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General Hospital: Mia & Durant


Living over Kelly's was fun but the morning of my fourth day in Port Charles it was unusually cold and I had to wait in line for a hot shower. This cute young detective by the name of Jesse had moved in and apparently believed he had a lock on the hot water. This would not do. I paid Mike the balance of my bill and sashayed my delicious behind over to Jax' hotel, The Metro. Apparently there had been so horrid mob shootout there on the tenth floor so they were running a reduced rate special to fill up the place.

I had a soft spot for Jax besides so I got myself a nice suite at a pretty good price too. I was getting myself all settled in and unpacked when I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it, there stood someone I hoped I would never see again. I was so annoyed, I tried to slam the door shut in his face but he caught it with his hand, shoved his foot in the door and came inside.

"Mia Thyme. What brings you to Port Charles?" John Durant asked me with that ever present smarmy look upon his face.

"Business if it were any business of yours. And what is the high and mighty John Durant doing in Port Charles?" I retorted.

"I'm the DA and I'll be asking the questions," he managed as he shut the door. "I know you have ties to organized crime, Mia, and I am trying to clean up this town, not open the door for more. So you are not welcome in this city."

I stepped past him to reopen the hotel room door as I stated icily, "And you are not welcome in my hotel room"

He chuckled at this and managed to remind me, "That isn't what you said in Philadelphia."

"That was Philadelphia! Now, get out, John!" I shouted indignantly at him.

He just laughed at me again and quietly said, "Not until I get what I got in Philly."

"Why, I never!" I cried out as my hand reached up to slap the silly grin off his face. He easily deflected my blow and grabbed my wrist.

He leaned down to whisper in my ear, "Yes you have and you will again, right now to be exact." Then the man had the audacity to begin stripping down in the middle of my room. I tried to remain calm, cool and collected but I had to admit the guy had a nice body. When he was down to his briefs, he motioned for me to come over and I did.

He sat in the fine leather chair that sat before the already blazing fire as I knelt on the floor before him.

Grabbing my hair, he guided my face down to his cock and, by its own accord, my tongue slipped out and began to caress his manhood with long full strokes. He groaned softly as I rolled up and down the length of it, making it get fuller and harder by the moment. Soon enough, he was as hard as a rock and I took the head between my lips. Once it lay upon my tongue, I let it stay there a moment as my eyes looked up into his.

"Just like Philly," he said.

Oh yes, I had given him head in Philly and apparently I was going to give him head in Port Charles too. That was fine with me because I love sucking cock. Maybe I am not normal but I do. And John Durant had a mighty fine cock, well worth sucking. Holding the head there between my lips, I let my tongue flick softly over it. I even gave the opening a little swirl. He moaned even louder and I could feel his fingers tightening in my hair. He had wound the soft locks between his fingers and was using my hair somewhat like a leash. And you have to know by now that I do so love a leash. So I was pretty happy myself at the moment and let out my own soft purr of pleasure.

But John wasn't one for patience so I moved on, sliding the head a bit further back onto my tongue then pressing it up into the roof of my mouth. Once I could hold it there, I began to suck gently upon it as John began to exhale faster and louder. I could feel his cock already becoming fatter in my mouth and the vein along the underside was pulsing like a mambo band. I wondered how long it had been since he had gotten off and I wondered how long it would take him to get off tonight.

"That's it, Mia, show me how much you like it," he growled as I sucked upon him. At this point, he was already starting to show the strain and his hips were beginning to lift from the chair and lewdly press against my face. He had my head pretty much in a stationary position, having wrapped both hands within my hair, tangling the locks tightly around his fingers. I knew how he operated and I knew soon he would be going to town, fucking my throat like there was no tomorrow. So I worked that hard sweet cock of his, enjoying the heat and pulse of it on my tongue while I could. He kept pushing it in as I kept sucking it in and soon enough the head was wedged in my throat.

I moaned with pleasure because damn but I do love to suck cock. John groaned in pleasure because I do not think there is a man alive who does not enjoy having his cock sucked. And as I began to move up and down his thick tool, John began to move my head along with his hands. In no time, I was just a toy as he thrust in and pulled me forward, then pulled out as he pushed me back. I really did not need to do much at all because John Durant was fucking my mouth and enjoying it immensely.

I continued to suck and flick and tease with my tongue, cheeks and teeth when I could but John pretty much had my head still at this point as his hips lifted off the expensive leather chair and just slapped against my face again and again. His balls were getting harder and tighter by the moment and I knew the man was going to let go at any second. I looked up and saw his face was beet red and I prayed his heart was in good shape because I seriously did not need any more notoriety than I already had.

And then he was cumming. Stream after stream of his creamy seed was shooting out of his cock and into my mouth. The sadist that he is, he released one hand to reach down and hold my nose while the other hand held me as close as possible to him on his cock as he ordered like the former Fed he was, "Swallow it all, Mia!" like he was ordering me to fire at will. The man was all heart. But I do love to swallow so I did the best I could and managed to get most of the guy's cum, which didn't taste half bad I may add, down into my smooth and very flat little belly.

He finally stopped firing. I swear he is like a gun when he gets going. Made me wonder if all feds are like that but I wasn't going to start a survey or anything. So I kept sucking until he was done and was just contentedly licking and sucking along when I heard something that sounded an awful lot like a snore. I looked up and, I swear to God, the man was asleep! Well I know I give good blow jobs but really!

I was hungry and a belly full of cum was not supper to me so I pulled a throw off the bed and tucked it around John on the chair. I grabbed my purse, figuring I would head out for supper someplace. Lucky had recommended some place for ribs that I thought I might try. Anyhow, I was just about to leave when I figured I should leave John a note.


Nothing I like better than when I make you fire.

Stop by again, I'll be in town for awhile.


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