tagTransgender & CrossdressersGender Bias Ch. 08

Gender Bias Ch. 08


"So Steffie baby, can I ask you a quick one?" Sarah giggled.

I shuddered to think of what she could want now, after all we'd been through, after all she'd done to me...what now? "What's that hun?" I asked in my best imitation female voice. When I was dressed like Steff, she wanted to hear me talk like Steff, so I had been giving it my best effort.

"If you had to choose..." she sucked on her cotton colored pinky nail, eyeing the ceiling, a mascara roller in her hand taking a break my eyelashes. I sat in front of her, watching her through the vanity mirror. "...whose cock would you say you liked more? Fritz....or Carl's? I mean I have my own guess, but I want to see how close I am on this.'

I lowered my eyes, my red finger nailed hands fidgeting in my lap, "Sarah I cant..."

"ah...ah....ah...tsk, tsk...in your Steffie voice, remember?" she interrupted.

"Sorry..." I whispered sultrily, my hands now interlocked in my lap. "I-I can't make that choice."

"Oh so you liked them both equally?" she was again twisting my eyelashes up in the curler, my eyelid poking out in the mirror, a coy smile cresting her pink lips.

"That's not what I meant...look..." now was my chance to end this thing, to get out while I still had a shred of dignity...it was time to be honest with her. "...I think this might have gone a little far...I mean I'm not gay."

"Tsk..tsk...that's Steve talking..." she shook her head, that fiery hair a blur in the mirrored reflection, "...the old, useless Steve. I want to know what my cute little Steffie thinks. I know Steffie likes cock, hell loves it really...I've seen her handle dozens of them..."

Did she say dozens?

"...so Steffie, I ask again sweetheart..." she eyed me in the vanity, the blonde wig framing my face elegantly, my eyes cast down. "...which one did you prefer?"

My stomach dropped, she wasn't going to let me go without some sort of answer. "I guess if I had to choose..." I whispered, my fingers knotted together, my stomach turning.

"Yes?" she begged, leaning over, her cleavage revealing itself in the mirror before me, listening intently.

"I'd have to say Carl's." I whispered.

Sarah tossed the eyelash curler away and began applying light blue eye shadow to me. Laughing, "I knew it!"

"H-how...did you know?" I whispered.

"Oh give me a break Steffie, your such a whore for his cock...its sooooo obvious." She giggled.

"No its not...I mean no I'm not..." I blushed.

"Please Steffie, its ok, you got a thing for Carl...nothing wrong with that, he's drop dead fucking gorgeous."

And I smiled despite myself. Before I could even think, I said, "So you think he likes me too?"

Sarah dropped the eye shadow in the sink. "What are you kidding me? Look at yourself!" She fluffed my wig in the mirror, "You are a fucking hot little trick. Not only does Carl want you, but Steve's entire fucking construction crew wants you!"

She was referring to Steve as a completely separate person from myself, and lost in the moment, I smiled.

She went back to doing my makeup and I kissed the lipstick tube as she rolled it on my lips as she'd taught me to.

Once she was done I stood up and she slapped my tight little ass, pressed together with the tight skirt she bought me.

"You look good enough to fuck!" she smiled and I grinned in response.

"You know what Steffie Baby?" she grinned, sucking on her cotton candy fingernail again, "I'm gonna make your night Steffie, there's someone I want you to meet. Its reward time for you hun!"


"Steff, I'd like you to meet Amber."

I smiled at the raven haired beauty sitting on the couch across the room from me. "Hi, I'm Steff." I whispered in my sultry lady like voice. Sarah had invited a girl over and I hoped that that meant that I would finally be allowed to have sex with her again. See, I haven't been allowed to have sex with Sarah since this whole thing began. Either she fucked me, or she let someone else fuck me. But now, Amber was here, and it seemed that my patience was finally paying off.

Amber ran a hand through her hair, smoothing it behind her ear, and cracked a grin. "Pleased to meet you Steffie...Sarah has told me so much about you."

My eyes wide met Sarah's. "Oh don't be such a drama queen Steff, Amber knows you used to be a man, she doesn't care one bit."

I checked back with Amber, "Is that true?" I whispered.

Amber tilted her head back and laughed, "Oh hunny, I've seen a lot more in my day than you. Believe me, this is nothing."

Looking across Sarah's living room, I had a good view of Amber. She was wearing a black quit jacket, unbuttoned to her cleavage, and a tight little skirt that rode up high on her crossed legs. One of her dainty hands rested on her knee, the other was holding the glass of wine that Sarah had offered. A shiny diamond bracelet sparkled as she took a sip of wine. Sarah was sitting beside her on the couch, wearing a less formal tank top and jeans ensemble. Sarah looked up at Amber and smiled.

"Well, Amber, I have invited you over here today as a part of a gift to Steffie for being such a good little girl this week."

Amber replaced her wine glass on the coffee table, her fingers tickling a tune on her knee, "Oh is that right Steffie? Were you a good little girl?"

I nodded, my eyes glued to her hand, those delectate fingers tickling her knee.

"Yep, that's right. Out little Steffie had her first party this weekend."

My face flushed.

Amber smiled broadly, "Party you say? Now that is special! How many?"

Sarah scooted over next to Amber on the couch and lightly ran her finger down Amber's thigh, tickling the top of the hand cresting her kneecap. "Her whole construction crew." She giggled.

Amber's face lit up. "Her whole construction crew? Wow...how many is that Steffie?" She turned her hand over and allowed Sarah to run her finger along her palm.

My eyes were locked on Sarah and Amber's hands. "I'm not sure." I whispered. And Sarah's eyes were in Amber's cleavage. As her hand reached out to one of Amber's coat buttons I mumbled, "I guess ten...if it was the day crew."

Amber looked down at Sarah surprised. Sarah looked up smiling and unbuttoned one of her suit jacket buttons, revealing more of Amber's impressive cleavage. "Ten is quite ambitious. I'm not sure I could handle that many."

"You aren't Steffie...Steffie loves cock. But you baby, you are different." Sarah crooned as she undid another button, revealing Amber's pink bra beneath.

"Is that true Steffie? Do you love cock?" Amber asked as Sarah slipped her hand inside of the flaps of the jacket, cupping her pinky, lacy breast and kissing her long slender neck.

"I guess you can say Sarah has opened me up to lots of new things." I ducked the question.

Sarah ripped off the rest of Amber's jacket and tossed it on the floor. "Ask him about Carl." She said, unclasping Amber's bra. I could feel my cock stirring beneath the lacy underwear.

"Mmmmmmmmm." Amber moaned, her eyes momentarily rolling in the back of her head. "So what's all this business about Carl then?" Sarah slipped Amber out of her bra and revealed her shapely breasts and bright pink nipples, already erect from Sarah's teasing.

"I...um...he's just someone I work with."

"Its someone she lets fuck her." Sarah pulled her mouth away from Amber's nipples long enough to say, her hand had slipped underneath her skirt and was working feverishly.

Amber moaned again, "mmmm tell me about him...better yet, tell me about him fucking you." She leaned back on the coach as Sarah straddled her, taking turns sucking on both of her nipples.

"He...um...he's big...and once he gets it inside...he really pumps it."

"I told you she was a slut...likes it hard and fast." Sarah whispered, her hand still working beneath her skirt, Amber's eyes rolling in the back of her head.

"Tell...me...more" Amber managed between panting breaths.

"Well, he...um...he gets up a nice rhythm and he's so hard and fast...he just really likes to fuck me."

"And you like...to...let...him fuck you too don't you?" she moaned.

"Yes...I do." I finally admitted aloud.

Sarah abruptly stopped licking Amber's breasts and left her panting for more.

"Amber, Steffie has been having withdrawal...cock withdrawal."

"mmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned.

I was about to protest when Sarah continued, "She hasn't gotten to use hers in over a month. Can she maybe use it on you?"

"I'd like that..." Amber moaned, "...but one thing Steffie, its my time of the month, so my pussy is strictly off limits." She frowned a little, "Is that going to be ok with you?"

I wanted to fuck something...ANYTHING. So I nodded.

"Then lets all go upstairs." Sarah giggled.


Sarah was watching me and Amber kiss on her bed, and seemed to be enjoying what she was seeing. She was sitting in her chair with her fingers working inside her pants. Amber was laying on top of me, kissing me, her tongue playing with mine, my hands cupping her tits. Still dressed like Steffie, I felt like a lesbian with Amber, and it was an extreme turn on, my cock was aching beneath my panties, her fingers tickling my balls as we kissed.

"Enough of the foreplay ladies...I think Steffie is ready to fuck." Sarah commanded.

Amber got off of me, and left my cock alone. She walked over to the inverted chair where I had lost my virginity, and bent over, spreading her legs, and sliding her thong aside, revealing her soft little asshole, it flexed and loosened, flexed and loosened. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me.

I hopped out of bed and put my hands on her shoulders, she reached between her legs and pulled my cock toward her asshole. It slipped inside her with surprising ease, and she began flexing and loosening it again, only this time with me inside of her. She was driving me mad already and I hadn't even started fucking her yet. It had been so long since my dick had been in anything, it leaked a little cum on entry. Amber groaned and closed her ass cheeks around my cock.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she begged.

So I started pumping my cock into her ass, her ass cheeks slamming against my thighs, her tits bouncing against the chair. She moaned and screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" louder and louder with every thrust. "Fuck my ass like the dirty little cock whore I am!" she screamed.

I could hear Sarah moaning from across the room as she continued to pleasure herself, but she was so far away, I was lost in Amber and her glorious ass. She reached between her legs and started fingering my balls, which almost made me shoot my load in her, but I held on, my mind thinking of things less sexual, grocery lists, construction projects, work, anything to help me last a little longer. And with her other hand, she pulled my hand around her waste, and threaded it down between her legs, pausing on her inner thigh.

Fucking her, I just had to feel her pussy...period or not, I just had to know how wet I was making her. So I ran my fingers along her thighs, and she groaned, and I slipped them down between her legs as I continued fucking her ass, and I slipped them underneath her panties.

"What the fuck?" I yelled and immediately stopped fucking.

"Oh god no hunny, please don't stop." she bucked her hips backwards, her ass flexing and loosening around my cock as she backed into it.

"But what the fuck is that?"

She continued slamming her ass into my rigid cock, "You know goddamn well what it is...now cum in my ass and then its your turn." She smiled, eyeing me over her sweaty shoulder.

She continued fucking me, and my hips unwillingly continued forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. She moaned and wrapped my hand around that thing in her pants, moving my hand up and down its shaft. I wanted to ask her how this could be, and if it was real, but I thought I knew the answer. And then, before I could realize it, I was pumping her cock to life, feeling it growing rigid in my hands. I didn't want to, but I was lost in it all, and I was so close to cumming. And then it happened, her talented asshole tightened around my cock, and I exploded, erupted really, and my hand was still pumping her cock to life as she groaned.

"That's it baby, fill me up good!" she moaned.

As my cock went soft, I realized that I was still pumping her cock to life, and I let go.

She got up from the chair and turned to face me. That perfect female body, those perfectly shaped tits, that hourglass frame, that gorgeously fuckable ass, and then there, out of place really was an erect cock, a long one in fact. Her cock actually, wasn't really that much smaller than Carl's.

"But...But...how can that be?" I asked, my eyes locked on that oddity.

"There will be time for questions later slut, now its your turn to be fucked. Now get in the goddamned chair, and fasten the harnesses...you really got me going, and I can last awhile once I get going. I'm going to fuck your ass like Carl, fuck it long, hard, and raw. Now get in the god damned chair!" she screamed.

I lowered my head, and accepted my fate, my dick, impossibly returning to life as I fastened the legs harnesses and bent over the chair.

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