Gender Bias Ch. 05


It had been a little over a week since Sarah had fucked me the last time...since I had fulfilled her dream of wanting to be with another girl as best as I could. She had dressed me up, made me look slutty, and fucked me with her plastic dick. And now it had been a little over a week and she hadn't called me...and I was aching for her. I needed her, but she wasn't retuning my calls, she wasn't returning my voice messages, and I was dying inside. I had been wearing the thing she gave me underneath my jeans on jobsites and no longer felt weird about it, moreover, I had begun to feel naked without it. I just couldn't go back to boxer shorts after having that tiny strand of lycra crammed in between my ass cheeks all day. But despite spending days feeling like a slut with a secret at work, I went home horny. I went home unsatisfied. I continued to shave my chest, legs, underarms and cock, it seemed those habits would not be easily broken. It just felt so good to be completely clean shaven.

The night that her call came I was soaking in a bathtub, after just having finished shaving my legs. My RAZR phone almost vibrated right off of the ledge of the tub and into the bubbles, but I caught it on the fly.




"yea...can I please talk to Steff?"

It was Sarah, she was fucking with me again, I could tell.

"Yea, this is Steff..." I tried my best to speak in a more girly sounding tone, and oddly, my cock grew at the sound of my fake girly voice.

"I need you Steff...I need you over here in an hour...can you make that hun?"

My cock thumped, my balls ached.

"Yes, but I don't have any of the make up or what not." I said in my regular voice.

"Don't ruin this Steven...just come over...I'll make you up don't worry."

I dried off and slipped into my thong. And then...I had a small surprise planned for Sarah...I'd bought a new bra to match the thong that she gave me. So I slipped it over my shoulders and fastened the clasp in back, after much effort.

After arriving at Sarah's she rushed me into the bathroom.

"Here put this on...we don't have much time!"

"What do you mean?"

"Steff...put on the god damned skirt and blouse now!"

"Yes maam..shessh I just don't see what the big hurry is."

I stripped off my pants and shirt and was a little disappointed that she didn't notice the new bra. So I put on the tiny skirt that she wanted and slipped the blouse on over my head, it was a silky number and felt pretty good on me to tell the truth. And the skirt was short to say the could see the crack of my ass in the vanity mirror without even bending over. Sarah was fumbling through a box full of cosmetics when she told me to sit.

She put started applying a bronzing cream to my face and before she was done, I was highlighted with the same bright blue eye shadow and hooker red lipstick. She popped on my blonde wig and the transformation was complete.

"Steff you are a hot little know that? I mean when I first me you I wondered what this could be like...but god damn did you exceed my every fantasy so far."

I briefly wondered what she meant by "so far", but she was dragging me up into the bedroom before I could ask.

"Ok, is what we are going to do...I'm going to strap you in that chair and fuck you's that sound?

"Good..." my cock ached at the thought of being fucked again.

So I bent over the table...she strapped me in...turned off the lights and left the room.

I was waiting in that god damned dark room for what felt like hours, bored with my hands strapped down, waiting to be fucked.

Then, I heard the door open from behind, and my cock sprang to life in anticipation. In a second, I felt hands on my ass, warm hands grabbing and thong was moved aside and before I could breath, that plastic cock of hers had slipped inside me. And it was what I needed, what id been waiting for...I moaned in ecstasy...and she started pumping it inside me. I was so close to cumming, that filling of her girth inside of me...I wanted to explode...and I felt those hands circle around and cup my fake breasts...and I gasped. And I came inside my pants, my cock simply unable to hold it back...and she continued to fuck me...and my cock grew again, almost instantly. And she fucked me up to another frenzy, and I concentrated on contracting my ass with her pumps, to use it as she would her pussy...and it was so hot, and I was instantly hard again as she fucked me, and then, I heard the first groan from her.

That groan, that groan did not sound the least like her groan, it was too low...too gruff. And she continued to fuck me, and I could not complain as it felt amazing...but I wondered what that groan was...where it had come from. And then it happened. And I hate to tell you all, but it happened. She came inside of me...I could feel her cock pumping something inside of me, and I could feel it grow limp in my rectum, and I began to fear what had just happened. And I heard a voice I knew all too well day..."mmmmmmmm baby that shit was out-fucken-standing." And I wanted to scream...I wanted to run, but instead, my cock erupted once more in a violent orgasm that I prayed the person inside me couldn't feel.

"mmmmmmmm you liked it too...huh baby?"

The lights came on, I turned around and saw what I feared. Sarah hadn't been fucking me after all...she was the one that had just turned the lights on. No, the person who had been fucking me, the person who thought I was a good little slut, was Carl. Carl, the big son of a bitch that I worked with. I watched as he pulled his big black duck out of my ass, and wiped the head of it off on my ass cheek.

"Boy you were right Sarah, your friend really does love being fucked in the ass...god damn!"

I hid behind my fallen hair, still strapped in the chair, knowing if he knew it was me that he'd just fucked that he would kill me, no questions asked. And I couldn't help myself, I was staring at his cock, the giant cock that had just filled me, and I couldn't believe was at least twice the size of mine, and it was softening.

"Oh look Carl, she is staring at your cock...I think she wants to lick it clean perhaps."

"Well god damn...don't have to tell me twice." He laughed and slipped around the chair, positioning his crotch near my face. I went to shake my head no, but he was pushing the head of his cock against my closed lips, smearing my hooked lip stick.

"Doesn't look like the bitch wants to take it." He said, trying to cram his dick into my mouth, my stubborn lips thankfully keeping him at bay.

"Well that's odd...let me check something." She came over to me, leaned over and whispered in my ear..."lick it clean you slut...if you don't I'll tell him."

I eyed her beneath my wouldn't I thought shaking my head.

She nodded to say that she I opened my mouth reluctantly, knowing that Carl would kill me if he knew the truth. I barely opened my lips and he thrust it in my mouth...I wanted to gag, I wanted to puke, but I couldn't blow my cover, so I just pretended it was a Popsicle...I closed my eyes and licked and sucked on the Popsicle until he withdrew it, leaving that salty cum taste in my mouth. I grimaced and he smiled.

"Damn she's a good little cock sucker too I bet...If I hadn't just busted my nut in her ass...maybe I coulda busted it in her face. Oh well maybe next time. Thanks again Sarah...and you too you little slut." He slapped me on my ass hard enough to leave a mark as he left.

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