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General Hospital: Mia & Jax


It was a cold day in February when I arrived in Port Charles. It had snowed so, as usual, all the girls were running around in spaghetti strap dresses. The Port Charles Hotel was full so one of the bellboys recommended I see if there was a room available over Kelly's Diner. That is how I came to be on the docks when some guy who looked rather scary with dark hair bumped against me.

"Excuse me?" I said to the rude man, my green eyes cold with disgust as I looked him up and down.

"Excuse me? You're excused, lady. Be careful where you are walking. Not smart to bump into Sonny Corinthos," the dark man said.

So began my introduction to the life in PC.

Luckily for me, there was room at Kelly's and I put down roots for now. Eventually I would look for something bigger, more appropriate, but at the moment I was busy putting together my new club. You see, I knew the people of Port Charles were a bit on the kinky side and I had done my market research. What this town really needed was a good BDSM club. I had the money; I was in the process of opening a chain of these clubs. The ones I had already opened in Pine Valley and Llanview were instant successes. So Port Charles was the next logical step.

My name is Mia Thyme. I am an attractive 35 year old independent woman. I have shoulder length wavy brown hair and deep green eyes. I am pale and tend to chill easily. Never could understand how the girls in PC could run around in such skimpy clothes in the middle of winter. I came to town with a real fur, white, and a suitcase full of sweaters in case. I wasn't about to be flopping around PC with a suitcase, no one ever did. So I was just carrying my carry-on which held the necessities: shampoo, conditioner, negligee, clean panties, a map of PC, cell phone, camera, laptop, hairdryer, deodorant, brush, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers, a pair of leggings, a sweatshirt that said "Eat Dirt" on the front and a pair of socks. Mama always said "Be prepared."

So there I was in my white fur at the counter in Kelly's asking for a room when some girl, cute as a button, asks me if I need help. I introduce myself and she informs me her name is Elizabeth Webber. The girl is darling. I MUST get her to work for me at my club. She helps me get settled in my room and sends some young guy named Lucky to retrieve my suitcase while we sit on the bed and have some girl talk.

She runs down to the diner and brings up some pie and coffee and we are all settled in when Lucky returns, grinning from ear to ear like Elizabeth was the world's best looking woman ever. I ogled them, one from the other and smiled into my coffee cup. The two of them then excused themselves while I pulled down the blanket and, after changing into my negligee, slipped between the sheets.

I slept soundly, considering how cold it was. In the morning, after a quick trip to the communal bathroom for a hot shower and a good tooth brushing, I head down to the diner proper for a nice hearty breakfast. I have to work to maintain my girlish figure so I pass on the pancakes, even though they smell divine, and instead order two eggs over easy, whole wheat toast and coffee. I am enjoying my repast when some loud older man walks in making demands. I hear one of the waitresses address him as Luke and as the owner. Elizabeth let me know last night the Spencer's owned this place and that nice Lucky was the son of Luke. So I assumed, correctly I later discovered, that this tall, interesting looking man was Luke Spencer.

Much later, I would have business dealings with the man. But for now, I had things to do, people to see, places to visit. I called my local real estate agent on my cell; she had a list of suitable buildings for me to look at. The list was rather long so I ate my breakfast hastily, threw on my fur and headed out into the brisk Port Charles day.

Margo, my agent, showed me six buildings before we got to one I thought would even slightly work. It was a rather large, high ceiling warehouse. It was not in the best of shape but it had the square footage I desired and the room to build the ambiance I required. It was also cheap, not that that was the deciding factor. But if I could save a bit on the building, it would give me more capital for the interior. I made what I considered to be a reasonable offer and Margo said she would get back to me.

Since Margo basically handled commercial properties, she recommended another girl in her office, Joanne, to look for something residential for me. I told Joanne I wasn't looking for anything fancy. It was doubtful I would make Port Charles my permanent residence but I would like to have a place to call home when I was here. If, and that is a big IF, my club was successful, I would stay in PC until everything was firmly in hand and I had staff in place I could trust. After that, I would make regular visits, as I did with my other clubs, and having a place to call home would make those visits easier. As well, I was known to allow high rollers and exclusive clientele to crash in my pads when they were in town if I wasn't. So I tended to pick up places in every city I had a club.

Joanne said she would make me a list of places to visit the following day. I agreed and headed back out, having a meeting scheduled with Jasper Jacks.

I hadn't worked with Jax in a long time, not since he had lost his first fortune to the Feds. Well the man was a genius when it came to money so of course he had replaced that fortune many times over by now. We had agreed to meet at his place and so I was on time, as usual. He opened the door almost immediately, making me think he was psychic as well as wealthy.

"Mia! It's been too long," he gushed as he swept me into his arms for one of his trademark bear hugs.

"Jax!" I responded, my arms tightening around him, "Well you have been busy. I have been busy. It happens. But now I am here. You are here. We can catch up."

He ushered me through the door and closed it with a snap of the lock behind me as he led me to an over-sized leather sofa and indicated I should sit. Then he offered me a drink which I gladly agreed upon and soon he handed me a glass of a delightful Chablis.

We spent a few minutes chatting about old business and new friends. He wanted to invest in my chain of clubs and we discussed that a bit too. They were not overly great at moneymaking. Most clubs aren't. But they satisfied a niche crowd which was blossoming across the country.

I decided to allow him to invest. Capital is always good. And I could use his contacts in Port Charles to fill my employment needs. After another glass of Chablis and terms settled, I agreed to have the contract drawn up and in his hands by the end of the week. He ordered supper delivered and we enjoyed each others company over the repast, finishing off the bottle of wine and another before the meal was finished.

Then leading me again to the sofa, Jax was his usual charming self as he whispered in my ear in that delightful accent of his, "Shall we celebrate our partnership in the usual way?"

The usual way involved us being naked and enjoying each others bodies immensely. So of course I nodded my head and he began to slowly, with wonderfully nimble fingers, remove my clothes. Soon I was naked before him as he stood and removed his own and lead me to his bedroom where I laid upon the bed as he knelt between my parted thighs.

"Ah Mia," Jax murmured as he laid his finely-toned body on top of mine, his manhood entering me quickly, fully, filling me so nicely. I had forgotten what a wonderful lover he was. He was slow and easy, taking his time with gentle strokes.

He slid in and out of me with the pace of a turtle, as if we both had forever to just lie here and fuck. My hips met his with a sweet rush of anticipation, the way he filled me so exquisite. And his body was so divine. It was easy to get lost in the moment, here in his bed with the terribly soft sheets and with him between my parted thighs. It seemed so perfect.

My hands found his hips and held on, our bodies in perfect unison now as he moved above me and I moved below him. His breath smelt of Chablis and sunset. Yes, I know what a sunset smells like. Jax is a sunset. Beautiful and sadly missed when gone. My lips found his and my tongue dived inside to taste his sweetness. His tongue met mine and they danced for a few moments as our bodies pressed and pulled in an ageless rhythm.

Moving with each other, our bodies soared to new heights. We danced together amidst the clouds. The sun stroked our skin and brightened the locks of our hair. We felt the faint chill as a breeze fluttered by us, our skin dampened with our exertions. My eyes filled with tears at the sheer beauty of this moment. It was something I wanted to take a photograph of and place it in a file marked "Perfect" in my memory. My hips pressed against him a few more times before my body let go and I shook through the tremors of my release.

He continued to move above me, his white teeth so perfect, his sky blue eyes filled with passion as he hardened and swelled inside my tightness. His lips captured mine as a whisper floated above us. "Mia! Oh, Mia!"

Then he came. Deep inside of me I could feel the waves of his pleasure heighten and crash against my own inferno burning me like a fire out of control. His seed jetted into me, going deep and single-mindedly intent on finding something to swim into. Oh I know!

My fingers dug deep into his shoulders, I knew he would find bruises there in the morning, as he finished. Then he fell upon me, my hard nipples pressing into his chest, as we both regained our breath and let those last dizzying waves escape us.

"Mia, that was extraordinary, as usual. It really has been too long," he whispered into my mouth as he kissed me, deep and lingeringly, tasting me.

"Oh I do agree, Jax darling. Perhaps we need to do business together more often," I purred into his mouth.

He slid out of me and rolled to his side, taking me with him. "Perhaps. Or perhaps we need to just do this more often, with or without business."

My green eyes blinked into his blue. "Jax, is that you? Honestly, I think a toss in the hay here and there is great. But if we become more regular, doll, it will become more ordinary. But, I will consider it."

His fingers combed through my wavy hair, every so often brushing against the soft curve of my neck. "Then how about once a week while you are in town?"

I snuggled up against his frame, so warm and soft and muscular and smelling decidedly masculine. "Oh yes. I will agree to that, lover. What woman in her right mind wouldn't?"

He chuckled at that and smiled that smile which should be trademarked. "I always knew you were an intelligent woman, Mia." He reached around then and slapped my ass, affectionately.

I whimpered, not because it hurt, and he knew it.

"Ah I see." He said huskily in that lovely accent of his. Then he sat up and pulled my naked form across his lap, my ass up. He proceeded to slap that same ass, not so gently now, leaving nice red handprints and making me wiggle with pleasure upon his lap. "Mia has been a naughty girl and needs a good spanking."

I moaned with joy as his hand kept coming down in brisk strokes, hard. The stinging was such a delight, so long missed. He did know how to spank. And how! "Oh yes, Jax, I have been naughty. But please don't hurt me."

That was his cue to strengthen the blows, now coming faster. His hand must be beginning to hurt I thought. Guess so, as he reached for a pair of pants at the foot of the bed and slid the leather belt off of them. He folded the belt in half and began to bring it down across my already red and stinging derriere. It was the most glorious feeling. My pussy started getting wet all over again. He continued on for ten good strokes before turning me and putting me ass down in a sitting position on the floor. I groaned as my tender ass was pressed against the hard floor. He stood before me, his cock in my face. "Clean me, Mia." He ordered in a voice that would not brook an argument.

My mouth obediently opened and I moved to my knees as I took him inside, my wet mouth sucking him clean of our juices. My tongue dragged across his balls and along his rod, slowly licking it clean. When I was satisfied, I breathed upon him until he was reasonably dry. Then he walked out of the bedroom and back into the main room without another word. My head turned but before I could even get my bearings or begin to stand, I heard the main door close loudly. Jax always could get dressed in a hurry. I stood then gingerly, my ass on fire and followed his path. Sure enough, the room was empty except for the leftovers from supper and my clothes. I got dressed, not an easy thing due to my sore butt, and left a note upon the dirty dishes:


Your exits are always SOOOOO dramatic.



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