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Genie Chronicles - Make a Wish 00


A big thanks goes to Joe Brolly for the original Genie Chronicles. As many people have done, I'm simply taking his original story format and giving it a twist. Fair warning, lesbian and futa (shemale) sex will feature heavily in this storyline.


Vicky wiped a thin layer of dust from the back shelves of the University of Texas central library section of Egyptian history and literature. Brushing her short red hair behind her ears, she sighed heavily hoping that the stale air and forgotten food left by inconsiderate students would breed some kind of super virus that would be her end. The book she was trying to shelve belonged on the top shelf, but Vicky didn't want to run and get the stool just for one book, so she balanced on her tippy toes, stretching her 5'8" frame as much as possible to reach the top. It took a little wiggling, but the book was finally in its place, snug between two guides to pyramids.

Most of the library was dedicated to normal literature and books related to the variety of classes hosted by the University. It had whole sections on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, law, and just about everything else under the sun. Other than the normal class material, the library also hosted one of the largest collections of south western literature in the entire world, which didn't explain why they had a section dedicated to Egyptian history and literature. Vicky didn't complain though, she loved the section and always volunteered to shelve the books when there were returns for the books hosted there. It was on the 6th floor of the library, off in a lonely corner that wasn't visited very often by any of the students, but still held some interesting display pieces for the subject matter. The walls were decorated with various pictures of pyramids and hieroglyphics on scrolls depicting various parts of history. None of them were real of course, for fear of a student stealing something that might be of value. Yet there was a lamp that had always interested Vicky, sitting on a small table between two reading chairs in the corner. It looked like a simple battered brass lamp, and was labeled as a sample genie lamp from Egyptian mythology, but it had intricate hieroglyphic carvings that had always interested Vicky.

"Um, excuse me, do you work here?" A soft voice behind Vicky asked, waking her from her day dream as she stared at the lamp. She turned around to find a short Asian girl with long black hair in dark clothing looking a little lost.

"Yes I do, can I help you?" Vicky asked.

"Yeah, I'm looking for Spanish literature, but I can't seem to find it. What floor is that on?" The girl asked, not looking directly at Vicky. She smirked a little at this, and found the girl's softness cute. Since coming to college Vicky had discovered a stirring attraction for women, especially those who seemed a bit more submissive. She wasn't sure if this meant she was a lesbian, but she'd be willing to at least label herself as bisexual.

"That'll be on the 2nd floor, isle 6. Would you like me to go there with you?" Vicky asked the girl, treating her a little like a child, even though was in her late teens, early twenties.

"Uhh, I should be okay, but thanks." The girl replied, blushing a little. Vicky watched the girl walk away, appreciating the view from the rear.

"I don't know which you look at more, the attractive young ladies who come in here, or that silly lamp in the corner." Vicky's boss said as she passed the young girl who was leaving. It was Vicky's turn to blush as Katherine caught her yet again staring at an attractive student.

"Hey, I was helpful. She just needed to find the Spanish section." Vicky said, her face almost as red as her hair.

"Oh you're always helpful Victoria, no one questions that." The older woman responded while removing her glasses. Vicky always kind of wished she wore glasses, just because it fit the sexy librarian motif so well, which she found so sexy. It didn't hurt that Katherine had olive toned skin and natural breasts that filled out her blouse nicely.

"Your eyes just have a tendency to wander." Katherine said with a smirk, aware that Vicky enjoyed checking her out too.

"I'm very very sorry Katherine, it won't happen again." Vicky replied a little worried that she might actually be in trouble.

Katherine laughed her reaction off. She liked Vicky and appreciated her growing free spirit attitude, but it wasn't a unique thing in this college atmosphere. There were plenty of blooming kids here, it's one of the reasons Katherine enjoyed working in the environment. "No no Victoria, you're not in trouble. I just came up here to apologize to you personally. Due to budget cut backs, we have to close this Egyptian/Arabic section of the library. We're replacing it with an extended Spanish culture section, something to partner with our South Western Studies division." Katherine said with a heavy heart. She could see the emotion on Victoria's face turn from shock to depression. Vicky didn't outward cry or anything, in fact she completely understood the reasoning. It only made sense of course, since this was the most underutilized section of the library.

"It won't be all bad of course, most of the books will remain here, and they'll just be moved to the 3rd floor in the 'Books from around the World' section. Those that don't stay here will find a happy home in other libraries." Katherine explained, glad to see Vicky's mood lift slightly.

Vicky looked at the Egyptian blue lamp, feeling her heart drop again for some reason. "What about the rest of the display?" Vicky asked, stilling looking at the lamp.

"Well it will likely be put into basement. Maybe in a few years we'll do an auction or something, to get rid of most of the junk we're keeping down there." Katherine explained, and then saw Vicky flinch when she used the word 'junk.'

"I tell you what; they're coming here to start tearing down this section tonight. They'll have most of the display pieces removed, and the moves will be in carts for us to reshelf in the morning. Why don't you just...take that lamp with you?" Katherine suggested as she moved small corner table the lamp sat on.

Vicky's face lit up and looked back and forth around the library, worried someone might catch them. "Really, just...take it?"

Katherine chuckled at Vicky a little, astonished that the girl could feel like she was stealing in such a benign situation. "Like I said, it's going down into the basement anyways, and we don't even have any documentation or inventory for it. In fact, I couldn't even tell you how that lamp got here. So yeah, just take it with you when you leave tonight, no one will ever know." Katherine suggested while placing a reaffirming hand on Vicky's shoulder. Vicky smiled and nodded, feeling better at the situation and just a little naughty to be removing property from the library.

The rest of the evening seemed to just drag as Vicky rushed around trying to finish the shelving for the evening. With just 10 minutes till it was time to close the library, Vicky rode the elevator to the top floor of the library and went to the small corner table with the lamp on it. Even though Katherine, the librarian manager, had told her she could have it, she still looked around to make sure no one was watch and that none of the library's cameras were monitoring this corner. Then she took the lamp and upon picking it up Vicky got goose bumps all over her body, which she attributed quasi theft she was performing. Placing it lovingly in her backpack, Vicky rode the elevator back down to the ground floor, and clocked out at the front desk.

Her apartment was a very small efficiency, but at least it was hers and she didn't need a roommate to help pay the bills. It was a single room with a full bed sandwiched between a wall and a loveseat that faced a 20 inch LCD on her dresser. Off to the side was a small kitchen occupied with a small lunch table with 2 chairs. Just beyond that was a little nook that had a washer on the bottom and a dryer on the top. The only other rooms were a standing shower and a toilet. Most would consider it too small, but for Vicky it fit her needs and was comfortable. While it was clean and neat, there was definitely evidence that a librarian lived there as books were stacked on evenly on all the tables, and a few more were at the foot of the bed.

Rushing to her loveseat, she removed a laptop from under the loveseat (her secret hiding spot in case someone ever broke into her apartment) and placed it on a folding diner table as she turned on the TV so she'd have some background sound on. She didn't actually like to watch TV that much, but it was nice to break the silence of the room.

Booting up the computer she started to navigate to some of her favorite Egyptian and Arabic sites, looking for known translations and common antiques from that area. Removing the lamp from her backpack, she studied it gingerly as she held it in her hands. The lamp was covered in both Arabic calligraphy and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Egypt and Saudi Arabia were very close to each other, separated only by the red sea, but both cultures developed very differently. It was odd to see both writings on the lamp, which greatly intrigued Vick. She knew the lamp was likely just a fake, someone made in China to add as decoration, but it was so ornate and intricate she couldn't help but be fascinated by its design.

Vick started looking up the writing on the lamp on the internet, attempting to translate it as best she could. Once she got a few letters down, and got a feel for how the writing was being worded, the translation went much faster. After about 3 hours, she had it down as best she could, and chuckled as she saw the end result.

'Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?'

Vick knew the answer immediately, as it was a classic riddle asked of Oedipus in Greek mythology, but the feminist in her woke briefly and she said "Woman" out loud, not wanting to give the typical 'man' answer.

She placed the lamp on the dinner table, feeling a sense of accomplishment at having both translated the writing and solved the riddle, but suddenly felt fearful as she saw turquoise smoke rise from the spout of the lamp. Vick started to get up, but it was too late. The vapor enveloped her head and all she could think was "Oh crap!"

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