Genie Chronicles - Make a Wish 04


Wow, I hope she doesn't find us disgusting. Vick thought.

Quit the opposite, she is more interested in us than she is with her date. Jessie revealed.

If she's into girls, then why is she on a date with a guy? Vick asked.

Her parents set up the date. She has not yet revealed that she is a lesbian to them. She figures she will endure the evening and let the man down gently when it is over. Jessie answered

Vick thought about this for a moment as Jessie continued to idly massage her member while watching the movie. She found it hard to concentrate under Jessie's supple manipulations, but somehow she was able to keep her mind focused on the task at hand.

Have him get an emergency call. Nothing life threatening, make it work related and important enough that he'll have to leave to take care of it. Vick wished.

Mistress, they came together in the same car. If your goal is to separate them, then there is a likely chance the woman will leave with him. Jessie suggested.

Damn, that kind of ruins my plans. I wish they hadn't come in the same car, that way she can stay if he has to leave. Vick idly thought.

Wish granted mistress. They have now come in separate cars. Jessie informed her.

Vick looked her in the eyes directly with shock and awe. Holy crap, you can change stuff like that?! Vick thought loudly

Mistress, it is obvious you wish to have some fun of a sexual nature with the woman and her companion is making that difficult. It was simple. Sometimes I think you do not fully understand the power you control. Jessie replied mentally with a smirk.

Vick was a little disturbed that she could change the past like that, but mentally filed it away as she concentrated on the task at hand.

Okay, give him the call. Vick wished.

Suddenly the man's phone was ringing loudly and he scrambled to fish it out. He was about to send it to voicemail till he saw who the caller was. He answered the phone curtly, and then listened to the other side for a moment, his body language becoming tense and agitated. He whispered into the phone a few times then hung it up and turned to the blonde bombshell to give her the bad news. It was obvious she was annoyed at the disturbance during the movie, but she gave him the okay to run off. He leaned in for a quick kiss but she suddenly turned her head and he ended up pecking her cheek. It was a subtle let down for him, but he apparently didn't have time to try again as he exited the theater swiftly. The woman was now alone in the row directly in front of Jessie and Vicky, munching away at her popcorn while drinking her diet soda.

Once the man had left and the woman and resettled into the movie, Vick untied her capris pants and let her cock flop out, already semi-rigid from Jessie's manipulations. Jessie took the thick beast in her hand while still cuddling with Vick and began earnestly stroking her mistress while they both enjoyed the movie. Vick openly sighed under Jessie's manual stimulation, allowing her hips to slightly buck into the genie's pumping fist.

After Vick's second heavy sigh, the woman idly glanced back, wondering what the sexy couple behind her was up to this time. What she saw shocked her, instantly flooding her panties at the erotic display. Vick's enormous cock had reached its full potential and Jessie was giving it long, full strokes. For a moment Jessie withdrew her hand and openly spit on it twice, then rubbed the saliva into Vick's cockhead and down her shaft, using it as lube to stroke the monstrous member. The blonde locked eyes with Vick and couldn't look away as Vick stared at her with an open smile while her dick was being jerked off slowly. Vick then gave Jessie a nod, and the genie leaned over and took her mistress's cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the crown a few times before deep throating it.

"What's your name?" Vick asked in a husky whisper as she placed a hand on the back of Jessie's head, guiding her firmly in her fellating.

"Amy." Was all the blonde could muster as she squeezed her legs together, desperate to get some friction going between her thighs.

"You don't like boys, do you Amy?" Vick ordered more than asked.

Amy just shook her head as she gazed at Jessie sucking off Vick's huge rod. She could see spit glistening off the shaft from the radiant light of the projector.

"But you like cock don't you?" Vick proceeded, teasing the young woman with the perverted display of raw sexuality.

Again all Amy could was simple nod in answer. She let her hand fall between her legs to start rubbing her engorged clit, gasping softly as she felt electricity shoot through her body.

Jessie started making slick slurping noises as her saliva ran down the crevice of Vick's ball sack, her lips easily sliding up and down her mistress's shaft. Vick maintained eye contact with Amy, as if she was staring into her soul, smiling to the pretty blonde, setting her at ease.

"Are you touching yourself?" Vick asked, already knowing the answer. Amy nodded in reply.

"Do you wish you were sucking this cock?" Vick asked. Again, Amy could only nod in reply.

"Maybe one day I'll let you, but for now you'll just have to watch." Vick teased the poor girl.

Jessie couldn't take it anymore and she got up and reverse mounted her mistress, her pussy on display for Amy as Vick's cock pierced it. Her labia spread wide as Vick's crown penetrated the genie, forcing her to moan heavily as she ground her hips against Vick. Jessie braced her hands on her knees and started bounced on Vick's thick cock. Vick kept her steady by holding onto her hips as Jessie rode out several orgasms, but Vick never broke eye contact with Amy.

Desperately aroused by the unknown women engaged in coitus behind her, Amy worked her hand furiously over her clit and brought upon her own crushing orgasm, forcing her to stifle a scream as she saw Jessie's cunt gush over with cum as Vick peaked at the same time.

The girls were left heaving and panting, each wearing their own wicked grin as they started to collect themselves and straighten their clothes. Just as they had finished cleaning up the movie wrapped and people started filing out of the theater.

Amy went up to the strangers and shook their hands welcomingly. "That was incredibly sexy. I've never seen anything like that before. Who are you?"

"I'm Victoria, but everyone calls me Vick, and this is my girlfriend Jessie." Vick introduced herself and her genie. Jessie blushed deeply, touched to be called Vick's girlfriend for the first time.

"Well I must say it's been a pleasure to meet both of you. I was wondering if you'd be interested in getting together again sometime?" Amy asked hopefully.

"Sure, that sounds like it would be a lot of fun." Vick replied honestly as she took Amy's hand and kissed it gently. Amy turned a deep shade of red and just nodded in reply. She felt Vick slip her a piece of paper and opened it to find a phone number written on it.

Those two are going to be interesting. Amy thought with a smile as she watched the pair walk off hand in hand, giggling like school girls as they left the theater.

The cool night air was brisk and forced the girls into a cuddle as they raced to the luxury SUV. Cassandra stepped out of the driver's seat and opened the back door for them. The car was already warmed with the engine running silently.

"Thank you Cassandra, it's nice to have the car already warmed for us." Vick said thankfully.

"Never a problem mistress." Cassandra replied.

Driving through the city back to Vick's apartment, Jessie heard her mistress repeating a few numbers over and over again, under her breath.

"Mistress, what are you saying?" Jessie asked curiously.

"You know that wish I made early, the one about seeing the future?"

"Of course, I was actually wondering if you used that ability when you came in the theater."

"I did in fact, and I got a most delightful vision. I couldn't say anything in front of Amy though, didn't want to raise any suspicions with her."

"Does Amy interest you mistress? Would you like her to join your harem?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet Jessie. I can't exactly have a harem with a single bedroom apartment. There's barely enough room for us in there."

Jessie snuggled into her mistress's side, enjoying a close cuddle as they traveled home and spoke of their future together.

"Then what did you see with your vision mistress?" Jessie asked, bringing the conversation back on topic.

"It was weird. I saw myself." Vick replied curiously.

"Saw yourself doing what?"

"I was in the bathroom, our bathroom, holding up a ticket."

"What kind of ticket?"

Vick grinned mischievously. "It was a winning lottery ticket for next week. The numbers I'm repeating are the numbers on the ticket..."

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