George's Three Loves


Two weeks later he walked into the den to find both Kelly and Susan chuckling to themselves with some private joke. Private, that is, until Kelly said, “You're in deep trouble, George Clancy. Here, read this.”

It was another Classmate’s e-mail. This one was from Jean Luck. As he read it, Kelly said, “She is the one that sent you the “Dear John” while you were in the services, wasn’t she?”

“That’s the one.”

“She is just up the road in Lakeland, Florida, fifty miles away. Ask her over for a visit.” Turning to Susan, Kelly added, “If she is as neat a gal as you are, we will have a ball.”

Susan, being more attuned to a women’s husband’s insecurities and possessiveness, cautioned, “You had better inquire as to if she is free to visit on her own?”

So, George and Jean Luck traded several e-mails. Each of George’s was more inquiring. It was apparent that Jean had contacted him searching for a friend. Someone who knew her when. She sought out George, because he was the one man who had never hurt her, ever.

She finally admitted that she lived in a small doublewide, alone. Her husband had run off with a gal half his age, ten years ago. Kelly and Susan surmised that she was just getting by.

George asked her to come visit for the weekend to meet the three of them.

Jean Luck arrived on Saturday morning. Just a bit of a thing, she stood five feet, one half inch and weight, even now at age fifty-four, one hundred and fifteen pounds. Over lunch, Kelly took the initiative to explain how they had come to ask Susan to become a houseguest. Jean’s eyes went from Kelly, to Susan, and back to Kelly as Kelly spoke. When Kelly finished Jean was very somber. “I don’t really understand the relationships here? I am not sure that I am comfortable here?”

Susan interjected. “Jean Luck. Let me ask you some things?”


“Did George Clancy ever take advantage of you in any way?”

“No, never.”

“Who is the nicest guy that you have ever met?”


“Have you ever heard of me?”

“Yes, George told me that he had dated you. He said that you are an elegant girl, who dropped him like a rock.” With that, Jean smiled.

“I came here because of an invitation like yours. I intended to stay seven days. That was six weeks ago. I’ll make it easy for you. I now consider Kelly Clancy to be the best friend that I have on Earth. George? Well, he is George. Now my question is this. Is there anything in your place in Lakeland that offers you true friendship, and love?”

Now with tears in her eyes, Jean said in just a whisper, “I have thought about killing myself.”

George leaped to his feet. There was a fatherly look on his face as he stated, “Not on my watch, you won’t.”

Kelly pulled Jean to her feet to hold her. Susan grabbed her bags to lead the women upstairs.

When the three of them returned to the main floor, they all had on swimsuits. Jean smiled at George as she said, “Your wife is a special person, you know?”

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

Kelly jabbed him a bit with, “Yes, you are.”

All three women laughed. George did not know for sure if it was with him or at him.

At dinner, Kelly observed, “George, you did not have any mold that you wanted your woman to fit? Susan is five-eleven, I’m five-four, and Jean is a tiny five and one-half-inches tall. I‘m the only one who has tits, and you don‘t pay much attention to them.”

“Each of you is an independent, good-looking woman who has accomplished something in life. Kelly is a school principal. Susan headed up the immigrant enrollment functions for England. Jean was an editor for Time magazine. Look at the three of you sitting here. I had an instinct for finding classy girls. You three are proof that I was not wrong, only for Susan and Jean, the timing was not right.”

By Sunday night, Kelly, Susan, and Jeannie, were the three Musketeers. George did not know it, but Jeannie had already accepted Kelly’s invitation to stay the week. They went to a movie. He watched TV.

George heard them laughing and giggling as soon as they got out of the car.

Later, in bed, George asked Kelly what, if anything, that she had told Jeannie about their lifestyle.

“What, you horny for some more strange pussy?”

“Hey, I’m only human. I used to sit in my car in front of Jean’s house until the sun came up, necking. That woman could kiss. I have always wondered how sex would be with a woman as tiny as she is.”

“Susan and I told her at the beach today. At first, I don’t think that she believed us. She got very quiet. She would look from Susan to me, waiting for one of us to say this was all a put-on. We were all side-by-side in lounge chairs. I had a book in my hand, and I kept my face and eyes facing the ocean. When I finished she sat, without saying a word, for several minutes. She was an editor for Time, you must remember. She lived or died by her judgment.”

“She must have responded?”

“Oh, she did. It went like this.” “Let me restate the facts as I understand them. You, Kelly are George’s wife. It was with your full approval that Susan was invited to your home, as it was to invite me. George once loved Susan as he once loved me. Aware that intimate contact might ignite a long smoldering love, you encouraged Susan, as well as your husband, to experience whatever love they might find.

Susan and George did have an extraordinary evening, and have done so several times since, with your cheering both sides on.

In your past, you and George have conspired for you to have sex with others.

Now, you both are encouraging me to experience an evening with George.

Is he that special?”

Susan cut to the quick with the question. “Do you have the intestinal fortitude to find out?”

Jeannie’s dander was up just for a moment. It was that spark that George saw and admired in the women that he dated. “That first night here, I said that I thought the world of George. I have not come this far to quit now. But I can’t just walk in and say, George, let's fuck?”

I told Jean, “No problem. After we all are in bed, I will tell George that I have told you everything. I will tell him that you hope that he will join you tonight, but if he wants to wait until tomorrow, that I will be taking Susan to the airport so that she can go visit her mother for a few days. Then, I will go to the mall and a movie, so he has you to himself all day. My guess is that you will have a visitor tonight.”

“You had to tell me that now? How on earth will I get to sleep tonight? Feel my boner?”

“You won’t. But, as I said, I told Jeannie that I was going to tell you. So, She is in her bedroom right now wondering if you are interested in being with her? Why don‘t you go give her some loving? She needs it.”

“You are a crafty woman, Kelly Clancy,” said George, as he slipped out of bed. He kissed his smiling wife, and then padded off down the hall.

There were no covers or clothes on Jeannie. She reached up to accept him into her arms. Hungrily, her mouth sought his. George’s women were women who were touchers, needing to touch and be touched. There was passion in Jeannie’s body, as she made sure that his body covered hers as he settled into her arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist. She had anticipated his being on her since the conversation on the beach. Her husband rammed his cock into her. Habit made her open herself to accept George the same way.

George rolled to the side. His hands gently pulled her legs together. He made slow, gentle love to her. Had things been different she would have been the mother of his children. Tears ran down her face, as she realized that it was not her pussy, nor her tits, that George had come to her for, it was she and she alone. He was there to love her. It had been years since she had given any man a passionate French kiss. She gave one now. She gave herself totally to him. Finally, his entering her was the final act of the joining of their souls. For three hours they were locked in a passionate embrace, mouth to mouth, his cock planted deeply in her.

Jeannie, like Susan before her, padded downstairs in robe, hair a mess, in quest of a cup of coffee. Kelly and Susan were sitting at the table. Kelly smiled when she saw Jeannie. Jeannie stopped. Her eyes locked on Kelly’s. There were three heavy hitters in that room. Three mature women who had experienced much of the ups and downs of life.

Jeannie was articulate. “You and George are bigger than life. Neither of you needs Susan or I. I’m sure that you could find a hundred women to move in here. But, you have become like George. You are loyal to a point beyond comprehension. George pulls a friend into his heart, his life. If the person draws a circle that excludes him, he turns around to draw a circle to include then. He loved, and never forgot, Susan and I. You. Well, You are so simple that if your husband thinks a person is special, then they must be special. I hope that one day that I can be so simple. But, like I heard Susan say, I’m learning. So, I will tell you that you gave me the greatest gift last night that I have ever received. The love of your husband. Yes, I will move in. I want to be part of this madness for as long as you will have me.”

Kelly got up to hug Jeannie. Susan beamed. George walked in. He asked. “What is all the hugging for?”

The three women surrounded him, each giving him a kiss.

“Oh, shit, I’m in a heap of trouble now!”

“Yes, you are.” Kelly said, as Susan and Jeannie both hugged him.

I’m Softly

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