tagLoving WivesGentelman's Bet

Gentelman's Bet


As usual Snow was late getting to the office. Even though he was my full partner at our law firm he never seemed to get to work before I did. I eyed him as he walked into our large office and set his briefcase on his desk that faced mine. He flashed me a broad smile. "Morning Harris." He said.

"Morning Snow, nice of you to show up today." I grumbled as he finished taking off his overcoat and hung it on a rack in the corner. Rashid Snow was tall, half black, half Latino and all charm. His hazel eyes stood out under a cap of black curly hair. His smile had won over many a jury. And every one of our female interns.

"No need to be jealous Harris, I had a lady guest over last night and she needed my special attentions." He smiled again as he sat down. It was a confident smile. One that few could argue with. But I hadn't become a lawyer because I was afraid to argue.

"Let me guess, A woman that you just barley met fell for your charms and you took her home for a night of exhilarating sex?" I folded my arms as I smirked at him.

"You know me too well my friend. Women can not resist me." He smiled. He always smiled.

"You know what Snow? I think I'm sick and tired of your bullshit." His smile faded a bit

"No need for sour grapes, Harris. I can't help the fact that the ladies adore me." His grin stayed in place.

"I believe that you get a large share of pussy but I think you get rejected as often as the next man. You can't possibly bed every woman you talk to. I don't think you like to talk about the ones that got away so you tell the world that you get them all. Even if you sleep alone one night. I'm calling your bluff. You act like you can meet any piece of tail and within an hour bang the shit out of her. How about a wager Snow?"

"What kind of wager?" he asked.

"Let's call it a gentleman's bet. I say that you will not be able to show up at a restaurant, meet a woman who you don't know and bring her back to this very office to fuck her brains out."

"That is a tall order, Harris." He rubbed his chin thinking.

"So then I am right. You're all talk."

"I said it was a tall order, not that I could not do it. What restaurant do you have in mind?" Snow was smiling again.

"I have a date with my wife tonight at the Château Rouge. As soon as I'm done here at the office I'll be on my way to pick her up. Pick any pussy there, I bet you won't have her bent over this desk by midnight."

"Any pussy that's there eh?" he said with that obnoxious smile.

"Any bitch you see. Drop by my table and point her out. At 10:30 I'll drop by the office and check the surveillance camera. If by midnight I don't see you fucking the tart you snagged from the restaurant you lose."

"And how should I point her out?" he asked.

"Stop by my table and chat with me for a bit. Say hi to my wife. Then I'll watch you leave the table. The first woman I see you talk too will be the mark."

"You are sure about this?" He said. His smile had grown tenfold.

"Absolutely," I smiled this time, "do we have a bet, sir?"

"Sir, I accept your bet!" he said, his smile ever brilliant.

Before I knew it I was driving my wife, June, to the Château Rouge. I glanced over at her as she sat in the leather seat of my BMW and stared out the window at the lights of the city. Tall for a woman and with long legs, June was a lovely brunette. Her dark hair was done up in an elaborate design of folds and curls that draped her soft face. A string of vintage pearls, large as marbles adorned her slender neck. She wore a pale pink satin blouse. The blouse buttoned up in the front and only her top button was left undone. Little actually showed but the lines of her bra could be seen under the soft fabric and my wife's large breasts could not be contained under the soft fabric. They were firm and strained against her blouse.

A dark chocolate colored skirt hugged her hips and thighs and ended mid way to her knees. Her choice of skirt surprised me. I didn't know she had anything that short in her closet. But even by most standards it was conservative. The low angle of the leather seats in the car caused it to ride up more that it would in a normal chair. When she stood the hem line draped over her kneecaps. As she sat now I could see her creamy thighs encased in shinny nylons.

The nylons themselves had also been a surprise. My wife was never fully dressed with out a pair of pantyhose but the gossamer sheen that encased her legs was of a higher quality than her normal hose. She wore a pair of dark brown pumps. Her nylon clad toes peeked out of the small opening at the end of the shoes. A satin bow adorned the top of each opening and its pale tan was set off by the buff colored hose and the rose red nail polish that coated her toenails.

Looking at her hemline I saw what I thought was the welt of her stockings but lack of light made it hard to tell. I wanted to know more about the hosiery that highlighted my wife's shapely legs. I reached over and grabbed her silken thigh with the intent to slide it upward in hopes of revealing the top of a stocking. No sooner had my hands touched her when she let out a little squeak and pushed my hand away. "Steven, these are my best hose! You'll put a run in them!" She gently smoothed her skirt and inspected her nylons for any snags.

I held back my frustration. My wife was a horrible cock tease and she didn't even realize it. I would have my chance later. She could play hard to get now. The night was young. But after dinner and after I had witnessed Snow's rejection I was going to enjoy the pleasures of my wife and her pretty nylons.

The small table I had reserved gave me a commanding view of the entire restaurant. Tables were arranged in a wide area that bordered the wet bar on one side and the dance floor on the other. A live band played music and a few couples swayed together on the hardwood floor.

My wife was seated across from me with her back to the main entrance. I watched it like a hawk waiting for Snow's arrival. It was almost eleven and he hadn't shown up yet. My wife was waiting on her desert. I'd give Snow until after that was served and eaten. Then we would leave.

I spotted Snow enter the restaurant. He said something to the doorman who gestured in my direction. Snow made his way over. The intolerable smile was ever present on his face. As he reached the table I stood to greet him.

"Hello, Snow. I'm sure you remember my wife June." I gestured to her. Snow took her by the hand and bowed, kissing the back of her knuckles gently.

"A gentleman could never forget a lady of such grace and beauty." He said as he straightened, and he held her hand just a bit longer than was customary. His line was cheesy and I would have sounded like a fool if I had said it. But with his faint accent and the sincere way he spoke it came off well. My wife was completely charmed.

Snow pulled a seat at the table. It was small and round and he sat close to my wife. Not too close but close enough to be more intimate with her than if he sat directly between us. "Are you prepared for the bit of work we discussed earlier today?" I asked him. Snow looked around the restaurant for a moment and then looked intently at my wife.

"Mrs. Harris your husband tasks me with the most difficult things!" He said to her.

My wife looked at me and said "Steven, let the man be. It's time to relax! Surely work can wait until Monday." She turned to Snow, "And please call me June." She flashed him a smile and her cheeks dimpled.

"Yes," Snow said returning my wife's smile and looking only at her while he spoke to me. "Let us postpone this silly bit of work as June suggests." I knew I had him! He was trying to weasel out of it and he was using my wife as cover!

"It must be done tonight." I firmly stated.

The band began to play music and several couples entered the dance floor.

Snow looked out at the dance floor and then turned back to me. "Mr. Harris with your permission I would like to dance with your wife." Snow stood up and took my wife by the hand. She looked surprised but didn't seem to resist at all. They both looked at me.

"It's the Lady's choice" I said and smiled. I could really care less. I hated dancing and allowing Snow to take her on the dance floor would please my wife. She loved dancing and I bargained that my apparent lack of jealousy would work in my favor later when I had my wife home and alone and wearing nothing but her silky nylons.

"June," Said Snow "may I have this dance?" She giggled and jumped to her feet.

"I'll only be a moment, Steven." She said to me.

"My dear," I said "take your time, enjoy yourself!"

They could dance all night if they wanted. The more time Snow wasted the better. And the more dancing June got the better for me!

I sat and watched as Snow danced with my wife. He held her close and dipped her deeply through out the number. Her legs flashed as they moved in time to the music. Snow knew his way around a dance floor. He twirled and dipped my wife at every opportunity. His hand gripped her thigh every time he dipped her and she always came up with a giant smile on her face.

Snow was getting a bit closer to my wife than I liked. I had fantasies about my wife making love to another man but that was just fantasy. In reality I liked my wife all to my self.

The music ended and the dancers clapped. Snow leaned in close and was obviously whispering something in my wife's ear. Her eyes widened but that was all. He led her back to the table and seated her.

"My dear lady, thank you for the dance." Snow said as he bowed to her again. "I must take my leave. See you Monday Steve." He said to me and made his way out.

When he was out of ear shot I leaned forward to ask my wife what Snow had said to her. Before I could speak my wife jumped to her feet. "Excuse me Steven but all that dancing! I must go to the restroom!" She darted off and I sat waiting.

She was quite flushed and it was obvious that the dancing had excited her. I wondered how much of Snow's groping had excited her as well. I moved my chair around the table so that I would be sitting almost next to her when she got back. I planned to find out what kind of nylons she was wearing while she nibbled on her dessert. Best hose or not, if Snow could grab her by the thigh and swing her around the dance floor then I should be able to get a good grope in! I sat and waited in anticipation.

Presently I wondered what the hell my wife was doing. I had been sitting there for twenty minutes. Surely her nose didn't need that much powder! I got up and headed to the lavatories. I cracked the ladies room open just a little and called for my wife inside. No answer. I found a doorman and asked if he had seen my wife. He looked as if he suddenly recognized me and pulled an envelope from his coat. He stated that a gentleman had escorted my wife to a car and had left this for me.

Baffled, I ripped it open and there was a small note inside. It read: "Second level: White Dodge van." A set of keys were inside. I demanded from the doorman what was going on and he looked at me meekly and apologized. "Please, sir, I know nothing."

I raced to the parking garage and bolted up the stairs to the second level. There were few cars and the white van stood out among them. I ran to it and tried the key in the door. It opened. Once inside I was stumped for a moment as what to do. Black curtains hung directly behind the front seats. I pushed the curtains aside and crawled into the back of the van. This wasn't a normal passenger van but a surveillance van. Instead of seats there was a small table that had a monitor and a chair. The monitor was playing something and as I got close all I could do for the next hour was sit in the chair and stare in shock as I watched.

On the monitor June and Snow were in a hotel room. They were being filmed with a high quality camera and it was apparent that someone was operating the camera as it moved around the couple, zooming in and out. Extra lighting was obvious because the small lamps in hotel rooms don't give off that much light. I had full audio and Snow was whispering something into my wife's ear. There was music playing in the background. It sounded like the same type of music that played at the restaurant.

If I didn't know that it was Snow and June I would have assumed that I was watching a high quality porno. Somehow the footage was being broadcast to this van. Snow wanted me to watch as he fucked my wife!

My wife was facing the camera wide eyed and with a nervous smile on her face. She wore all of her clothes and stood, slightly pigeon toed with her arms close to her body, her hands up, chest high. She looked like someone who wasn't used to being filmed. Snow stood behind her. He had no clothes on at all. His hands where around her waist in a possessive grip and his lips pressed against her ear in a soft whisper.

June smiled as Snow whispered to her. I couldn't tell what he said but it seemed to soothe my wife. His hands were slowly pulling her blouse up and out of her skirt. He finished saying whatever it was he was saying. June looked at the camera and the smile brightened a bit allowing her dimples to show.

Snow started to kiss her neck. She melted against his touch and breathed in deeply, the camera already forgotten. Snows hands fiddled with her skirt and then after a quick zipping sound it slid off her hips and fell to her feet exposing the stockings and garter belt she wore. Finally I had a look at my wife's nylons. But I wasn't as happy about is as I thought I would be.

I wanted to burst into that room and stop them but I had no idea where they were. It was obviously a hotel but which one? I could search for weeks and not find them. Despite my distress at the situation I couldn't help but be aroused. I wanted to be in Snow's position. I wanted to fuck my wife while she wore her pink blouse and sheer stockings. But Snow had her and he was going to fuck her right in front of a camera so that I could see. I was angry but I couldn't help but enjoy watching As more blood flowed into my penis I stopped thinking and just watched the show. What else could I do?

Snow slowly undid the buttons of June's satin blouse. He still kissed her neck as he unsnapped her strapless bra and expertly removed it from her, leaving the silky blouse on. He rubbed the shirt against her breasts and she moaned softly.

Snow guided June next to a desk, turning her and lifting her onto it. He grabbed her left leg and slid his hands down her gossamer stocking and pulled off her shoe. He bent and kissed her foot

June giggled as he tickled her toes then he wrapped her legs around his waist. Her silken legs rubbed his flanks slowly, her left foot without its shoe, pointed toes stretching out with the pleasure he was giving her. Snow kissed her on the mouth and the camera zoomed in on her stocking tops. The buff colored stockings had large pink welts that matched her blouse and her creamy white thighs stood out in stark contrast to Snow's mocha colored skin.

June still wore her dark brown satin panties and the brown garter belt that clung to her stockings. The camera zoomed back out and I could see both of her hands were flat against the desk, her head thrown back to expose her neck as Snow kissed and licked her. His hands fondled her, the right hand pinched her left tit wile the left hand cupped her right breast.

I watched as Snow slowly worked his kisses and tongue down her neck and to her breasts. He started to kneel slowly taking the kisses still lower. On his knees now he reached up and pulled until her satin panties came sliding over her legs. Once the panties where clear of her feet he took the left one in his hand and started kissing her toes again, then her ankle, working his way back up her leg until his face was pressed firmly into her muff. Her legs wrapped around his head and her hand grabbed his dark curls. She squealed at his actions and looked like she was going to explode.

Snow's face was deep in my wife's crotch but it was plan to see what he was doing. It was also obvious that June loved every moment of it. I was baffled at her reaction. I had gone down on her before but I never got the response that June gave Snow. She was almost ready to climax.

Presently he stood up and yanked her off the desk. Not violently but commandingly. There was no question that she belonged to him and would do anything he wanted. He tore her blouse off and spun her around. All she wore now were pearls, garter belt and stockings. The camera moved paned to the side and a bed came into view.

Snow slapped my wife on the ass and she jumped. "Get on the bed." June climbed on the bed and she fell to her hands and knees looking back. June kept her knees touching the bed, but her lower legs angled up and her toes pointed back, feet close together. Snow moved his penis to perch softly onto the soles of her feet and she rubbed his shaft with silky smooth skin.

His penis was huge. It was easily half again longer than mine and the width easily doubled me. It was as hard and straight as a steel lance, no sagging as mine often did. June's feet moved all around his dick and it was as firm as steel. She playfully toed and poked his shaft with her shinny, silken soles.

Snow signaled that he had enough of her foot job by gripping June's hips and sliding his penis right into her vagina with one quick motion. Her back arched and her toes curled. June let out a startled "Oooh!" and clenched the sheets. She looked back over her shoulder, a lock of hair drooped down in front of her left eye. "Easy there, Tiger. I - OOOH!" He shut her up by pulling almost all the way out and thrusting into her again. He repeated this action again and got her to squeak a third time.

Snow slid in and out of her much slower now. Burying himself all the way to his pubic hair and pulling out all the way to the tip of his shaft. "Oh my God you are big!" cooed my wife. Once his penis was fully lubricated in her juices he pulled out and angled up a bit. The bulbous tip of his head spread her ass hole apart and he slid in deep.

The penetration of her ass caused her to squeal. She griped the sheets tightly and her back arched even more. Snow started to thrust himself into her with steady rhythm. Each penetration was punctuated with a slap of his loins into her ass. My wife struggled to stay on the bed. His powerful thrusts shook her body and her breasts bounced in all directions.

Watching my wife getting fucked had aroused me past the ability of my pants to contain me. I unzipped and started to pleasure myself while I watched. Part of me had resigned to the fact that not only had Snow won this round, but he had triumphed. I had never fucked my wife in the ass and now here was Snow, who had only casually meet my wife once before. Now he was drilling her in the ass like it was her favorite pleasure! It should be me riding her right now. I kept that thought going as I handled my penis. It should be ME!

After a few minutes of deep anal penetration Snow pulled out of her ass and glided back into her vagina. Again he worked with a slow rhythm at first then speed up to a pace that I couldn't keep up with had I been riding her. June looked back over her shoulder her eyelashes flashing at him as she coaxed him on. "Yes, baby! More! More! Ooooh!" her squeal coaxed a faster pace from Snow.

After a minute of this Snow gripped her left ankle with his right hand then grabbed the right side of her hips with his left hand. In one motion he spun her in place so that she was on her back. Her arms flopped above her head and her chest heaved her breasts up and down with each breath. He now gripped each ankle with his hands and held her legs apart, lifting her half off the bed to meet his penis. By simply pulling her legs further apart her pelvis slid toward him and he entered her pussy.

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