tagGay MaleGentlemen's Club Ch. 13

Gentlemen's Club Ch. 13


This one's dedicated to Kevinmd1, who asked to hear more about this character.

I fully acknowledge that I know nothing about the medical profession, other than what they show on TV - hope I didn't make too many blatant mistakes :-S


All characters engaged in sexual activities are at least 18 years old.

Mark Jeffreys' first love (never expressed and unrequited) had been his pediatrician, Dr. Greenberg. The man had embodied every possible positive trait an adult could posses: he was wise, kind and had a gentle voice which nevertheless rang with authority. No matter what was wrong with you, he could make it better. And at the end of every visit little Mark got two gummy-bears.

Mark's parents never bought their children candy, except on special occasions – they would even confiscate most of their trick-or-treating loot every Halloween. So it was obvious to him that Dr. Greenberg's gummy-bears were part of the treatment – they were special gummy-bears that only the best doctors had. The fact that Dr. Greenberg always knew when little Mark was only pretending to be sick – and wouldn't give him the gummy-bears – further strengthened his belief in the doctor's magical powers.

One day in high-school, a hormone-filled 18-year-old Mark caught sight of the school nurse giving the basketball coach a blow-job in her office – the sight firmly cemented sex and the medical profession in his mind. From then on, Mark's most frequent jack-off fantasies were either an image of himself on his knees in a skimpy nurse's uniform, sucking off a man with a huge cock; or a cute male nurse in that position and scanty uniform giving him, Mark, head.

In collage Mark made a strange discovery – sex helped him study. This in itself didn't startle him – he'd masturbated while studying for as long as he could remember – it was the way his friends would complain about having to choose between getting laid and getting good grades that made him realize he was the exception and not the rule. It certainly explained why so many of his hook-ups complained when he read his text-books during sex. He'd always thought doggy-style was a convenient position to get some studying done – whether propping the book on a bottom's shoulders & back, his cock pumping in time with the sentences he was reading; or cradling the book in his arms as his elbows braced his bucking, ass-slammed body, trying to make his crossing eyes focus on as many words as possible between thrusts.

It was only after graduation, when he began his internship at his school's hospital, that his libido had to take a back-seat to his chosen profession, since his every waking moment was taken up with patients, meetings, and more reports than any sane person should have to deal with. By the time his shift ended – often in the wee-hours of the morning – he barely had enough energy to get home and bolt down a quick meal. His roommates knew he'd had had an "easy" shift when they didn't find him asleep at the table with his face on his half-eaten dinner.

Several months later Mark finally managed to get a whole weekend free. Knowing that if he stayed in town he would get roped into coming in to work, Mark drove to a out-of-the-way, gay-friendly hostel he'd frequented during Spring Break when he was a student.

Unpacking didn't take long since he'd only brought a single change of clothing, a few basic toiletries, a towel, two jumbo bottles of lube and as many condoms as he could fit into his rucksack.

Leaving his door open – the acknowledged signal of availability at this hostel – Mark managed to get laid three times before he fell asleep: a fast-paced 69 with a dark-haired surfer-dude, bottoming for a middle-aged Asian man with a surprising amount of stamina, and topping a black body-builder. Mark lay among his sweat and cum soaked sheets as the satisfied muscular man got back into his jeans cutoffs and left, and debated a shower versus dinner... and promptly woke up. The late afternoon light he'd last seen through his room's window was now street-lit darkness. He thought he'd been woken by the sound of a man shouting, but now that he was awake he couldn't hear anything, so he decided he had been dreaming.

Mark turned on the bedside light, the slight movement triggering a series of aches and pains he hadn't felt in too damn long. Wincing happily, he slowly climbed off the bed, mindful of his strained back and throbbing ass, and pulled his wallet out from under the mattress. He took out enough change for a quick vending-machine snack and put it back in its hiding place. He carefully pulled his jeans back on, not bothering to try and find his underwear, slipped on his shoes and went out to fill his rumbling stomach.

The hallway was well lit, so he easily noted which were the rooms emitting muffled moans, groans and the rhythmic slap of flesh against sweaty flesh. Wolfing down a sandwich and chasing each bite with a swallow of mineral water, Mark kept his eyes on the doors lining the hallway, planning his next move now that his hunger was focused lower than his stomach again.

As he gulped down the last of the slightly-stale bread he heard a sudden blast of dance-music from the stairwell. 'That sounds like a fun party,' he thought, poking his head through the stairwell doorway, trying to figure out if it had come from the floor above or below. Walking from the downward staircase to look at the upward staircase, Mark only had a moment's notice before he collided with a skimpy-dressed blond rushing down at him. Both men bounced off each-other – Mark hit the doorframe while the blond crashed ass-first on the bottom step.

"Whoa, kid, slow down," Mark said, getting his breath back and checking out the young man's mostly-exposed body. He was wearing a pink tank-top and matching fuck-me shorts, an ensemble that left very little to the imagination.

"Sorry, man, but this is an emergency!" the blond said, accepting the hand Mark reached out to him and climbing back to his feet. "I've got to call an ambulance and the phone upstairs doesn't work!"

Mark's mind immediately jumped out of the gutter as he heard the word "ambulance". "Maybe I can help – I'm a doctor."

The blond had already started towards the next flight of stairs, but turned and gave Mark a wide-eyed, pitifully hopeful look. Taking Mark's hand, the boy pulled him back up the stairs. Following, Mark got a perfect view of his lycra-hugged bubble-butt. Just because this might be an emergency was no reason not to enjoy the sights, after all.

Mark was aware that the doors on the floor they came out on were spaced a lot farther apart than the ones on his floor – obviously these rooms were bigger, which meant more expensive. As they got closer to their destination, Mark could make out the base-beat sound of the music that had attracted his attention before.

Not surprisingly, they stopped at the door where the sound was loudest, and the boy rapped at the door. Mark was shocked to find himself face to face with his last trick as the big black man opened the door. By the widening of his eyes, the surprise was mutual, but the bodybuilder only looked at him for a moment before turning to the blond, "Is the ambulance on its way, Benny?" The man's tone was a combination of quiet anxiety and resignation – it sounded like he believed the sight of the half-naked Mark could easily have made Benny forget why he'd set off in the first place.

"I haven't called them yet, Chris," Benny said, sounding nervous. Giving Mark another round-eyed look, he interrupted whatever Chris was about to say next, "I found a doctor, so I figured I'd better bring him up here first."

This earned Mark a more thorough inspection from the large man blocking the doorway. "OK," Chris said grudgingly, "Good idea. Follow me."

Someone had set up a pair of folding screens in front of the door, to keep anyone from accidentally seeing into the room even when the door was open. Stepping into the room, Mark asked, "Shouldn't he go call an ambulance anyway? What happened?" Mark got his first view of the room interior as he finished asking, a view that made him stop short. The room they had entered was more than twice the size of the one he was occupying, its only pieces of furniture a couple of couches lining two of the walls. Young men, all dressed in the same sort of outfit as Benny in various bright colors, were dancing closely with men in ties and dress shirts. The couches were filled with more couples, either making out or... 'Holy shit! That guy's giving that kid head!' Looking around, Mark found quite a lot of exposed dicks hanging over the tops of tight shorts or sticking out of pin-stripe flies on the dance floor as well.

Focusing on all this, he almost didn't catch what Chris was saying. "Well, it may be serious, but I don't think it's fatal –I'm pretty sure a few minutes won't make that much difference, so I'd rather you take a look at him. If you think we need that ambulance, then we'll call one, Doc," Chris put extra emphasis on the last word, obviously doubting Mark's credentials.

Feeling rather preoccupied by all the bare skin in the room, Mark still noticed the "you'd better be a real doctor, or I'll take it out of your hide" tone as he followed Chris and Benny into an adjourning bedroom, where a brunette in a skimpy yellow outfit sat on a bed next to an unconscious, naked man.

Chris told the boy that they'd brought in a doctor and introduced the boy as Lee. "Tell the doc what happened, Lee," Chris said.

The boy had looked scared when they first came in – now an embarrassed blush spread across his face as he stuttered out an answer. "I... We, we were, ah," he licked his luscious, pink lips and lowered his eyes from Mark's face to the floor, "um, we were in the, uh, shower," gulp, "ah, an, and we were, um, well..."

"Lee, the man knows you were having sex in there – just tell him what happened," Chris crouched down so his eyes were level with Lee's, his voice pitched soothingly low and gentle.

Focusing on the big man's dark, supportive face seemed to help, as Lee managed to get out an explanation of what had happened: He and the naked man had been in the adjoining shower-stall – another feature Mark's room didn't have – with Lee leaning against the tiled wall and while other man pumped into him from behind. "I, I, I don't know what, uh, what happened. He just, uh, suddenly stopped! I, uh," quick look at Mark, who was examining the naked man, "I th, thought he just, you know, pulled, um, pulled out for a sec – for better leverage, or something. But then I, uh, I heard him yell and he fell over! I thought maybe he had a heart-attack or something! Is he going to be OK?" The last came out in a tumble, a desperate note in Lee's voice.

A few brief tests told Mark that it had been neither a hear-attack nor a stroke – the man's color and breathing were fine and reactions normal. A bruise on the back of his head showed why he was unconscious – landing in the shower had probably knocked him out cold. Mark automatically reached for his coat breast-pocket – only to remember that he wasn't even wearing a shirt, and anyway he hadn't brought any of his equipment with him. Turning to Chris, he asked, "I don't suppose you have a flashlight on you?"

Chris reached into his pocket and pulled out a key-ring with a small flashlight attached. "Will this do?"

Checking the brightness of the beam, Mark nodded and peeled back the man's eyelids. He was relieved to see that both pupils seemed to be reacting normally, and the light made the naked man groan – 'Probably not a concussion, either.'

Running his hands along the man's body, he noticed that the guy was the same type as the men he'd seen dancing and groping the boys in the other room – middle aged, well groomed, but out of shape.

Reaching the back of the man's right leg he nodded to himself. "Yep, here we go," he said, feeling like a plumber showing a housewife what was plugging up her sink, "You really should make your johns do warm-ups before they start – this guy has a major constriction in his gastrocnemius."

Chris' eyes narrowed at the word "johns", but he didn't comment. Lee missed it altogether, his already-wide eyes going almost circular at the large, unfamiliar words. "Oh, my god! Is he gonna die? Did I kill that poor man? He just wanted a wet backdoor-upright – I didn't know that could construct a gastowhatsis!"

"It's OK, Lee," Chris said, laying a reassuring hand on the boy's shoulder, "He just said that the guy got a cramp in his leg – right, Doc?"

Mark was impressed that Chris had understood that, respect showing on his face as he turned away from the tight calf-muscle he'd started massaging. "That's right. I'd still like to send him to the ER for observation, maybe run a scan and make sure that bump on the head didn't cause any internal damage – but I think we can take the time to get him dressed while someone calls a cab."

Benny was once again sent out to call a taxi while Chris and Lee revived and dressed the man. Mark hid discreetly in the bathroom until he heard the bedroom door close behind them.

On his way out of the main room Mark had to fend off a few drunk, horny business men – obviously the rest of the party never noticed the minor crisis in the bedroom.

Back at his own floor, Mark was surprised to find Benny and Lee waiting outside his room. 'Oh, that's right – Chris knows where I'm staying.' Both boys were still wearing their skimpy outfits and stood in his doorway in seductive poses: Benny was closer, on the right, slightly bent over and facing the door, his fuck-me shorts living up to their name as rode up high on his pert globes; Lee leaned back against the left doorframe, his left leg bent with the foot pressed against the door, attracting attention to his shapely, smooth leg and swollen basket. The artificial quality of their stances didn't make them any less effective – Mark had been interested since Benny had bounced off him in the stairwell. The fact that they were here as some sort of payment or bribe didn't bother him either – discretion was essential in his profession, after all, and he hadn't planned on telling anyone about what he'd seen anyway.

Mark hurried over to the pair of scantily clad young men. His right hand, moving almost on its own, cupped and squeezed Benny's offered butt while his left hand snaked behind Lee's neck, pulling the brown-haired young man in for a deep, hungry kiss. Both boys pressed against him – Benny used both hands to push Mark's hand harder against his ass; Lee wrapped his arms around Mark's neck and his upraised leg went around Mark's waist while Lee's tongue expertly twinned and stroked Mark's. Mark's right hand moved down to grope the brunette's tight asscheeks.

The three stayed in this position for some time as Mark lost himself in the hot, wet embrace. He was seriously considering dry-humping against one or both of them out in the hallway, simply because he didn't want to let go of either butt long enough to turn the door-handle and move into the room. This desire was reinforced when Benny opened Mark's fly and gripped Mark's hard-on, his slender fingers and smooth palm slipping up and down the pre-cum dripping cock.

However, when Lee felt the hot shaft press against his belly, he reached back with one hand and opened the door. Unfortunately, this caused all three of them to fall into the room. Mark and Benny – who had been leaning against the door, and had no idea it was about to open – hit the thin carpet with a thud; Lee, who had been partly leaning against the doorframe and partly wrapped around Mark, landed on top of them.

Lee immediately jumped up, an all-too familiar look of stunned worry all over his cute face, "Oh, I'm SO sorry!" Unconsciously, his hands moved to the front of his shorts, kneading the prominent bulge in his shorts as he looked down at Mark's exposed cock and Benny's upturned, pink-covered ass.

Mark started laughing, even as he made sure Benny was unhurt – this was too much like how he'd first met each of them: Benny falling down and Lee worried about injuring someone.

"We're fine," he said, catching his breath, "But warn us next time you do that." He stood up and then gave Benny a hand up, "Close the door, Lee – and strip."

As Lee pushed the door shut Mark turned to Benny, "Feel like giving me some head? Or do you waahhhh!" Mark couldn't help the cry of surprise; Benny dropped to his knees before he could finish his second question, pulling in Mark's fat glans with an eager gulp, sucking hard on just the head for a moment before beginning a fast back and forth motion on the thin, 8 inch shaft, swallowing more and more of Mark's cock with each forward suck.

Holding on to Benny's shaggy head for stability, Mark turned around slowly –Benny followed him with a careful knee-walk – and sat on the edge of the bed.

Meanwhile, Lee latched the door and quickly stripped, pulling off his sneakers, socks, shorts and top. A minimal tan-line around his hips was the only break in the dark-gold tone of Lee's smooth skin in front, his high, round asscheeks were a pair of pale-pink beacons in back.

Lee moved to stand in front of the felated man and started sensuously stroking himself – sliding his hands down his flat belly to take hold of his jutting 7 inch cock and plump, smooth balls; rubbing and tugging gently for a few seconds before moving lazily back up to caress his chest, tweaking and stroking his nipples with one hand while the other continued up his slim neck, over a shell-like ear, across his cheek to press two fingers against his full, pink lips. Lee slowly pushed the two fingers in and out of his mouth, mimicking Benny's expert blow-job.

Mark's increasingly frequent lusty groans were a signal for Lee to turn around, pushing his pale, inviting ass back at his captive audience. Looking over his shoulder at Mark, he continued sucking on his fingers as he reached back with his other hand to pull the luscious peaches apart, exposing his winking pink hole. Lee let Mark have a good, long look at his pucker before he brought his wet fingers around from his mouth to his open butt. Once again he followed Benny's rhythm as he fed the two wet fingers up his tight-gripping anus.

"Oh, oh! Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Work that fuckin' hole, baby! Yeah!" Mark ran his restless hands along Benny's short mane, his eyes constantly moving from Lee's pouting ass-lips to Benny's cock-filled mouth.

Panting breathlessly with excitement, Mark managed to toe off his shoes, luckily without kicking Benny, and pressed his bare feet against the twitching 6 inches the blond had pulled out of his shorts, rubbing his arches against the bulging veins along the burning-hot column.

"Geh... get the lube!" he gasped at Lee, letting Benny's head make one more trip down to his pubic bone before he gently pushed the blond off. Mark stood up, lifting Benny to his feet and giving him a brief, passionate kiss. Benny pushed his skimpy shorts down his narrow flanks and kicked them off with his shoes while Mark yanked his pink tank-top over his head.

Lee's cock bobbed up and down as he walked to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of lube and one of Mark's condoms. He lay down in a pose similar to the one he'd held by the door, only this time on his back, with one knee pointing up. Squirting a generous glob of lubricant on his fingers, Lee pushed them back between his slim, muscular thighs. "Ooooooh! Mmmmm! Right there - need it right THERE!"

Mark choked back another moan as he grabbed the foil packet and ripped it open. Quickly rolling on the rubber, he collapsed on top of Lee – causing the smaller man to squeal with surprise and excitement – and pushed into the waiting, slippery slot.

"Oooohhh, fuuuck! YEEEAAAHH!" Lee shouted, pushing back against Mark as he thrust deeper and deeper. "C'mon, man – uhh! – gimme that – uhhh! – big fuuuuuhhckin' co-o-o-o-o-ock!"

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