing the bathtub or the shower. Even the bed is huge!" Gemma skipped into the bedroom, their room, Jake was going to sleep in the den on the fold out couch, and flopped onto the oversized bed. "Its so comfortable, too." She leaned up on her elbows, looking at Sophie, smiling. She patted the bed, coyly, "Come here, hun." Sophie slowly walked over to the bed, her eyes locked with her friend's. "You have looked so hot all day," Gemma said softly, "I have been wet since this morning, thinking about you." Sophie crawled onto the bed, slowly making her way to Gemma. Gemma spread her legs slightly, letting her friend slip between them.

"And you haven't Gem? You know how much I love that top on you," Sophie said, kissing Gemma's shins as she worked her way up her legs. Gemma moaned softly, leaning up against the cushioned headboard. She watched her best friend slide her tongue up her legs, sending shivers all over her body. Gemma spread her legs a bit more, giving Sophie more room. She kissed and sucked on Gem's inner thigh.

Gemma moaned louder, falling into her back. Her panties had been wet all day, now they were soaked. Sophie pushed the short shirt up, exposing Gemma's flat mound. She inhaled her friend's aroma, sucking the juices from the wet knickers. "Oooohhh ggddddd," Gemma cried, grabbing Sophie's head. She pulled her head hard against her pussy, rocking her hips up and down against the young girl's face. "Gd I'm so wet, Sophie...eat me, eat me now," she begged. Aril hooked the panties, pulling them to the side. She flicked her tongue over the wet lips, tasting the nectar she had been thinking of all day. Gemma fell back, her eyes closed as her hands grabbed at her large firm breasts. "Fuck Sophie...eat me now!" she ordered. The young girl, plunged her tongue deep into Gemma's wet tunnel, her tongue lashing at her pussy. Gemma's body thrashed against the bed. She had been looking at Sophie all day, wanting her and now all her pent up tensions were about to explode.

Sophie and Gemma had been lovers for two years, ever since they were almost 16. At first, it was mostly just curiosity, then discovering what felt good. For the past year, however, they had truly become lovers. Sophie knew just what to do to make Gemma squirm. She slid her raspy tongue up and down across Gemma's sensitive clit. Gemma cried out, her body shaking uncontrollably. "Ooohh ggddd, oohhh ggdddd, I'm cumming baby!" she moaned. She grabbed Sophie's head, holding it tight against her bucking hips. Sophie sucked on the swollen clit, rolling the nub between her teeth.

Gemma's body jerked back, tensed, then exploded in an eruption of electricity shooting through her young body. Sophie sucked all she could, tasting her friend's sweet juices, her mouth hungrily taking all she could. Gemma came again and again in a series of orgasms, soaking her lover's beautiful face. Sophie sensed Gemma's calming, slowing her tonguing. She pulled the wet skirt off her Gemma's ass, sliding her hand up the still trembling body of her friend. She kissed up her flat tummy, pushing the tight top up over Gemma's large 35D breasts, her tongue circling the hard erect nipples. Gemma pulled Sophie's face into her tits, smothering her with the large fleshy globes. She sucked and bit the hard nipples, then kissed up to Gemma's smiling face. The young girls looked at each other, smiled then kissed each other deeply, passionately. Their tongues whirled together, savoring each other's familiar tastes, their hands holding each other tightly. They broke the kiss, giggling , stroking each other's hair.

"Can you believe we're going to have a week of this...just you and me?" Gemma said, kissing her best friend's face.

"You and me....and maybe whoever else we may find," Sophie giggled. Their hands quickly grabbed at each other's clothes, undressing each other's familiar bodies. They slid onto each other, each girl's face buried in the other's wet pussy. Sophie, on top, grinded her pussy against Gemma's wanting mouth. She rubbed Gemma's clit, smearing her cum all over her rock hard nub. Gemma came again, her hot juices soaking the bed. She then concentrated on Sophie, her tongue teasing her friend's quivering pussy. Sophie sat up, riding her tongue. She rocked her hips back and forth, fucking Gemma's face.

"Ooohhh ffuuucckkk, ooohhh ffuuccckkkkk!!" she cried, grabbing her breasts. Sophie grinded her pussy against Gemma's face, wanting to feel her talented tongue deep inside her. "Fuck Gem....you're so good....ooohhhhhh...I'mmm cuuummminngggggggg!" Sophie leaned forward, holding Gemma's legs for support, her young breasts swaying as she rocked hard against her lover's tongue. Gemma grabbed her ass, pulling Sophie hard to her face, driving her tongue deep into her tunnel. Sophie shuddered as the massive orgasm erupted, her juices squirting out all over Gemma's face. Gemma sucked hard, taking all she could. Sophie's body shook violently as she came several times, before collapsing onto the bed. Gemma slid next to Sophie, wrapping her arms around her friend. They laid there for a long time, feeling each other still trembling. After a while, they got up, wiped each other clean and went out to see what the resort had to offer them that week. After a couple of hours, the two young girls went back to the room and after changing into their new nighties that they had bought for each other, fell to sleep in each other's arms.

Jake tried to quietly sneak into the room. He had been out much longer than he had planned. After meeting several people there, he feel into his old, relax ways and had actually enjoyed a party for the first time in years. He tried to be quiet, but after all the alcohol he had consumed, he was a little unsteady. He finally pulled the couch out, but the thin mattress was of little comfort. He pulled the mattress onto the floor, undressed except for his boxers and drifted off to sleep.

Jake's stumbling had woken Sophie. She waited to let Jake fall asleep before going to the kitchenette to get a glass of water. She tried to feel her way around the room but not realizing that Jake had moved the coffee table, she kicked the table leg, banging her big toe. She let out a small yell, then quickly tried to keep quiet.

"Who's there Are you all right?" Jake asked in the dark. The only light was from the slit in the curtains that let the outside floodlights softly stream in. Jake looked up and saw the silhouette of Sophie, she was hopping on one foot. "What's wrong, Sophie?" he asked softly, not wanting to startle her or wake Gemma.

"I didn't see the table and I kicked it," she moaned, her voice cracking. Jake knew she had really hurt herself. He stood up, taking her hand, and set her on his makeshift bed.

"I'm sorry, its my fault," Jake said, "I moved the table to give me more room." He could hear Sophie sniffling from the pain. "Here, lay back against the couch," he said, taking her foot into his hands. He began rubbing her toes and feet gently, trying to massage the pain away. He felt Sophie jerking every time he rubbed a certain spot on her toe. "I'm sorry, dear, I know it hurts, but this will help it, I promise."

"I trust you, Dr. Jones," she said brokenly, trying to be brave in front of him. By now, Jake's eyes had become accustom to the dark. The light shone lightly on Sophie as she laid against the couch. The light and shadows accentuated her curves, highlighting her breasts and cleavage. The babydoll nightie was open at her belly, barely tied across her breasts. All she had on other than the flimsy top was her bikini panties. Jake tried not to look, but the liquor, coupled with her foot resting on his lap, made that almost impossible. Over the past three years, he had been with a few women, but none as young and beautiful as Sophie. Against his will, he felt his cock begin to stiffen in his boxers. He knew he should stop, to send her back to her room, but he couldn't make himself let go of her feet. He had often fantasized about Sophie, even spying on her and his daughter when they were out by the pool or in her room. It embarrassed him to think about it, but he would use his binoculars and with them laying out by the pool, sometimes with their tops off.

Sophie closed her eyes as she rested against the couch. Jake had been right, her toes had stopped hurting, but she wasn't going to say anything, yet. His rubbing felt so good, so relaxing to her entire body. Sophie had her own little secret, too. She, too, had had spied on someone. She had had a crush on her best friend's dad for several years. She had let it slip one night to Gemma, expecting her to be upset, but, instead, Gemma seemed actually turned on by it. Sometimes while making love, Gemma would pretend to be her dad, eating or fingering Sophie's pussy.

Sophie moaned softly as Jake continued massaging her foot. "Everyone was right," she said softly, "a foot massage is really nice." Jake paused for a second, not sure what to do. Jake slid his hand onto the back of Sophie's calf, massaging it with the same care as her foot. Sophie felt a wetness between her legs. Her breathing deepened as Jake worked his way up her leg. When he reached her knee, her leg bent, resting her foot in his lap. She felt his cock under her foot, beginning to stir. She rubbed lightly, not sure or his response. Jake let her rub his cock with her foot, sliding his hand further up her leg, onto her thigh. Sophie moaned more loudly as his fingers caressed her inner thigh. She spread her legs slightly, allowing Jake to reach up the hem of her babydoll, grabbing her hips. He pulled her onto his lap, looking into her eyes as she sat on his manhood.

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