George's Tale


A tribute inspired by PrincessErin's short piece, "Billy".


George straightened his tie, took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly as he thought to himself, "Well... this is it!" He'd been craving Susie for weeks now, flirting shamelessly with her amidst every conversation, fervently hoping she'd see the interest he so desperately projected in each intoxicating moment of eye contact the two of them shared. Unfortunately, it seemed as though his subtle approach hadn't been doing him much good: Susie, polite and good-natured as she was, always smiled back... just, never in that "special" kind of way. He'd tried to ignore the lust she so frequently kindled, telling himself that office romances were a bad idea anyway, but the fantasies persevered day and night. That smile... those lips... and such a body! This afternoon had been particularly challenging for George, as she'd worn a skirt-and-heel combination seemingly designed to kick his libido into overdrive. Rather than steal away to the executive washroom (the only one on his floor with a reliable lock) to take care of himself as he usually did when she unwittingly seduced his imagination, he resolved right then and there to ask her out that very night. Sure, it might turn out badly... but, then again, the worst she could do was say "no," right? Susie was an abject professional: it wouldn't get weird at the office, would it? George certainly hoped not, because he was already rounding the second-floor landing en route to her apartment.

Upon reaching the third floor, George had a sudden realization: he couldn't remember which door was hers! He'd been so fixated on readying his desirous confession that he'd neglected to consider the fact that, even though he'd been in attendance at her last get-together, he'd arrived in a group and hadn't paid attention to the apartment number! Despondent, his purposeful stride began to slow. What now? He could do a bit of random knocking, but that might freak the neighbors out a bit ("Hi! I'm looking for Susie's place! She lives on this floor, right? Cute girl with the great ass?"), and besides: he'd never been keen on talking to strangers or asking for directions. Still... he'd already come this far, and who knew if he'd be able to screw up the courage to come back later.

"Fuck it," he muttered to himself, rapping lightly on the first door he came to. No answer. The second? Nobody home. Third? Another disappointment. So it went for the remaining three doors, until George was left standing in the middle of the hallway with a dumbfounded expression on his face and a defeated feeling in his gut. How could this be?! Even if the neighbors were all out and about, Susie had to be here: he'd seen her car parked outside, and he'd never known her to be one for long walks after a hard day at the office. Maybe she was on the phone, or he hadn't knocked loud enough. Maybe she'd seen him through the peephole and decided against opening the door, though that didn't sound like something she'd do. Sweet Susie... congenial to a fault! Still, whatever the case may be, George was resigned to the fact that he'd shortly be embarking upon that long, lonely walk back to the car, unsuccessful in his endeavor. But... no! He wasn't beat just yet!

Maybe... just maybe... excitedly, he remembered that she had a balcony with an attached fire escape akin to that of every other unit in the building. If he could just climb up one after another and get a quick look inside each of the apartments, he would recognize hers, find the corresponding front door, knock one more time (boisterously!), and get his chance to sweep her off her feet! Then he could... wait. No way. NO. WAY! Horrified at how insane that idea sounded under tighter scrutiny, George began to reason with himself: "Don't do it, man! You'll get arrested, or shot, or, at the very least, rejected!" Unfortunately, despite the good-sense arguments posited by his rational mind, by the time George had fully committed himself to getting back in the car and heading out for a much-needed drink, he'd already scouted one apartment via the exterior window ("Floral prints? Definitely not hers!") and was peering into a second. This one most assuredly belonged to Susie. How did he know for sure? Simple. He could see her... more of her than he'd ever seen before.

Her skirt and blouse cast flippantly aside, Susie was lying atop her bed, in the process of taking something out of the top drawer of her bedside table. Neurons firing rapidly, every bone in George's body (with the exception of the one swiftly taking control) screamed at him to turn away, to show a touch of decency and get the hell down from there, to go back to the original plan. "I... I'm done here!" he thought dimly, through the rising haze of lust, "I got the apartment number! I can go back and knock like a civilized human being!" But, even as he attempted to dissuade his eyes from enjoying the delicious feast set before them, he realized what it was she'd been reaching for in that top drawer, and resistance became altogether futile. Nothing in the universe could have torn him away from that window.

Susie's lovely, knowing eyes, glazed over in anticipation of what George could only hope was coming, were too lost in their own world to notice the voyeur standing transfixed at her window. She brought her knees to her chest, slowly... seductively... sliding her silken panties down over the creamy length of her thighs, her calves. Legs parted slightly, she reached one arm behind her, unhooking her brassiere and freeing her gently-heaving breasts to George's imagined caress. Her skin, delicate and smooth as ever, was flushed and inviting in the nude, her body so awash in radiant allure that George became all too aware of the confining nature imposed over him by his rapidly-tightening slacks. She was holding something large and pink in her hands, and as she began to stroke it, gently licking her lips... moistening them... slowly tilting her head back as her eyes closed...George discerned immediately what the large, pink thing was.

As he watched her slide the jackrabbit lovingly down her body... between her breasts, over her belly, along her sultry inner thigh... George felt himself reacting mechanically, his hand rubbing the tremendous bulge in his pants with a rhythmic and increasing urgency. He noted with approval that Susie's toy was nearly as large as his own aching erection, and this realization made his need for her intensify exponentially, until he felt the button above his zipper pop under the pressure of his growing manhood. From somewhere in the distant, rational corner of his mind, he heard a voice begging him not to take it out, that Susie wasn't likely to say "yes" to a man calling for a date from the county jail... but that feeble voice was interrupted by the sound of Susie's lush intake of breath, a sigh that forced one tiny rivulet of precum from the tip of his straining cock as he noticed for the first time that her window was slightly cracked. Sound and vision... an unbeatable combination...

Her hips were undulating softly against the mattress as she moaned, and as George's hand began to pull the zipper down and liberate his flexing desire, he found that his hips were moving in time to hers. Buttocks flexed, he gasped silently as his fingers wrapped themselves around the heavy thickness of his seemingly-untamable need. "Oh, Goddess... Susie..." he whispered in halting breaths, as loud as he dared, squeezing his cock in trembling, delicious bliss. He watched her turn over, onto her belly, bending her knees and working the vibrator deep within her svelte and slippery sanctuary... heard the sound of her wetness, her essence running down her inner thigh in accompaniment to her Siren's sighs. He was rigid for her, stroking harder and faster as he imagined how tight and blissfully welcoming her pussy would feel as he slid deeper and deeper into her, inch by agonizing inch, her sweet, swollen clit spasming in ecstasy to his touch, her nipples gleaming with his saliva as he fingered them to hardened, aching beacons ("Oh Susie... your tits... let me suck them long and hard before I fuck you, let me... mmm, Susie... Susie..."), her full, succulent breasts filling his hands even as his thrusting, pulsing cock filled her pussy...

She was fucking herself harder now, moaning, and George's cock was slick with precum as he pumped furiously from behind the window, the added lubrication aiding his imagination in substituting his wetness for hers. Edging fiercely, he needed to cum for her, but he knew he was in for an orgasm even more intense if he held out until she finished... and, suddenly, she got up! Panicking, fearing she'd seen him and was on her way to call the cops, he ducked, and in doing so, nearly fell off the fire escape. At least his pending, unhaltable climax had been... well, halted; he was still rigid, thrusting, and aching, but, due to the necessity of keeping himself hidden while attempting to decide on a course of action, he was in stasis. God, she was so fucking hot... he didn't know if he even COULD get down at this point before relieving himself of his burgeoning burden. Quickly, he opted to take one more look... and was not disappointed.

Susie was back, still ablush with sexual power, one hand idly fondling herself as the other spread a large, fluffy towel over the duvet she'd been playing on. George could see now that, in her excitement, she'd made a mess. An intoxicating, inviting, irresistible mess. And she wasn't done yet. Collapsing onto her back, legs fully spread ("Spread them for me, Susie... are you ready for me... oh, Susie... yes..."), she began pleasuring herself once more. This time, George was ready: with every gasping thrust of the vibrator, he jerked faster and harder. He willed his desire her way, wanted her to cum with him, to know, somehow, how desperately he needed her...needed to feel her hot mouth warm against his own, her heaving breasts soft and heavy against his chest and pounding erection, her hips moving in time to his thrusts, the taste of her femininity against his tongue and the tightness of her lips around his cock and the firm convulsions of her inner walls as she came in gushing, weeping agony all over his masculinity again and again ("Oh, Susie... I dream about fucking you, I jerk my cock all day and all night thinking about you, about filling you and feeling you... mmm, I want you to cum for me, Susie, just like I've cum for you over and over until my balls run dry, just like I taste your name on my lips every time I explode...").

She was lying on her side now, facing him, thrusting beautifully to the humming vibrator held tightly between her legs as he panted and gasped his way to ecstasy at the very sight of her fingers teasing her nipples to rigidity ("...Susie... oh, Susie, Goddess, it's like you know I'm watching you, like you know how obsessed I am with your tits..."). George had always been a breast man, but Susie's were, to him, something extra: not for their size or shape or her methods of display, but because he could tell how sensitive they were. It seemed as though she was hard often, uncontainable by even the thickest of bras; and when she wore silk? It was... magical. Many a fantasy had been played out in George's mind concerning Susie's breasts... and there, behind the third-floor apartment window, he was watching one of them in full, voluptuous splendor. Her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass, and as he watched her delicate fingertips flick them to swollen, purple intensity, he knew he was done for. The finishing blow, however, was yet to come... for just as his cock began to spasm in unquenchable pleasure, he saw her luscious lips form one word as her hand closed tightly around her breast and her hips gave way to shuddering release: "George..." she gasped, drenching the jackrabbit in gushing femininity as she climaxed.

This was all George needed to hear. His hand was lightning, rending stream after stream of hot, flowing tribute from the thickened need of his grateful cock, all over everything in sight: the window, the sill, his hands, his clothes... everything. He came hard and heavy for what seemed like an eternity, harder and heavier than he ever had before... all for Susie, for his need of her, for his obsession with making her wet and wanting and satisfied. It seemed as though he would never stop... but, of course, eventually... he did. As he squeezed the final, agonizing drop from the tip of his manhood, he felt his clarity return and was able to make two decisions very quickly. The first, of course, was to figure out a way to get cleaned up. And the second?

To knock on Susie's door.

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