Gentle as a Lamb


Missy abruptly turned around and headed out the door into the cool autumn air, then returned a few minutes later with a box, set it on the floor, and walked over to Bubba. She leaned down so one of her erect nipples was just out of reach of his mouth. She looked down at Bubba and asked him, "What is your decision Lover Boy: fight, shame, or the best fuckin sex you ever had in your life, or will ever get! It's time to choose. There is just little one thing though; if you want me to stop, I will at any time. Then I'll pack up and just leave you there, the way you are, and never come back. All you have to do is just say 'No more' two times."

It did not take too long for Bubba to make up his mind; his wrists were already sore and to top it off, if Bobbie Jo was sent out to check on him he would never live it down! Never, not ever!

Bubba very softly whispered. "sex."

"Say it again louder like you mean it. I don't fuck wuss asses. Say it loud and clear and you can suck my tit," she demanded.

So Bubba yelled, "Missy I want to suck on your nipples and fuck your goddamned tits and cunt."

She looked at him and smiled, "You want a lot for a man in your position, don't you? You will have to earn any rewards you get! Now shut your filthy mouth and stop yapping. Only speak when I tell you to, I don't like whining or distractions. You are mine until I am finished with you and decide to release you, or until you fuckin wuss out on me and say 'No more' two times, like a fuckin sissy."

At that point Bubba acquiesced to her demands, laid there silently, and stopped fighting. He knew she was now in control. He couldn't decide if he was scared, sexually aroused, excited, terrified, or some combination of them all. But fear was the greater emotion. He had never allowed himself to get into a situation like this before.

With that said she took some sturdy ropes out of her box and proceeded to tie both of Bubba's legs spread eagle to the to the legs at the foot of the bed. With that done, she took out a black mask and slid it over his eyes: Bubba's world went dark.

Missy stepped back and nodded in approval and then moved forward and dropped her titty into his mouth. "Suck on my tit, make the nipple hard, you wanted to suck my titties since the first time you saw them while I was asleep in my car. Now do it!" As he lapped and sucked on her tit, she wet her fingers and started to squeeze and twist her other nipple to get it rock hard, which sent spasms of tingling pleasure directly to her already wet pussy, then backed off his mouth and played with both breasts and nipples for a short time to increase her pleasure.

She looked at his hairy chest and spat on it; she hated men with hair on their chests. If a woman had to shave to be sexy, then a man had to also.

"You see, Bubba I lied to you, I hate fuckin hairy chests and I am going to make yours look sooo sexy. She went to her box, came back with hair clippers, razor, and a can of shaving cream. Missy sat down on the bed beside him and turned on the clippers, which made a buzzing sound, and started cutting off all his chest hair. Bubba realized what she was doing and started thrashing around to trying to prevent it, with no success. She just smiled wickedly, listened to the buzzing and seemingly let the clippers do their thing, until his chest and stomach hair was gone.

With that done she proceeded to spread lather over his chest and rubbed it in, then told Bubba he had better not move a fuckin muscle while she finished the job of making him presentable. To emphasize the point she lifted his mask for a second or two, to let him see the straight razor in her hand. "Now don't move, because you don't want me to slip and make a mess." Without further ado she started in short, deft, even strokes to eliminate the stubble left by the clippers, until his chest and stomach were completely hairless.

Again Bubba heard the sound and felt the vibrations of the clippers as Missy started to cut his pubic hair. Instantly Bubba yelled, "NO, not there," as his manhood quickly shrank into boyhood, still very large but flaccid.

She stropped, turned, looked at his face, and said, "If you don't shut-up, I'll shave your head for every one to see." She brought the buzzing clippers up to his ear, paused for effect, and then went back to cutting off his pubic hair. He resigned to the inevitable and wondered what it would look like and if it would itch very much while it grew back. Missy continued to cut. Bubba tensed up when the vibration hit his nuts, but he said nothing. Next he felt her spray on the shaving cream and rub it. It felt good; if he hadn't known what was coming next he would have enjoyed it. Then Bubba felt the straight razor at work on the remains of his pubic hair. It reminded him of being in a barber shop, in a sick kind of way.

Missy continued to shave him. She had to move his cock one way and another, and lift his balls to make sure she had all the hair. What really frightened him, and made him tense up again was when she pulled his ball sack tight and he felt the razor as she shaved his balls. Finally she was done, not one pubic hair left and as smooth as when he was born. She wiped him down, cleaned up the mess, and rubbed some funky watermelon smelling lube, her favorite, over his chest, balls, cock and ass.

As she looked at her handy-work she smiled and chuckled, and knew that it now was a cock worth suckin and fuckin. Missy kissed him and whispered in his ear, "Your cock is now fit for a Queen, and I'm your Queen, and I own it, it is mine."

Missy carefully lifted his balls, used her nails to scratch between them and his ass hole; watched his cock start to grow erect. Damn it was thick, at least a two and a half inch diameter and close to 10 inches long. Her fingers then went even lower to his ass and he jumped as best he could when she pressed until his sphincter gave way. Her finger slid into his asshole, as far as it would go and she pumped it a few times before she removed it, and then forced two finger back in. After she removed her fingers she told Bubba he had a nice tight asshole which she planned to use more later on.

She leaned over, grasped his manhood and licked the pre-cum off the tip, and started to stroke it lovingly; it quickly sprang to life. As she continued to pump his massive tool, she flicked her tongue on the tip of his cock again to get another bead of pre-cum, then licked all the way down the veined sides. She reached his ball sack, licked it too for a while, then sucked one nut into her mouth and worked on it. Next the other nut the same way and finally back up his shaft to the purplish/pink- headed cock. She opened her mouth and started to engulf Bubba's pulsating cock, got less than half way down and gagged, and tried again and again with no luck. Missy had never seen a real cock that large before and was determined to take it all, right down to his balls.

She opened the surprisingly unbroken bottle of wine, took a big swig, and then tried again. This time when she felt his cock head reach the epiglottis, she paused, resisted the urge to gag and finally slid it down a little more. After ten or fifteen tries she finally bottomed out with her lips mashed around the base of his pulsating Fuck Pole.

Damn she enjoyed this! Her own personal cock with a body attached to it, to do with as she pleased. Big Officer Bubba Asshole was all hers. She then bit down hard enough for Bubba to twist and squirm, just to remind him who was in control since it denotes present tense in a past tense scene. Bubba moaned and groaned, but said nothing

As soon as it was comfortable she started to work his cock; that is, if a huge massive cock buried in ones mouth and throat can be called comfortable. She paused again, caught her breath then forced her tongue out, and flicked and licked at his hairless ball sack and started to bob up and down on his pulsating manhood. Missy sped up, her mouth twisting and turning around his cock. She let her teeth gently, and sometimes not-no-gently graze his cock, and stopped only to drink more wine.

Soon she sensed his excitement as he tried to lunge up to meet her every stroke. Quickly she pulled off his cock and slapped it as hard as she could; causing it to crash as well as making Bubba jump and twist in pain. She moved up to his face, kissed him hard on his lips, and whispered, "Not yet, you are not allowed to cum yet, you don't cum till I am ready. "Here enjoy this." She pinched his nose, forcing him to open his mouth, and she poured in some wine, which caused him to gag and cough.

When he recovered she put the bottle on his lips, he opened his mouth and she let him have a few large swigs and pulled it away. Again she put the bottle on his lips and he opened his mouth, expecting more wine only to realize, too late, that it was not the wine he got but her two messy smelly fingers from his ass, along with the order to clean them. Smelling and tasting the fingers, he knew where they had been, started to rebel but quickly stopped, resigned himself to his situation, and did as ordered.

After that she climbed on the bed and straddled him, dropping her pussy to his face. "Eat me!" was all he heard, and he licked her musky scented, very wet pussy as she used his nose as a mini finger to rub her clit.

Finally she moved off his nose to allow his tongue full access to her flower. He licked, slobbered, darted his tongue in her pussy, on her clit, and wherever he could reach. She could tell this was not the first pussy he had eaten, but he wouldn't get any prizes for his technique either. Still, with her being in full control, as his tongue worked on her clit, her first climax washed over her. Her body shook from head to foot while she screamed, creamed, and mashed his face. Finally she calmed down, raised up enough so he could breathe, and ordered him to clean any sweet nectar that still was flowing out of her love tunnel. He slobbered on.

Then she hopped off, turned around and shoved her ass in his face. He knew without a word being spoken what she required and attentively started to lick her ass. Bubba didn't really mind, no woman had ever given him a blow job like that, none had even attempted to deep throat him all the way to his balls; as far as pussies goes, Missy's wasn't half bad. As he licked her ass, she poured some wine down her ass crack, coating her ass and drenching his face. After that the odor and taste was more like wine than ass. Then she reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as wide as possible, pushed back into his face as he forced his tongue into her hole. He continued to lick as she wiggled her ass in rhythm to his tongue.

With her asshole satisfied, Missy decided to enjoy his defiantly non-puny pecker again. She started to stroke his cock. It seemed that with every upstroke there was a new bead of pre-cum just waiting to be licked off, which she greedily did. She spat a gob of spit on its head and started to suck his dick while she masturbated him. Finally she just randomly attacked his cock, and did whatever she wanted: deep throated, masturbated, licked, and nibbled up and down his rod. Missy used and abused it to her heart's content, the light scent and taste of her watermelon lube just added to her pleasure. While she sucked on his balls she felt Bubba tense up, ready to cum. She pulled away and again slapped his purple-headed pole, as hard as she could, smiled, and watched it deflate.

Bubba finally roared, "Damn you, you fuckin bitch," and was about to continue when Missy screamed at him.

"Shut up, ass hole." He felt her fingernails dig into his nuts. He shut his mouth, gritted his teeth, and felt water in his eyes from the pain.

Missy leaned by Bubba's ear and said, "I hope you are enjoying this because I am, and now you are going to get the best pussy you ever had. You will remember this one, for the rest of your life."

With that said, she hopped on Bubba, spread her sopping wet pussy wide, and slowly sat on his cock. All the way down his shaft she slid, feeling chills and spasms throughout her whole body as the massive pole spread her wide and hit places no other cock ever had. She just sat there, fully impaled; her whole body shook with uncontrollable joy. She spread what was left of the watermelon flavored lube left on her fingers onto her nipples and started to massage her nipples and breasts.

She mangled her tits, and alternately tweaked, bit, and licked her nipples, which sent even more spasms of fire directly to her pussy, she rose up slowly and crashed back down hard on her own personal fuck pole.

Quickly her rhythm increased, face flushed, nipples rock hard, and hair amiss. She pounded and pounded his cock relentlessly, only to stop long enough to slap his cock hard to prevent him from cumming too soon, just to start over again. She lost track the number of times she came as she rode him; five or six, maybe seven, who cared. Her cum had soaked him from the tip of his prick down past his ass to puddle on the bed. She finally just collapsed on his chest and rested with his hard, unreleased, cock still embedded in her. By now Bubba had blue balls and the pain was getting worse.

After Missy recuperated from her multiple orgasms and could breathe and think again, she pulled herself off his cock and sat on his face.

"Time for some more cleaning. I want to be clean for you, so lick my pussy juices and clean my heavenly snatch." Missy ordered. Bubba again slobbered and licked her snatch until the flow had stopped and she moved away.

Missy reached into the box and pulled out a small butt plug, licked it and gave it a wet blowjob, spat on it, then without notice rammed it into Bubba's ass, which made him jerk in surprise or pain, he wasn't sure which.

Next she got another larger butt plug, lubed it with the watermelon jell, put one foot on the bed, bent over and slowly inserted it into her own still-wet ass. She moved back to sit on the edge of the bed, and rocked back and forth on the butt plug. Missy drank more wine, waited for her sphincter to relax, and then leaned over and started to lick his chest from his belly button up to his nipples. Finally she just stayed and attacked both nipples with her tongue and teeth. When she got bored with his nipples, she whispered in his ear: "Now big boy something you never ever have had before with a cock as big as yours. Something you will want over and over. Have you ever had a gorgeous woman's ass fuck you before?"

With that said she turned and found his cock rock hard again. Missy walked to her box, got her lube again, and rubbed another glob on his cock to make sure it was slicker than pigs in shit. She squatted over the box and with a burst of anal muscle power expelled the butt plug out of her ass, then added more lube around and in her own asshole.

She got on top of him facing his feet, lined up his cock with her ass, and slowly lowered herself onto his throbbing manliness. Even before his head was in, she gasped, due to the pain, and had to stop until her sphincter finally opened wide enough to accept the onslaught. Once past the sphincter she stopped again and debated about continuing, but the pain eased as her sphincter relaxed. Missy sat down a little further, stopped, back up and down again a little farther each time, her insides slowly realigned to accommodate his huge cock. She had never felt anything like this before, it made her feel even fuller. Finally she was all the way down, then leaned back into him to get the maximum penetration, sat there and scratched Bubba's balls.

She really had not expected to get his massive cock into her ass, but all the way in was unbelievable. Now it was time to ride and play. She picked up her vibrator and started to massage her clit. Her body jerked and she moaned from the sensations. After a short time with just the vibrator and a full ass, she started to ride his cock in short, slow strokes at first and gradually increased both length and speed until it was almost a blur. She rose up almost off his cock, then plummeted back down, feeling his cock hit areas no other cock had ever come close to hitting before. Each stroke sent waves of pleasure through her body, as did the vibrator. She knew the end was near, it had to be.

"FUCK MY ASS - FUCK MY ASS – CUM IN MY ASS – DO IT," she screamed, and repeated it over and over and over as she rode her stallion. One hand fondled his balls, the other worked her clit with the vibrator: wave after wave of passion pushed her on. Other than her own voice, the only sound she heard was the concussion when their bodies met. As she flew down on him, he attempted to rise and meet her.

"FUCK MY ASS – FUCK MY ASS – CUM IN MY ASS" drove them both on. She was in the middle of her second ass-tortured climax when he rose as far as he could and she felt the first large glob of hot cum hit deep inside her. She managed to reach down and yank out the embedded butt plug from his ass, which sent even more waves of hot spunk out the tip of his dick and deep into her bowels. She rode and milked her climax to the very end, and let her vibrator slip out of her hand.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was only a few seconds, it was over. She quickly popped off his limp prick, put a hand under her ass to hold as much of his cum inside as possible, then quickly shoved her ass in his face. "EAT YOUR FILTHY CUM OUT OF MY ASS. DON'T MISS ANY, LICK MY ASS CLEAN OF YOUR CUM," she ordered as cum started to pour out her still-open ass in globs and dribbles. He quickly obeyed since Missy had a hold of his balls and was squeezing, but not too gently, with her nails. She just stayed, pressed against his face, while he ate his own cum, as it oozed out her ass. Finally she moved away and presented her cum-cover hand to be cleaned. He licked palm first, then each finger, and finally the back of her hand.

She looked at his limp, cum-covered prick, with a small puddle of post-cum on his stomach where it had dripped. She scooped that up too and fed it to him "Ah that was good, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did," Missy said sweetly in his ear.

Missy went to her box of toys one last time and came back.

"Now Mr. Male chauvinistic Officer Bubba Asshole, there is always pain with pleasure, and it is not nice to drool on women late at night or to keep your flashlight and eyes on their breasts."

The next thing that was heard was the sound of a whip as it hit flesh, and Bubba's scream, "Ah, STOP, you fucking bitch, NO MORE, NO MORE," as he lurched and thrashed on the bed. Again the same sounds, and more pain, as red welts started to show up on his chest. Five lashes in all; with Bubba cursing non-stop at the top of his voice, struggling to get free.

"Just one more my dear Officer Bubba Asshole," and he screamed even louder still as the last one landed right across his precious manhood.

"I'll be right back, I want to put my toys in my car." Missy got her things together and got dressed except for her panties, which she threw in the box.

Missy knew all along that this had to be a one time thing. She knew he could trace her, through the traffic stop. She had even been stupid enough to give him her apartment number. Knowing only he could connect the two, just reaffirmed her decision. The same obvious decision as before.

Upon returning from her car with a container, she went over kissed him passionately. She said that it would be over soon and he could keep the mask as a souvenir.

"Oh, by the way, Mr. Asshole Police Officer Bubba Pervert, there are just two more things I have wanted to do ever since you stopped me." Missy climbed onto the bed, straddled his head and lifted her dress, smiled, closed her eyes, and pissed.

As she left, she emptied the container on the rugs and furniture and a trail to the door, then bent down and lit a small fire, which quickly spread. Missy turned and left. As she was headed down the driveway she glanced back through the mirror and could just see the red flickering of flames through the open door and in the windows, and smiled. At the main road she turned right, away from town and headed towards home.

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