tagGroup SexGeorge's Erectile Dysfunction

George's Erectile Dysfunction


Mel and Janice were neighbours, great friends; they studied together and were fuck buddies. Both free spirits, they had no sense of exclusivity and no joint plans for the future.

One day Janice called Mel and suggested he get the coffee on because she was on her way over.

Normally a very calm person she arrived a few minutes later appearing quite excited.

"I've found a nice little job working some Friday evenings. It involves a first class meal, expensive wine and all the sex you can handle and you get paid for it. I signed you up too."

"Sounds like prostitution to me?"

"When you get the details you will describe our positions as therapists."

"OK, I'm intrigued, go for it."

Janice explained that she had the good fortune to meet a wealthy couple, he was fifty and she was about ten years younger, but they looked 40 and twenty five. They were good looking, apparently healthy except that George had erectile dysfunction. His doctors had recommended that to enhance his treatment program he should keep as sexually active as possible and look for new stimulus.

Because he couldn't get it up, George's wife was desperate for cock and they developed a plan to help with both problems. They wanted to meet a couple who could have a sexual romp with them under their terms and at their convenience.

"Where do I sign?" said Mel, "When do we start?"

"I started last Friday, they want solo and couple encounters."

Janice explained that she went to a high rise building and took the elevator to the penthouse where she met George and Milly. They got the business agreement out of the way and went out on to a roof terrace, stripped off and got in to the hot tub. Drinks were within reach and the surroundings were exotic.

"George sat me on his lap, we were opposite Milly. Most of the time he had a finger in me and he massaged my breasts but he was very gentle and considerate. I checked his cock but it had shrivelled in the water and I would have needed a bright light, a magnifying glass and tweezers to do it justice. Later we went to the dining room for a steak dinner; I could eat for a week for the cost of one bottle of their red wine. Between the first and second course Milly went to the kitchen and I went under the table and tried again for his cock. It had grown to a magnificent three inches but sucking like a Dyson wouldn't get it hard."

Dinner was finished and they moved to a huge circular bed in the master bedroom. George sprawled naked in the middle with Milly on one side and Janice on the other. Janice positioned her pussy over George's face and leaned forward towards his cock. Milly was sitting close to her husband and she had her clit between two fingers.

Janice sucked on George's penis and this time it had an effect, she detected a little bit of hardness. She changed her position to cowgirl and stuffed the semi hard cock in to her pussy. Neither of them dared moved in case it slipped out.

Milly was now rubbing her clit vigorously and applying lubricant from a bottle in her other hand.

Janice practiced her Kegal exercises maintaining a grip on George. He gave out a few grunts indicating that he had cum. Mel climbed off him, went on to her back, raised and spread her knees to display her shaven camel toe presented as a cream pie.

George and Milly were as ecstatic as children with Christmas and birthdays rolled in to one. They clapped and cheered and then dived on Janice like a couple of cats lapping at a saucer of cream. They cleaned up the last drop of George's cum.

Janice could have raised her rates and asked for a five year contract at that point; apparently it was a long time since George had any sort of penetration and the first ejaculation in ages.

All three fell asleep and didn't stir until eight the next morning. There was no more sex, George was still not capable of a marathon but they all looked forward to their next encounter.

The following Friday was Mel's turn. On his arrival at the penthouse he was welcomed and taken to a four seater jetted tub in the master bedroom ensuite. It was too windy on the roof terrace for going in the hot tub.

George watched Milly and Mel from his side of the tub. Milly wasted no time on foreplay. She French kissed Mel, grabbed his cock with one hand and pulled one of his hands down to her shaven pussy with the other. As soon as Mel gained an erection she turned around and impaled herself on it.

"Better to cum in here than the hot tub it's so much easier to clean up," she said.

Mel put a load in to her and she leaned back on him, keeping his cock inside for as long as she could until it eventually slipped out.

After the main course of their dinner George said he would be in the kitchen for about 10 minutes fixing dessert and coffee. Mel slipped under the table where he saw a pair of panties and a skirt on the floor; he couldn't remember seeing Milly rearrange her clothing but she was naked from the waist down. Mel's tongue went to work on her clitoris and inner lips while he trapped his right hand between her butt and her chair and fingered her ass.

They moved from the dining room to the master bedroom and this time Milly took the centre position on the circular bed.

Mel and Milly got in to a 69 position and the licking, sucking and kissing resumed. George was on his knees watching, one hand on his cock. He got a bit of an erection but it had no chance of pushing its way in to a vagina. A solution was found, Mel and Milly lay face to face and Mel penetrated her. George got behind Milly and rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack. He had even less chance of penetration at the back door but he did cum in her ass crack, an achievement in itself for him.

Well pleased with the night's performance, George and Milly said that the following week they would like a foursome with Mel and Janice.

George phoned during the week, "We are really looking forward to Friday but we don't want you guys getting bored with us so we have a plan. My company has a boat that we use for corporate entertaining; it's down at the yacht club. Meet us there at seven or we can pick you up."

They had a meal at the yacht club and then walked down to the boat.

"The boat has a crew of two, I don't want them gossiping so we have to keep our underwear on until we get some privacy, we are going to motor out to a bay and anchor for the night. It's quite something to wake up in the morning there,"explained George.

The flybridge had a table and bar and they got comfortable for an hour or so watching the dolphins and the sunset, then made their way down to the lower deck.

"This boat has two main sleeping cabins, I suggest we all use the one bed until we get sleepy and then I will take Mel to the other cabin," said Milly, "The crew work and keep watch four hours on and four hours off in turn so we have to keep our shouting in ecstasy down a bit, we don't want reports of rowdy corporate guests going back to George's employees."

The girls took one of the two bathrooms each and then turned them over to the boys. When the boys reappeared the girls were on the bed in doggy position. Mel pushed his cock in to Milly while George messed around with his limp cock in the area of Janice's pussy.

"Does talking dirty get George going?" Janice asked Milly.

"I've never thought of that, I'm not sure I would know what to say,"

"OK big boy, stuff that big stiff horse cock of yours up my cunt until you reach my cervix. Forget the cervix, tickle my tonsils. Get those fingers going on my tits, clit and ass. When you have dumped your bucket load of cum in my cunt I'm going to suck another even bigger load from your cock and swallow the lot."

That did it, George's cock grew a size and became as rigid as a fireside poker. He thrust it in to Janice's vagina while she continued her dirty talk.

"That's better, it feels like you have three cocks in there. Stick a finger in my ass while you are in the area."

He gave her a load of cum but maintained his erection for a second round in her mouth.

Janice couldn't talk dirty with cock in her mouth but she paused the action long enough to say, "Third round in my ass?"

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