tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGenie With The Light Brown Hair

Genie With The Light Brown Hair


Jeannie and I had been sweethearts all through high school. Although she was a virgin when we started going together, she finally let me have "it" following the senior class prom. We drove 20 miles out of town to a motel I had reserved.

I think the main reason she was willing to "go all the way" was that I was a senior going away to the state college 300 miles away, and she was a junior with one more year left of high school. I think she was afraid of losing me to one of the many college girls I would meet. But I did not think that would happen. She really was the "Jeannie with the light brown hair." She was cute as a button and easily the prettiest girl in the high school. She looked a lot like a younger and more innocent version of that Kristin Davis girl on "Sex and the City", her favorite TV show. Her parents didn't know she watched it. So I was not about to give her up.

I joined the same fraternity that my father had belonged to and thus lived in a frat house. I shared quarters with three other frat brothers, Doug, Mac, and "Bonk."

Even though Jeannie and I were 300 miles apart during her senior year, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we were able to communicate with each other on a nightly basis via e-mail. After about a month, her e-mails started getting very sexy, I guess as another way of holding onto me. Here's a sample of one of them:

"Bobby. Ever since we did it the first time, I can't WAIT to do it some more. I think about your thing growing in my mouth as I suck it, and sometimes in the car how you would lose control and squirt it in my mouth. I didn't like that at first, but now I wish I could do it. I go to bed at night pretending you are putting your thing in me, and by the time I am finished pretending, I have to go to the bathroom to clean up—if you know what I mean." I knew what she meant. I sometimes had to go to the bathroom after reading one of her letters.

At first I kept the letters private, but as they got hotter, I could not resist showing them to my roommates.

"Holy shit!" Bonk said, "We got to meet this girl."

"You will. She's coming for my birthday weekend in November. We're going to get a motel room."

"Fuck the motel. Bring her here!"

"Yeah. I'm sure you would love that."

"And what's with this dinky picture on your desk?" He picked up the only picture I had of Jeannie, which was her class photo. "Why can't we see a sexy picture of her? Does she have a digital camera?"


"And you have a computer and e-mail. Ask her to take a sexy picture of herself and send it to you."

I thought about it. And I realized she probably would do it. "Okay, I will."

"Good man!"

I told Jeannie in an e-mail that my other three brothers had sexy pictures of their girlfriends on their desks, and I wondered if she could take something like that of herself and send it to me.

Three days later, I got my reply. She didn't refer to my previous letter, but this is what her letter said: "Dear Bobby, I'm really looking forward to seeing you again when I come down there for your birthday weekend. I'm bringing a special present for you. Since my name sounds like 'Genie', I'm going to grant you three wishes—of a sexual nature—so think of what you would like. But I don't know which dress I should wear—the blue one or the white one. Which do you think?" Below the letter was a nice clear sharp color picture obviously taken with her self-timer. She was sitting on the stool at the end of her bed and was holding up two dresses with her arms extended sideways. And she was naked. You could see her beautiful breasts, her taut nipples, and she had her legs slightly apart so you could see the little tuft of brown hair. I sent a reply back saying I liked the outfit in the middle best. Then I printed the picture out on photo paper and showed it to my roommates.

"Jesus!" said Bonk. "We have got to see this girl in the flesh! We have got to see her and you doing it!"

"I don't think it's possible."

"There must be a way...," Bonk pondered. And there was, and he thought of it.


Jeannie was wearing the white cotton dress with the blue trim when she arrived for my birthday weekend. I showed her around the frat house and introduced her to all of my brothers, especially my roommates. She made quite a hit.

"God, she's beautiful!" Doug whispered to me privately.

"No kidding,' said Mac.

After enjoying some conversation and a beer with my frat brothers in our room, Jeannie turned to me and said: "When can we go?"

I hesitated. "Well...there's something we need to do first."

"What's that?"

"Well, they have a tradition here at Omega that when a brother's girl visits him for the first time, they have to do 'it' in his bed—to christen the room and the bed."

She gave me a funny look. "This is a tradition."


"I assume we'd have privacy?"

"Well...that's the thing. It has to be validated by the brothers."

"Your roommates."


"We have to do it in front of your roommates."

"Yes." I knew Jeannie better than anyone else in the room, and while they may have had some doubts about her doing it, I did not. I always had the feeling that like a lot of beautiful girls she was a natural exhibitionist. She was just trying to be coy about it. "They grade it—like American Idol." I just thought that part up. Doug and Mac stared at me. Bonk gave me a high sign.

"Really. Like American Idol?"


"What if I don't get a good grade?"

"I'm sure you will. And you can satisfy all three of my wishes at the same time."

"That's a point, I guess." She sighed. "Can I at least get a shower first and freshen up from the ride?"

"Sure. My robe's hanging on the back of the bathroom door. You can put that on if you want."

She turned and walked into the bathroom. After she had shut the door, Bonk and Mac and Doug all gave me high fives.

"Way to go, Bobby!" Bonk said.

"Get some tablets!" Doug said. "We have to grade this." He turned to me. "What's the criteria?"

I thought about it. "Ah...one, how she looks in clothes."


"Two, how she looks naked."

"Right on!" said Bonk.

"Three, how she performs a blow job."

"God, I think I'm going to have a heart attack," said Mac. "I've never seen this in person."

"Four, how she performs when fucking."

"Oh God," Doug said. "We've all died and gone to heaven."

"With a hundred as perfect—and so on down the scale?" Mac asked.


I quickly took everything off other than my boxers and reclined on the bed, while Doug, Mac and Bonk hurriedly assembled three chairs just a few feet from the side of the bed and grabbed some tablets.

After a little while, Jeannie emerged from the bathroom, clad in my white terrycloth robe. The ends of her hair were a little wet, but otherwise she looked fresh as a daisy.

"I guess I'm ready," she said. "What do I have to do?"

"Well, first we need to hear the grades on how you looked with your clothes on," I said.

"Hundred," said Bonk.

"Ninety," said Mac.

"Ninety-five," said Doug.

"Then they need to grade how you look naked. That's also my first wish."

She sighed and unfastened the tie to the robe, opened it, pushed it from her shoulders and tossed it on the bed. Instinctively, she covered her breasts with her right arm and her little bush with her left hand.

"They can't grade you that way," I said. "Put you hands on top of your head."

"I've never done anything like this before!" she said, semi-indignantly.

"We know that."

She sighed again—and put her hands on the top of her head. She was absolutely beautiful. About five foot six with lovely brown hair, perky little nipples, a cute—and trimmed—brown bush—and as naked as the day she was born.

"One hundred," said Bonk.

Mac and Doug agreed on the same number.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Next grade is for how well you perform a blowjob," I said. "That will use up my second wish."

"Okay." She climbed over my legs to the other side of the bed—so the judges could have a good view.

"I have to warn you," I said to the judges, "Jeannie performs probably the best blow job in all of Summerfield High. Her specialty is the slow tantalizing blowjob."

"Don't misinterpret," she said to the others, "Bobby has been my only customer."

She pulled my dick out of my shorts and proceeded to work it over: kissing the tip, licking up the sides, then licking the bottom of the shaft. Finally, she took the head in her mouth.

"She also swallows, but she's not going to have to swallow this time," I said. "I want to save it all for the Moby Dick blow out."

"Christ, I think I'm going to come in my pants," Bonk said. I looked over. I could see that all three of them had extremely tight pants.

She took it out of her mouth. "Just to let you know: This ISN'T going to be a gang bang, right?"

They all nodded—but reluctantly. She put it back in and began working it again. In a few minutes, I had to pull it out before I exploded into her mouth. I turned to the judges. "Grade?"

"Hundred." "Hundred." "Hundred."

I turned back to Jeannie. "And now for the big event. I want you on top so the judges can see. And since I haven't seen you in a couple of months, I want to fuck you so hard it squirts out your ears. Which reminds me: Do I still have to use a condom?"

She smiled. "I'm a big girl now. I told you I would be on the pill, and I am. So you don't have to use anything."

"Fantastic. Then this will be a first for us too."

"Right." She got astride me, took my dick with both hands and gradually impaled herself. She turned to Mac. "Since you're sitting opposite my left ear, you might want to move."

I laughed when Mac actually did so.

Jeannie closed her eyes and in a slow, delicious and lingering way went up and down my shaft. I managed to hold on for about eight more minutes, but then I could stand it no longer, and I let her have it, all I had. I could feel my cum squirting up inside of her. But alas, it did not come out her ears. She collapsed down on me laughing, and we kissed, a long, loving kiss.

She sat up and looked over at the judges. "Well?"

"One hundred!" said Bonk.

"One hundred," said Doug

"One hundred," said Mac.

"Are you sure you wouldn't consider pulling a train?" Bonk asked.

"Sorry, the show is over," she said, as she reluctantly disengaged herself and sat beside me. "But can I go for extra points to make sure I win?"

"Sure!" Bonk said.

"Okay, another one of my specialties for Bobby is the cleanup service." She bent down and picked up my wet, limp and dripping cock and began to lick it all over, cleaning up and swallowing every last drop of the cum.

Bonk leaped to his feet. "I gotta go to the bathroom!" she said, as he ran in that direction. We all laughed.

"I don't think he's going to go wee-wee," Doug said.

Jeannie took another shower, got dressed again, and we went out to dinner. After that we went to the motel—and made love all night.

She was scheduled to leave late Sunday afternoon, but while we were having lunch she got a wicked smile on her face and asked: "What are your roommates doing this afternoon?"

"I don't know. Nothing. Why?"

"Maybe we could all see a show together."

"What show?"

"Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair" is a good one.

The End

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