tagTransgender & CrossdressersGender Bias Ch. 07

Gender Bias Ch. 07


So if you've been reading this from the start, you must know by now that Sarah has really played a sort of mind fuck on me. I mean here I was a perfectly heterosexual guy, loving life, loving pussy, and then she came into my life and ruined everything! In the past few weeks under her domineering, watchful eye I'd been fucked in the ass by a small dido, a giant dildo, and perhaps most alarmingly, my best friend's cock. And if that in itself wasn't humiliating enough, now she demanded that I dress like in that persona she invented for me called "Steffie" all the time that I'm at her house. It was her personal "take your shoes off at the door" rule, only it was "you will dress like a whore when you are in my house". In the beginning, I had wanted to end the relationship because she was so boring in bed, that notion is laughable now. She was by far the most experimental girl that I'd ever been with, and she'd stretched my sexual perversions to bounds that I did not know I could ever reach. So I'm not sure how to explain it, but although at times I hated her for what she'd done to me, for what she's turned me into, at the same time, I couldn't walk away. Sarah was my drug.

So here I am once again, after a hard day's work putting on make-up in her vanity, stuffing my cock and balls into a tiny, silky patch of underwear, and running a quick razor over my legs to make certain they would be smooth enough for her. I'm wearing that blonde wig that she likes so much, it still tickles my neck, I guess I'll never get used to it. Its Saturday, which means she wants me tied in the chair waiting for her. I can fasten the leg clamps and one of the arm restraints myself now, and this is how she wants me. I'm wearing the dirty little black skirt she bought me, the one that shows my ass if I bend over to pick something up off the floor, the one that she can quickly slide up to my hips when she is fucking me. Also, I'm wearing the fake plastic breasts that she'd bought me online, the silicone ones that you can use a gel like substance to stick them to your man chest, and use a bra to hold everything up. In the dark they look and feel real enough. And of course, they were huge...she'd bought me a D cup's worth of fakery...and they were bigger than hers. But she seemed to like that. She seemed to like being jealous.

When I finished liberally applying the candy red lipstick that she loved to see me in, I climbed up into the chair, fastening my ankles and one wrist in place, waiting for her and her skillful dildo as I had many nights. Normally the blind anticipation was enough to give me a hard on, and tonight was no different.

After awhile of stomach fluttering anticipation, I heard the door open behind me. In the vast darkness of the room, I heard what sounded like a number of distinctive footsteps. I started to say something, but Sarah spoke up.

"There she is boys...all tied up and ready to fuck. So let me tell you all the rules. Number 1, the pussy is off fucking limits...this girl is on the rag right now, and besides that ...that pussy is mine, so hands the fuck off. Two, she loves to be fucked hard and fast in the ass...and when I say hard and fast, I fucking mean it...she loves to be pounded. And finally, she likes to have the nut busted in her mouth, so if you can hold off, I would recommend taking advantage of that. Now boys do we have any questions?"

Boys? Did she just say boys? As in men? As in multiple men???

"Ah yea...just one Sarah...how long can we fuck her? I mean I can go for awhile, I just want to know if what I gave you will cover it until I bust a nut." That voice in the darkness sounded familiar.

"Oh Fritzy...don't you worry your silly little head about it. This girl can go all night if she has to. She is here to serve you."

Fritzy? Oh my god...did she invite Fritz over too? Then in my ear, someone whispered, "Remember me sweetheart? Remember my cock? We had a good little fuck didn't we? Well guess who's back for more you little slut...and this time...I brought friends!" he laughed crazily...it was Carl, I'd recognize his voice anywhere...my heart skipped a beat and I felt my cock pulse against those silky underwear...despite my best efforts to calm it.

"Damn girl, I can see you are looking forward to this too, you are all broken out in goose bumps of anticipation." He whispered. Then he was gone, disappeared back into the blackness of the room.

I felt a cold sensation on my ass and I jumped in my restraints.

"What is that Sarah?" Someone asked.

"Lube baby...don't want this whore drying up on you all."

You all? How many god damned people were behind me? Fritz and Carl for sure, and that was enough...more than enough.

I opened my mouth and moaned as I felt Sarah's fingers slipping inside of me, spreading that sticky, greasy lubricant. The same stuff that she used when she was fucking me.

Then Carl's cock was pressing against my lips, "take it baby...take it all." And he took the opportunity to slip his cock in my mouth, and immediately began fucking me with it, slipping it in and out of my mouth...I wanted to gag. And as I damned my throat with my tongue to keep from gagging, I felt something warm and hard slip into my ass, and it was no longer Sarah's finger.

"Oh damn Fritz...you don't waste no god damned time at all!" Carl laughed, his cock in my mouth, thumping.

"Man, I saw an opening and I took it!" Fritz laughed.

And that thing in my ass was Fritz, and now I had to live with not one, but two of my coworkers having fucked me. Just what in the hell was Sarah doing to me? With each thrust of Fritz's cock inside of me, I began to relax. Don't ask me why, but I did just the same. And with each pass of Carl's cock into my mouth, I started to feel like the dirty little slut that I was dressed up as. And something in my head switched, some light was turned on, and I began fucking Fritz back, moving my ass in time with his cock, flexing my dirty ass, milking him. And at the same time, I began sucking on Carl's cock, I mean, really applying some suction. I don't know what got into me, but I felt like the slut that Sarah was trying to make me. And I escaped. I felt free. I pretended to be this whore, this Steffie...and I loved it. When I felt a third, strange cock slip into my unchained hand, I grabbed it with force, and began pumping it to life...I wanted it...I wanted them all. I needed to be filled up by all these, thick, juicy...real cocks. Sarah's plastic toys were a thing of memories. I needed, even craved the real thing. Fritz quickly exploded in my ass, and withdrew slowly. Another cock was in my restrained hand, and I slipped my fingers around it eagerly.

"God damn Carl, you weren't kidding...best ass fuck ever!"

As soon as Fritz was gone, another new strange cock was there. In the darkness I had no idea how many people were in the room, but for what felt like hours, my hands, mouth, and ass were full of cocks, some exploding in my mouth, some in my ass, and even one in my hands. My cock was rock hard beneath my little panties, it had already leaked once, and was on the verge of erupting again when I heard Carl ask for his turn in my ass. He had already cum in my mouth, but now he was back and ready for a try at my ass. I saved my personal eruption for him, no sooner had he stretched his way into my ass, then I blew my load in my pants. He fucked me for a few minutes before he again released and exploded in my ass.

As I heard footsteps leaving the room, I was panting for air, slick with sweat and semen. I felt so empty, I'd been the center of attention, and now I was being left alone. Sarah whispered in my ear on her way by, "how did you like that Steffie? How did you like being a good little whore?" My cock got hard again instantly.

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