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Genie out of the Bottle


I was so looking forward to celebrating our one year wedding anniversary with my husband John. We planned to return to the tropical resort where we spent our honeymoon, far away from the prying eyes of our hometown friends and family.

During our honeymoon, I was surprised when John asked me to show off my body to strangers. He insisted I not wear a bra and would unbutton my blouse to showoff more of my cleavage.

This was the exact opposite of his behavior during our engagement. He was actually a little overprotective when one of his friends looked down my top. He would tell me to be careful not to bend over around them.

But after arriving at the resort and seeing numerous men admiring my figure, John took me on a shopping spree to buy provocative outfits and lingerie.

I couldn't understand why he liked it so much, but as a new 23 year old bride, I wanted to please my husband. I never expected how easily I could play the bad girl. Incredibly, being put on display let the genie out of the bottle.

I was raised by very conservative parents so growing up I naturally objected when men ogled me. I have no tattoos or piercing and no tramp stamp. I stand 5'5" with long brunette hair, 120 pounds and 34C-24-36 measurements. I look a lot like Selena Gomez except my breasts are slightly larger.

During our honeymoon, I did what John asked. The results were surprisingly liberating as I took every opportunity to show off in public, wearing skin-tight skirts, low-cut tops and a thong bikini. I even agreed to go topless at the beach. With John's encouragement I flaunted my body to lots of admiring strangers.

Returning to our tropical resort I am reminded of the many exciting memories from our honeymoon. Entering our hotel suite, I couldn't wait to reenact our first time making love. The way John stripped off my clothes and fucked me in front of our ocean view window. But this time, he had another surprise for me.

"I want to share you with another man."

"Is this really what you want me to do?" I tried concealing my feelings after hearing his proposal. Truth-be-told, I ached to be touched by another man but tried not to appear too eager.

My forced exposure during our honeymoon released a submissiveness that I have hidden from John. I never told John that I was propositioned and even strayed during our honeymoon.

A man vacationing at our resort deduced the exhibition game we were playing and decided to take advantage of my inexperience.

While John was golfing he approached me at the pool and introduced himself. He said he was a doctor vacationing alone and started flirting with me. "Your eyes are luminescing, so young and beautiful." He was creepy but nevertheless I was intrigued by his confidence.

He sat down on my lounge chair and said, "It's such a hot day, you should take off your top." His presumptiveness had me as he brazenly surveyed my bikini-clad body.

I looked around to see other women sunbathing topless. I didn't want him to know how nervous I felt so I reached around and unhooked my top.

I was surprised how willingly I removed my bikini top for him. I even sat up to accentuate the fullness of my firm round breasts and flat tummy. No one appeared to take much notice around the pool as I presented myself to him. "You have delightful breasts. Have you been sunbathing topless?"

I told him that John and I have been spending time by the beach but today he was golfing so I decided to stay by the pool. He then asked me, "Would you like to touch your pussy for me?"

My immediate impulse was to runaway but my newfound fetish to acquiesce kept me there in my lounge chair.

I never anticipated he could be so straightforward. My pussy was getting wet at his suggestion of masturbating in public. I could see the bulge in his speedo growing as I slowly lowered my right hand down between my legs and into my swimsuit.

His words were hypnotic as I began gently touching my cliterous in a circular motion as he continued encouraging my bad behavior. I looked around the pool confirming I was unnoticed as I touched myself in front of him. He placed his hand on my inner thigh and pushed my legs apart. It was the first time a man, other than John, has touched my body.

My swollen pussy lips pressed against the tight fabric of my bathing suit, presenting him a camel toe view of my young pussy. I was about to expose myself when we were rudely interrupted by a waiter carrying a tray of drinks with little umbrellas.

The waiter could see my obvious arousement and leered at my half naked body. Instinctively, I lifted my arm up to cover my bare breasts.

I regained my composure and abruptly returned to my room. Standing at my door I notice a hunky bellman in the hallway approaching while he stared at my skimpy bikini. I was still feeling amorous and may have unintentionally given him my come-hither look as I searched my bag for the room key. "Do you need help unlocking your door?" he offered his assistance.

I'm not as naïve as I appear realizing his ambitious libido and my own vulnerability made us ripe for attraction. The sexual tension is incredible as I gently press my breasts against him as he unlocks my door.

Without speaking I allow him inside my room. He looks up and down my body as the door closes and we embrace. His passionate kiss is intoxicating. He presses me up against the wall and rips off my thong.

It was exhilarating as he dropped to the floor in front of me and began eating my pussy. Standing there, I allowed his skillful tongue to devour my wet pussy. I was lost in a wild fantasy until I climaxed. It was the first time I experienced an orgasm from oral gratification. I opened my eyes, returning to reality, when the door opens and a maid announces, "Housekeeping."

"Estúpido!" she yelled at him as he sprang up to his feet and quickly ran out of the room. The elder Hispanic women gave me a look of disgust knowing I was on my honeymoon. I stood against the wall bottomless and bewildered.

Friends and family would be shocked if they knew that I behaved so badly. Rumors would spread like wildfires if I let something like this happen back home. This is why I never told John. I had gone too far and I didn't want him to know or be disappointed in my lack of restraint.

But now, as John unveiled his desire to share me with a stranger, I realized we were perfectly matched after all. He put a lot of thought into sharing me and I was captivated listening to the details of his plan.

The first encounter had my heart racing. In our hotel suite I waited with trepidation for a knock at the door. I'm wearing a daring black fishnet and mesh babydoll lingerie with garter belts. The fishnet fabric reveals my breasts and bare ass.

John asked me to put on extra make-up and lip stick and then instructed me to get down on my knees. He told me that when the man arrives I was to give him a blowjob.

John would not tell me anything about the man or how he found him. I was curious about his age and nationality but he would not say. I asked if we should have a safe word and he told me I should speak directly to him if I wanted to stop.

I felt anxious. John tied my wrists behind me with a satin belt off my robe. He then positioned a blindfold over my eyes just as there was a knock at the door. It was surreal when the presence of another man entered our room.

I imagine him seeing me bound, blindfolded and down on my knees. Was he surprised this was actually happening too? I wondered what John was feeling as he approached me and lightly brushed his fingers through my long brunette hair.

When John told me I would be blindfolded, I considered the possibility that he only wanted me to believe another man was in our room. But there was no mistaking that the man groping my breasts was not John. He did not speak a word but I could tell immediately his touch was that of a stranger.

I could hear him opening his belt and unzipping his pants in front of me. I swallowed hard and licked my lips to moisten my dry mouth. "That's right baby, get ready for this." He spoke! His exotic Latin accent confirmed that John selected a local man. I felt a sense of excitement knowing he was a foreigner.

As the tip of his cock touched my lips, I may have surprised him with my appetite as I licked his balls, slid my lips up and down his shaft and then deep throated his thick cock.

When I suck-off John he always encourages me to take as much as possible down my throat. That training was paying off as the stranger held the back of my head while he fucked my mouth. I hoped John accepted that I was doing this for him as I eagerly sucked his cock and swallowed his jiz.

Suddenly, I was pulled up and pushed face down onto the bed. My thong roughly pulled off and my pussy filled with a rock hard cock.

I knew it was John fucking me and that the stranger had to still be in the room watching us. John is an excellent lover and he was pounding my pussy harder than ever before.

The rough sex caused my blindfold to lift up and I eventually saw the stranger watching us. He was no stranger at all.

I recognized him as the bellmen that I impulsively let eat my pussy a year ago and whom I have fantasized about ever since. He was intently watching John fucking me. I hoped he would be next but that was not part of Johns plan.

The next morning John woke up with a bout of regret. He told me that, after our honeymoon the bellman contacted him by email. They continued to correspond and eventually came up with the idea to share me.

John said, it excited him to read of my encounter with the bellman. At first, he didn't believe him but eventually he planned our return to the resort so that I could return the favor.

Although I didn't share his regret for what we did, I knew I had to honor my husband's feelings. I told him we could put it all behind us.

The next three days we behaved like saints. It was fun to relax with John and enjoy our beach vacation. The day before leaving John went golfing and I went shopping in the nearby town.

The street shops are small and full of bargains especially if you are willing to negotiate. I am wearing a white sundress with white cotton bra and panties underneath.

I am fully covered although the dress is short and I am getting lots of attention from the locals. The sidewalk shops are jam-packed with merchandise displayed on tables providing little room to maneuver around.

I felt like I was on display as shop owners admired my backside as I bent over looking for souvenirs. Some of them accidently bumped up against me and pressed their crotches against my ass. They quickly realized my submissiveness as I did not object to their advances.

One shop owner, an elderly man, actually touched me as I stood at the back of his store. I contemplated at what point I would stop him as he lifted up the back of my dress. I felt a sense of charity letting him see my cotton panties. When shoppers entered his store he stopped and went about serving them. He was a dirty old man but harmless.

I hesitated if I should stay or go. Even though John made it clear he no longer wanted me to exhibit myself, I knew that after today I would not have this chance ever again.

I felt an undeniable desire to be exposed. I saw local men whispering to each other as they looked towards me and I could not resist unbuttoning the front of my dress, just a little, to expose more of my flawless cleavage.

But I underestimated how my intentional exposure would be interpreted. The men watching cornered me in the back of the store. Incestuously these elders unbuttoned the front of my sundress and pulled down my bra. I did not resist as they molested my breasts. It was over just as fast as it started, but not before their hands explored my entire body.

I buttoned up and headed back to the resort leaving my bra on the floor as their souvenir. Admittedly, I was feeling naughty but didn't know what to do about it. I decided to order room service and stripped off my clothes and put on a black satin robe.

The room service attendant did not seem at all curious as my tits swayed side to side underneath my silky soft robe. He pushed the cart inside and began setting up the table unresponsive to my exposed cleavage. I was expecting the same reaction I got from the store owners but no such luck.

He left before I mustered up enough courage to untie my robe which regrettably, left me feeling even more frustrated. A few minutes later a knock at the door startles me.

I looked through the peephole and realized the room service attendant must have told the bellman I was alone in my room. I untied my robe and open the door.

To my surprise, both the bellman and the room service attendant were standing there. Both men smile seeing my open robe and proceeded to seduce their way into my room.

This time, the room service attendant is definitely interested as he begins unzipping his pants. I felt a little overwhelmed how fast things were moving as they removed my robe and directed me to "get on the bed." This was really happening as they strip off their uniforms revealing their incredibly ripped and heavily tattooed bodies.

The attendant stood at the edge of the bed stroking his massive cock as the bellman began fingering my pussy. I was instantly reduced from a prim and proper housewife to a cock crazed slut. It was implied that John orchestrated my pending ravishment but I knew better as they hurried to have their way with me.

I felt a rock hard cock against my pussy and then the sudden sensation of the bellman's invasion. I fully surrendered my body to their whims as they double teamed me, forcing one cock down my throat and another one deep into my hot wet pussy.

Oddly enough, it occurs to me this is not their first time sharing a tourist. I imagine other women vacationing here, having left their inhibitions back at home, found themselves in similar situations. Both men seemingly understood I wanted to be taken, and they did not disappoint.

The bellman orders me to get on my knees at the edge of the bed. He stood behind me, holding my arms back for leverage while thrusting his enormous cock deeper and deeper inside my pussy.

The orgasms were so intense that my entire body was shaking uncontrollably. I was now his conquest, another trophy wife added to his collection as he violently fucked me from behind.

On my back, weak and exhausted I felt the attendant climb on top of me to take his turn. Earlier he seemed uninterested with my swaying breasts, but now he was sucking my nipples while squeezing my tits as he drilled my pussy with his thick cock.

Finally, I was rolled over and back up on all fours as they sandwiched me between them both one last time.

After they left, I took a shower and experienced an overwhelming sense of humiliation. I repented as I cried tears of regret. The genie was back in the bottle.

I confessed my sins to John and he forgave me. He said it was his fault for allowing another man into our bedroom. We vowed to put the past behind us and never again return to this island paradise.

Back at home something happened we never could have anticipated. At first, sex with John was awkward. We were finding it difficult to get pass our indiscretions. Then, John discovered photos in an adult website and recognized our hotel room and my naked body.

Although my face is not in any of the pictures, unbeknownst to me, cell phone pictures captured my tryst with the bellman and attendant. John became obsessed with one picture in particular. The view is from the back of my head down to my ass with a naked man fucking me on each end.

The unintended consequences of these pictures may have saved our marriage. The photo transformed John from a romantic and caring husband into a sexual predator in bed. He made me his personal slut, fucking me aggressively and satisfying me completely without the shame of being dominated by a stranger.

John and I have never been happier. Some of our closest friends want to know the secret to our happy marriage. Not that I would ever recommend what we did is a path to happiness. Luckily for us, our deviant behavior led us to an even greater sex life.

The only other big change is now when one of John's friends sneaks a peek down my shirt, they are treated to a view of one of my many sheer see-through bras courtesy of John.

The End

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