tagSci-Fi & FantasyGenie Chronicles Ch. 09

Genie Chronicles Ch. 09

byJoe Brolly©

Nick's smile evaporated, and he sighed. "I can see this is an issue for you, Mr. Phillips. That's why I do this first, in case our type of business is offensive to..."

"Mr. Bremer, I'm sorry. My reaction was very unprofessional. Please believe that I have no problem with your type of business. I was simply surprised by a... very large coincidence."

"Are you sure?" Nick asked, giving him an odd look, probably wondering what could possibly be a coincidence with meeting an adult toy distributor as a potential client.

"Yes sir, very."

"Well, then, come on in, and call me Nick. Can I call you Jack?

"Yes sir...Nick."

"Brace yourself, Jack."

Jack discovered what he was to brace himself against almost as soon as he walked through the door. It looked like, well, like the offices of an adult toy distributor inside. There were posters of dildos, samples of dildos, golden dildos mounted on plaques, and all of the above repeated for almost any other adult toy one might imagine.

Jack followed Nick toward his office, slowly, as he couldn't help but look around. Apparently expecting this, Nick walked slowly ahead of him. His office, when they finally got there, was much the same; a nicely appointed space, except for where one might find knickknacks, artwork, etc., there were sex toys.

"Have a seat, Jack. As you know, you were recommended to me by Phil Racey over at VintCo. He said you had designed their website, so I looked it over. It's very impressive."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He paused "We currently have a website. It's functional, but it's, well, it's kind of ugly, and a bit trashy. Also, it was designed by an employee who has gone on to other things, so keeping it updated has become a bit of a problem, and almost seventy percent of our business is through internet orders."

"I see." Jack indicated Nick's monitor. "Is it available here? Can I see it?"

"Sure." Nick rotated the monitor so they could both see it, and then double-clicked on a bookmark shortcut on his desktop to bring up the site. He was right; it was functional, ugly, and trashy.

"Yeah, this is a standard off the shelf e-retail package your guy or girl customized a bit for your business. I can help you keep it updated if you want."

"Well, we might get you to do that for the short term, but what we would really like to do is overhaul the whole thing. We are looking for something a bit more... elegant, tasteful. One of our long term business goals is to try to make our type of product accepted as more mainstream, and not viewed as quite so... seedy, if you catch my drift."

"I do..."

The door burst open then, and Jack saw something he would remember for the rest of his days; a short, plump, white haired woman who just had to be someone's grandmother, brandishing a two foot long double dildo with which she looked to be about to flog Nick, or would have if it hadn't been split almost in two across the middle.

"Nick, these double dongs are crap! This isn't even a return! This one split when we went to ship it, although the returns on this have been absolutely killing us." It was only then that she noticed Jack. She nodded to him and smiled. "Hello, young man." She went back to glaring at Nick.

"Jack, this is Alice White, our shipping, receiving and returns manager. Alice, this is Jack Phillips, our potential new web designer."

Alice held out the hand which wasn't holding the dildo. "Nice to meet you, Jack."

Jack stood to shake it. "The pleasure is all mine, Alice," he said, eyeing the dildo. Returns? They accepted returns? Yuk!

Alice just smiled at his gaze, and then turned back to Nick when he said, "I'm sorry Alice, you know those things are made in mainland China. We have no quality control, and can't return anything to them. We will just have to pull them until we can find another supplier."

"Very well." She bustled out the door with a, "Bye, Jack, hope to see you around the office." She was gone before he could respond.

"She's a sweet lady, but she runs her department like a little drill sergeant. Anyway, back to what we were talking about... oh, yeah, the new website. So, what would be the next step?"

"Well, we should probably discuss in general what you would like your site to look like, what you want it to offer, etcetera. Then I will take a few days, make a mock-up or two of possible websites and write up the corresponding quotes. We can set up a meeting for later this week or whenever so you can see what I have done."

"Sounds good." They spent the next hour discussing what Nick wanted the new website to be while Jack took extensive notes.

"Alright, I think I have almost everything, just a couple more questions; do you have any company artwork or logos you would like for me to use for the site?"

Nick thought this over for a moment. "Yeah, we've got a new logo for the next issue of our print catalogs. I've got some printed examples, but nothing in electronic form."

"That would be fine, I can scan it and work from there." Nick started digging through a drawer. "And the last question is, would it be possible to borrow a couple examples of your products. They can even be defects like the dildo Ms. White just brought in, although I don't think I want to take any 'returns.'"

Nick handed over a mock-up of the logo, smiling at Jack's last statement. "I think we can accommodate you. What do you want them for?"

"I thought I'd try my hand at doing a few photos to match the styles of the sample websites."

""Oh, you do that? We usually have to send the items off to a photographer."

Jack shrugged. "I've done a little. It doesn't take quite as high end equipment when you are shooting for the web, as the resolution is fairly low. You still have to get the lighting and everything correct, though."

"Well, how about a little tour of our facility, and we can pick up a few items along the way."


It turned out that they leased several adjacent suites. Most of the area was warehouse space, as this was one of their main distribution points as well as their home office. Jack had thought he had seen every toy imaginable in the front office, but he quickly found out how wrong he was. There were items back here for which he had no clue as to their purpose.

Genie knew, though. Vibrating nipple clamps...G-spot vibrator...anal beads...

Nick told Jack to pick whatever he wanted, so Jack chose half a dozen or so of the most interesting items, consulting Genie as he went.

As they headed back toward the front door, Nick said, "Just call me when you want to set up the next meeting. Oh! I forgot to mention that Susan Cooper, our VP in charge of purchasing, couldn't be here today. She's out on a last minute 'shopping trip' - I need to call her to see if she can find any double dildos," he muttered to himself, then continued, "but both she and Ms. White will be in on the next meeting to see what you have put together."

"Sounds fine" He shook Nick's hand. "Oh! And I in turn meant to mention earlier that I can help you with your print catalog, too. It would give you some continuity from print catalog to online. It would mean shooting the photos at a much higher resolution so they could be used for both web and print, but that shouldn't be too big of a deal."

"Hmmm. That's a great idea, although we are a little late for the upcoming catalog. We do one every three months, though, so if we do the website, this is certainly a possibility for the next one."

"Ok. I should be calling in a few days."

"Sounds good. Talk to you then."

Jack was embarrassed to be carrying the armload of toys by the receptionist, but all she said was a cheerful, "Have a nice day, Mr. Phillips!"

"You, too!" She did see this stuff all the time, after all. He wondered how much of it she had tried herself. This was a question to be explored later, though. Jack felt his plate was full at the moment, sexual and not.

After packing his armload in the back of the car he got in and headed back toward S&B. Genie appeared once they were on the road.

"How are you Jack?"

"Good, just thinking about all the stuff I've got to do."

The trip back to S&B was quiet, as Jack did his thinking and Genie studied the world passing by. She had been too busy on the trip out to see any of it.

The receptionist at Smith & Brown had what was promised; his full payment and the pricing file burned to CD. He thanked her and headed out and home, making quick detours to deposit the check and to grab them sandwiches for a late lunch/early dinner.

It was almost five o'clock when they got back to the apartment. Once inside, Jack asked, "Genie, can you hang out while I get this price file posted. I want it out of the way."

"Sure, Jack."

Jack sat down at his desk, woke up his workstation, and logged into the leased web servers he used to host the websites of any clients who didn't have their own. It was a matter of only about fifteen minutes to get the price file posted and tested, although he would never let S&B know how little time it took.

He then checked his e-mail, answered a few messages, and made a quick requested change to another client's website. He logged out, stood, and stretched. "Genie, can you come over to the bed, please?"

"Sure Jack." She rose cat-like from the couch and walked over to him.

"Genie, until I say otherwise, I do not wish for you to read me in any way, understand."

She looked surprised and a little concerned. "Yes, Jack."

"Very well. Remove all of your clothes, please."

"By hand, or by magic?" she asked in a subdued voice.

"Magic. I want you nude. Now." She was instantly, gloriously naked.

"Good, now please lie spread-eagled on the bed, and tie you comfortably but firmly in place.

"Yes, master." She did as she was instructed, and as soon as her arms and legs were spread, they were tightly bound with rope at ankle and wrist. "Is this correct, master?"

"Um, no, use those padded restraints we saw today, the foam-lined ones." The rope changed to thick leather cuffs, closed with Velcro straps and lined with neoprene foam. "Good. Now, you will tell me, from head to toe, where your most ticklish locations are. Purely ticklish, not the erogenous areas."

She swallowed. "Yes, Master. My armpits, my upper sides, my belly and lower sides, the inside of my thighs, the insides of my knees, and my feet.

"Ok." He paused. "Genie, I have a concern. I just can't believe everything that happened today was a coincidence. Most likely losing the S&B account, then turning around and finding out my potential new account is an adult toy distributor? This is all just too much to swallow. I want you to tell me what you did today."

She looked at him imploringly, "But Master! I didn't..." she stopped when he held up his hand, commanding her to silence.

"I'm sorry, but you leave me no other choice." He paused again and looked her speculatively up and down. "I think we'll start with the armpits. I would like two invisible hands to tickle you there, one in each."

Genie immediately started to squirm and giggle. Jack added, "Those hands should be expert at what tickles you the most, although you do not know what they are going to do from moment to moment." Genie's giggles turned into laughter as her squirming increased, both of which did wonderful things to her perfect breasts.

Jack slowly removed his clothes and hung them in the closet to the soundtrack of Genie's lovely if harassed laughter. Then he returned to the bed and lay down beside her, head propped up on his hand, to watch. Apparently the touch of the hands was not enough to leave much of an impression on her skin, so he couldn't quit tell what was going on. "Make the hands translucent." The ghostly hands appeared, looking as if they were made of smoke. "Slightly more solid looking." They became a bit more substantial, but he could still see through them without a problem. He watched as their finger tips swirled in fluttery, random patterns against her skin. He reached out with his free hand and tried to imitate their touch. He figured he was getting it fairly right when the volume of her laughter increased.

He let the fingers do their work for awhile longer as Genie continued to laugh and squirm. Finally he said, "Pause them." Genie stopped squirming and relaxed on the bed, panting a bit.

"Now, are you ready to tell me the truth and admit to the things you did to influence today's events?"

"But Master, I..."

"Resume the hands," she resumed her squirming and laughing, "and add another pair - no, two - equally talented, on your belly and lower sides." Four more ghostly hands appeared and immediately attacked her stomach and the areas just above her hips. The hands on her stomach made similar motions to the ones on her armpits, but the ones on her sides dug in more firmly. Genie's volume increased to full blown gales of laughter, and her squirming became thrashing.

Jack watched for a few minutes, and then got up to take a piss. It was a bit of a challenge, and took him awhile, as his cock was rock hard. After washing his hands he returned to the bed. Using both hands this time, he again tried to imitate what the translucent fingers were doing until he got a sufficient response from Genie.

"Pause." She lay panting, much more heavily this time. "Had enough yet? Are you ready to tell me the truth and admit to the things you did to influence what happened today?"


"Very well, resume," She shrieked as the fingers started again, then settled back down to steady gales of laughter, at least until Jack said, "and add another pair of expert hands on you ribs." Then she shrieked in laughter pretty much continuously, her thrashing becoming more violent and her hair began to fly as she tried in vain to escape the tormenting fingers.

Jack rose again and went to the fridge for a soda. He returned, grabbed the remote for the big screen TV, and surfed the regular channels, then the movie channels, then the porn channels, all the while leisurely enjoying his drink. He had to turn up the volume quite a bit to hear it over Genie's shrieks as the fingers tormented her, never relenting for a second, always knowing just what to do to achieve and maintain maximum results yet never letting her know what to expect.

Finding nothing worth watching, Jack flipped off the TV and turned back to Genie. He repeated his ritual of studying then trying to emulate what the latest pair of hands was doing. Finally satisfied that he had the hang of it, he said. "Pause." Genie collapsed to stillness on the bed, gasping for breath, covered with a fine sheen of sweat. "NOW are you ready to tell me the truth and admit to the things you did to influence what happened today?"

All she could do was weakly flop her head from side to side in an attempt to communicate as she gasped for breath. He sighed. "Very well, you leave me no choice but to resume, and add two of those special hands to your feet."

Her mouth opened in a silent scream of tormented laughter as ten ghostly hands attacked her at once. Every few seconds this was broken by a strangled intake of air. "Make sure you get enough oxygen, now. We can't have you passing out."

Jack then got up again to go find a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and some flip flops. Putting it all on, he grabbed his keys and walked down and out to the car to retrieve the toys from Forbidden Indulgences. He came back and sat on the couch to unpack them, discovering in the process that most of them needed batteries. Two included cheap batteries with Chinese writing all over them, but both sets were dead. He scrounged around the apartment and finally found enough batteries for everything. He installed them and made sure everything worked, and then returned to the bed.

He knelt down to watch the action on Genie's feet. Although the very limited but frantic movement of her feet did absolutely nothing to avoid the ghostly hands, which moved with her twitch for twitch, it did make it hard for him to see exactly what was going on. "Two more hands to hold your feet still."

Her feet were instantly held down by two more ethereal hands. This, plus the added stimulation of Jack working to emulate the talented foot ticklers, caused her to stiffen into stillness, her eyes to go round as saucers, and her breathing to come in short, sharp gasps every few seconds.

Undeterred, Jack continued until he thought he was sure he knew just the right treatment for ever square inch of her feet, including her ultra sensitive arches and between and under her toes.

"Stop," he finally said. Genie unclenched, and lay, dripping with sweat, hair plastered to forehead and temples, gasping great sobs of air. Jack puttered around the apartment, waiting for her to get her breath back. When he thought she could speak, he went back to the bed. He climbing on and straddled her hips, and then leaned over to look into her eyes. "This is your last chance. Tell me the truth about what happened today."

"Master... I did nothing... to affect today's... events. You must believe me... your Genie can never... lie to you."

Suddenly Jack's face broke out into an evil grin. "Oh, I believe you."

Genie's face took on a look of tired and hurt confusion. "But then, why...?"

"Because someone has been quite a naughty Genie over the last couple of days, and has completely ignored my warnings of punishment."

"But... I thought you wanted a Genie who was a bit mischievous and free-spirited."

Jack smiled a much more kindly, affectionate smile. "Oh, I do. I said completely ignored, but did you not actually go so far yesterday as to make me promise to punish you for your naughtiness?"

Genie's face relaxed and changed as realization finally dawned. "Yes, master, I did. You have been quite right in punishing your Genie. She has been very, very naughty. Your punishment is very... novel."

Jack's grin turned wicked again as he said, "I'm glad you understand, because we aren't quite finished, yet." Genie's eyes grew large at this as Jack moved to position himself between her legs. He placed his cock head at the entrance of her suspiciously sopping wet pussy, and then slowly inserted himself into her ultra-slick tunnel. As tight as she was, she was so wet that there was no resistance. She moaned.

Once buried to the root, he said, "Tighten around me a bit please." Her tunnel walls contracted more tightly around his shaft. "A little more." They squeezed even more, until he doubted he could pull out. "Ok, you are going to tickle yourself to my orgasm. I want those special hands to find the best combination of tickling to cause just the right amount of laughter to send the most pleasant vibrations to my cock."

Genie grinned. She said, "Yes MastHAAA!" as the hands attacked. Over the next few minutes the hands experimented until they found the best mixture of torment to bring him the most pleasure, while an additional pair of hands appeared to hold her pelvis still so her squirming wouldn't interfere. Jack noticed how this level of stimulation also resulted in the most beautifully level of ticklish laughter.

Jack was slowly but inexorably drawn toward orgasm through the music of her torment being transmitted directly to his cock. He eventually came, and once she had laughed every drop from him, he told her to release him. He withdrew and then told the magic hands to stop.

Genie panted, "Has your Genie been sufficiently punished, master?"

Jack looked at her speculatively. "Hmmm, I don't think so. Tell me about your erogenous ticklish spots."

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