tagAnalGentleman's Gesture In The Airport

Gentleman's Gesture In The Airport



It was the1970's when I accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager with a small software company. The company was headquartered near Philadelphia and had been formed by three men and some silent partners. They were starting to get leads from companies from across the country but they only had a presence on the east coast. They wanted me to become the Western Region Manager and deal with the demand for the company's software. I knew that I would be incredibly busy over the next three years setting up the region and covering customer leads at the same time. They laid out the compensation plan and it was an offer that you couldn't refuse.

I accepted the position and then hit the ground running. The first year I was flying all over the country from Chicago as a home base. I decided to open up the Chicago office first and then offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. I started out with an Omni office setup where I would use the building's secretarial staff for admin support. I quickly hired three sales people with software sales experience for the Chicago office.

Before the sales staff was hired, I closed business in Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Dallas, LA and San Francisco. I was living out of a suitcase and airports. I was a member in every frequent flyer program, hotel reward program and rental car program. While I was in those cities I tried to find time to look at office space and interview sales people so I found myself working 18 hours a day. These were the days before cell phones, e-mail and personal computers.

The first year flew buy and the company had tripled its revenue. All the offices were operational, the staff had fundamental training and everyone was making quota. I had built up a windfall of income mainly because I wasn't spending very much of my own money. I had accumulated thousands of flyer miles and reward certificates. My entire luggage came from the Budget Car Rental frequent rental program. I was ready for a vacation and I could go anywhere I wanted to, fly for free and stay for free. I was still a SCUBA diver so I decided to take a week off and go to Bonaire my favorite dive spot.

Before I go further, I should introduce myself. My name is Walt and at the age of 35 years old I was living pretty well. I weigh 190 pounds, stand 6'2" and I am very fit. I worked out all the time while I traveled always staying in hotels with good fitness centers. I was an avid tennis player and downhill skier in addition to being an Advanced Certified SCUBA diver. In terms of my sex life I was living with a flight attendant and our paths usually crossed in the night. I was banging a couple of company girls in the home office and two of the sales girls that I had hired. I had plenty of action and even a few clients had come onto me.


I had just come through customs on Saturday and I had arrived at my gate for my flight to Chicago. I had planned to stop by the office and drop off my SCUBA gear and then fly out to California. George the new District Manager and I were looking at some new office space in Orange County that week. I spotted a slender young lady several people in front of me waiting to check in with the gate agent.

Her backpack had caught in her short skirt and her right buttock was exposed. I noticed that she had nice legs and a very shapely buttock. She was obviously wearing a thing panty because the entire cheek was exposed. She was very tan including her ass so I assumed she wore thong bikinis or sunbathed in the nude. No one had made any effort to let her know about the exposure and many guys were gawking at her.

I decided to let her know about her dress being pulled up. I turned to the person behind me in line and said, "I will be right back."

I approached the young woman and spoke softly, "Excuse me but I think that you should know that your skirt is caught in your backpack."

She turned to look at me and then looked down at her skirt. She straightened her skirt and thanked me. She was so casual and cool about it that I assumed she was European. As it turned out I was right. After I checked in and got my first class boarding pass I sat in the gate area.

"May I join you," a sweet voice with a hint of an accent asked.

I looked up and saw the woman that I had approached earlier, "Certainly," I replied and moved my carry-on off the seat.

"I'm Anja and I want to thank you for being such a gentleman earlier," she said in a sexy voice.

"You are quite welcome," I replied and then asked, "Do I detect a slight accent?"

"Yes, I am from Germany and I am visiting some friends in Chicago," she told me.

The more I looked at her the more alluring I found her to be. Anja hair was blonde but with light brown roots. She wore her hair somewhat short as it covered her ears and was cut along her jaw line. I had always been a leg and ass man and my thoughts went back to her shapely legs and curvy bottom. We were having a pleasant conversation when I decided to see if I could get her upgraded to first class with me. I asked her for her boarding pass and then I went up to the gate agent. I was able to use some of my many frequent flyer miles to upgrade her seat to first class. The gate agent even sat us together and smile at me as she handed me the upgraded boarding pass.

"We are in luck. You are in first class now," I told her.

"Thank you! That is very kind," she cooed.

"No problem and besides I enjoy talking with you," I replied.

We got the call to board and I as handed the agent my boarding pass she smiled a knowing smile and said, "Have a very nice flight."

Anja and I got settled in our seats and we both had a drink as part of the pre-flight service. She opted for white wine and I had a scotch on the rocks. Once we were airborne we shared many things about our lives. She told me about Germany and I told her about my trip to Bonaire. She shared with me that she would be in the states for about three months and then she was returning to Germany. Anja had just graduated from the university and she was doing some traveling before she started working.

"You know I still can't believe that no one told me about was dress being caught in my backpack. I must have walked through airport with my butt hanging out for quite some time. Thank you again for telling me," she told me.

"You know I really can't blame any one for not telling you as you have a very nice bottom. I'm sure everyone enjoyed looking at it," I replied.

"Even you?" she giggled.

"Especially me," I answered and we both laughed.

I told her about the company I worked for and all the travel it required and that I was headed for California later that evening. "Oh that's too bad. I was hoping that we could spend some time together in Chicago," she said sexily.

"You know I can always fly out to California tomorrow," I told her.

"That would be nice, maybe we could have dinner tonight," she suggested.

"Let's plan on it. When we get to Chicago I will change my flight and call my guy in California," I agreed.

Just then the in-flight meal service started and we continued our conversation over lunch. After the meal service, Anja cuddled up in her seat and loop her arm through mine. She placed her head on my shoulder and eventually dozed off. I thought about my plan at that point and I decided to stay at a hotel nearby the airport which had a great Italian restaurant next to it. Under different circumstances I would have invited Anja to my condo but I didn't know Susan the flight attendant's schedule. The hotel would be much less hassle.

Anja slept until the flight attendant announced our arrival at O'Hare airport. She woke up and looked at me with a dreamy expression. I smiled at her and she hugged my arm and then sat up. While we were waiting for our luggage I changed my flight, called California and booked the hotel for the night. We picked up our luggage and then took the hotel shuttle.

Anja smiled at me and asked, "Are we staying here tonight?"

"If you like or I can get you a limo after dinner later," I offered.

"I think I like the idea of staying here. I will call my friends and tell them I will arrive tomorrow," she replied.

"I'll get you a limo tomorrow," I told her and she nodded her agreement.

I checked into the hotel and they had a room ready since they were not that busy on a Saturday. The bellman brought our luggage up to the room and I tipped him generously. Anja decided to take a shower and I told her I would too when she was done. She stripped right in front of me and casually walked into the bathroom. I was impressed with her slender 5'6" body. Her breasts were medium sized and they were firm and slightly pointy. I loved the way her nipples tipped up toward the ceiling. Her legs were beautiful and her ass was to die for. Anja was tan all over which confirmed my suspicion that she sunbathed in the nude.

After her shower she came out of the bathroom and stretched out on the bed. She lay on top of the bed covers. I smiled at her and said, "My turn."

I showered and dried off quickly as I was anxious to get back to her. My cock had started to harden as I thought about her naked body waiting for me on the bed. I came out of the bathroom and I walked over to the bed. As I knelt on the bed with my cock in a semi-erect state, Anja rolled toward me and said, "Oh, look at your beautiful cock," then she took my cock into her mouth.

Within minutes she had me rock hard proving that she was an accomplished cock sucker. I was anxious to get at her ass all the while wondering if she would let me fuck her in the marvelous ass. I moved her to all fours with her ass elevated and she placed her head on the mattress turned to one side so she could see me. I started playing with her pussy and her curvy ass lubricating her asshole with her own cunt juice. Anja moaned and cooed as I fingered her pussy and her asshole simultaneously. I removed my fingers and dove between the cheeks of her ass and tongued her anus. I figured that after a shower that her asshole was clean. I tried to get her asshole wet enough with her juices and my saliva so that I could fuck her ass.

I knelt behind her and tried to insert my cock in her ass but it just wouldn't go. Afraid of hurting her I tried more pussy juice and saliva for lubrication but to no avail. My cock is 7+ inches long and 5" around. There are times when it feels bigger and this was one of those times. I was fingering Anja's ass when she spoke.

"I saw some cream in the bathroom," she said sexily.

I got off the bed to retrieve the lotion from the bathroom. As I did I realized that Anja was going to let me fuck her in the ass. I returned to the bed and put an ample of amount of lotion in her asshole coating the tiny puckered opening of her anus and lubricating the rim. I added my saliva to my lotion covered cock and nestled my dick against the entrance of her rectum momentarily before easing it inside her ass. I could feel my cock struggle to stretch the resistant muscles. My dick head burrowed in and her rigid passageway soon yielded to the determined action of my cock. Anja moaned as my penis filled her hole.

"Go slowly at first you're bigger than I've had there," she said sexily.

I fucked her with long and deliberate strokes until my cock was sliding easily in and out of her ass. I caressed her shapely buttocks as I watched my penis move in and out of her rectum worming around inside of her curvy ass. I caressed her firm tits and tweaked her nipples as I leaned over her body and whispered in her ear.

"Anja you have a hot ass, I love fucking you in your hot ass," I told her.

My hands freely roamed her body and I pulled her hips drawing her backwards impaling her on my inflated member. I reached for her pussy to finger fuck her and diddle her clit but I found Anja's hand already buried in her womb. She was frigging herself frantically working herself toward an orgasm. Suddenly I felt my cock inside her ass swell up and I started pumping faster. Within minutes I knew that Anja felt the warm fluid being squirted inside her anus and she immediately started to cum herself. Her cunt walls convulsed around her own hand fucking her cunt as her anal muscles squeezed every drop from my spurting cock. I grunted as my whole body became stiff and I slammed my cock harder into her. Anja writhed around and her body arched off the bed as a climax of mass proportion tore through her loins.

My cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop and I flopped down on the bed next to her. She surprised me when she covered my cock with her mouth and sucked any remaining cum from my tool. Anja then lay on her back, splayed her legs and pulled back the folds of her vagina.

"Now eat my pussy, please eat my pussy," she pleaded.

I rolled over and got between her legs. I put her thighs on my shoulders and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I took one slow lick as I flattened my tongue on Anja's mound. It felt so smooth and warm and I knew I had achieved the desired effect from her moan I knew that Anja enjoyed it. I enjoyed the taste of her and I kept licking and eating her. I pointed my tongue and burrowed into her pussy as it parted her labia my tongue was rewarded with the exquisite taste of her juice.

Anja was obviously enjoying what I was doing as she reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for my tongue to explore her pussy. My tongue explored all of her as my mind took notes of what seemed to turn her on. Anja was breathing rapidly and she moaned softly whenever I got near her hard pearl. As I searched out her hard clit still just barely hidden she tensed and began to quiver. After I felt like I had teased her opening as much as I could with my tongue it was time to see her reaction when my tongue finally touched her clit.

I burrowed my tongue as deep into her as I could and then I just sort of licked and sucked my way up. When I got to her nub I used the very tip of my tongue to push back the little hood. I was truly amazed at its size. I flicked my tongue over it once and then used the tip to explore the folds of flesh on either side of it. Anja was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her clit stuck out even further like a little cock. I nuzzled it with my nose taking in her scent and I licked it once more before I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled it.

Anja went wild and started bucking and moaning loudly. She let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled my head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. I sucked her clit as deep in my mouth as I could and Anja humped my face for all she was worth. I was excited that I was able to get her that excited and I sucked harder and played with her wonderful clit with my lips, tongue and teeth. I don't know exactly how many times Anja came but finally she pushed me away and collapsed on the bed, her body in spasms.

I lay next to her and stroked her body as my hands moved freely over her tits and pussy mound. She rolled toward me and embraced me and yelled for me to hold her tight.

"Hold me, oh please hold me," she pleaded.

I had never seen anyone cum that hard before and I was briefly worried that she had injured herself. My fears were short lived when she finally calmed down and spoke to me.

"That was incredible I haven't cum like that in a long time. You really know how to eat pussy," she said with a sigh.

We lay there for awhile making small talk and then Anja started stroking my cock. Anja added some body lotion as she kept stroking my cock and soon had me hard again.

"I like playing with your cock. You have a big cock," she told me.

"It's not that big," I replied although I was very comfortable with my manhood.

"It's bigger than my any of my boyfriend's and the biggest I have ever had," she said with a sultry tone.

"Well there are plenty bigger than mine," I assured her.

"I like this size," she said sexily.

We continued our conversation as Anja continued to stroke my cock. I learned that she had first been ass fucked at the university. She went out with two guys from the school. They took her back to their place and one fucked her ass as she blew the other guy. She took to ass fucking after that but she was very selective about who allowed in her ass.

"All this talk and playing with your cock has got me hot again. I need to sit on your dick," she announced.

Anja straddled my body and lowered herself onto me as she held my tool and aimed it at her vagina. My hard cock slid easily into her womb and she emitted a small gasp as it filled her hole. Anja rocked back and forth on top of me as I held on to her curvy ass. I stroked her ass cheeks and molded her firm buttocks in my hands as she picked up the pace fucking herself on my dick. Anja started moaning as she fucked faster and faster. I sensed her pending orgasm and then she yelled out.

"I am going to explode. Oh, Oh hold me, please hold me tight," she screamed.

Anja collapsed on top of me her body quivering from the intensity of her orgasm. I could feel her juices coating my cock as it remained buried in her cunt. It took a few minutes for her to regain her composure and she just lay on me and cooed. Eventually she rolled off of me and lay on her back next to me.

We rested for a few minutes and then we both showered again. Anja and I dressed and than went to dinner at the Italian restaurant which was within walking distance to the hotel. We had a marvelous meal and enjoyed two bottles of red wine. After dinner we walked back to the hotel and returned to the room. Within minutes of entering the room we were both naked in bed. I was anxious to fuck Anja ass again so I moved her to all fours.

As Anja got turned on I had her present her shapely ass to me. I leaned over and licked Anja's pussy from behind driving her wild. Then I had the urge to tongue her beautiful ass again so I swiped my tongue from her pussy up and over her bung hole and back to her pussy. She gasped out loud when my tongue touched her asshole. I really got into it and grasped both of her curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that I could get my tongue in deeper. I probed her pink aperture with my tongue as I inserted three fingers in her pussy. She started whimpering, gasping and directing the action.

"Oh my God, do it again. Lick my asshole; stick your tongue in there. Eat my pussy, tongue my ass, oh yessssss," she cried out.

It was time for me to fuck her in the ass so I had her kneel on all fours with her gorgeous ass in the air. She put her head on the mattress and turned to the side so that she could watch. I broke out the lube and put an ample amount in her asshole. I fingered her ass and pussy at the same time.

"I love the feel of your fingers in my ass and pussy together!" Anja exclaimed.

If there was one thing I liked besides fucking a beautiful ass is preparing an asshole for a good reaming. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole I couldn't wait any longer and I had to get my cock back in her beautiful ass. I removed my fingers and lined up the head of my cock at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly. My cock head strained to pop through and she let out a little groan as the pressure from my iron hard dick forced her little ring to open like a flower and suddenly my large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her ass. Anja let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate my ample girth.

"Oh you are going to make me like this more than the regular way," she gasped and shivered as I filled her fully and withdrew my penis slightly.

I felt her ass tighten around me and I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her tight ass until all 7+ inches were tightly packed up her ass. Anja really began to moan and her whole body shook in anticipation of what she knew was coming. I began to slowly fuck her but soon picked up the pace as I penetrated her with long hard strokes that used the entire length of my thick cock. Anja was going wild as she loved the feel of my cock as it pulled out and then came crashing back in as my big heavy balls bounced off her pussy. Anja was thrashing around uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. When I reached underneath her to stroke her clit she exploded.

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