tagNovels and NovellasGen's Longest Journey Ch. 02

Gen's Longest Journey Ch. 02


Gen awoke the next morning, still partially dressed and feeling sweaty and altogether unclean. She'd fallen unconscious practically in the same position – blouse and bra undone, skirt up over her waist leaving her bare pussy exposed to the rubber cock that she'd filled herself with so thoroughly the night before.

With a chuckle to herself she remembered this, and realised she felt sore down there. Moving her hand down to her cunt she caressed it slowly, carefully, parting her lips to try and feel where the pain was coming from. Actually, it wasn't really pain – she thought, as her mind adjusted and began slowly to wake up. It was more like an itchiness, coming from deep inside her. Something she couldn't really put her finger on, but she knew if she got up and started walking it would drive her crazy for the rest of the day.

So she just lay there on her back, legs wide apart with her knees bent, idly rubbing her fingers up and down her partially shaven slit. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was only 5:30am - she didn't need to be up for work for another two hours.

Bugger, she thought. No point in going back to sleep now, I'll just wake up feeling worse. As she thought about what to do, the tips of her fingers were absentmindedly playing with her clitoris, and she realised that her pussy was starting to get wet again. This made the itchiness start to become more and more unbearable. Her thoughts started to turn uncontrollably dirtier.

She thought about the last time she and Brian slept together. Actually, they didn't have sex the last time they slept together, she realised. The last time they had sex was one year, two months ago in the stationary room at work. They were almost alone in the office, everyone had gone to lunch, there were still some people about but Brian had come into her office anyway and all but grabbed her with both hands to pull her into the stationary room and locked the door. We were in love then – absolutely mad for each other , she thought. I would have done anything for him. Anything at all.

That time though, it was clearly a quickie. He'd mauled at her tits, almost ripping her blouse and bra off in the process, whilst whispering in her ear what a beautiful sexy woman she was and asking her how much she wanted his cock. Gen felt her breasts, tugging at her nipples as she replayed it in her mind – trying to do it the way he used to . It wasn't the same. Nothing had turned her on more than the way Brian announced to her in his own way that he wanted to fuck. He only had to ask her if she wanted his cock rammed deep inside her sexy cunt, and her answer would always be "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

This time was no different. As he said the words and got his hand up her skirt to finger her, she was frantically unbuckling his fly and trying to get his beautiful cock out. Then, as now, Gen needed it inside her. As quickly as possible.

Thinking about this, and the excited expectation she felt as she turned around and let him pull her g-string down over her arse, feeling the cool-ish air on her swollen cunt lips as she waited for him to slam his cock up her, her hands were moving more feverishly over her now soaking pussy. She shoved one, then two, then three fingers inside her – causing her to arch her back off the bed and cry out. "Fuck me Brian! Fuck me like you know I want to be fucked!".

Brian's fucking was always intense. Hard. He was never a gentle lover, but she liked it that way. They would often have raging arguments over ridiculous things and then fall on each other like wild animals afterwards. She'd kept the first blouse he'd ever ripped open, the first pair of panties that had been torn, as a memento of each time when he'd been so consumed by lust for her than he just wanted to get to her "goodies" (as he called them) as quickly as possible. She loved that. Loved to be so wanted, to have someone else so consumed by lust for her that they almost, but not quite, rape her.

Her itch was completely unbearable now, and she realised, as in the night before, that her fingers weren't doing the job properly... and she reached down to get her pacifier. It seemed crusty from the previous night's intense self-fucking as she hadn't washed it, but Gen was beyond all caring at that point. She positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and started to haul it inside, fucking herself hard with her hips bouncing off the bed.

She couldn't believe how horny she felt – sex was always important to her, but for her at least, it was always accompanied by emotion of some sort. An attachment. Even when Brian was roughest with her, like the time when he came home from work with that certain look in his eye, grabbed her throat and pulled her over his knee and damn well spanked her within an inch of her life... even as she sobbed and whimpered, she loved him. Hated him, but loved him. Wanted to suck his cock afterwards. Wanted him to fuck her bent over the sofa. On the stairs. In bed. Cunt or arse, it didn't matter – she wanted it. Wanted him.

Or maybe not? Maybe I am just this horny, she thought, as the rubber cock slid easily in and out of her hungry wet cunt. Moving it in and out with one hand, she lifted her bum off the bed and moved the other hand so she could finger her arsehole at the same time. Maybe I just need this?

"So horny, so fucking horny..." she whimpered, writhing around as she fucked both her holes as deep and as hard as she could. She could feel her orgasm approaching, and her cries became more desperate. At that moment, the couple from the bus the previous night suddenly shot into her head, how eagerly she had sucked his cock, what her pussy smelled like, how clearly desperate they were for each other. Right at that moment, she would have given anything to have seen them fuck. Even better would have been to have joined in, to know what it was like to have such a young & virile prick inside her. He would fuck her, while the other girl watched and fingered herself, then they would swap and she would help – pushing his arse towards her as he thrust inside her heavily, telling him to fuck her. "Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her! Unnngghhh!!", she cried as she came hard with the rubber cock pushed as far up her cunt as it would go, and her finger wedged inside her arse.

She lay there for a moment, shaking. Beads of sweat were pouring over her, and as she cooled it made her feel clammier than ever. Need a shower, Gen thought... and pulled the dildo out of her pussy, got up, and staggered through to the bathroom.

As she showered, she realised that that was the first time she'd thought about Brian in a long time. Certainly the first time since the break-up that she'd wanked with thoughts of his dick buried inside her. If only he wasn't such a dick, she thought, and laughed at herself as the warm water washed over her naked body. She soaped her ample tits, rubbing them all over, then took the showerhead off the wall and started washing her cunt carefully. I really am sore now, Gen thought. But at least the itchiness has gone... for now anyway.

Once she'd dried herself, she remembered what the bus driver had said to her the previous night. Gen was short of cash on the whole, and the idea of a free pass appealed to her. So she sat downstairs on the sofa in her dressing gown and called the bus company's head office.

"Good morning, Transport First, how can I help you?" a woman's voice answered.

"Oh hello, yes... I was asked to call you by the driver last night." Gen started. "I was on the number 18, and I... err... ". She felt herself getting flustered. How can I say this? She thought. Gen cleared her throat, making an unnecessary show of it in-between apologising down the phone, just to buy herself some time on what to say.

"I'm sorry" she said.

"It's okay", came the woman's soft re-assuring voice on the other end of the phone. "You were on the number 18 last night?"

"Yes. There was a young couple there last night getting rather... frisky, shall we say..."

"Oh yes?" the woman's voice piped up, her interest obviously piqued. "What happened?"

So Gen recounted the story, as best she could. She tried to be businesslike and disapproving in her tone, leaving out the explicit details as best she could. The woman kept pressing her for them, but Gen resisted, feeling uncomfortable telling a complete stranger over the phone. There was obviously a certain amount of detail that needed explanation of some sort however, and Gen tried to be as circumspect as possible. When she'd finished, there was a pregnant pause at the other end of the phone... she could hear rustling of papers, or something. Just when she was starting to wonder if the woman had even been listening to her, the woman spoke.

"Okay ma'am. I think I've got all that. What's your name?"

Gen laughed, a girlish laugh. "Sorry. My name's Genevieve Lebowski. Want me to spell it?".

"It's a nice name, Genevieve".

"Gen for short. Most people call me Gen."

"I'm Carol", the woman whispered. "Gen...", she continued softly.

"Yes?". Another pause.

"I'm alone here in the office. Nobody else usually gets here until nine. I'm sat here playing with myself to your story."

"Oh." Gen didn't really know what to say.

"Tell me about his cock" whispered Carol hoarsely. "You said the girl was sucking it?"

This was taking on a different turn, Gen thought. I can't go through with this. But as she lay stretched out on the sofa, she could feel her breasts starting to tingle once more in spite of herself.

"I'm going to be late for work." Gen answered defiantly.

"I understand. Please don't hang up yet. I like listening to you. And you haven't finished your story."

"I have. I told you what happened."

"Tell me again..." Carol moaned over the phone. "Did you suck his cock?"

"No!" Gen replied, aghast.

"But you wanted to."

Gen's head was spinning again. Recounting the story of last night, along with Carol's soft sexy voice talking dirty behind the safety of the phone, it was turning her on more than she wanted.

"Perhaps" Gen answered finally, softly. "I've not been very lucky with men recently."

"Oh God, tell me about it..." said Carol. "Actually, don't. Tell me about his cock instead. Was it big?"

"Yes" Gen whispered. "Very big. Long and thick... from what I saw anyway. The girl's head was in the way a lot of the time."

"Because she was sucking it?"


"Does it make your pussy wet thinking about it?" groaned Carol.

This is the point of no return, thought Gen. I should hang up now. If I carry on, it can only end one way. She looked at the clock. 8:15am. How could her pussy be so wet again so soon after fucking herself with a dildo?

"Gen?" came Carol's voice on the phone.

"Yes, sorry, what?"

"I asked you a question."

"What was it?" – feigning ignorance.

"I asked if your cunt was as wet as mine is?"

"I am quite moist I have to say"

"Shame on you!" Carol giggled. "Will you take off your panties for me?"

"I'm not wearing any."

"Even better!" Carol announced triumphantly. "Gen..." she whispered.


"If I told you that I was finger fucking my cunt right now hanging on your every word, would that make you want to touch yourself with me?"

Oh god. This was not happening. How could she be getting turned on by a woman? Especially a woman that she couldn't even see? But there was a raw, hoarse sexuality about her voice that was causing her pussy to have a mind of its own. Her hands had to touch it, to spread her labia and stroke her clit... they just had to!

"God yes...." Gen moaned as her fingers found her slit once more.

"I knew you were a dirty bitch like me. Tell me what you did after you saw that girl sucking his big cock?"

"I went home" Gen replied, still stroking her clit.


"And... I found the biggest dildo I had and shoved it hard up my cunt."

"That was naughty." Carol whispered.

"I know... but I just needed it. My pussy was ready to explode."

"Don't blame you. Go on..." Carol moaned. "I've got three fingers in my pussy and one in my arse. Tell me how you fucked yourself..."

"I didn't waste any time. My cunt was soaking wet, and all I could think about was how that big strapping lad must be fucking that dirty slut hard, right at that very moment, and I wanted to feel what she felt."

There were moans and the sounds of heavy breathing coming over the other end of the phone. Gen continued.

"Normally it hurts when I'm penetrated the first time, but I was so wet that the rubber cock just slid straight in."

"I wish I had a big cock right now." Carol groaned.

"Me too!" Gen laughed.

Carol giggled. "Not like that! Although..." she trailed off. "Sorry. Carry on. Please..."

"I'm likely to cum telling you." Gen grinned back at her.

"That's okay. Go for it honey."

"Okay... I was lying on my bed, ramming that rubber dick up my cunt as hard as I could, imagining how the young couple must've been fucking right there," continued Gen, rubbing her clit faster and feeling her breath getting shorter. "I christened the bloke Tom, and begged him to fuck me hard from behind. I love it from behind."

More moans and heavy breathing. "God my cunt is so fucking wet! I hope no-one comes in early!" gasped Carol. "Keep talking."

Gen's legs were spread wide again as she lay back on the sofa, holding the phone to her ear with one hand and the other feverishly rubbing her clit and pulling at her swollen labia. Her dressing gown was open fully, with her breasts exposed and her nipples hard as peanuts.

"I was spanking my own arse and talking dirty, imagining Tom grinding his cock into me, shunting in and out like a demented animal. My tits were hanging down and the nipples were.... Oohhhh....rock hard as they brushed against the bed while I imagined he fucked me."

Gen was gasping for air, and breathed heavily down the phone. Her mouth was dry, she felt like she wanted something to suck... so she brought her hand up from her aching pussy and sucked on the fingers, one by one. Carol was seemingly lost in herself at the other end, moaning and gasping... obviously in the throes of an approaching orgasm. All Gen could hear was little "Ohh's!" and "Fuck!"s. It spurred her on to continue.

"I kept shoving the dildo in and out of my cunt as hard as I could. It made me scream, and yearn for a real cock inside me. The rest was kind of a blur, but," her tone changed, "I did it again this morning... before talking to you... didn't even waste time washing it. Dirty bitch, huh?" she laughed.

There was no response.

"Hello? Carol? Are you there?"

She could only hear grunts and groans from the other end, some of them sounding a bit deeper than Carol's dulcet tones.

"Don't stop Gen!" came the somewhat echoey voice from the other end. "Keep on fucking me! Ungghh! Don't stop... don't stop... fuck my cunt till it hurts.... Unngghhh!" .

"Is there someone else there? Hello? Hello?" Gen asked, hearing the grunting and getting quite agitated.

"Hello!" came a cheerful male sounding voice. "Don't mind me, I'm just fucking the arse off this dirty bitch. Ungh!"

Gen realised she had been on speakerphone, and that someone else... a strange man... had been listening to her talk dirty and masturbate down the phone! She wasn't sure why this bothered her, since she hardly knew Carol either, but it did. It also excited her... to know that she had been spied on, almost watched, and that now she was listening to a girl called Carol getting fucked by an unknown man! This got the better of her, as her hand moved back automatically to her swollen pussy and started rubbing once more.

"Carol... Carol... tell me what he's doing to you..."

"I'm... ahh.. sitting on my chair, and Dave is... ungh... grinding his... ungh... cock into my cunt... feels fucking amazing... ungh! ungh!" cried Carol.

This was almost too much for Gen. Her swollen cunt lips were red raw, but were streaming juice as she dug three fingers inside herself hard. She cried out as she did so, feeling like she could cum at any minute. She leaned against the phone, trying to listen as closely as possible whilst uncontrollably moaning and gasping herself as she fucked her hand in and out of her pussy.

"Gen?" came Carol's voice over clearly now, still panting. "You're not on speaker any more. Dave is fucking me from behind! God it feels great... fucking wish you were here." she laughed, a dirty laugh.

"Me too!" came the man's voice, in between grunting and gasps from Carol.

"He's got a fucking big cock as well, haven't you Dave, huh? Fucking big, and deep inside my cunt! Ungh!"

Gen tapped the speakerphone key and dropped the phone. She was writhing about on the sofa, with her fingers buried deep inside her aching twat, absolutely desperate to cum.

"Fuck her, Dave! Give her it good and hard from behind, go on... fuck her arse off!", Gen grunted... ploughing her pussy with her fingers. She could hear Carol's cries and wails, as Dave obviously did what Gen suggested and began to fuck her harder.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh fuck... fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!" came Carol over the speakerphone, while Gen sobbed with lust and the need to cum. Taking her hand completely out of her pussy, making the four fingers into as close to the shape of a cock as she could, she slammed them back inside her as hard as she could. Again she did it. And again. Once more, and with that she cried out, with tears streaming down her face, Gen came.

"That sounded fucking great!" said Carol over the speakerphone. "I think Dave was getting quite excited by it!"

"Are you sure that wasn't you doing that?" Gen giggled.

"Oh well, yes... if you think?" Carol continued. "Listen, I'm going to have to go... its nearly 9am, I can't remember what you called about now, but why don't you come down to the office about 5-ish? We can talk about it then."

"Umm... yeah, sure..." Gen said, confused as she lay there.

"Great! See you then, bye!"

Carol hung up.

Gen lay there, feeling somewhat empty and alone. What the fuck just happened, she thought. I call up a bus company to complain, and end up having phone sex? With a woman!? And now I even have a date? Don't I?

She was utterly confused. She was also sweaty, and extremely sore. Her pussy felt like it was bleeding - she hadn't been gentle with herself. She rubbed herself carefully, tenderly, and checked her fingers. No blood. Very, very wet, but no blood. Gen breathed a sigh of relief, and forced herself up. She sat there with her head in her hands looking down at the floor for a full five minutes, trying to get to grips with herself.

I'm not even a lesbian, she told herself. And I've made myself cum three times in the last... what is it... ten hours? Maybe that's it. Maybe I'm frustrated because women turn me on and I never knew it. I have to meet her. Nearly 9am she had said. Fuck, I'm late for work...

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