tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersGennifer Property of Master Braxton

Gennifer Property of Master Braxton


Gennifer property of Master Braxton (continued)

He told me there would be a bath and wardrobe prepared for me at 7:00 and to join him in the den at 8:00. Jeremy rose from the table and came to me. Planting a sweet kiss on my cheek he said, tonight will be very special for the both of us!

(Part 3)

As I wrapped the soft towel about me after my bath, I wondered what was in store for me. Jeremy was going to have his way with me surely, but what more could there be?

Walking into the bedroom there was a scent of lavender in the air and a fire lit. On the bed lay a black dress, very short and black fishnet stockings with lace trim along the tops. Black fishnet crotchless panties with red lace trim and matching bra. The garter belt too was trimmed in red lace. A pair of stiletto heels that had to be 6" high were placed on the side of the bed. There was the most beautiful hairpiece too, Auburn with strands of black.

As I dressed it was obvious that I could not keep the bra straps from peeking thru the lacy vee trim at the top of my dress. There was a note by the dressing mirror and a bell! `Ring the bell and your salon girl will be in to attend to your features'. As soon as I touched the bell a beautiful, older woman entered and instructed me to sit and relax!

She so gently applied some mascara to give me long lashes and then completely made me over from foundation and blush that gave me sexy cheekbone lines and the eye's looking at me in the mirror were those of an elegant yet sultry woman. She put a necklace of red and black tiny stones on me with matching earrings.

Ms. Caroline is my name dear and tonight you are to seduce Jeremy and his companions with your beauty, your eyes and the hint of your sexy lingerie. Speak only when it is necessary and flirt at all times with his companions. You look beautiful my dear, see you in the morning.

The clock was showing 7:50 and I stepped into the heels. Oh my, this will take some effort to walk sexy. Slowly I walked down the hall to the den. I could hear male voices.

As I entered, Jeremy rose and introduced me to his companions. Marcus, Tony and Greg. Wont you have a seat my dear Gennifer? as he patted the cushion on the sofa next to him.

I sat as gently as I could and exposed my legs all the way to a glimpse of red lace.

Jeremy rose and turned on the video screen, announcing `now showing and tonights feature is Gennifer deflowered'

There I was on the large screen with Mr. DuPrate filling my mouth with his cock as Jeremy fucked me from behind! The men were so quiet and kept looking at me as the video continued. The sound was incredible, this want to be a woman was moaning in pleasure being taken for her first time, Marcus said with a smile!

As Mr. DuPrate came in my mouth on the big screen, Marcus had loosened his pants and his huge cock was at my lips! Gennifer, suck this big black cock, you know you want it slut!

Mmmmm, I mumbled as I took him into my lips and then kissed along his shaft. `On you knees slut and suck it, I want to see you take it all!' I went to my knees and made passionate love to his huge cock with my lips, mouth throat and was soon filled with stream after stream of his cum! Tony was right there and gave me his cock to taste and soon he was exploding into my mouth as well. I swallowed all of it careful not to allow a drop to touch this beautiful dress. It felt so natural and so wonderful to be pleasing these men and I reached out as soon as Tony was done for Greg's cock and soon had him fucking my face, he was in charge and held my head while thrusting in and out and deeper into my throat. He stopped, wiped his cock across my lips and then shot streams of cum all over my face and hair!

Ok. My friends, Jeremy announced, lets let Gennifer clean up. We will have a drink and discuss the contracts.

Ms. Caroline took me by the hand and walked with me to the downstairs bath. She removed my hairpiece and replaced it after repairing my makeup with another, this one being Auburn too with streaks of dark chocolate brown.

Gennifer you did quite well and surely you will be seeing Master Braxton with a smile on his face at the office tomorrow. You have tonight to spend with Jeremy and am sure he is going to be pleased as well. Good night Gennifer, will see you at 7:00 am sharp to prepare you for your new position at the office.

I returned to the den and Jeremy was alone. He handed me a glass of wine and led me to the Master bedroom.

You did so well this evening he said pulling me tight to him and kissing my cheek. Now tonight you are my slut and I am to prepare you to fuck for 3 hours. I have taken a pill that will allow me to stay very hard and will enjoy breaking you in for your new position!

He really didn't last 3 hours, he said my pussy was so tight. He lasted 20 minutes and then asked for Marcus to come to the room. Marcus wasted no time plunging in and out of my asspussy and he came again so much. Then Tony was asked to come to the room and bring Greg along too. They used my mouth and ass until midnight and then Ms Caroline burst in yelling at them that I was to be at Master Braxtons office early in the AM! 5:00am Ms. Caroline woke me and helped me to the bath, by 6:30am I was hurting so bad and was so tired. She said, Gennifer this is not your fault, but I must have you at Master Braxtons office by 9:00am I woke you early so I could do your makeup in the limo, now go get dressed, your wardrobe is on the bed for you.

A very business like suit dress ensemble lay there, the dress of course was a mini. Heels, black with gray trim to match the pinsrtipes of my blazer. A gray lace trimmed bra and panties. Black micromesh stockings with gray lace tops and a black lacy garter belt. I dressed, so weary from the night. Entering the limo is still like a dream.

Ms. Caroline did my makeup on the way and I felt so close to her. As the limo stopped at Master Braxton's office a young man opened the door and gently helped me to my feet. He escorted me into the building and down an elegantly decorated hallway to Master Braxton's office. I thanked him for being so kind and entered the room.

Master and Mr. DuPrate welcomed me and led me to the sofa.

Gennifer, your office is next to mine through this door here, it is the only door to the room and you can only work when I or my Mr. DuPrate are here. I expect you to be in the office by 9:15am and wear what has been selected for you. In your office is a bed and a bathroom. You will be attending to clients as I direct and attending to myself and Mr. DuPrate as he wishes. There is also a closet with items some of our clients might desire to have you in, you will dress or undress as they please and please them. Jeremy is no longer a member of the staff as he took liberties not given to him, you were not aware so you will go unpunished. Your job is to suck, fuck and seduce in anyway our clients. Do you understand?

Yes Master.

Gennifer, suck my cock!

Although my jaws were tired I was so relieved to have Masters Cock to suck and know I was his personal assistant, for now! I sucked Master and then Mr. DuPrate, they then sent me to my office where I lay for the day resting. At 6:15 Ms. Caroline came to take me to Master's home and prepare me for the evening.

(to be continued)

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