tagSci-Fi & FantasyGenie Chronicles - Make a Wish 04

Genie Chronicles - Make a Wish 04


A big thanks goes to Joe Brolly for the original Genie Chronicles. As many people have done, I'm simply taking his original story format and giving it a twist. Fair warning, lesbian and futa (shemale) sex will feature heavily in this storyline. Thanks to Ultrafem, Stickymon, NinjaKitty, and Anasheya for drawing pictures that inspired these stories.


Vick and Jessie giggled their way back to the Honda Accent sitting outside the Bella Luna restaurant, both emotionally high off the public sex they just had with one of the waitresses in the bathroom of the diner. Vicky looked at her pathetic car and sighed heavily. "This isn't much of a ride for a gorgeous sex genie." She said remorsefully.

"What we ride in matters very little to me mistress. I only care about being by your side for as long as you wish me to." Jessie tried to cheer up Vick.

Vick grinned at that and gave Jessie a peck on the cheek, happy to have the enchanting magical being as her companion.

"I know, but I need to start thinking of wishes other than sexy celebrities to fuck. I'm afraid I'm not making very good use of your abilities." Vick admitted.

Jessie ran her fingers through Vick's hair, eliciting a satisfied purr from her mistress. "You keep thinking there's a goal, an end purpose to my abilities. My only reason for being is to make you happy. Simply make whatever wishes make you happy, and my purpose is served."

Vick thought about it for a moment, furrowing her brow in concentration, then looked up with a smirk.

"I take it you enjoy making out with me?" She asked.

"Of course mistress, I ache to feel your lips upon mine." Jessie agreed.

"And we can't really make out in the front seat together with that silly console between us." Vick continued.

"It hinders us greatly mistress." Jessie followed.

"Therefore we need a nice big back seat to make out on, something that would allow us to stretch out and cuddle and if we so desired, make love." Vick suggested.

"Yes mistress. That would be of great advantage for us." Jessie replied with a grin.

"Excellent, then I wish for a nice big luxury SUV with plenty of space for us to fool around in the back seats. Give it mattress cushions on the back of the seats so we can fold it down into some kind of bed, in case we need the space for love making. And give it a driver, a sex woman with nice big tits and short black hair in a revealing driver's suit. Also, please make it tinted again so we can see out but no one else can see in."

Jessie looked around making sure no one was watching and then nodded her head in the direction of the Accent. The car disappeared in a puff of purple smoke and was replaced by a large and shiny black SUV with a huge back end and reflective rims. The driver door opened and a gorgeous raven haired beauty stepped out and opened the rear door open for the girls. Her bountiful chest was barely contained by her sexy tight suit that clung to her body like a second skin.

Vicky almost squeaked in delight as she leapt into the back seat and start playing with all the buttons. She didn't know what luxury really meant, she just saw it in a bunch of car commercials for really expensive cars, but now she understood. The back of the driver and passenger seat both had video players imbedded in them, and there was a larger central screen that dropped down between the seats. The entire interior was leather and the cushions felt like you were sitting on air they were so soft. Buttons covered the door handles, revealing temperature settings for all the sections and advanced seat controls.

Vick looked into the back of the SUV and saw that it was basically a large mattress broken into several smaller sections to adjust for the seats going down. Vick's eyes went wide as she noticed the ceiling and lower sides of the car had love cuffs where someone could be restrained comfortably. She opened the side containers and found a collection of dildos, vibrators, strap on dildos, and several other kinky toys. She gave the genie a raised eyebrow.

"This thing looks like it's prepped for an orgy." She commented sarcastically.

"As a matter of fact mistress, it is. I figured it would be better to prepare since our last encounter here was so...confined. With this new configuration we have plenty of space to play with, and a variety of other...stimulation."

Vick was startled when she heard the front door close, but then remembered the black haired driver she wished for.

"Uhhh, what's your name?" Vick asked politely.

"What would you like to call me?" The woman replied with a smirk.

"How about...Cassandra." Vick offered.

"Cassandra it is, it's a pleasure to meet you mistress." She said with a genuine smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Cassandra. Can you drive us to the movie theater please? We'd like to make the next showing of the Avengers." Vick asked with a quiver in her voice. Jessie had started kissing her neck, just under her ear where it drove her crazy.

"Of course mistress, I'd be happy to." Cassandra replied. She shifted the car into gear and took a leisurely pace, settling into traffic just as the girls were settling into the backseat.

Jessie was covering Vick's neck and chest with kisses and it was having a drastic effect. Her cock was tenting her capris again and she could feel Jessie's breasts rubbing against hers. Suddenly Vick had a naughty thought.

"Jessie, I wish for you to have a wonderfully huge cock and for my pussy to return, but make it able to take your giant dick and get the most pleasure from it."

Jessie didn't break from kissing Vick's neck but she moaned into Vick's supple flesh as suddenly her hard-on was pressing against Vick's leg and she subconsciously started dry humping, her hips gyrating slowly.

Vick felt her capris become instantly roomier and her panties flushed with juices as her returned pussy was responding to Jessie's attentions.

Vick pushed Jessie back into the seat and covered the genie's mouth with her lips. She straddled Jessie and thrust her hips against the genie, enjoying how the girl's magic cock rubbed her in just the right places. Jessie moaned heavily under the effects of her new dick and she grabbed Vick's hips then thrust upwards, making Vick feel more of her thickness through their clothing.

Sliding off Jessie's lap Vick quickly undid Jessie's jeans and released her veiny beast. It matched her olive skin tone and had a spongy, bulbous pink crown. Vicky engulfed the meat into her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around the head as she massaged Jessie's balls with her left hand while her right hand kept Jessie's foreskin taut against the base of her shaft. Jessie moaned loudly and pushed on the back of Vick's head, forcing her to take more of Jessie's 10 inch beast.

"If I'd known my mistress was such a cock slut I would have fucked her mouth earlier." Jessie teased, using both of her hands to hump her cock into Vick's throat.

Vick relaxed her throat and let her beautiful genie use her as a fuck toy. She'd had so much fun fucking the genie and all the other girls, so she felt it was time to give a little back. Plus she was enjoying being humiliated and owned.

"I believe mistress would enjoy breaking in the back cushions Jessie." Cassandra suggested, sending a spark through Vicky as she realized they were being watched.

Jessie nodded and pulled Vick's mouth off her cock, giving her a brief kiss before dropping the back seats to create a queen sized bed in the back. Vicky scooted onto the back cushions while stripping off her capris pants and her blouse. As she tossed her blouse away she felt her hand encased in the cushy restraints of the side panel cuffs. She snapped her gaze to Jessie, surprised the genie was being so bold in dominating her. The two shared a gaze for a moment as Vicky became lost in her lover's eyes and she gave Jessie a silent nod, letting her know to continue.

Jessie pinned Vick's other hand to the floor and cuffed it to the nearest restraint. Then she lifted Vick's legs to the ceiling and cuffed both of her ankles, spreading her wide and exposing her pussy fully. It was dripping wet in anticipation of being filled with the beast between Jessie's legs.

Before starting the main course Jessie dove between Vick's spread legs and starting lapping at her pussy eagerly, eliciting heavy groans from her restrained mistress. Vick's juices were pouring down her ass crack, and she yelped loudly when she felt Jessie's finger start to probe her anus. As soon as the first knuckle penetrated her, Vick pushed against the intrusion trying to get more of Jessie's finger into her rectum.

"How'd you know I loved having my ass played with?" Vick asked in a husky voice.

"Mistress, I know everything that pleases you, including that you like to be made to feel like a whore."

Vicky moaned out at being called a whore as Jessie finger fucked her asshole lovingly while tonguing her clit.

"Fuck me." Vicky pleaded.

"I'm sorry mistress, what was that?" Jessie asked.

"Fuck me, please." Vick started to plead.

"With what mistress?" Jessie asked as she leaned up and rubbed the tip of her cock against the Vick's sloppy pussy. Vick tried to push against it, forcing penetration, but her restraints prevented her from moving much.

"Shove your cock into me." Vick demanded now, becoming desperate.

"You want me to fuck you with my big hard cock mistress?" Jessie clarified as she continued to slide her shaft up and down Vick's slit.

Vick felt like she was going crazy as her hips ground against Jessie's cock, trying hard to force the meat inside her.

"I want it so bad! Please fuck me with your big juicy cock and breed me Jessie." Vick begged, abandoning all composure.

Finally Jessie easily slid her cock into Vick's gaping cunt, forcing the young red head to instantly orgasm at the feeling of her insides being split open. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she let out a very deep groan, enjoying the cock she wanted so badly. Jessie grabbed her by the hips and started pumping in and out of her, letting her balls slaps against Vick's ass as she went base deep inside of her mistress.

The feeling of the spongy cockhead rubbing against her g-spot made Vicky orgasm with each back and forth stroke, and she kept cumming over and over again, losing track of time. It wasn't until she heard Jessie grunting loudly and felt her strokes become erratic that she realized that the genie was going to spray her insides. Even though she was restrained, Jessie tried to help by squeezing her pussy when Jessie was pulling out, then relaxing it when she pushed in, giving her a milking effect.

Suddenly Jessie screamed out and Vick felt her cockhead explode in her pussy, sending her seed pouring deep inside her womb, making her feel whole for the first time in a long time.

Cassandra shifted the car into park just as the girls were coming down from their orgasms, both panting heavily, and she turned around to address them both.

"We've arrived at the movie theater. You have 30 minutes before the movie starts. Do you need any assistance?" The driver asked.

"I think we're okay Cassandra, thank you very much." Vick replied as Jessie released her from the restraints. Vick started getting redressed but then cocked her eyebrow in confusion.

"Cassandra, are you just going to sit out here while we're in the theater?" Vick asked.

"No mistress. Once you leave the car I will disappear until you are ready to be driven somewhere else." The black haired beauty replied.

Vick frowned at this. "Well that sounds pretty boring. Is there anything we can do to keep you entertained or anything?

Cassandra smirked a little. "Mistress, you need not worry about me. I exist for the purpose of escorting you to any destination you wish. By driving you here, I have gained fulfillment."

Vick was still having trouble processing this when Jessie interrupted. "Mistress, consider her an extension of myself. Since I will be with you, so shall Cassandra."

"Oh, okay, that kind of makes sense." Vick said as she finally started understanding.

The girls had finished dressing, but once again looked fairly straggled from their backseat adventure.

"Jessie, can you freshen us up again. I feel like this is something I'm going to be wishing for a lot." Vick wished.

"But of course Mistress." Jessie replied. After a small puff of purple smoke, both girls were styled again, looking like they'd just stepped out of a beauty parlor.

Cassandra opened the back door for them, and the girls poured out into the night, giggling and groping each other as they strode to the theater. They gained a little composure again as they realized they were making a slight scene with all the public displays of affection.

It was the very last showing for Avengers and because it was a weekday the theater was sparsely populated. After purchasing a giant tub of popcorn, 2 extra-large icee cokes, and bags of skittles, the girls made their way to the very back of the theater, sitting directly underneath the digital projector.

"Ugh, all this food is going to make me fat. Hopefully all the sex will keep me trim." Vick lamented.

"Mistress, if you do not wish to gain weight, then you shall not." Jessie informed her as a matter of fact.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. I wish for my hot and sexy new body to need no maintenance and no matter what I eat, I won't gain an ounce of fat." Vick asked.

Jessie kissed her cheek lovingly. "Wish granted mistress."

Vick blushed under Jessie's kiss, and then realized she didn't feel her capris tenting.

"Hey, you still have my cock!" Vick exclaimed. A beautiful college aged blonde and her date both turned their attention to the girls, curious at the outburst.

Vick dropped her voice lower, embarrassed at the attention. "I forgot to wish for my cock back."

Jessie giggled, rubbing her cock through her jeans, teasing Vick slightly. "I know, we were so busy getting redressed, I figured you wanted me to keep it for a while longer."

Vick helped rub the growing cock, stroking it slowly through the fabric. "I dunno. Do you like having a cock?" Vick asked.

Jessie chuckled. "It is nice, but I do not think I would want to have one all the time. While it was fun making you mine in the back of the car, I am more comfortable being the bottom."

Vick held Jessie's face in her hands and kissed her softly on the lips. "Jessie, I wish to have my cock back and for your delicious pussy to return."

Jessie returned the passionate kiss, holding her breath as they shared a romantic moment. Suddenly Vick felt the heaviness return between her legs, and her semi-stiffness signaled the return of her cock. Just as the girls broke their kiss, the previews started, cloaking the theater in darkness.

I'm glad we can still talk like this. Don't have to worry about annoying that couple in front of us. Vick thought to Jessie.

We can speak like this whenever you wish Mistress. Distance does not matter. Jessie informed Vick.

I was thinking about how to get rich with this power. Vick mused.

Yes mistress, but I cannot help you formulate that wish. Jessie reminded her.

Of course not, but you can answer some questions regarding wish limitations, right? Vick asked as she started munching on some popcorn.

Yes mistress, I can clarify any questions you may have.

Good, so I know the wishes have to be sexual in nature. Therefore I was wondering if I could have certain effects trigger off our sexual experiences? Vick asked.

I am not sure mistress. Did you have something particular in mind? Jessie thought.

Well for instance I was thinking of orgasm induced precognition. If, during sex, I was thinking of a specific event or time when I achieved orgasm, could I see a glimpse into the future? Vick asked.

Jessie went silent for several minutes, deep in consideration of Vick's question. After she took a couple of sips of her icee coke, she finally responded.

The future is not like a book, following a strict storyline. Instead it's more like a flowing river. While turbulent and shifting, it does tend to follow a path more often than not. What you ask is possible, but the visions you see while achieving orgasm may be difficult to interpret. The more they fit in with the standard flow of time, the easier they will be to understand. Jessie informed Vick.

It was Vick's turn to be lost in thought. She was taking careful consideration of what she was about to wish for. Thus far she'd been simply indulging her carnal desires and she was already worried that the power was going to her head. The incident in the restaurant, while incredibly erotic, was also startling to her. The waitress was a willing participant, but Vick used intimate knowledge of the girl's desires to fuck her. Vick knew the girl loved every moment of the encounter and would masturbate nightly thinking of it, but she still felt very guilty about the whole ordeal.

This is what concerned her the most, having additional power that might corrupt her. Then Vick started chuckling, drawing Jessie's attention.

Something about these previews amuses you mistress? Jessie asked.

You're a magical sex genie who can grant me almost any wish I desire. Vick thought. The comment confused Jessie slightly.

Yes mistress, that is all correct.

I'm worried that being able to see the future will corrupt me, and I have a sexy genie willing to give me anything I want sexually. I'm sorry, but it's all just a little crazy when you think of it. Vick clarified.

It was Jessie's turn to chuckle, then she leaned over and gave Vick another peck on her lips, holding the redhead's face in her hands for a moment to share a loving gaze.

Mistress, for someone who has stumbled into such great power, you worry much about the responsibility of that power. I have seen into your heart and I see a very kind person. I have faith that should you make this wish you will use it wisely to only better your life and the life of those around you.

Vick looked into Jessie's eyes and started tearing up a little. She nodded silently, and Jessie closed her eyes, understanding what she was asking for.

It has been done mistress. You may find it difficult, but if you focus on a specific future event or time while you climax, you will be granted a vision of it.

Vick mouthed 'Thank you' to Jessie and gave her hand a squeeze. Just then the feature movie was starting and the girls turned their attention to the screen, lost in the epic super hero drama of the film.

Early on into the movie Jessie raised the arm bar between her and Vick and cuddled up to her redheaded mistress, resting her head against Vick's shoulder. The two girls enjoyed each other's company, feeling completely at ease snuggled up in the back of the theater. Vick didn't even notice Jessie gently rubbing her leg at first, until she started brushing up against her cock which was tucked into the right side of her capris.

Has it been a whole hour since we fooled around? Vick teased her.

I cannot help it mistress, I am drawn to you always. Jessie admitted as she grew bolder in her strokes.

Vick sighed heavily, realizing she was a little too loud as the girl in the row in front of them glanced back again curiously.

It won't take much for her to realize we're up to something. Vick thought to Jessie.

She's actually surprised we've made it this far into the movie without making a scene. Jessie informed her.

Wow, are we that obvious? Vick replied with a minor amount of shock.

We have been putting out a sort of giggly-in-love vibe to many people. Some find it cute, some find it too gushy, and others think it disgusting due to our obvious lesbianism. Jessie replied mentally.

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