tagSci-Fi & FantasyGenie Chronicles - Make a Wish 02

Genie Chronicles - Make a Wish 02


A big thanks goes to Joe Brolly for the original Genie Chronicles. As many people have done, I'm simply taking his original story format and giving it a twist. Fair warning, lesbian and futa (shemale) sex will feature heavily in this storyline. Thanks to Ultrafem and Stickymon for drawing pictures that inspired these stories. Scarlett Johansson also appears in this chapter, but of course this is a work of fiction so standard warnings apply.


Vick awoke for a second time feeling a little fuzzy and not entirely sure how she fell asleep in the first place. Then it all came back to her, the lamp, the genie and her...reaching down between her legs she felt the large new appendage, soft and veiny. As Vick groped herself trying to get used to her new organ, the genie stirred next to her, still slumbering with a well fucked smile on her rosy red lips.

Not wanting to wake her just yet Vick snaked out from under the genie and let her rest some more. 'Must have been a big day for her, finally released from her lamp, lost her virginity and experienced her first orgasm which was bigger than any orgasm most women have ever had' Vick thought with a smirk.

Sneaking to the bathroom she made sure to carefully close the door with as little noise as possible and flipped on the lights. She was naked head to toe and looked pretty decent for it. Her skin was slightly pale but that came with being a red head, and she had a light freckling to her skin, mostly around her chest and cheeks. Her breasts were small, just a B cup, and her ass was a little flat. But she was in great shape and didn't have a belly in sight, likely due to hours spent shelving heavy books and taking the stairs rather than the elevators on campus. Taking a wide stance she let her cock dangle down between her legs, hanging about 7 inches flaccid and looking....well sexy. It matched her skin tone and the mushroomed head was the same shade as her freckles. In fact, the cock looked just as normal and a part of her as her hands or feet, which surprised her. The genie was both very powerful and very good at interpreting wishes. Vick had always fantasied about having a cock so she could fuck the hot young girls on campus, one of the reasons she was convinced she was a lesbian. In fact the only thing about guys that interested Vick was their cocks, and not so they could fuck her. She always wanted to be the one doing the fucking. The first time she fucked another girl with a strap-on she came so hard just from the friction against her pussy she almost passed out.

But now she didn't have need of a strap-on, she had the real thing between her legs, but the question on her mind was whether or not she should keep it. Then Vick got a whiff of herself and realized she smelled like sweat and sex and that a shower was seriously in order.

She turned on the hot water and ran her hand under the spray until she got the temperature just right. Then she got under the water and felt it trickle down over her dick, running off its spongy head, making her let out a slight sigh. Washing her short red hair quickly and running some conditioner through it, Vick then grabbed a bar of soap and began lathering up her pale body. As soon as she ran her soapy hand over her cock, she gasped loudly and her eyes went wide in surprise. Her cock grew to its full 9 inches in her soaped up hand and she started stroking its full length in her fist, taking long and slow passes up and down. Her other soaped up hand found her large testicles and began massaging them, warming up the load she wanted to spray all over the tiled wall. The sensation was both amazing and incredibly intense at the same time, more sexually charged than anything else she had ever felt. She now understood all the stories and jokes about boys being caught jacking off, because the feeling of pure pleasure pulsating through her cock made her want to do this all the time.

After a few more longing strokes on her gorgeous cock and soon she was coating the wall with her seed, moaning loudly as she felt her balls drain under the warm water. Vick was gasping in ecstasy and didn't hear the bathroom door open. Just after her orgasm subsided the shower door opened and the sexy olive skinned genie looked at Vicky with loving eyes.

"Mistress, I see you are getting more intimate with your first wish." The genie said with a smirk.

Vicky blushed and gestured for the genie to join her. She stepped into the shower with Vick and closed the shower screen behind her.

"I didn't want to wake you. You looked so beautiful sleeping there." Vick said as she stroked the genie's wet hair.

"Thank you mistress, your kind words mean as much as the amazing orgasm you gave me." the genie said, grinning ear to ear.

Vick couldn't help but grin also and took the genie in a warm embrace under the water, kissing her lips softly. "I have to apologize, I didn't believe you at first, I thought this was all a joke someone was playing on me." Vick admitted.

"The Katherine woman from your work?" the genie asked.

"Yeah, she knows I have a thing for sexy young ladies. I thought she sent you to tease me for gawking at girls at the library, since you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen." Vick admitted.

The genie blushed deeply, her olive skin turning dark under the warm cascade of water. "Do you mean that mistress, that my form pleases you?" the genie asked demurely.

"Are you kidding, you're so beautiful you make me feel ashamed of my own body. Your skin is gorgeous, your breasts are big but not ridiculous and are perky to match, your ass is shapely yet you have like no waist to speak of. You're like some Greek goddess or something." Vicky declared, running her hands over the genie as she did so, causing the girl's eyes to roll back slightly.

"Mistress, you make me blush. But please believe me when I say you are the most attractive person to me in the world. I would rather be with you than anyone else, unless you'd like to see me with someone else." The genie said with a suggestive smile. The thought of a threesome with the genie and another woman made Vick's head spin a little, so she tried to focus on the here and now.

"Still, I wish my body was more attractive." Vick said off handedly. Then her eyes lit up as she looked back to the genie with stark realization.

"How would Mistress like to look?" the genie asked.

Vick thought for a moment, letting the warm shower water clear her mind. "We need a mirror in this shower. We could do this in the bathroom mirror, but I'm enjoying being naked under the hot water with you." Vick said.

The genie closed her eyes and Vick watched the wide tiled wall turn into a sleek mirror, taking up the entire width of the shower. The water slide down it smoothly and the heat didn't cause it to fog up.

"Very impressive, how does it stay clear like that even while we're in the shower?" Vick asked.

"It has a protective layer designed to let water slip off rather than bead up. That same protection prevents the condensation from collecting." the genie answered proudly.

"Now we just need some more space in here. This tub/shower combo isn't exactly roomy." Vick said, glancing around her bathroom. The counter was rather large even though it had a single sink, and the toilet was on the other side of the bathroom, giving Vick plenty of space to play with.

"Genie, can you please extend this shower out another three feet in width. Dump the tub part all together and just make it real nice standing shower with a bench in the back. Give it nice peacock marbling rather than tiles, but make sure there are some mats so we don't slip, and convert the water heater to one of those propane endless heaters rather than a water tank system. I don't want us to run out of hot water. Throw some nice rain water showers heads up top, maybe four, and a nice sauna controller too, in case we just wanna sit in the nice steam. Also, can you stop us from pruning up?" Vick asked, hoping she wasn't over extending her wishes.

The genie closed her eyes for a second then reopened them with a smile. "Mistress, your wish is my pleasure."

Vick blinked but once and suddenly all her changes were made, as if the shower had always been that way. The space was nice and roomy with the huge mirror and peacock marbling. The water no longer sprayed viciously and instead dropped lazily on the girls from the four shower heads up above. Vick was speechless, amazed at the genie's powers.

"Amazing, you can do anything!" Vick declared loudly as she continued to take in her new shower.

"My powers are vast Mistress, but not limitless. We are naked together in this shower, and your wish was designed to make our time together in here more comfortable, and you desire to fuck me under the warm water. That is what made the wish possible. Had you simply wished for these changes while sitting in the living room watching TV, I would not have been able to grant them." the genie admitted.

"So sex, romance, and love, these are what charge your powers. The wishes must include these elements to work?" Vick asked, enjoying the water as she massaged the genie's exposed breasts, soaping her up.

"Oh my Mistress, that feels wonderful. And yes, for the most part that is true. My powers require sex, eroticism, or lust to be included. Romance and love usually involve these and thus work also." The genie replied as she melted under Vick's expert foreplay.

"Hence why I can change my body, like giving it a cock. Since the cock was intended to fuck you, that made it possible to grant the wish?" Vick asked, slipping a finger into the genie's wet pussy to play with her nub.

The genie gasped loudly, her eyes going wide. "Yes Mistress! You may change your body or my body in any way you wish. If you want to change another's body, then sex must be more directly involved." The genie replied as she thrust her hips against Vick's manipulations.

"Interesting, so if I wished for a perky 42DD cup, shapely hips and an ass like yours with a flat tummy and a thin waist, but to keep the cock, you can do that?" Vick asked, already knowing the answer but she wanted to extend their play.

The genie braced her hands against the mirrored wall as she humped Vick's fingers which were now furiously fucking her. Her words came labored, but purposeful. "Mistress...you need but...wish." she replied in a husky voice.

"Then please do so, and give me silky skin that never needs moisturizer and never blemishes. While you're at it, make my cock a bit bigger, around eleven inches. I have a feeling I'll be fucking quit a few lovely ladies around campus with it. And please adjust all my clothes so they fit my new form." Vick asked, feeling the genie climax in her hands, making her smile lovingly.

"Done my mistress."

Looking in the mirror Vick was shocked at what she saw. She had become some kind of hentai goddess. A shapely figure to die for with a huge cock swinging between her legs. It was erect and hungry after bringing the genie to orgasm and Vick felt the need to penetrate her. She raised one of the genie's legs onto the bench and pressed her against the mirrored walled, sliding her engorged member into the genie easily as she gripped the genie's wet hair, tugging on it lightly. The genie moaned loudly, enjoying the sudden fullness of her Mistress entering her and she pressed her ass shamelessly against Vick's invasion.

"This is what you like isn't it, your mistress taking you with her hungry cock?" Vick asked in a dominating voice, sucking on the genie's earlobe.

"Oh yes Mistress, I'm yours in any way you please. Take me as you will!" The genie pleaded with her voice full of lust.

Vick grabbed her by the hips and plunged her cock deeply into the genie, working her fast and hard. The genie panted against the fogless mirror, presenting her ass openly. Vick felt the inner walls of the genie's pussy rub against her shaft like watery velvet and it only took a few more strokes to send them both over the edge again. When Vick felt her orgasm peak she made sure to bury her cock deeply into the genie, pumping her full of Vick's feminine seed. The girls took a moment to let their orgasm high wear off as Vick's cock deflated and slid out of the genie, making her sigh sadly.

"My god, fucking you feels amazing! I think I'm in love with you." Vick declared, still riding the emotional peak of her orgasm.

"I love you too Mistress, now and forever, unconditionally." the genie echoed.

"I feel bad now. I don't even know your name." Vick admitted.

"That is because you have yet to name me Mistress." The genie said.

Vick almost staggered back, as if hit by the sudden responsibility lay before her. "I have to name you?" Vick asked, slightly stunned.

"I am sorry mistress. I did not explain this well enough. I have no name and part of the bonding ritual is for the master to grant the D'jinn a name. Nameless Jinn are seen as available for ownership and bondless." the genie explained.

"I see, so naming you is part of how you are bonded to me." Vick asked.

The genie nodded her reply as she began to wash herself in earnest under the relaxing water.

"So...how about Jessie, short for Jessica?" Vick asked, biting her lower lip in anticipation.

"The name sounds lovely, and it seems to have significance for you?" the genie asked.

"Yeah, my best friend in high school was named Jessica. I had a huge crush on her but we never did anything together. She's the first person I fantasied about sexually and is sort of the reason why I became interested in girls." Vick admitted.

"I'm touched mistress, and I am honored to carry a name that invokes such passion in your heart." Jessie beamed.

Vicky laughed as she took a queue from Jessie and started washing her hair again. "You know you don't need that name to invoke my passion. Just being near you gets me worked up." Vick replied.

Jessie giggled slightly as she stared at Vick's groin. Vick looked down and gasped when she saw she was fully erect again. "Doesn't this monster ever sleep?" She asked, astonished at her own vigor.

"It simply matches your libido, ignoring any physical limitations. It means I am blessed with a very horny Mistress." Jessie giggled.

Vick sat back on the marbled shower bench and spread her legs, presenting her engorged member to Jessie. "Earlier you said something about only being with others if it pleased me, so I was thinking that maybe you and a friend could help take care of this problem." Vick proposed.

Taking Vick's queue Jessie dropped to her knees and began softly massaging Vick's balls, keeping her excited and warmed up. "Why yes, while I prefer to engage in sexual activities with you, I am also attracted to women in general and am more than happy to engage in orgies or simply one on one coitus while you watch us please each other." Jessie replied.

Vick melted under Jessie's manual manipulations and spread her legs more, enjoying how lovingly Jessie massaged her testicles. "If I wish for a specific person to join, can you make them really appear?" Vick asked.

"Yes Mistress. It will not be the real person, as their sudden disappearance would be noticed. Instead it will be a simulacrum, a clone of the real person that has all their memories and their personality. Of course the simulacrum will be altered slightly to know who we are and to want to engage in sexual activities with us. Once we are done the simulacrum can be dismissed." Jessie explained as she started stroking Vick slowly, using the soap as lube on her huge cock.

"That's amazing! Does the simulacrum have a limit on how long she can be with us, or how many can be summoned?" Vick asked, genuinely interested in how this magic stuff worked.

"There is no set lifespan or numerical limit on the simulacrums, and if you wished they could remain indefinitely. But the simulacrums will disappear if they are in danger of being exposed to others, as a defense mechanism, so as not to expose us." Jessie answered then licked the crown of Vick's cock.

Vick was becoming lost in Jessie's mouth, but she was present enough to finish her wish. "I wish for Scarlett Johansson to join us in the shower so she can help you get me off." Vick said lazily and she stifled a moan.

Suddenly, the shower door opened and a naked Scarlett Johansson stood there with her trademark smile, looking down at the two girls lustfully. "Did someone call for an Avenger to help with this?" Scarlett joked.

Vick chuckled and shifted nervously on the marble bench. So far she had just been with Jessie, but Scarlett showing up kicked this up to a new level of kink for her, combined with the fact that she was a movie star and amazingly sexy. Scarlett entered the shower and took a moment to soak up the warm water, then she slowly dropped to her knees. Jessie stopped sucking Vick's cock and grinned at Scarlett for a second before kissing her deeply, their tongues darting back and forth as their hands explored each other's bodies. After indulging in this for a while, they broke momentarily as their heads lowered to Vick's crotch. They each took a side of Vick's cock then resumed their kissing through the member, their tongues and lips slurping loudly against Vick's dick as they erotically kissed and sucked.

"Oh Scarlett, you were so sexy in that movie, your ass looked absolutely amazing in that outfit!" Vick moaned under the attention of two lips stroking her meat.

"I'm glad you liked it, the suit felt so sexy against my skin. Here, let me give you a taste of the rump you admired so much during the film." Scarlett teased. She stood up and bent over in front of Vick as Jessie started to fully suck on Vick's throbbing member. Scarlett's perfect cheeks separated, exposing her shortly trimmed bush and pink rosebud asshole. Vick licked her lips and spread Scarlett's cheeks further then buried her face between them. Her tongue darted out and stroked up and down Scarlett's slit until she found the movie star's engorged clit. Vick sucked it gently, watching how the actress reacted to her teasing so she could get a feel for her preferences. After a few minutes of this she determined that Scarlett liked to have her clit stroked fast with the tip of her tongue, but also worked in small circles every once in a while.

Vick worked up Scarlett into such a fever that she was grinding her ass against the librarian's face, panting heavily with weakened knees. Finally Scarlett couldn't take it anymore and broke from Vick's oral attentions and dropped to the floor of the shower, her face down and her ass in the air as if she were in heat.

"Oh please, I need your huge cock in me now!" Scarlett begged, her pussy dripping in anticipation.

Jessie stopped sucking her mistress's cock and helped guide it into Scarlett's sloppy opening. Vick thrust immediately into Scarlett, grinding her hips back and forth in a panic to fuck Scarlett as fast and as hard as possible. Jessie then helped spread the starlet's ass cheeks wider and started rimming her upper pink part, intensifying Scarlett's pounding by stimulating her rectum.

Scarlett screamed in pleasure as both her holes were treated to a feast of fornication as the heat in her loins exceeded the heat in the shower. Vick felt the familiar pressure building in her sack and her pace became erratic as she thrust through what she believed to be Scarlett's sixth orgasm. Jessie maintained her oral treatment on Scarlett's asshole, but reached her free hand down to fondle Vick's balls, tugging on them lightly. The sudden sensation pushed Vick far over the edge and her passion emptied into Scarlett's welcoming womb. Vick's thrusts shortened as she poured pulse after pulse of her pleasure into Scarlett, wanting to ride the wave inside the sex idol for as long as possible.

After what seemed like eons Vick leaned back and let her limp cock pop out of Scarlett, which was quickly followed by a torrent of cum that circled the shower drain. Vick plopped down on the bench, her breathing slowly returning to normal. Scarlett remained in the mounting position for a few more moments as she let her own breathing calm down, then she stood up on wobbly knees.

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