tagLoving WivesGeorge and Shawna Ch. 02

George and Shawna Ch. 02

byJust Plain Bob©

He leaned back against the headboard, propped up by pillows and tried to get into the book he was reading, but it just couldn't hold his attention. The question that Shawna had asked in the kitchen was still sitting on his mind. Was there a chance for them? Could he ever get by what she had done? He wanted to; he really did want to. He loved Shawna and he always had. He had loved her from the very first moment he had been introduced to her. She had been the light in his life for over sixteen years. For fifteen of those years she had been the perfect wife; all that any man could ask, wish and hope for.

He thought back to the day his sister had introduced him to Shawna. Shawna had offered her hand and as he had taken it he had felt a tingle, a little spark and he knew in that instant that she was the woman he was destined to spend his life with. He was stunned when Shawna had asked:

"Did you feel it too?"

He knew exactly what she was asking and he nodded his head yes.

"Am I missing something here" his sister had asked and he and Shawna had laughed.

From that moment on he and Shawna had been inseparable. They had dated for two months before they had slept together and like everything else about her it had been perfect. They each seemed to know instinctively how to touch, where to touch and what to do to bring the most pleasure to the other and that had not changed through fifteen years of marriage. Unlike some of their friends who had grown complacent as their marriages went on he and Shawna had kept things fresh and exciting and still had been making love three and four times a week. That is they had been until THAT night!

Her confession had crushed him. He had wanted to curl up and die. The enormity of it had stunned him. A quick drunken indiscretion he probably could have handled. He would have been angry and upset at her and probably even disgusted, but one time he could probably have worked through. He could see how, given her low tolerance for alcohol, that it could have happened. It would have taken some time but he did love her and he would have eventually been able to put it behind him. It would have been a long time, if ever, before he would have been able to trust her out of his sight at a party or similar type affair, but he would have gotten by it.

But how in God's name could he get by what she had confessed to? Why couldn't she have just told him about the first time and how sorry she was to have let it happen? But she hadn't just told him about the first time; she had told him everything! How many times and what she had done each time and how the hell was he supposed to get by that? What happened that night was bad enough, but three times the next morning? And while she was talking to him on the phone?

Now she wanted to know if there was a chance for them. He wished that there was. He missed her. He missed everything about her, but how could there be a chance for them when every time she touched him he saw an image of her on her knees taking another man's cock up her ass. An ass that she had never given him. How could there be a chance for them when every time he saw her with a phone in her hand he saw the image of her talking to him on the phone while the asshole she worked with fucked her from behind?

He loved her, God knows he did, but he just could not get by those images that played in his head. There was a way that he maybe, just maybe, could make it happen, but he could not bring himself to do it. It was his sister's suggestion. He and Marie were very close and he had no secrets from her. She noticed the dynamic between him and Shawna and she had asked him about it. He told her the story of what had happened and his inability to get by it and Marie told him that the answer was simple.

"Find yourself a willing woman and have a one night stand. Yours cancels out Shawna's."

"You make it sound easy, but that is just something that I can't do. I'm not that way. I'm married and to have sex with another woman would not be right."

"Well you have to do something George. You love her and everyone knows you have since the day you met, and what's more she loves you and you know it. Have you asked her why she did it?"

"I told you. She said that Glen took advantage of her when she'd had too much to drink."

"That's how it started George, but why did it continue? Why did she do it the next morning after the effects of the drinks had worn off?"

"Does it matter Marie? To me all that matters is that she did it. That's what I can't accept. A drunken one time indiscretion is one thing, but what Shawna did is more than I can ignore no matter why she did it."

"You have to do something George. You either have to forgive, move out or toss her out, but you can't keep going on the way you are."

"Toss her out? I thought she was your friend?"

"She is George and if you do toss her out I'll probably offer to let her stay with me until she can get set up some place, but you are family George - you come first. I don't know what George, but you have to do something."

Marie was right, he did need to do something, but for the life of him he couldn't think of what. He had thought about Marie's "one night stand" suggestion. He had even gone so far as to check out a few of the women at work and there were several who were sexually appealing. One night he had stopped after work with several of the people he worked with for drinks and a couple of the women had shown a little interest in him; nothing really overt, but he could tell they were checking him out. But every time he worked himself up to make a move on one of them he chickened out at the last minute. He just wasn't that way. He was a faithful husband even if it was to an unfaithful wife.

God, his head hurt. Every time he thought about it his head hurt. He put the book down and tried to go to sleep.


"Good morning sexy lady."

She looked up from the spreadsheet on her desk and saw Glen standing there. "How about it" he asked, "Is today going to be the day?"

As she looked at him she thought of the way George had responded to her question the previous evening and she thought of the six months that she had hungered for George's touch, just the touch of his hand even, and the six months that he had given her nothing to hope for. She was a healthy woman with a healthy woman's wants and needs and it was now obvious to her that she was never going to get what she wanted and needed from George.

She looked at Glen standing there smiling down at her and expecting to be told to go away from her and leave her alone and she said, "Sure, why not."

She saw the disbelief on his face and he said, "You mean it? Today is the day?"

"I mean it."

"You want to meet someplace after work or can we leave here together and I'll bring you back for your car?"

"Neither. I have to go home first and fix dinner for my family. I'll meet you some place around eight."

"How about Bud's Bar?"

"No, I'm not interested in drinking. Let's make it the lobby of the Marriott. It will save some time if you already have a room."

"Eight o'clock at the Marriott it is" and he walked away whistling and with a smile on his face.

At the dinner table she told Sarah and Julie that they had to do the dinner dishes that night, "And make sure that you have your homework done before you settle down in front of the TV.

"Can you help me with my math homework" Julie asked.

"Your father can help you tonight sweetie. I have to go out for a while." She saw George look up from his plate and she looked him in the eye and added, "Mommy is going to visit a sick friend."

She was just stepping into a pair of high heels when George came into the room. "Do I know this sick friend?"

"No George, you don't."

"You need a short skirt and high heels to visit a sick friend?"

"He is very sick and he needs lots of cheering up."


"Yes George, he!"

"Is it him?"

"What does it matter George? You don't want me. All you want is for me to be here and pretend that everything is fine so the girls will have a stable home life. I'm doing that George, but I will not spend the rest of my life living like a cloistered nun because you can't get it through your thick skull that I love you and want you. I've spent the last six months trying to show you how much I love you and want you, but I've gotten nowhere. The look you gave me last night when I asked if there was any chance for us showed me that you are never going to unbend so I'm done trying George. I'll keep up appearances for the girl's sake, but as I just said, I will not live the life of a nun. I'm yours George - if you want me."

He just looked at her and said nothing so she walked over to the dresser, picked up her purse and headed for the bedroom door. "Good night George" and she walked by him and left the house.


He slowly came awake. At first he thought he was waking up from a wet dream, but as his senses came alive he saw the form bending over him and felt the mouth working on his cock. He utter a "Wha..." and started to sit up, but a hand in the middle of his chest pushed him back down and the form rose over him, straddled him and he felt his cock slide into a vagina. The mental fog dissipated and he realized that Shawna had mounted him. He felt her sliding up and down on his erection and he wondered why she was there. She knew how he felt so what was she doing? Unfortunately, she told him.

"Feel him George? He put his sperm in me five times tonight. He was a stallion George. The more he fucked me the more he wanted me and the more he wanted me the more he fucked me. He wanted me George; unlike you he wanted me. Notice how easy you went in George? He opened me for you George. That's his cum that lubed me up so you could go in easy. Do you like the feeling George? Do you like the hot, wet, slick feeling of sliding your cock in another man's juices? I can barely feel you George. He really did a number on my pussy tonight George. Did I mention that he did me five times George? God but it was so good. And orgasms George? He gave me so many that I lost count. Oh God George, just thinking about it is giving me another orgasm."

She screamed and her nails dug into his shoulders and her body shook in a way that he knew only too well and then she collapsed like a rag doll. She shuddered a couple of times, took a couple of deep breaths and then got off of him and off the bed.

He had been surprised when she woke him and then had been stunned by what she was saying. He had lain there and stared up at her in disbelief as she spewed out what she had done. He could not believe that she could do such a thing and he had just looked up at her while she had done it. By the time he had gotten a grip on himself she had gotten herself off and it wasn't until she got off the bed that he realized that she had left him there with an aching hard on and half way to an orgasm of his own.

She looked down at him lying on the bed, dick pointing up at the ceiling and said:

"You can take care of that by hand George or if you want you can follow me to my bedroom and ask me to help you out. I won't make you beg George; I should, but I won't. But you will have to ask me George" and then she left the room.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" he screamed at her as the door closed. He remembered every word she had said as she rode him and his cock wilted and as it died he made himself a promise. He would go without no longer! Shawna wasn't going to be a nun? Well, he wasn't going to be a monk or a priest! To hell with being faithful to a whore.


He was up and gone the next morning before Shawna or the girls woke up. He stopped for breakfast at the Village Inn and then went into work. As he passed through the office he found himself checking out the women who were already at their desks. Several of them were in the group that usually stopped for drinks after work and a couple of them looked up at him and smiled. One of the ones who had smiled was one of the ones who had shown some interest in him the last time he had stopped with the group. He planned on stopping after work and if she was there and if she still showed an interest he was going to do something about it. No more backing off; no more honoring his vow to the woman who had stabbed him in the back. Stabbed him in the back not once, but twice.

It was a rough day at work for him. He wasn't really able to concentrate on his job what with thinking about what Shawna had done to him the night before and what he was hoping to do that night.

Finally it was five o'clock and he saved what he had been working on and then backed up the days work (what little of it he had gotten done) onto the external hard drive and then shut his computer down. He hit the men's room and washed his face and hands and combed his hair and then he headed for Terry's Lounge.

He didn't see any of his co-workers there, but decided to stay for at least one drink and he grabbed a booth of to the side of the dance floor. The waitress had no sooner set his drink in front of him than the door opened and Marge, Brenda, Sally and Bill walked in. They spotted him in his booth and came over and joined him. Before their drinks arrived Beverly, Carol, John and Warren came in. Two tables were shoved together, some money was fed into the juke box and those who wanted to talk shop did while the others got up and danced.

He wasn't too sure of himself and he hung back and watched until Carol came over, took his hand and pulled him up from his seat.

"No wallflowers allowed Georgie; not when there are girls who want to dance."

She led him out onto the dance floor and since it was a slow number he took her in his arms and she moved in close. Carol was one of the women who had shown an interest and while she wasn't the best looking of the girls she did have the biggest tits and he was a tit man. Thinking of tits made him think fleetingly of Shawna. He was a tit man and yet he had married Shawna. She had nice tits, but they were not big and pillowy like Carol's.

As he steered Carol around the dance floor he wondered how best to make a move. He was over sixteen years out of the dating game and add to that the fact that every woman at work knew he was a married man. Not only did they know he was married, but they knew that in the nine years they had worked with him he had been Mr. Straight Arrow. How did he get around that now?

It turned out that he didn't have to. Holding Carol, smelling her perfume and looking down into her cleavage had given him an erection and as Carol danced close to him she had felt it. She looked up at him (she being 5'1'' and he being 6 ft) and asked:

"Did I do that?"

He looked a little sheepish and she asked, "Any chance I can have it Georgie? It is only fair you know. If you got it from me I should be able to share shouldn't I?"

He was way out of practice when it came to the game of seduction, but he wasn't stupid and he had just been given as open an invitation as he was ever likely to get.

"It is yours if you want it."

"Oh I want it Georgie; I most definitely want it. Two questions Georgie."


"Do we have to sneak out of here? Do you care if we are seen leaving together? Secondly, since I'm assuming that we can't go to your place are we talking backseat, motel or my place?"

"Why three options? Why not just go to your place?"

"Backseat is quicker and motel is closer. Takes twenty-five minutes to get to my place from here."

"I didn't care for backseats when I was a teenager and I doubt that I would like them any more now. And now that I think about it I think motel instead of your place."


"A motel is like neutral territory. I think that is what I need for my first time."

"Your first time? You've never played around before? Honest?"

"Honest. I've been a good boy up until tonight."

"Then let us get out of here and to a motel Georgie and I'll show you what you have been missing."

There were several raised eyebrows when he and Carol left together and he smiled as he thought about how busy the office gossips were going to be the next day.

There was a Motel 6 three blocks from Larry's and he signed in and got a room. As he unlocked the door he wondered what Carol liked in the way of foreplay. It turned out that he needn't have given it a thought. She quickly stripped and lay on the bed with her legs spread wide.

"Don't waste time Georgie, just put it in. I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

He told her it would probably be quick since it had been a long time for him and she had giggled and said:

"As long as it isn't the only time Georgie."

It wasn't. The first time was as quick as he feared it would be, but Carol had gotten him up again with a world class blow job and he had done much better the second time and still better the third time.

Carol was next to him, leaning on an elbow and looking down at him as she fondled his cock.

"So tell me Georgie, what made you fall off the wagon?"

"I didn't fall off, I was pushed off."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that the bitch I am married to decided to try someone else and then she expected me to live with it. And then since I wouldn't live with it she went out and did it again and then rubbed my nose in it."

"So tonight is a one time revenge fuck?"

"Whether it is one time or not is up to you, but no, it is not a revenge fuck. I just finally decided that I wasn't going to go without anymore and since I won't touch the bitch that meant that I had to go out looking. For what it is worth I didn't go into tonight expecting anything to happen, but I will tell you that I'm glad it did."

"I've already made plans to have dinner with my parents tomorrow, but I have no plans for the rest of the week or the weekend."

"I can't on the weekends. That is when I spend quality time with my daughters."

"Day after tomorrow then?"

"It's a date."

"Do we need neutral ground anymore?"

"I don't think so."

"Good. My place and I'll fix us dinner."

"Why would you want to do that?"

"Do what? Fix us dinner?"

"No. Why get involved with a married man?"

"Simple Georgie. I like sex. I like having a man around sometimes. Sometimes is the key word here Georgie. I have been married twice and both marriages went bust. I found out that although I like sex and having a man around I am incapable of living with one. And it isn't just men. I tried sharing a house and an apartment with other girls, but that didn't work out either. I just can't live with anyone else without them eventually getting on my nerves. So, since I like sex and I can't get married I date and the men that I like to date are married and I like to date then for several reasons, chief among them the fact that they are already taken and are not expecting anything long term. Like you Georgie."


The house was dark when he got home, but he had expected it to be. The girls had school in the morning and Shawna had to work so they would all be in bed. He moved quietly through the house so as not to wake any one and it wasn't until he was undressed and was ready to climb into bed that he had the idea. It was not a nice idea, but then what Shawna had done to him wasn't nice either. He needed some payback.

He crossed the hall to what used to be his bedroom and quietly let himself in. He moved over to the bed and carefully climbed on it. He positioned himself so that he was next to Shawna's head. She was sleeping naked on her back which is what she always did. He reached for the nipple of her right breast and started rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Her breasts were very sensitive and breast play had always been the way to fire her up quickly.

It took a minute or so until she reacted. Her body moved and she moaned. She slowly awoke and realized what was happening and she murmured, "Oh George" and he pushed his cock against her lips. She opened her mouth and he pushed inside. She started sucking on him and he kept rolling the nipple and her body started to squirm. Her hands cupped his ass cheeks to hold him in place as she worked on his cock. He gave her about a minute and a half and then he said:

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