tagIncest/TabooGeoff and Melanie– Married Siblings

Geoff and Melanie– Married Siblings


I recently was told this story by some friends. While I have fictionalized certain parts of the story and changed names and occupations, etc., this story is essentially true. I also changed certain facts to make it acceptable under Literotica's submission policy.

It is a brother-sister incest love story and if that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.

If you do read on, I ask that you take the few seconds required and send in your vote. It's the feedback that makes writing stories fun.


I'd met Geoff and Melanie Snider some eight or nine years ago. The fall of 1997 I think. They'd come into my photography studio with their two young daughters wanting some family pictures on a sunny, humid Miami Beach October day. They looked like a nice family.

The parents had looked about twenty-eight to thirty, around my age, although I remember thinking at the time that the wife might have been a year or two older. The little girls, just ten and nine, were adorable; giggling in the matching, bright yellow, summer dresses their mom had bought them.

But it was Melanie who got most of my attention that day. Even after two children she wasn't far removed from the hot, young models who continuously came through my doors. In fact, she had a motherly ripeness, a voluptuousness that easily eclipsed most of them.

It turned out later she wasn't interested in posing professionally for me. Nor apparently sleeping with me! Or so she said then.

We had a good session; I knew I'd produced some good work, that they'd be pleased. It's always easier shooting people you like.

It turned out we were South Beach neighbors, and over the next few months we would casually run into each other and wave hello and exchange a few words at the local coffee shop or at the newsstand or walking on Lincoln Road.

But it was only when I ran into the whole family tanning naked on Haulover Beach one day that we stopped being acquaintances and became friends. When you first meet someone you know from the real world on a nude beach, you either hope they didn't recognize you and turn away quickly, or you sit down and talk.

I sat. We talked. It just took us seconds to get over the nudity and find out we liked each other. It was easy for Geoff and I – we both had large cocks. There were none of those insecurity issues that often arise between different sized men on a nude beach.

We were both confident in our respective sexuality. I still wanted to fuck Mrs. Snider but I felt that way about a lot of women...

We became good pals and then as the years passed became the best of friends. The girls even started to call me Uncle Jimmy...

But even friends in South Florida don't exchange all their secrets. It's a universe where what you did 'Before Florida' is seldom talked about. Even after eight years as best friends of the Sniders, I didn't know much more about them than that they came from New England, fell in love, made some money in the market, didn't really have any family left, came to Florida for the weather...

It's a story that you hear a hundred times a year in South Florida...yeah, you always know something's being glossed over, that somewhere there's some dark secret in their past but...fuck, I was in the same boat myself.

And so two months ago I found myself sitting with Geoff and Melanie in their family room, the three of us sipping beer after a late BBQ dinner on their patio. It had become a Friday night ritual that we'd grown into, and which moved from their place to mine on a rotating basis.


"Do you want to hear a story?" Geoff asked as I sipped my beer.

Looking up I quickly answered, "Sure," but couldn't help but notice how nervous he and Melanie seemed as they watched me from the couch. I was sitting on the floor resting against a fat pillow, just relaxing as I took in Mel's long legs.

He didn't say anything for a while, in fact seemed to be gathering all his strength...

"It can't be that bad," I said grinning.

"Its just that...we've never told anyone," he stammered, "you could...I mean"

"He means you might think us terrible, might hate us," Mel quickly interjected.

"What do ya mean, I love you guys," I protested as I looked deep into her eyes, then his, trying to convey my friendship. She slipped from the couch and embraced me, gave me a quick kiss, then lay against me as we both turned to Geoff.

Still, for seconds he hesitated, then finally mumbled, "Mel's my sister."

I thought I'd heard wrong at first, said "WHAT? Your sister? Who is?"

"He's my little brother," Melanie said.

JESUS H CHRIST, I thought.

"Can we tell you the story?" he asked, a pleading tone in his voice.

Who could refuse that offer! I pushed back deep into my pillow, hugged my beautiful friend...Geoff started to talk...

Geoff's Story

"I was born in 1968, just outside Nashua, New Hampshire," he started. "Mel, my big sister was four...

My dad worked for the state police. He was fifty-seven when I was born, mom forty. I'd been a surprise to them, a welcome surprise from what dad told me later.

Apparently my sister was ecstatic when mom brought me through the door. Mel latched onto me like I was a long awaited doll and never really let me go.

Ma died when I was five, taken by a breast cancer that just roared through her body, destroying her in months. I don't remember her much now, all I have is old photos of a pretty woman, someone who looks pretty much like Mel does today.

Mel became my friend...my mom...my love...simply everything.

I asked her to marry me for the first time when I was seven.

"You're too young for me Geoffie," she giggled that day.

"I'll be older soon," I promised.

"I'll wait then," she agreed laughing.

I seemed to ask her every six months after that; a young boys need, my lack of a mother, requiring constant love from the only woman in my life.

It became a game between us. She often let me sleep in her bed when I was young. Even when I was ten or eleven she'd let me snuggle next to her on cold winter evenings, she'd tell me stories until I fell asleep in her arms.

I had not the slightest sexual feeling for her in those days, didn't even know such feelings existed.

And then, the summer after I turned fourteen she left to go to university and my universe crumbled.

Oh, on the outside it probably looked like I had the world by the balls. I was pretty good looking and did well in school, and then when I showed I could play football my sophomore year...well, it seemed I had it made.

It helped I'd grown a big cock. It was weird, in my sophomore year it just started to grow, and grew, and grew...I quickly got a sort of small town fame, by the end of my junior year just about everyone knew I had about the biggest prick in the school.

It helps! Even as a junior I'd have senior cheerleaders come up to me and let me know they wouldn't mind going out with me. Why not? I was a horny seventeen year old.

But it was always Mel's face I'd see when I was dancing with a pretty girl, it was always Mel in my dreams...I missed her so much.

I only saw Mel fleetingly in those years. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, some time in the summer, although the last two years she was in college she'd worked summers in the city and so Dad and I didn't see her much.

But when she was home I was walking on air, always still in love with the girl who seemed to get prettier and more desirable with each passing year.

And then the phone call!

June 1986

She was suddenly getting married to someone else! Except it wasn't that sudden. We'd heard increasingly more about Bernard over the last two years, even had to endure a week of him the summer before as well as a few days between Christmas and New Years.

Dad was happy when Mel phoned at Easter, announcing their engagement and plans to marry the July 4th holiday weekend. I think he was mainly happy because at seventy-five he had become increasingly worried he wouldn't live to give his little girl away.

"But he's an asshole Dad," I'd argued, pissed off that my beautiful sister was getting married just ten days after my eighteenth birthday.

"Melanie likes him son. And he seems a pretty smart boy. Mel says he's already making a good living."

"But would you want to go fishing with him pa," I interrupted.

"Maybe not son. But shit Geoff, not every man is born to fish. Besides, I got you to fish with," he said as he ruffled my unruly hair.

Maybe if I hadn't been in love with Mel I would have given him a chance, but I was...All I wanted to do was marry my twenty-two year old sister. Fuck her. Have her be the mother of my kids. And instead she was marrying some dork named Bernard!


"Geoffrey," she yelled as she hurdled herself out of her car and ran smiling open armed towards me two days before my birthday.

I met her halfway, lifted her easily in my arms, spun her round and round as I clasped her against me...

"Mel," I moaned.

Giggling she ordered, "Put me down, put me down you big brute."

I let her slide down my body, trying to feel every curve of her perfect body.

"Give me a kiss little brother," she sang.

We'd always kissed on the mouth when young, so now I eagerly captured her moist lips in mine, kissed once, again, again, again...let her feel my tongue glide across her mouth, lightly pushed in and touched hers...

"You are happy to see me," she laughed as she pulled way, a tremor in her voice. "And what happened to you? You've grown another six inches since I'm seen you," she said as she reached up to tousle my hair.

I laughed nervously, tongue tied and awkward now, surprised at finding myself taller than sis for the first time in my life.

She moved back into my arms, pressed herself tightly against me, looked up, trying to gauge how tall I was compared to her.

"I'm 6' 2" now," I mumbled self consciously as I felt Mel's breasts push against me, and then as she stood on tiptoe I could feel her mound rubbing against my exploding cock.

Oh God, I thought as my eighteen year old body responded to her. She didn't say anything as I hardened, just gave me another quick peck on the lips, and then as she ruffled my hair again, moving back said, "Every high school girl in the county must be chasing you, little bro."

Blushing, I denied it.

"A handsome man like you?" she teased looking into my eyes with a sister's love.

"C'mon," she finally ordered, "let's go see papa."

I was lost, engulfed in a million emotions as I followed her for the next few days, a happy puppy dog trailing in her wake.


Mel baked me a cake for my birthday, just like she'd done so many times in the past. A chocolate layered cake with icing so sweet you thought you'd gone to heaven.

My party, with just the three of us, became one of those happy/sad occasions every family has. Memories of mom...seeing dad at seventy-five and knowing he didn't have much time left...Mel about to leave us...but also the flood of happy memories...everything good in my life had been because of these two...

We all had a couple of beers with the steak, despite Mel's complaint that she'd never been allowed to drink when she was eighteen.

"Ya never asked," Dad remembered.

"I was so innocent," Mel giggled.

Dad was tired by nine-thirty and we put him to bed.

"I'm so happy to be back with you two Geoff," Mel whispered as we watched dad sleeping, "I've missed you guys so much."

"And now you're going for good," I accused before adding, "I love you Mel."

"Me too....And hey, you're still going to see me. I'm just getting married. C'mon, let's go out," she suddenly insisted, "it's your eighteenth birthday and I want to dance with my baby brother."

"You do?"

"Yes, you big doofus. You can dance can't you?"

"You'll see," I promised as I pulled her into my arms and twirled her around.


"Happy birthday hon," she whispered in my ear as we danced cheek to cheek as the jukebox played slow music at one in the morning. We were in the 'Galaxy', a one time biker bar just two miles up the road from home that had fallen out of favor, and at one a.m. on a Wednesday night, was almost deserted.

I was afraid to answer. This was all I'd ever dreamed of. Me, a man now, or at least becoming one, holding my sister in my arms as we danced like lovers. I never wanted to let her go!

I was rock hard against her stomach, and yet she made no move to move away, if anything seemed to grind her pelvis against me as we danced. For a whole dance we didn't talk and only when we were well into the second did she whisper in my ear, "You're excited again, little brother." I felt a quick flick of her tongue as she explored my ear.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean," I stammered as I started to pull away.

"It's okay, I like it," she purred as she moved against me. "It feels good."

"It does?"

"You're so big!"


And then we got home – I can remember every word, every touch...it's like I'm there again................

"Want another beer," I ask as we tumble through the door at two-thirty in the morning and head to the basement with its large family room and my bedroom.

"Ummm...yes," Mel answers, "but I gotta pee first. I'm going to explode."

"Need any help?" I giggle.

The bathroom doors open when I turn from the fridge with two beers in my hand and I can hear her piss tinkling in the bowl.

"Don't look," she hisses across the room when she sees me watching, but makes no effort to shut the door. I see her bare legs in the dim light, see her dress scrunched up around her hips, see the dark triangle between her thighs...

"I'm going to change, be just a sec," I call as I slip into my room. I strip quickly, then stand for seconds watching myself in the large wall mirror, stare as my thick prick stands proudly out, stroke myself.


"Coming sis," I answer as I grab a clean pair of white boxers from my drawer.

"You're only in your underwear," Mel squeals when I walk in.

"It's so hot...anyway, you're my sister, you've seen me before. C'mon, put on some music."

"I haven't seen you like this," Mel answers breathlessly, "won't we wake Daddy."

"He can't hear anything up there. God, I can play my music full blast down here and he sleeps right through it."

"What should I play?"

"You pick. Something slow....sexy."

When she turns back from the stereo she sees the lighted joint in my hand, and not recognizing it at first admonishes, "Geoff, you don't smoke do you?"

"Just special occasions," I whisper back, my hand out offering.

"Oh my gawd. You don't?" she cries as the sweet smell of marijuana strikes her.

"Don't you?"

"NO! Never. Gosh, Bernard would have a fit. He doesn't believe"

"You've never smoked?" I interrupt disbelievingly.

Blushing she finally admits, "Maybe once or twice at university...but not when I was seventeen."

"I'm eighteen now!" I say proudly as I slip the joint between her lips.

Mel inhales slowly, holds it for seconds, slowly exhales...mumbles, "Oh god we shouldn't."

"Shhhh," I whisper as I take it back from her trembling fingers.

"God, you've become a delinquent in my absence," she accuses as we start to dance. "What other bad things do you do?"

"You'll see," I promise as I run a hand possessively over her ass.

"Gosh, I'm so hot," she gasps as she pulls away after our first dance.

"Here." I offer her the joint. As she slowly inhales my fingers move to the buttons on her blouse.

"You'll be cooler this way," I whisper as I slide the soft silk over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

"It is warm...and no one can see...we are family," she convinces herself as she passes the roach back to my waiting lips and then lowers her skirt, leaving her bare except for her flimsy silk panties and bra.

"Jimmmmmy?" she asks as feels my fingers unsnapping the clasp behind her back, but then moves her body into me after her bras fallen to the floor.

"God, you're beautiful," I moan.

Her firm breasts poke almost painfully into me as we dance, my cock has slipped through my fly and is trapped between our naked stomachs, my hands lightly massage Mel's bum...

We simply luxuriate in the feel of the other, our unspoken desire obvious.

Fifteen minutes later, sitting half stoned and intertwined on the sofa, she asks, "So, who's your girlfriend. Do you do this with..."

"You're my only girl Mel," I interrupt as I kiss her nose.

"Yeah right," and then asks in a little girls voice, "Are you a virgin Geoff?"

"Yes," I lie, not willing to let her know anything about any other girls I may have had, "I saved myself for you."

"Liar," she accuses but I can see she's happy to believe it. "I'll be married soon," she whispers in my ear.

"You're not tonight," I lure as I take her hand and guide it through the slit in my boxers.

"No, we can't, you're my brother. Oh god! Don't Geoff," she moans as I cup her breast. "Pleassssse..."

"We'll never have another chance Mel," I beg as I hug her, "God I love you."

"Oh honey," she moans.

She doesn't release my prick when I remove my hand from hers; she simply slowly runs her fingers caressingly up and then down my throbbing length, encouraging me.

"It's so big, Bernie doesn't have" she protests before my mouth finds hers. I can taste the beer, the weed, her excitement as our tongues clash in need.

I find her wet, sopping, ready when I slide my hand from her straining nipple down across her stomach and under her panties and across her engorged crack.

I stand, quickly strip the boxers and them urgently pull the damp panties from her legs.

"Hurrrrrry!" she suddenly cries as she reaches to grab the shaft poised just inches from her cunt.

"AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhh Geoffffffie," she cries as lunging I stuff my full length deep into her welcoming cave.

I can feel her struggle to take me, feel her vagina wall stretching under my onslaught, feel her slippery, pink insides lubricate me.

She locks her legs around my back as I thrust deep, scratches my back each time I bottom out in her moist, clenching cave.

We both come fast that first time, her shuddering liquid orgasm met by my flooding cum. Each time my prick bucks in my sisters box she groans, and when I finally shoot my last bolt of sticky sauce and start to retreat, she cries, "Nooooo, no Geoff, please, please leave it in...don't stop, pleassssse baby."

"We've got all night Mel, all night sweetie," I promise, and then add, "all our lives."

We fuck slower the second time. It's funny because I end up doing most of the teaching, leading her step by step, from orgasm to orgasm. I've never felt another woman like her, it's like my whole life had just been preparation for this night.

"You can do it again?" she asks wonderingly when I roll her over and slowly fill her doggie style, each long thrust impaling her on the bed. She comes in long orgasmic waves as my flood of cum washes through her...

"Bernie can only do it once, sometimes twice," she moans when later I massage her breasts and caress her nipples as I tit fuck her. She swallows my spunk when my crimson cock spits another load of cum...

We fall asleep intertwined, spent and sticky. I knew my seed was already on the way to making a baby in Mel's womb................


She was lying naked atop the sheets, her cum stained skin illuminated by a shaft of morning sun, when I walked back into the bedroom late the next morning, droplets of water from my shower glistening on my skin.

Waking, she looked up; I could see the momentary confusion in her eyes as she looked at my naked body, could see the unasked questions hanging on her open lips.

"Morning," I smiled.

"Oh god, did I fall asleep here last night? What happened," she asked, "God; I can't remember a thing we did after we left that bar."

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