tagSci-Fi & FantasyGenie Chronicles Ch. 03

Genie Chronicles Ch. 03

byJoe Brolly©

This time when he woke up, it was immediately evident by the beautiful young woman laying atop him, her head snuggled on his chest, her silken hair tickling his sides, and her pussy encasing his hard shaft, that everything before had not been a dream. It took him a few more seconds to realize what had woken him, however. Not only was her pussy still wrapped tightly around his cock, it was slowly but continuously squeezing it, milking it strongly from base to tip.

He stroked her hair, and her eyes opened and looked into his as she smiled her dazzling, heart-thumping smile. "Hi."

"Hello, Jack."

"You know, that's just about the best way to be woken up ever."

"I thought you might like it."

That was all the conversation for awhile, as their lips and tongues were busy with slow, passionate kissing while her pussy continued its leisurely milking of his cock. About half an hour later it milked him to a long, slow orgasm in the same way as they continued their passionate embrace.

Once every drop had been milked from him, their lips finally parted.


"Thank you, master. I hope that wasn't too presumptuous of me. Part of my makeup leads me to believe that you would wish me to take some initiative, but..."

"Absolutely. Be as presumptuous as you like, if you continue come up with things like that." He paused, "Can you come up with lots more things like that?"

She looked up with a wicked smile. "Lots and lots."

He gave a little shudder of anticipation. "Oh, goody."

They lay for a few moments before Jack finally decided it was time for a shower. He figured he could have just asked Genie (until he came up with a better name) to clean them, but he actually wanted a shower. He invited her to join him, because having an incredibly beautiful, glistening wet woman wash you was much better than washing yourself, especially when you got to wash her in return. They actually made it out of the shower after rubbing her to only one more orgasm, although Jack did have to cheat just a little by asking her to keep the water hot a bit after it would have normally run cold.

After playing a bit more grab-ass through two big fluffy towels as they dried each other off, Jack studied their reflection in the large bathroom mirror. He looked at her magnificently toned, curvy body, and then back at his. While he had thought he was in half-way decent shape, he now discovered he was decidedly pudgy in comparison.

"Well, you say you can make changes to me. As you have my perfect body, I guess I should have yours."

She frowned slightly. "But you already do, master."

He gave her a flat 'yeah, right' stare through the mirror. "This," he said, pointing to his reflection, "is your dream body?"

She smiled and nodded eagerly.

He stared at her some more, then, "So, if I were to ask you to, say, make it more physically fit, then you would find it less than perfect?"

"No, Jack."

"So what would make it not your dream body?"

"Nothing. Any way you want your body, I will find it perfect."

He looked at her in befuddled disbelief. She shrugged. "That's the way I'm wired, Jack."

His expression changed to surprise at her use of so current an expression. She frowned back slightly.

"Did I not use that correctly?"

He tilted his head slightly, then raised his eyebrows and nodded. "Yeah, pretty much. Where'd you hear it?"

"From your head. Where else?"

He glanced at her at the near smart-ass response, grunted, and then turned his attention back to his reflection. He tried again. "Ok, let's say, theoretically, that I wanted you to pick out, among all the men in the world, your second-most perfect body. Show me what he looks like."

Tingle. A three dimensional, two foot tall image of a man appeared in front of them in mid-air and rotated slowly. It looked just like him. Jack put his face in his hands and shook his head, then stopped.

"Are you saying that there is another guy out there that looks like that, like me?" he asked, muffled, through his hands.

"Yes, Jack."

He sighed. "Make it go away."

"Yes, Jack."

He thought for another moment, and then removed his hands. "Ok, let's try this. Make me... you can undo anything we change, right?"

"Yes, Jack."

"Ok, first of all, make me perfectly healthy, head to toe." Tingle. Flash.

He immediately noticed several differences; his eyesight improved, although he hadn't realized it had degraded, a few small aches disappeared that he didn't even realize he had until they were gone, his body, while still not buff, lost several pounds, an old scar over one eye from diving off the bed head-first when he was four disappeared.

"Um, better leave the scar. That might be hard to explain to my mother."

It reappeared.

He studied his reflection a bit more, happy with what he saw so far, but not quite done. "Ok, now keeping my face, height, and general build pretty much the same, tweak my body such that it would drive the highest percentage of women, say, ages 18 to 36, and especially a certain stunningly beautiful young genie, crazy with lust if they were to see it nude... or clothed for that matter. Oh, and I mean 'crazy with lust' in the normal, every day way. No magical charm or anything."

Tingle. He felt parts of himself twinge and shift, and it looked like there were things crawling around under his skin. It was rather unsettlingly like something from a sci-fi or horror movie, but it was quickly done, and he was left with a body that one might expect to see in infomercials for expensive exercise equipment and weight-loss or fitness plans. He compared his body with Genie's again. Much better.

"Well, are you crazy with lust?"

"Always, for you Jack." He looked at her in mild exasperation, but she wasn't looking at his face. "But now even more so, I must admit."

"So this is your perfect-er body, then?"

"She finally looked in his eyes and grinned. "Yes, master."

"Finally!" he exclaimed, looking back at the mirror. His eyes were drawn to his cock. "Isn't that even longer than the 'fuck you senseless' version that you never got around to changing back."

She had the grace to blush, and said, "Yes, a little."

"Isn't it a bit big for most women?"

"Yes, but you did request what would drive them crazy to look at."

"True. Hmmmm. Is that about six inches?"

"Just over, actually."

"And hard?...wait!" He grinned. "Why don't you show me instead of tell me."

She eagerly dropped to her knees. "Yes Jack!"

"Hands only please. I don't want to get too distracted."

She gave a small pout at that restriction and sighed, "Yes, Jack."

Having just blown a load right before the shower, not to mention the how-ever-many others he had already blown that day, Jack figured it would take a bit of effort and time to get him hard again, beautiful woman kneeling before him making the effort and taking the time or no. But that notion was shot almost immediately. He didn't know if it was because of her incredible hotness, her eager and erotic subservience, an increased libido and quicker recharging time as part of his improved body, or because she cheated, but he started to swell almost as soon as she touched him.

She held him horizontally in her left hand, like a hot dog she was not allowed to nibble on, and stroked the top lightly with her index finger for a few moments before switching her attention to his ultra-sensitive helmet. She lightly tickled that with her finger tip, and his rate of hardening greatly increased. Once he was fairly firm, she wrapped her hand lightly around him and started stroking slowly while she fondled his balls with the other hand. He was quickly rock hard. Or so he thought.

"Well?" he asked a bit breathlessly.

"Hmmm, not completely hard yet," she said clinically.

Yeah, right, he thought, but he wasn't complaining.

Meanwhile, she stopped stroking for a moment and held out her hand. Her eyes flashed, a dollop of a creamy looking substance appeared on her palm, and she applied it to his cock, then started stroking again. He moaned at the incredible extra sensations the lubrication added to her stroking. He had to admit that he did grow a bit harder.

She stroked for a moment more, and then said in her clinical voice, "Completely hard now at just over ten inches." She didn't stop her slow stroking or ball fondling.

Ok..." he cleared his throat and tried again. "Ok, so that's a bit big for most women, yes."

"Most, yes," she said with a raised eyebrow.

He tried to concentrate. "Ok, let's try this: My cock stays at its current six inches while soft, but hardens to whatever size will give the woman in question the most pleasure. Obviously, it will never harden to anything less than six inches, though."

Tingle. "Done."

"But, it didn't change. I thought that the older new size was the ideal one for you."

She grinned. "This is, now," she said happily as she continued her long, slow strokes. She surely knew that it wasn't his original intention for her to masturbate him to orgasm right now, but was obviously ignoring that, enjoying teasing him a bit and thus not planning to stop until he expressly asked her to.

He was sorely tempted to tell her to blow him at that point, but this reminded him of his earlier blow job, and this in turn reminded him of his concern about taking what she could do for granted.

She sensed his more serious turn, and she looked at him expectantly while lightening her touch to a less distracting one. She still didn't stop, though. He had to smile. She grinned back. Both smiles faded slowly as he looked into her eyes, collecting his thoughts. She waited.

"Genie, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I can't believe that I have only been with you since this morning. I still don't know where all this is going to go, but I do know that I don't want to ever take you for granted. I was thinking earlier that the 'long, mind blowing blow job' you gave me this morning has probably spoiled me a bit for any other oral sex, and I don't want that. I want every sexual experience with you to be as exciting as the first ones today, if not more so. I never want to become jaded about your powers...I don't want familiarity to breed contempt, as they say; not with you, not with your powers, not even with the simplest hand job," the intensity of her stroking and ball-fondling increased again at that, and he looked down and smiled again before returning to her eyes, "and I definitely want to find you as beautiful and captivating every time I look at you as I do now." She froze again with a look of surprise and happiness on her face as she realized the intensity of his feelings. "Can you help me with all that?"

It was her turn to collect her thoughts. "I believe so, Master. This will take reading your desires deeper than usual. Is that acceptable?

"Of course."

She rose and stood very close to him, her breasts brushing his chest. She captured his eyes with hers and the tingling began. It was more intense this time and lasted for several long moments. It was quite pleasant and felt very intimate, and he was a bit disappointed when it ended.

"It is done, Master."

"What? I thought you were just reading me. I don't feel any different. What did you do?"

She smiled at him, a smile so filled with joy that it took his breath away. "Nothing, Master."

After this answer had a moment to sink in, he took her in his arms, pulled her against him, and kissed her passionately.

When their lips parted several moments later so they could catch their breath, he felt her hand grasp his cock again as start stroking. "I am so sorry master, I seem to have allowed your cock to become less than fully hard."

He laughed, placed his hands on each side of her face and brought her lips back to his. They continued to kiss, tongues dancing, while she brought him to a regular, every-day knee-buckling orgasm with her 'simple' hand job.

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